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Chapter 110

Otomege Volume 4 Short Story

Short Story – Marie Route The Second


Part 1

It was the second term of the academy .

Marie Fou Lafan who should be still a first year was, ──was in a religious establishment that was called temple .

That place had the construction that reminded her of the church in her previous life . Marie was wearing a pure white dress in that place .

When she looked up at the stained glass through her veil, the sunlight that shined in through there was very pretty .

It was the wedding dress that she had never worn till the end in her previous life despite her yearning for it .

In addition, the relatives of her and her partner were in attendance inside the temple .

She was in the middle of a marriage ceremony . It was a dream of hers that didn’t come true in her previous life .

(──Why did it turn out like this)

But, Marie’s feeling was──the worst .

It hadn’t been even one year since she enrolled into the academy .

And yet, she was going to marry like this .

It wasn’t just an engagement, it was a marriage that would make her withdraw from the academy .

When she glanced at her family who was sitting on the bench, they were looking really delighted .

Her family in this life couldn’t be called as good family even as flattery, but there was a reason why they were happy with Marie’s marriage .

Her father in this life said .

「Our useless youngest daughter fetched a really good price . 」

Her mother in this life was also looking happy .

「Indeed . With this the debt of our house will be gone . 」

──Marie was sold off by her family .

(These guys are absolutely unforgivable!)

Marie gritted her teeth and trembled in fury . Her bridegroom was walking toward her .

Marie cursed in her heart seeing the appearance of that bridegroom .

(──This guy, I got a really bad feeling from him!)

He sighed seeing Marie’s appearance and approached her side with a reluctant air .

The man’s age had passed thirty years old . He looked unhealthy with fat body . The man took off his gaze from Marie .

「Why do I have to marry with this kind of pipsqueak . Even though my preference is a more glamorous woman . 」

His attitude was full of discontent and in addition his words were like this .

Marie was seething with anger .

(It’s you house that approached us with this marriageeeeee!)

Setting aside Marie’s mental age, if one looked at only her physical body then she was still 16 years old .

She was recognized as an adult in this world and could also marry .

But, from Marie’s view──right now her enjoyable academy life was taken away from her and she was forcefully married to a man who she didn’t even like .

Besides, her being sold by her family like this wasn’t funny at all .

She couldn’t agree with this marriage at all .

(Don’t screw with me! Why do I have to go through this──this marriage without even any dream or hope in the world of “that otome game” . I want to marry──properly with someone I love──)

Marie had continued living in hardship since she reincarnated into the world of that otome game .

Her only hope was enrolling into the academy one day and for that she polished her healing magic until now .

She trained so much that she sacrificed her body’s growth thanks to that .

She trained her healing magic in secret because if her family learned it then surely they would make use of it as they pleased .

They were a really horrible bunch compared to her family in the previous life .

After all, their debt bloated up too much──that they sold Marie to a rich house in exchange of writing off their debts .

(How much hardship do you think I have gone through until now!? Even though I was finally able to enroll into the academy and have a quite enjoyable life even if it differed from my original plan!)

The priest──the equivalent of it in this world began the marriage ceremony where the two were standing .

「Well then, let’s begin the marriage ceremony . 」

The bridegroom looked like he wanted this ceremony to be over quickly .

He wasn’t interested at all about Marie from the start .

What interested him──was only Marie’s lineage .

The groom’s house was so to speak an upstart house .

And then, the way they were climbing up to their current position was also peculiar . Other nobles held antipathy toward them .

Because it was that kind of house, they wanted noble blood no matter what .

It wasn’t like it had to be Marie .

「End it quickly . 」

What would happen to her if she married someone like this?

Marie could easily imagine it .

Surely a loveless marriage would be waiting for her .

In the worst case, she would be treated coldly after she gave birth to a child because they had no more need of her .

(I decided I will do my best this time──I want to be happy in my second life, and yet!)

Tears came out .

And then, Marie recalled her big brother in the previous life .

Looking back now, he was a very reliable big brother .

(──Save me, Onii-chan . )

Marie muttered in her heart, and then──she recalled how it became like this .


Part 2

Around the time when there were only several days of summer vacation remaining .

I, Leon Fou Bartfalt was spending my time relaxing in my home .

