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Published at 19th of November 2018 04:52:42 PM

Chapter 14

The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 14

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Reidrick who leaped into the room, was surprised at the cowering Sara who was now looking unreliable .

The appearance of the beautiful lady called the ‘Ice Princess’ and out of everyone’s reach, was neither the cheerful girl who loved animals and hugged the golden wolf with a smile, nor the courageous woman who rescued the second prince Elric .

It was a very small, pitiable figure .


To the appearance of the woman she loved, Reidrick felt downhearted and restless . He approached Sara and whined .

『Sara, I’ll definitely protect you . 』

[…… Soru… . . Uu, uuuu……]

Sara burst into tears when she saw Soru and hugged his neck tightly .

Her face was buried into the fluffy fur, and her trembling small shoulders’ vibrations were transmitted to Reidrick .

Reidrick saw the weak figure who always acted tough and believed that he had cornered her, and he felt his chest hurt .
『It’s my fault . I forced this unreasonable marriage and only thought about myself…… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Sara . It wasn’t my plan to hurt you! To this extent…… You dislike me……』

Reidrick was hurting with bitter pain in his heart . He reflected on his past actions as a man, but he could not think of anything that he did that Sara liked .

He was a womanizer who had relationships with random women . He was a man who made women fall for him by flattering them skillfully with a charming smile . Even though it was not really that horrible, he was aware that it was something that appeared bad .

When things happened that way, meeting a woman who loved his wolf figure, it was something stupid that he should not do, especially when he loved her as well . He should not have relationships with other women and keep his virginity .

That was what Reidrick thought .

Sara’s tears wet the wolf’s neck .

Reidrick sniffed Sara’s head and took in her scent, rubbing his nose against her .

『You’re crying so painfully…… Poor thing . I’m sorry, Sara . I can’t undo things . Don’t forgive the real me for making you cry like this . 』

The wolf could not hug her or pet her head, or wipe away her tears .

But what she needed now was not the human Reidrick but the wolf Soru .

He kept thinking 『don’t cry, Sara, don’t cry,』 in his mind, and caressed her head with his nose .
『Sheesh, am I going to live as a wolf in the future? Even if I can’t hold her, I still want to put it in her!』

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Sara stopped crying before long and her face left from Reidrick’s neck . The tip of her nose was red, and Reidrick thought she was as adorable for appearing like a little child, and licked her face subconsciously .

Sara smiled a little .

[I’m sorry Soru . I soaked your fluffy fur . ]
『Don’t worry about it, I don’t care how slopping wet it gets, I permit you to blow your nose too . 』

Reidrick, what a kind heart you have! (Narrator)

Of course, Sara was a noble lady who would not blow her nose on the wolf’s neck . She sniffed and stroked Reidrick’s neck, and he stretched out his tongue to lick her wet face . And her lips as well .

Sara who believed that Soru was an innocent beast, noticed that his unruly tongue was pushing into the gaps of her lips, and she pushed his persistently licking tongue away with a wry smile .

[Thank you, I’m fine already . You must be worried right? I’m sorry for crying…… . Hey, Soru… . . I did a very rude thing to His Highness Reidrick . ]

She sighed after saying that .

[What should I do? I wonder if His Highness hates me now…… Perhaps, he took offense from this and will want to break off our marriage……]

Break the marriage!

Reidrick froze . His fur was standing on its ends .
『Breaking the marriage? I see, so there’s a flaw, it’s careless of me to simply just marry her!』

His golden eyes were becoming lost .

『What should I do to solve this? [In the end, I can’t get married to His Highness Reidrick who’s a womanizer, please let me break off this marriage . ] She would say something like this…… And then I’ll be a lone wolf for the rest of my life! Should I throw away my royal title…… No, I’ll throw it away! Sorry, my older brother, but I can’t live without Sara…… Even though I promised to support my older brother…… But I can’t give up on Sara…… I can’t lose this person . 』

Reidrick paced around the room in circles while he thought about things in a flustered state . His ears and tails were drooping down, looking like a miserable animal .

[If I break the marriage with His Highness Reidrick, then I can’t get to see Soru anymore… . . Even though he’s considerate for you, and he’s actually much better than his reputation…… I’m sure he’s angry . What should I do?]
『Sara doesn’t know I’m Soru . I’ll stay by her side secretly . I wonder if I should stay in this form, and love her just like thi…… Huh?』

Sara’s words somehow slowly reached Soru’s head which was thinking of ways to try and cling onto her .

『Wait a moment, just now, did you say something good about me? You don’t dislike me…… right? Then something about I’m angry? What am I angry for?』

The wolf was confused .

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[To such a rude woman, even if there was an obligation to do so, I think he wouldn’t marry me, right?]

『No, no, no, no, I definitely didn’t think that at all? I really want to marry Sara from the bottom of my heart?』

Reidrick stopped wandering aimlessly and stared at her downheartedly . She noticed his gaze and embraced Soru’s body . Because she hugged him tightly, he could feel her soft chest and a pleasant scent from her, and he hung his tongue down with pleasure . His tail was wagging subconsciously .

Sara stroked his body with both hands, thinking that he was an adorable wolf .

[His Highness Reidrick has the same smell as Soru . I thought it was okay for me to talk to a man that’s outside my family, and it would be okay to get closer… . . But just like before, it is still frightening because I remembered about the past . ]

She scratched the fluffy fur around the wolf’s neck and sighed .

