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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – At the bride-searching evening party

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On a certain summer night, a certain evening party was held in the royal palace of Kingdom Endaria.

The palace was definitely not extravagant but it was well built, and was beautifully maintained by the hands of the people who worked there. It was clear that the royal family of Endaria was loved by everyone.

This palace which had a calming atmosphere, was different from its usual appearance tonight.

The grand hall was decorated generously with flowers; the chandlers polished and reflected more light in all directions than it normally would.

In the corner where the tables were arranged, the ladies there were indeed served well with the fizzy wine and cocktails that they liked, and the cuisine and deserts were each elaborately designed and presented beautifully like jewels.

The glittering atmosphere of the venue also raised the expectations of the gathered people. The evening party was not a big event so the number of the people present was not high. However, there were clearly many young women gathered in this evening party.

The ladies were at a blooming age, and in order to refine their youth and beauty, they wore fashionable dresses over their bodies with thoroughly thought out ornaments carefully placed on them, while their cheeks were flushed with fluttering thoughts—

When the evening party began, a male announcer with a clear voice called out each noble daughter and introduced them. The noble daughters who were called were then led by knights who acted as escorts, guiding them before the thrones, and the ladies showed their gratitude with beautiful smiles.

Sitting on the thrones were the king, his queen, and the first prince. The kingdom had the second prince too, but he was only at a tender age of 6 years old, so he was absent from tonight’s evening party.

Endaria had a vast territory and was a peaceful country, but also possessed a powerful army.

The kingdom did not like conflicts, and rather, it was one that advocated pacifism.

There were various neighboring countries that aimed for their fertile land, and had many cases of skirmishes, but according to the past lore, the kingdom was ruled by the emperor who had an incredible power to fight against a thousand. He strengthened his troops during his era and completely blew away any invading armies from the various countries, and the existence of Endaria was recognized to be superior amongst them and peace was kept.

At that time, the emperor was called the Golden Wolf Emperor. (TL: Perhaps that golden body sparkle in the light?)

He was a great man with the blood of a Werewolf, had great intelligence and was a brilliant tactician. He had a pair of beast ears with golden fur on top of his head, and his physical abilities were beyond a common human.

His figure in the battlefield was one that rushed freely anywhere he pleased, and it could be said that a golden light was shining through the area. Indeed, when the Golden Wolf Emperor took part in a battle, he was able transform into a complete Direwolf.

In this era, many nobles descended with the bloodline of the Beastmen, although it was rare for commoners to descend with the bloodline too; they all retained physical traits of the Beastmen on their body.

There were many people who had stronger physical abilities compared to the average people, but it was said that no one could transform completely like the Golden Wolf Emperor.

In truth, this evening party was held for the intention of finding a bride for the first prince of Endaria.

The first prince, Shuudel, descendant of the Golden Wolf Emperor, was to be the next king. He was now 21 years old, a sociable young man who had a strong sense of self, but was also gentle and one who desired peace. He had an excellent mind and was a reliable person. He did have his churlish moments, but it was easy to understand his charisma. His fascinating golden hair with a pair of bluish-purple irises made even critical people start rumors like ‘This prince is truly a great catch!’.

And this prince who had a good repute had not chosen his fiancee yet.

(In this case, let’s have the prince marry someone that he wishes) The king, who was also his father, thought.

He trusted in his son to choose a truly fitting woman instead of picking someone out because of a single moment of fiery passion.

And for that reason, the best way they could think of meeting the princesses, was to invite bride candidates from a pool of esteemed noble daughter with strict selections from all over the land and had them stay in the palace for a long time. Tonight’s evening party was to allow the prince to exchange pleasantries with them and select his fiancee.

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[The Earl’s daughter of Frontier Illkia, Sara Griosta!]

When the name was called, a commotion broke out in the hall.

The escorting knight led her out, and it was a beautiful princess with silver that shone like platinum who entered the hall. Her big wet eyes were a purple that resembled violet flowers that swayed in the morning dew and shone like royal gems. Her skin was smooth and unblemished like white porcelain, and features that seemed like they were sculpted by a master craftsman.

Unfortunately, that was no smile on that figure, and yet for that reason she looked like an unworldly beauty that separated from humans.

Griosta’s Ice Princess.

It was rare to see her attending parties, and because there was no smile on her face she was called as such.

She wore a deep purple dress which looked like it was cut out from the night sky, and slowly walked towards the first prince, with the many crystals on her dress sparkling brightly as she did so. She did a curtsy and greeted him, but there was no smile to her face.

Her actions were so perfect that Prince Shuudel was completely smitten by her. Because of that, he found himself unable to utter a single word, and she simply excused herself from him.

Her beauty had silenced all the nobles’ daughters, but the fact that the prince did not even speak to her resulted in whispered laughter that lightly mocked her.

The battles of the noble ladies had began.

Sara lived in the Griosta’s borders of the kingdom, which was not only at the borders of the other countries, but also faced a forest where many monsters lived. It was a crucial region of the kingdom, and the Griostas naturally had an influential voice in Endaria because of that.

That noble lady of that family had a mysterious reputation to her, but it was not one of ill-repute. The beautiful Ice Princess was considered as a strong candidate.

There was a person who looked at the aristocrats’ daughters being introduced one after another with a sharp gaze.

The current king’s younger brother, his royal highness Reidrick.

He was a younger brother who was distant to the current king’s age, and was already 29 years old and still single.