My partner Luxion is floating around my right shoulder, His single red lenses that served like an eye is watching Collin and──Marie running around the garden .

Marie is angrily chasing Collin around .


Collin is running while laughing .

「No way~」

Marie is chasing my little brother around, but the reason for that lies in Collin .

「They are quarreling again?」

I’m watching in exasperation . Luxion explained the situation to me .

『Yes . It was caused by master’s little brother teasing Marie . 』

It seems that Collin is thinking of Marie like a big sister who isn’t that much older than him .

He would make fun of Marie who was acting as someone older and played with her .

It would be better if Marie ignored it, but Marie herself also became worked up so it needlessly amused Collin .

Then father came out from the mansion and dropped his fist on Collin’s head .


「Collin, don’t make fun of Marie-chan!」

Marie who was chasing Collin around is flustered by father’s act .

「E, err, mister, you don’t need to go that──」

Father looked apologetic toward Marie .

「Sorry, Marie-chan . It’s not that Collin dislike you . I hope you won’t hate him . 」

「Ah, yes . 」

Collin pressed his head with both hands and ran into the mansion . In exchange Nix──the second son came out .

He walked toward me and immediately talked to me .

「Collin was making fun of Marie-chan again?」

「That’s right . The two of them won’t get tired of it . They are like siblings who are close in age . 」

I said that while laughing flippantly . Big bro shrugged .

「She is his sister-in-law after all, so it’s not wrong . 」


I’m looking shocked hearing that reply . Big bro also looked shocked .


「No, because──eh? Why is Marie a sister-in-law?」

「──Yo, you, are you seriously saying that?」

I’m also troubled seeing big bro is seriously shocked .

「No, because──」

「None of that! You brought her home and live together with her for more than a month! From outside it looks no different than the two of you being married already!」

We aren’t officially married but, from the surrounding’s perspective, for a girl to spend her whole summer vacation in a boy’s home is──certainly it might look like we are engaged .

「That’s not the case! Marie is, you know──she can’t return home . 」

About Marie’s home, it’s a terrible family based from what I heard .

Because of that, Marie said that she doesn’t want to go home during summer holiday, so I brought her to my home .

Naturally I never laid my hands on her .

There is my floating island near this home . It has hot spring and field──rice and some more things are cultivated there .

The most we did was only going into hot spring and eating Japanese food in delight after so long .

Marie is also a reincarnator like me .

We get along well because we have the same sense of values, but that’s all there is to it .

In the first place, Marie love handsome man .

If I’m asked whether I’m handsome, that’s not the case . I’m not that girl’s preference .

And then I myself love big breasts .

Marie is flat like board so she is out of question .

──Both our preferences doesn’t match each other to a lamentable degree .

Big bro is looking at me with a conflicted expression .

「There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to find another good girl like that again . Besides father and mother are thinking that you and Marie-chan will marry . 」

──Is that why my parents are strangely kind to Marie?

It feels like it will be a big trouble if this misunderstanding isn’t dispelled .

Big bro sighed .

「You really have it good . You were able to immediately find a partner in the academy after all . Even though I have it hard because I can’t find anyone . 」

It looks like big bro is also suffering from the marriage hunting .

Unlike me he is enrolling into normal class, so I thought his marriage hunting would be easier but──it seems that’s not the case .

「I thought that if it’s big bro’s class then you will be able to find a girl right away . 」

Big bro scratched his head .

「Even the girls in normal class want to live in the capital . They are looking for someone with connection that can allow them to live in the capital or the main land at least . Someone like me isn’t even their second or third pick . 」

Looks like big bro also has it hard .

I want to help him somehow but──right now I have my hands full with my own situation so it’s impossible .

「More importantly, Leon . You two will also return to the academy tomorrow right?」

「That’s the plan . 」

My mood got heavy when I thought of the marriage hunting waiting for me in the academy .

It’s the same for big bro .

He sighed and made a very troubled face .

「I still cannot find a girl yet even though I’ll graduate this year . If only I can be skillful like you . 」

「──Big bro . 」

「Oi, stop it . Don’t look at me with pity . Being pitied by my little brother makes me want to cry . 」

Really, I wonder why this world is so harsh toward men?

No, is it more like it’s harsh toward mob?

