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Chapter 162

Mo Jingshen’s pupils became heavy and cold, focusing on Miss Han, who looked frightened and resentful . He tightened his arms around the quiet Ji Nuan .

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Ji Nuan was only silent for a moment before she said, “Miss Han, there’s no need for you to provoke me with these useless words . Regardless if it’s an ex-girlfriend or a so-called ‘fiancée,’ in the eyes of a lawful marriage, they are all insignificant . Do you know what a lawful marriage is? Do you know what it means to be husband and wife? Do you need me to tell you who this man belongs to?”

Mo Jingshen lowered his eyes to look at her, watching as her red lips spoke these words . His gaze warmed up with a smile even the people by the side could see .

Miss Han resentfully glared at her . “Other people’s engagement can be dissolved, so what if you’re married? You can similarly get a divorce!”

After her rebirth, Ji Nuan was especially sensitive to and repulsed by the word ‘divorce . ’

She turned back, narrowing her eyes as she coldly and unhurriedly said, “I’ve already seen your sincerity in kneeling down to apologize . If you want to protect yourself, don’t speak so much rubbish . Even if you say more, aren’t the consequences identical? Take off your clothes, don’t leave even one item out . ”

Originally, Ji Nuan did not intend for her to take them off . Since she wanted to take things to this extent, she had to deal with the trouble she had invited .

Feng Ling received the signal from Ji Nuan’s words and immediately went forward, kicking Miss Han down as she was about to stand up .

Miss Han was paralyzed by the pain as she sat kneeling on the ground . She wanted to say something but was cut off by the man’s ice-cold voice .

Mo Jingshen’s gaze was icy, his low and heavy voice frigid . “I’ll give you another minute . ”

Miss Han trembled, shifting her begging eyes to her father . He thought to speak up, but his vision was suddenly blocked by the guards dressed in black . They prevented him from stepping forward .

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Miss Han endured through this torturous minute while being scared witless . She only managed to undo the zipper on the gown, while her hands tightly gripped her body .

Mo Jingshen did not plan on wasting any more time here . His gaze shifted to Feng Ling, who nodded in understanding .

With an “ss” sound, Miss Han’s clothes were instantly torn apart .

Hearing Miss Han’s shriek, Ji Nuan knitted her brows but did not speak . Mo Jingshen had already brought her away from the crowd and did not take a single glance in that direction .

While brought away by Mo Jingshen, Ji Nuan’s thoughts shifted away from the cries behind her .

Mo Jingshen held her hand as he led her away . He did not say anything, but he kept her hand in a tight grip .

It has never been this tight before .

It was slightly painful .

She raised her eyes to look at him, whispering, “Jing Shen…”

Mo Jingshen’s actions faltered . He loosened his grip but kept their hands intertwined as he said, “We’re going home . ”

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Ji Nuan nodded . “Oh . ”

She thought to check if Miss Han’s clothes were really cleanly removed, but before she could turn back, she was already brought out of the hotel .

Sheng Yihan remained in the crowd, but his gaze was focused on the woman’s disappearing back . His expression was calm, but his upturned lips revealed a hint of seductive coldness .


It was already late when they returned to the Yu Garden, and Auntie Chen had already gone to bed .

Mo Jingshen opened the main bedroom windows . The cold, night air blew in, tousling the man’s black, short hair . Yet, it did not affect his charisma .

Ji Nuan came out after showering . Although he did not turn back to look at her, he still moved to shut the windows, preventing her from catching a cold .

“I haven’t eaten anything tonight . You most likely haven’t either, right?” Ji Nuan asked .

The man’s indifferent and heavy gaze turned to look at her . He calmly examined her composed eyes for several seconds before asking mildly, “Don’t you have anything to ask me?”

Ji Nuan did have questions to ask . However, she hesitated before speaking .

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What An Shuyan had previously mentioned was most likely related to the engagement Mo Jingshen once had . Although she was not too clear on the life he led when he lived in America, she was sure since Mo Jingshen did not refute those words tonight, it meant they were true .

Since he allowed her to ask, she naturally did not wish to keep things in her heart .

Ji Nuan walked over, standing before him to ask . “Before me, did you love any other woman?”

Mo Jingshen placed a hand on the window rails, leaning against the windows that framed the Yu Garden’s pool . He met her gaze, raising his other hand to rub her freshly washed, damp hair gently .

“No . ” He replied .

Ji Nuan did not ask anything else as she instantly smiled . “Then I don’t have anything else to ask . ”

Seeing the woman’s attitude, Mo Jingshen softly chuckled . He unbuttoned the first three buttons on his shirt and asked, “Hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“You should go shower first . Auntie Chen has already gone to bed, so I’ll go make two bowls of noodles . Although it won’t be as good as yours, it’ll at least be edible . ” Ji Nuan turned to bring out fresh clothes for him, urging him to shower .

Mo Jingshen examined her broad-minded, open eyes for a moment before receiving the clothes . “All right . ”


Ji Nuan stood in the kitchen, watching the pot of boiling water . It was only after a long while that she remembered to place the noodles inside .

Hearing her movements, Auntie Chen got up and put on a coat to help her . Ji Nuan thanked and refused her, urging Auntie Chen to return to her room to rest .

After the noodles were cooked, she picked up a tray and placed the two bowls of noodles on it, bringing it out .

She had just placed the tray down when she turned back to hear the bathroom door opening . The man had casually wrapped a white towel around his waist . His skin tone was healthy and lighter by several shades than a typical man, but it did not affect his manliness . His figure met every standard and could be described as perfect . Every muscle was distinct, accompanied by little droplets rolling down his chest and into his towel .

Although they had already lived together for a while, every time she saw this scene, Ji Nuan still felt the urge to press him back into the bathroom to dress properly before coming out .

“Here, taste it . Ever since I’ve had yours, it’s been a long time since I’ve had noodles . ” Ji Nuan sat by the table, picking up her chopsticks to taste her noodles .

Thankfully, although she had been slightly distracted while boiling the water, she had paid proper attention to the noodle texture as it was cooking . It was not too soft, and although the taste was not as good as Mo Jingshen’s, it was still edible .

Mo Jingshen glanced at her, thinking of approaching her . The little woman had a mouthful of noodles, her cheeks bulging, as she demanded, “Go put on clothes first!”

Mo Jingshen glanced at her appearance and chuckled . As the windows were opened earlier, the room was slightly chilly . He threw her another glance before turning to put on a robe .