Although he was looking at the brides, he was not looking for a bride of his own amongst the ladies (although his older brother, the king, was hoping to kill two birds with one stone with this party). Reidrick was observing the temperaments of the potential bride-to-be of his nephew, who had a close age to him.

Reidrick himself wanted to stay single all his life.

However, that did not mean that he would choose to stay single over choosing a woman.

[Reid, is there anyone who’s good for Shuu?]

An affable man who had dog ears on his head called out to Reidrick.

He, whose name was Kite, belonged to the same Order of the Knights as Reidrick.

He was the descendant of a Dog Beastman; an outstanding swordsman who was quick on the uptake.

He was the third son of a powerful aristocrat, and good friends with Reidrick and Shuudel from a young age, had the disposition to easily make friends with others.

While Reidrick was in the position of the king’s younger brother, he placed himself in the Order of the Knights and said it was better for him to wield a sword rather than diplomacy. In addition, he desired to move his body about, thus he worked in the front lines as a knight instead of being appointed to an administrative role.

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In reality, there was no one who could act as his right hand. He was a fierce fighter who strikes in the heart of the monsters in a battle as the vanguard. Because of his strong personality, he was hardly linked with the royal family despite his title, and considered as a reliable warrior and adored by all.

[Well, who knows. Everyone here, the smell of their perfumes are so strong that it’s twisting my nose into shreds.]

Reidrick wrinkled his nose.

He descended from the lineage of the Golden Wolf Emperor, and his sense of smell was many times better than a normal human.

[Is it that awful? Shuu isn’t as affected by the Beastmen’s blood though, so perhaps the ladies can spray their perfume on themselves without necessary worries, yup.]

[That’s seriously annoying.]

Reidrick had a grimace of his handsome face.

He was an elegant prince with good looks, if he stayed silent. Golden hair with golden eyes, and a sharp nose leading into firm lips, and that slightly thick lips made him look sexy, and if he would just smile there, every girl’s feelings would be inclined towards him.

He was also tall, yet that well-trained body did not have excessive muscles, and instead was formed into supple volumes. There would be a line of women forming up to be hugged by that firm and powerful arms. (TL: *Rolls eyes*.)

In addition to his charismatic looks that took the women’s hearts prisoners, he was taught with an education befitting for a royalty, conducting himself perfectly with dignified manners. To add insult to injury, he was also highly intelligent and did not put on airs.

He was capable of making a good conversation with his wit that tickles the hearts of women.

Indeed, he was an impossible example of a man. (TL: GYAAAAAA!)

He was a man whose footsteps would cause girls to swoon helplessly.

[I don’t really care, but my proud nose can differentiate the candidates.]

[…… Somehow I feel like I heard something incredibly unpleasant?]

Reidrick smiled broadly with a suggestive meaning at Kite’s words.

[You’re imagining things. Or perhaps, you’re frustrated? Maina is in her last month of pregnancy right? You are becoming a little cuter recently.]

[It’s none of your business!]

Even though Kite said that, he broke into a smile at the thought of his pregnant wife.

[Rei, you should stop thinking too much and just make up your mind and get married. Marriage is definitely a good thing, children are so adorable—]

[You are lacking in your persuasion when your child hasn’t been born yet.]

[Even though the child isn’t born yet, the way they kick from the stomach is cute. Fu~nyoon- It’s that kind of action, right? The child is kicking against my hand, aaah, that’s so cute…]

[…… You’re being too much of a stupid overly-fond dad.]

Reidrick sighed at his childhood friend who was writhing in agony because of his fondness over his baby.

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[A cute son or daughter …… No matter how you much want your child to be, that’s completely unrelated to me.]

[I wish that one of my children would become someone like Reidrick~]

[Don’t speak like how my brother would….. You are really optimistic, you are happy regardless of whatever happens……]

[What do you mean by that, you’re insulting me! Although you’re right that I’m happy.]

[If you hate it so much, why not let me snarl into your proud ears with unhappy things until it’s pricking up everywhere? I’ll make sure to do it really well.]

[No! Absolutely not! You would really do it if I allowed you to!]

Kite pressed down on his dog ears with tears in his eyes.

[If you do it I’ll tell Maina!]

[Haaah, are you really a grown man? Don’t you feel ashamed that you’re running to your wife and telling her that I did it? Well, it’s true that Maina will swing her sword with a smile and jump at me, I suppose I don’t want you to tell her.]

Kite and Maina were a couple, and fellow knights.

She was a cute little knight with a round face, and when she fought against monsters she would speak in a voice that was like the ringing of bells, while she smiled as she flittered about back and forth, striking at their vital points. She would then return completely drenched in red blood and incline her little neck with a ‘ufuu’ smile. She had a dark past of becoming a phobia of the newcomer knights.

By the way, Kite was on the level of an idiot who hugged the bloody her with a ‘You’re so cute, my fairy-chan!’……     (TL: Kite uses Boku)

Because she had the guts to do so, Meina responded with cute words like [My puppy-chan~].   (TL: She uses Watashi.)

[Well, let’s go.]

Reidrick walked towards the young ladies who gathered there with their eyes like a hunter, as they dreamed of becoming the future queen of his nephew Shuudel.
















Omake reactions when translating Reidrick’s description:


He was also tall, yet that well-trained body did not have excessive muscles, and instead was formed into supple volumes. There would be a line of women forming up to be hugged by that firm and powerful arms. 



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Indeed, he was an impossible example of a man.

He was a man whose footsteps would cause girls to swoon helplessly.




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