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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – The young lady in danger

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The first prince Shuudel’s decided bride was the 16-year-old girl, Mianna Elsett . She was the prime minister’s niece who was fond of operating behind the scenes as well as spying, and the marriage was to be formally announced in a few days .

Although Mianna was drawn by the talk about setting up a new spying agency that was exclusive to the queen, she was feeling unsettled by prince Shuudel’s obsessive and 変態-ed behavior . Even though she did not have the freedom to resist him, she thought she could at least try a little .

However, Shuudel’s mother, also known as Queen Rosalie, said calmly in response to Mianna’s fervent complaint of your house’s son did this and that to me:

[I’m really sorry for my 変態 son . But, this person is the kingdom’s next king…… For Endaria’s future, would you please work for this kingdom?] (Queen)

Mianna thought 『Ahh— This person has similar eyes (to Shuudel), hmm . 』, and nodded to accept the marriage after thinking about it . (TL: Well, at least the queen knows Shuudel is a 変態 . I was hoping that Shuudel got some whoopass punishment at least :/)

If she grasped (Shuudel’s) bridle, she could probably decide where the future of the kingdom headed . It seemed like it was worthwhile to do it as a job for her lifetime . (TL: I can kind of see how each queen got their personality each generation . By reining in their perverted husbands . )

It was fortunate that Mianna was a lady with a patriotic heart to Endaria .

However, though the bride selection was over, it was rude to send back the young ladies who had gathered from all over the place with [Yes, your purpose is all over] to where they came from .

Thus, a few days after the announcement, an evening party was to be held where the aristocracy’s youths would attend along with the bride candidates so that they might get engaged .

And thus, the horse-riding event proceeded according to the plans made for the day’s afternoon, attended by the members of the royal family .

[Why am I attending this meeting?] (Sara)

Sara said to herself with puzzlement while inclining her head amongst the chatter . Sara who was dressed in a horse-riding attire appeared in a dashing figure amongst the ladies who came to learn by observation .

The participants involved were Queen Rosalie, First Prince Shuudel, second prince Elric, the king’s younger brother Reidrick, Mianna, and Sara . There were a few knights, including Kite, who was attached as security .

The members who knew about Reidrick’s feelings towards Sara participated this event in a natural manner, unlike Reidrick who still had not made a confession and saw it as an essential event . Sara thought it was strange to be there when she had nothing to do with the royal family .

[Sara, please, can you come along? I feel worried after being engaged with the prince out of a sudden . ] (Mianna)

Sara, who was a kind person, could not refuse Mianna when she said that she was going to be taken in by the Royal Family .

[Esteemed older Sister Sara, you look really beautiful—] (Elric)

The adorable young ladies who were pinching their dresses by their hems approached closer like fluttering butterflies, and Sara’s expression loosened up .

[Well, greetings to everyone . ] (Sara)

Sara waved at the young ladies who were already shrieking, caused their screams to go up to the next level .

[Kyaaaaaa, Older Sister Saraaaa!] (Ladies)

[What is this, even though Sara is mine…… Even if they are all women, to stare at my Sara like this…] (Reidrick)

[I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Prince 変態 . ] (Kite)

After the incident where Reidrick crawled under a skirt, his childhood friend Kite would speak and stare at him with chilly eyes .

Incidentally, this case was not been reported to the queen because Reidrick prostrated himself before Kite and begged him .

However, Mianna who had heard about the Golden Wolf Soru’s outrageous behavior, immediately thought ‘I won’t forgive Reidrick’s behavior, what kind of 変態 conduct is this!’, huffed and puffed and complained to the queen . Everyone in the royal family knew about it from both of them .

Queen Rosalie frowned deeply but she did not rebuke Reidrick, as she understood the royal family men’s psychological and physiological traits since she was married to one, and understood Reidrick’s anguished feelings towards Sara to a certain extent .

Though, when she heard about his behavior, she muttered [変態……]

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Regardless of each person was thinking, all of them straddled on the prepared horses and went out to the grassland next to the forest outside the royal palace .

[Esteemed older sister Sara, let’s gallop a little!] (Elric)

It was the second prince, Elric, who straddled on a horse all by himself .

He ignored Reidrick’s blunt stare and called out to Sara, was it innocence or courage?

