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Chapter 1312: 1312

Chapter 1312: The Story of Ling and Heng (575)

“All right, I understand . I’ll be prepared . ” Feng Ling’s voice was patient and gentle on the phone .

After hanging up, Feng Ling remained standing in the same place . The large office was empty, as though only her own breathing could be heard .

Then her two cell phones kept ringing, announcing the beginning of the tug-of-war between Feng Mingyi and her .

Feng Ling turned her body slightly . Her long eyelashes fluttered with her movements and she picked up the phone expressionlessly .

“CEO Feng, the relevant personnel in charge of the financial investment department are all clamoring to see you . ” The assistant’s voice came from the other side of the phone, accompanied by noisy chatter .

Feng Ling’s expression was cold . “Let them in . ”

In less than five minutes, more than ten heads of the relevant departments walked into the office . They looked at each other but didn’t know who spoke first .

“The financing in Washington is probably difficult, and the contract has already been canceled . The Feng Corporation’s stocks have been falling non-stop . Our old partners have also been under f*cking pressure . They called to inform us that the contract won’t be renewed after the contract is over . ” One of the managers said with a frown, “CEO Feng, you’ve only taken over the company for less than a year, and now you’ve encountered such a big obstacle on your first trip to the Financial Conference . Do you have any good plans? You can’t let so many of us stay here to accompany you . ”

“Right now, it’s just a rumor . As for those partners, the Feng Corporation doesn’t plan to continue cooperating with them . We haven’t received the important funding that can be used on yet . Are these small bits and pieces of pressure enough to make you lose your footing?” Feng Ling asked coldly .

Initially, the managers thought that she must have been flustered because of this situation . However, after hearing the news, they saw that she didn’t seem to panic at all . From the moment she heard the news to the present situation, she had been slowly applying pressure on them . Everyone thought that Feng Ling wouldn’t have any ideas, but now it seemed that although the issue would become bigger and bigger like a snowball, this snowball was clearly not much of a threat to Feng Ling .

It was not the first day they had followed her . They could tell from her expression that she was calm .

“But right now, the calls of those old customers are all hinting at us… hinting that we might…”

“I know . Don’t worry about it . Just do what we’ve arranged for you to do in Washington . You don’t have to be affected . I know what I’m doing . All of you can go out . ” Feng Ling didn’t say much but just threw these words at them .

“CEO Feng, we’ve met Feng Mingyi before . He’s a very cunning person . You can’t go head to head with him…” One of the managers hesitated for a moment before saying,” Besides, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves . It’s not necessarily all open and aboveboard . ”

Feng Ling did not speak . She stared at the manager with her pure black eyes and did not speak for a long time .

At a nightclub in Washington .

The wine glasses clinked and the color of the wine filled the sky .

A certain financial magnate sat on the sofa in a luxurious private room, smiling as he exchanged toasts with Feng Mingyi . He put down the glass and wiped his mouth . “What’s the name of the person in charge of the Feng Corporation? I remember that she is the second daughter of the Feng family, isn’t she?”

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“Yes . ” Feng Mingyi raised his eyebrows, but his tone was mild . “Her name is Feng Ling . She wandered outside when she was young and must have suffered a lot . When she grew up, she was recognized as a member of the Feng family, but she didn’t receive any good education . CEO E, you don’t have to take her seriously . In the business world, this kind of girl with very little experience is not worth mentioning . She is not a threat at all . She can be easily suppressed . ”

CEO E played with the wine glass, his eyes shining . “What’s there to suppress a little girl in her twenties? I’m more interested in her . ”

Feng Ming raised his brows . “Oh? CEO E has taken a fancy to her?”

“When I went to New York for work a few months ago, I met her by chance . She probably didn’t notice me, but I think she’s a cold-faced beauty . ” CEO E narrowed his eyes . “At that time, several security guards bullied her assistant . When I turned back, I saw her beat up those security guards . I’ve never seen such an expression on a woman . ”

Feng Ming snorted . “I checked her past . She seemed to have stayed in a military base for several years . She does have some skills . ”

“I’ve been in the business circle for so many years, but I’ve never seen such a woman . I really want to taste her . ” CEO E rubbed his chin as he spoke, and at the same time, he raised his glass to Feng Mingyi with an unkind smile . “But recently, someone has been putting a lot of pressure on Washington . It seems like she has someone backing her up . I’m not too sure about the details . Anyway, it’s not easy to target her . Mingyi, if you want me to help you hold down this bit of money, shouldn’t you give me some benefits?”

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“What does CEO E mean?” Feng Mingyi smiled profoundly .

CEO E also smiled . “I heard that Mingyi, in this circle, you’re famous for not giving gifts but only beautiful women . As long as it’s a woman that your partner likes, you can almost think of ways to send her to the other party’s bed . Then take a look at this second daughter of the Feng family…”

“You’re making things difficult for me . ” Feng Mingyi raised his eyebrows . “Everyone in the circle knows that I was the godson of the Feng family . No matter what, this Second Miss is my godsister . I can’t give her away . ”

“Hahahaha, godsister, godsister, you’re not blood-related . You haven’t contacted the Feng family for several years . Now you’re trying to pull this godsister down with your own hands . Why do you care?” CEO E smiled . “This kind of cold-faced beauty, I think she’s still a virgin . After all, no one can get close to her . If you like her, you have to do it as soon as possible . Otherwise, if she stays in the business circle for a few more years, who knows how many hands she will have . ”

“Besides, since you have the Feng family’s relationship with her, you can coax her no matter what . When the time comes, think of a way to send her to me . That way, she’ll be more obedient, don’t you think so?” CEO E said as he winked at him .

Feng Ming curled his lips and played with the wine glass in his hand . “It’s not impossible . It depends on whether your sincerity is worthy of me taking such a risk . ”

“The biggest funding channel this time is in my hands, at least one billion yuan,” CEO E said confidently . “As long as I don’t release this sum of money, her trip to Washington will be in vain . Is my one billion yuan worth it?”

“Okay, deal . ”