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Published at 9th of February 2020 10:09:20 PM

Chapter 241

Translator: Khan

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Editor Group: Liber Reverie

When she suddenly said that she liked the color blue, he asked again as if he didn’t know what she was talking about . Still, he did not forget to give strength to his hand holding Aria’s .

“Ring . I’d like a blue color that looks like Asher’s eye color . Everyone’s going to envy me, right?”

So when she told him for sure, he paused and stared at Aria after he understood what she meant . Aria, watching Sarah’s wedding, was talking about her future wedding with Asher . ‘So how can you not be lovely?’

Asher answered, nodding and reddening his ears to uncontrollable loveliness . “I need to prepare the most beautiful blue one in the world . ”

He looked as if he had been possessed . Aria, staring into his eyes, whispered quietly in Asher’s ear, as if she were telling a secret,

“There would not be one like Asher’s eyes . ”

The clear voice of Aria tickling his ears shook Asher’s eyes briefly, and his answer was a little late .

“… Then, should I pull my eyes out and give them to you?”

“If there’s any spare, that wouldn’t be too bad . ”

His eyebrows bent as Aria smiled after saying that in a low voice . It was a smile that looked happier than Vincent Marquis who was welcoming the real bride .

“I have to search the world and find something similar because I don’t have any spare . ”

“I’ll look forward to it because it’s not going to be that long . ”

Indeed, as Aria said, her eighteenth birthday was just a few months away . It might come while he got rid of Mielle and promote the well-being of the empire . As soon as he heard that the day he had waited for so long was not far off, he swallowed his saliva and showed signs of nervousness .

“… I suddenly feel a rush . ”

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‘Oh, how much I like the way you react to every word I say!’

“Let’s get out of here right away and hurry to get ready for the wedding,” said Asher, and Aria laughed a little while her mouth was covered as she touched the tip of Asher’s reddened ear .

“I’m not running away anywhere, so please don’t worry . ”

‘How dare I run away when my lover is the Crown Prince of the empire? No, I didn’t even think of leaving you in the first place . You are a precious treasure who has come to me with Sarah . ’

As she instigated his mind instead of calming down, Asher narrowed his eyes . He gave her a short grunting sound and kissed her on the cheek with his hand on her waist .

“… Mr . Asher!”

Surprised, Aria wrapped around his cheek and called out the name of Asher in a low voice . ‘How can you act like this when all eyes are on us?’ However, Asher acted as if he didn’t care what the eyes of others were seeing .

“I hope the Marquis’s wedding will be over soon . ”

“… After the ceremony, I have to go back to the mansion . ”

Aria expressed a firm refusal to his suggestion, saying, “Let’s go together somewhere else after the ceremony is over . ”

“Don’t you have a minute?”

“You may have seen it, but… I have to finish something quickly . ”

There was something she had to do before Mielle’s anger cooled down .

‘Why is my lover so busy?’ The eyes of Asher were filled with indescribable regret and sorrow, and Aria, who read it, looked around for a moment . They could not look at the Crown Prince and Aria openly, and they were glancing at them . When she realized it, she did not intend to act as bold as he did, and she pretended to whisper, blocking people’s vision with her fan, and softly kissed his cheek .

“I like a man who knows how to wait . ”

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‘How can I complain about this?’ Eventually, as he lost his words, he ended up with a deep sigh with his hands on his forehead .


23 . Reverse Destiny

As a matter of course, Mielle, who had returned to the mansion, could not see a doctor . The butler shook his head firmly and did not even give an answer even though she said it was an order from Aria .

“You don’t look so bad, so take a rest . I’ll talk to you again when our lady comes back . ” The butler, who left those cold words, turned away as if he was no longer in business .


It was none other than Jessie who consoled Mielle, who shed tears in sorrow and anger . She seemed to have been paying attention to the situation since she had sensed a serious atmosphere when she had gone out .

“Mielle! I got a doctor from town . ”

Jessie personally called in a doctor from the village to help examine Mielle’s condition . Not long ago, Mielle had been a noblewoman, and Jessie knew that she wasn’t very strong .

“I think she was very surprised at something, but she’s fine with her health . She’ll feel better if she rests a day or two . ”

“Thank you, sir . ”

Jessie was relieved at the diagnosis that she had been surprised at something, but she had no problem . However, her worries were not over, as Mielle appealed about her pain .

“You have to be stable… what the hell happened?”

“… Jessie…! Annie… Annie…!”

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Mielle cried out, calling only for Annie’s name, and from experience in the past, Jessie could see that Mielle was humiliated by Annie .

“Oh, my God… Don’t cry, Mielle . I’m sure you’ll be all right . Let’s talk to our lady . ”

‘No matter how bad the things Mielle might have done in the past, why is Annie doing this? Even Aria is trying to help Mielle . ’ Jessie sighed as if she was frustrated .

Jessie, who was lucky enough to spend her time freely because Aria was absent, stayed by Mielle’s side until late at night, and she, judging that Annie had acted too badly, visited Aria’s room as soon as she returned home .

“… Miss, I’m really sorry as you just came back, but do you have a moment?”

It was a little late because of the long wedding, so Jessie’s voice was very cautious . She was worried about Mielle and angry at Annie, but she looked worried that she might bother Aria .

Aria knew Jessie would say this . No, she had been waiting for this, and she hid her smile and replied with a slightly troubled look,

“I’m sorry . I’m worried about Mielle, who I sent back to the mansion alone in the morning, so I’ll have to meet her first . Is it important?”

“Yes? Oh, no! It was about Mielle . ”

“Really? Then would you please call Mielle into my room? She didn’t look well, but I’m worried she’ll be able to come . Do you think I’d better go find her?”

“Not that bad . She was just a little surprised, and the doctor said that she just needs to relax . ”

“Really? I was worried that she might be very sick, but thank God . ”

Aria, who had returned to the mansion, was genuinely worried about Mielle and found Mielle right away, and Jessie’s expression became softer .

“I’ll be right back!”

Jessie, who had disappeared with such a bright face, immediately appeared again with Mielle and brought tea with great joy at Aria’s request .

“Well, I’ll go out . Talk to her . ”

Then, when she was about to bow politely and leave the room, hoping that Aria would help the poor Mielle, an unexpected voice caught Jessie .

“Are you going to leave now? Why don’t we have a conversation together? I think you’re closest to Mielle, so I think you can help…”

Jessie had to be a witness in the event that would soon happen, so Aria would not be accused of anything .

“… Me?”

When Jessie dared to ask her if she had the right to join them, Mielle also nodded and affirmed as if she felt relieved .

“Please do that, Jessie . ”

“I’m not sure if I can help, but… I see . ”

As Jessie finally sat down, Aria drank a little tea and stayed still before she asked Mielle what had happened today .

“I was so far away that I didn’t know what happened there . Did Annie get you in trouble?” Her inquisitive face was very careful .

Then Mielle, who seemed to be reminding herself of the situation, answered, shaking her hand which was holding the cup,

“… That’s right . Annie got me in trouble . It even seemed intentional . She didn’t have to, but she called my name a couple of times so that everyone could hear it…”

The words alone made Jessie, who had guessed what humiliation Mielle might have been, surprised . Jessie covered her mouth with her hand, and Aria’s face also became dark .

As a matter of fact, Mielle had a bad rumor . In the meanwhile, her name had been called several times before all people without any preparation, and the sharp eyes that had been directed only at Aria would have gathered on her .

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