Although he was young, he was a fine member of the Royal Family, so it might be the latter . (TL: Give it up girls, this cute and respectful little boy will grow up to be a 変態 teen wolf like his bro and uncle . )

Reidrick, who had been giving out an immature pressure all the time and because of the incident where Soru slipped under a skirt, was trying to increase the falling trust in him by doing 『I’m a good wolf campaign』, and thus backed away from Sara .

His nephew was smiling while riding side by side with Sara’s horse, while he meekly stayed behind and observed them .

Sara, who put on the pants meant for riding a horse, stretched out her back muscles as she mounted the horse, and nodded with as much dignity as she could amongst the ladies’ din . (TL: Not very sure . 乗馬のズボンをはいて馬に跨がるサラは、背筋がすっと伸びて、令嬢たちが騒ぐのも頷けるくらいにきりっとして凛々しい。)

She was skilled at riding too and showed a smile in response to Elric .

Reidrick, who was a werewolf, easily frightened horses . He was reining the horse he rode through fear, while Sara was controlling the horse like it was part of her .

『Sara’s posture is so lovely when she rides a horse . And when she wears that pants, that line around her waist sticks out so clearly, and the bulge of her butt is drawn like a round curve… . . This is bad, stop thinking of unnecessary things, me!』

As Reidrick rode out behind the two horses and kept up with them, he looked a bit like a stalker .

Behind them, was the queen and Mianna who were getting along with each other, and Shuudel who was looking at his bride with a passionate gaze .

[I wonder if Reidrick’s wishes will come true . ] (Queen)

[Well… . . Unfortunately, it seems like considerable effort is necessary . ] (Mianna)

Mianna answered the queen’s question .

[Sara is sticking close to Soru, nevertheless, when she finds out that Soru is prince Reidrick, her reaction would be dreadful… . . After all, he did that thing to her!] (Mianna)

There were the clear words of 『変態』 appearing in Mianna’s eyes .

[Indeed, I don’t have a good impression on prince Reidrick, but I thought he was a more decent person . ] (Mianna)

[He is more decent than this but…… my foolish younger brother-in-law has fallen in love for the first time at such a late stage of his life, so he has become a little strange . ] (Queen)

The queen sighed .

[I want that child to be happy, but I can only think of an unfortunate future . ] (Queen)

[What a coincidence, I think the same way too……] (Mianna)

[Ha ha ha, do your best~ esteemed uncle, hold and push (her down)—] (Shuudel)

The nephew who captured the defensive Mianna into his hands skillfully, sent out an irresponsible yell to Reidrick .

[Stop talking, you!] (Queen)

The queen’s fan knocked the back of Shuudel’s head .



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[You’re very accustomed to riding on a horse, Prince Elric . ] (Sara)

[Yup, when I was young I wrote on a pony, but now I’m riding on a big horse . ] (Elric)

The 6-year-old prince said with a grin, and Sara rebutted in her heart with a 『No, no, it’s still small . 』

[Esteemed older sister Sara, you’re really skilled at riding right?] (Elric)

[It’s necessary for me . I hunt monsters using a bow, and I have to shoot while handling the horse, so I need to be good at riding it . ] (Sara)

[Wow, you’re so cool!] (Elric)

[Thank you very much . ] (Sara)

Elric spoke to Sara as their horses trotted side by side .

[Esteemed older sister, let’s head to the lake now . My mother said she will be making tea beside the lake . ] (Elric)

[Well, isn’t that wonderful… . . ?] (Sara)

Sara suddenly felt that Elric’s horse was moving strangely . It was swinging its head randomly .


Sara quickly descended from her horse and tried to take the reins of Elric’s horse .

[Your Highness,] (Sara)

But, it was too late .

[Wahhhhh!?] (Elric)

The white horse started foaming at the end of its mouth, and suddenly stood up on its rear, then ran out with Elric clinging desperately to it .

[Elric!?] (Reidrick)

Reidrick urged his horse to run and chased after the sudden runaway horse .

Sara got up on her horse again and got off to a late start . Both of them chased Elric from behind .

Elric clung on to his white horse frantically, but there was no control over his horse at all and he was barely holding on to it .

Reidrick tried to run parallel to Elric’s white horse, but his own horse was feeling the fear instinctively from its rider, and he was unable to make it run as smoothly as he wanted . He was galloping at a speed far faster than Elric was .