[Even though I thought it would be fine if it’s His Highness Reidrick……]





As Sara leaked her true feelings to Soru, his heart was gradually filled with negative thinking .

『Even though I don’t understand it very well, I’m certain that she said that it’s not my fault . 』

For the time being, he entered the bed together with Sara . She thrust her nose into his fluffy fur and soon her cute sleeping sounds began to sound out . He carefully pulled out from her embrace slowly in order not to give his crotch any unnecessary excitement which was already becoming a conditioned reflex .

He went out to the corridor, which nobody seemed to pass, picked up the night clothes that he discarded earlier, and went back to his own room .

『Sara said something about the past . It was because of that she refused me . But she seems like she’s friendly with me . So the first thing I should do is to slowly close the distance filled up slowly until she’s willing to turn it into a marriage . Indeed, I couldn’t do it tonight, but I feel like I have become a husband as a human and connected as one . 』

Reidrick raised his head sharply at the sky .

His dick was also looking up at the sky sharply .

『I have waited patiently thus far, and I will wait until Sara is ready, then I will wait until she’s ready to accept me to enter her deeply, I’ll wait! I’ll definitely wait!』

He was a good wolf who could wait .

However .

『I can wait, but I have to figure out a way to deal with this feeling that’s too hot……』

He took off his clothes and took on the form of a wolf, leaped out of the balcony and ran around in the forest . He dashed and dashed, getting rid of his excessive energy, but somehow something else leaked out .

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[So why is it that you become so erected whenever I think about Sara!]

His thing had become overexcited and exerted its presence so much that it interfered with his exercise, and he returned to his human form right in the center of the forest .

His right hand made its entrance .

His passion was showered helplessly tonight as well .

Good luck, Reidrick’s right hand .  (Narrator)

Good luck, forest .  (Narrator)

And then, good luck, earnest lycanthrope Reidrick .  (Narrator)

The next day, in order to show that he was not angry, Reidrick got a meeting with Mianna and arranged a delivery of red, pink, and white roses to Sara .

[Uncle, I think I know what you’re doing, but—] (Shuudel)

[I love Sara, and I don’t have any feelings to any other woman other than Sara . So I’m relieved that I can discuss with your lovely fiancee about this really important thing . ] (Reidrick)

[My really really precious and lovely lovely fiancee meeting together with Endaria’s ladykiller uncle alone, I can’t let you do that, please let me be in the same meeting . ] (Shuudel)

[I am going to talk about nothing else other than my really really important and lovely lovely beautiful and charismatic wife, you should know it well . ] (Reidrick)

By the way, the two were serious .  (Narrator)

Thus, the uncle and nephew who were obsessed with their fiancees intruded into the room of a somewhat unhappy Mianna .

She lifted her eyebrows when she listened to Reidrick’s words .

[Yes, there’s indeed an incident in Sara’s past . I have that information as well, but I’m not going to teach Your Highness Reidrick . ] (Mianna)

[Why?] (Reidrick)

[I got this information because she’s my important friend . If Your Highness is concerned for her, I suggest that you use your hands to find out the reason . ] (Mianna)

Mianna took a sip of her tea as she spoke .

[Go and visit your bride’s hometown with your own feet and get to know about her life, and talk to the people who love her . I think it will be important for you, who is going to spend your life with her from now on . ] (Mianna)

[…… I understand . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick got up after listening to Mianna’s words who had a grim face .

[I thank you for your advice . ] (Reidrick)

Reidrick bowed his head to the younger Mianna, walked out of the room, and started to make preparations for his trip .

[…… . Well . I think my words were extremely rude, but His Highness seems to be a person who’s unexpectedly good . How fortunate . ] (Mianna)

Mianna narrowed her eyes .

Shuudel hugged her and spoke .

[I think that’s where you are wonderful . ] (Shuudel)

[Hah, it’s a bad hobby . ] (Mianna)

[There’s nothing like that at all . ] (Shuudel)

He kissed Mianna .

[I believe in my eyes to discern people, my lovely Mianna . I’m a lucky person to marry you . ] (Shuudel)

[Shuu, you’re really a strange man, huh . ] (Mianna)

Mianna said with a bewitching smile while she pinched Shuudel’s hand that was trying to touch her chest .

[It seems that Prince Reiselt will be coming back soon . I want to meet him soon . ] (Mianna)

[…… As expected . I’ll introduce uncle Reiselt to you soon . But, don’t let your heart be robbed by any man other than me, okay? Uncle Reiselt is also attractive, I’m worried . ] (Shuudel)

Shuudel said and attached a sigh, and hugged Mianna tightly with creaking noises .

[Shuu, painful,] (Mianna)

[Mianna is mine . I won’t let you go . ] (Shuudel)

[I got it! Sheesh, does no one know Shuu is such a childish person?] (Mianna)

[Mianna hasn’t become quite my person yet right?] (Shuudel)

Shuudel peered into his beloved fiancee’s bluish-purple eyes with his own silver eyes .

[You can keep my honor until the wedding, right?] (Mianna)

[As you wish . I love you, Mianna . ] (Shuudel)

It seemed like the future king had been completely tamed by the future queen .
TL: I’m not sure what the author’s afterwords mean . Mianna is firmly *something (insert verb)* to Shuudel’s tail, anyone wants to help out?

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