[Elric! Come over here…… Damn it!] (Reidrick)

He wanted to get Elric off from the horse that was clearly erratic, but it was difficult to transfer himself over even if his horse was running side by side with Elric’s horse with acrobatics .

Even if he used brute strength, it would not work out very well .

The pale-faced Elric was teary-eyed, while trying to be brave with his lips shut tightly, and looked at Reidrick to await for his instructions .

Sara came from behind .

[Prince Reidrick, please move away from there!] (Sara)

Sara spurred her house while she yelled out .

[Hurry up! I’ll get Prince Elric down . ] (Sara)

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[But……] (Reidrick)

If she did it poorly, she would seriously injure herself .

Sara snapped at the hesitating Reidrick .

[Move away from there! Leave it to me!] (Sara)


He could not resist her tone that was full of confidence .

Reidrick led his horse away .

Sara brought her own horse next to the white horse which was running at a tremendous speed and stuck out both her hands .

She straightened out her back muscles, widened her arms, and smiled at Elric who was trembling with fear .

[Here, come over to me . ] (Sara)

[Esteemed older sister…… Sara . ] (Elric)

However .

Elric’s palms were clenching to the reins too tightly and he was unable to open them because of his tension .

[My hands are…… My hands are… . ] (Elric)

[I got it, there’s no need to worry . ] (Sara)

Sara said as her body came closer to Elric’s side, and she nimbly transferred herself to the white horse .

Elric felt Sara’s warmth that came from behind .

[Good boy, lend me your hands okay?]

Sara rubbed Elric’s stiffened hands gently and opened his fingers .

[Sara! Are you okay!?] (Reidrick)

[Receive him, Your Highness!] (Sara)

Sara lifted Elric’s little body and passed him over to Reidrick who came over to the side .

[Quickly, go over to safety . ] (Sara)

The white horse’s rampage became even stronger because of the agitated disturbance .

[Sara! Saraaa! You can’t go over there, Saraaa!] (Reidrick)

The white horse that Sara was riding on galloped towards the forest and separated from the horse that was carrying Reidrick and Elric .

[This is bad, she’s running towards the river in the forest . If I recall correctly, the water level is rising at this time… . . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick stopped his horse and entrusted his nephew to Kite who came from behind .

[Reidrick! Are you okay!?] (Kite)

[Sara is in danger, please take care of Elric!] (Reidrick)

He spurred his horse again towards the forest as he spoke .

[Esteemed Uncle, please help older sister Sara!] (Elric)

Elric yelled from behind while sobbing .



Sara’s white horse ran senselessly in the forest’s path .

[Calm down! Calm down! It’s no use, I can’t give any instructions . It seems like it had been fed with some kind of drugs—]

If the horse became exhausted, then it would easily trip and fall over completely .

She would want to jump down before that happened, but the area she was in was not an empty grassland without any obstacles and instead a forest . It would be a dangerous thing if she crashed into a tree or rocks .

[Eh?] (Sara)

Sara noticed that it was running in an inclined position . The hooves of the horse were unstable and started to shake .

[This is bad . ] (Sara)

Even if it was unreasonable, her life would be in danger if she did not jump off .

Her instinct told her so, and she resolved herself to jump off .

The white horse stumbled onto an obstacle, and its large body crashed with a large sound horizontally .

Sara was thrown into the air, and before she knew anything, she felt a strong impact on her whole body . She was already in the water when she realized what had happened .

Though she wanted to seek air, the body shock to her did not allow her to move her limbs like she wanted to .

As she was swallowed by the water, Sara’s consciousness left her .



Reidrick who pursued Sara from behind descended from the horse after entering the forest, tore off his clothes and turned into a golden wolf .

He could advance faster in this manner in this forest that was filled with many obstacles .

He followed Sara’s scent and ran through the forest .

『Sara! Sara! Please be safe!』(Reidrick)

Eventually, he saw the figure of the white horse and saw Sara on its back .

At that moment when he was relieved, the horse stumbled where the road became slanted near the river, and the body fell sideways and threw Sara’s body out—


Her body struck badly against the water and landed in the middle of the river .

Reidrick chased her from behind and jumped into the river .