Unlike us, the main character of that otome game Olivia-san and the boys who are the conquest targets must be enjoying their summer vacation right now without worrying about anything .

──I’m really jealous .


Part 3

Around that time .

In the academy’s female dormitory, Olivia was sitting on her bed inside her ransacked room .

She was hugging her knees and trembling .

The room was dark with the curtain closed completely .

「I’m fine──I’m still fine . 」

Olivia muttered to herself . There were dark circles under her eyes .

Her hand was holding a letter that was sent to her from her home town .

It was a letter from her family .

For Olivia this letter was the support of her heart .

Olivia was a scholarship student, but although she wasn’t troubled about her living cost in the academy, it didn’t mean she had any leeway monetarily .

That was why, she couldn’t return home even though it was summer holiday .

She spent her summer holiday in the student dormitory and immersed herself in her study every day so that she could keep up with her surrounding as much as possible──or that should be the case .

But, the reality was merciless .

Her room was knocked . Olivia twitched from that sound and she lifted up her face .


She almost screamed, so she covered her mouth with her hands . Then the voice of an academy staff called out .

『──Olivia-san, his highness is waiting for you in front of the dormitory . Please prepare immediately . 』

The staff only said that and left .

Olivia buried her face into her knees .

「──Why won’t he leave me alone」

In the summer holiday, the young noblemen including Julius frequently came to the girl’s dormitory to invite Olivia .

Because the five of them invited her one after another, Olivia was unable to secure any time for studying .

This time when there were few female students in the academy was a precious time for Olivia .

But those five were taking that time away from her .

「Even though I want to study more」

But, with her standing, Olivia was unable to refuse the invitation from Julius .

At first she didn’t know that Julius was the crown prince, but now she knew .

She was unable to refuse him, and if she accepted the invitation from Julius, she also couldn’t refuse the invitation from the other boys──those young noblemen .

And when she got close with those five like that, she got resented by the girls in the academy .

「What should I do? Just what should I do」

It would be nice if she could honestly tell them that they were a bother, but if she said such thing then Olivia would lose her place to belong .

The other party was his highness the crown prince──the next king of this country .

It wouldn’t affect just herself . She didn’t know what kind of harm it would cause to her birth place .

Olivia stood up and prepared herself for going out before heading out to meet Julius .


Part 4

When the second term started, even a mob will get really busy .

Even just speaking about the events of the academy alone, there are the academy festival and field trip in the schedule .

I’m thinking to do something in the academy festival, but there is bigger problem than that── .

「Marie-sama, please introduce girls to us too!」

──It’s these boys from the poor baron group who are bowing toward Marie .

And then Marie is── .

「Oh? You aren’t telling me to do it for free aren’t you?」

──She is sitting on a chair while getting cocky .

She crossed her arms and legs with a composed smile .

I wanted to teach this girl the word humility .

The boy who acted as the leader negotiated with Marie, but behind him the boys were waiting with bloodcurling expression .

From first year to third year──almost everyone is here .

「Of course! We will do anything that we can! That’s why──please introduce girls──wonderful girls to everyone!」

「What to do~」

Before Marie introduced girls who were a bit problematic to us .

If this is the previous world─Japan, they would be girls who are a bit problematic .

A shut-in girl, a lazy girl, a girl who is only interested to her hobby, those kinds of girls .

But, in this world a problem of that degree is the same like no problem at all .

Rather, they can be called as wonderful girls .

For heirs of poor baron houses like us, the girls who Marie introduced to us are goddesses .

No, is that too exaggerating? Anyway there is no doubt that they are excellent articles .

They are so excellent that they are girls who you will beg to go out with you even if you have to duel the others for it .

For example, it’s fine even if the girl keeps shutting herself in her room and won’t go out to classes or academy events .

It’s also fine even if they spend their days doing nothing with the reason that it’s troublesome .

A girl who has no interest at all to anything except her hobby and won’t even remember people’s name is also alright .

Just that much can simply be considered as their uniqueness because the normal girls are too horrible compared to them .

Marie who is close to such problematic──no, unique girls is asking for intermediation fee to the boys .

「Then──perhaps I’ll ask for the student cafeteria’s pudding every day . I want to eat pudding at lunch every day . 」


It’s just a pudding from student cafeteria but, this academy is a school for nobles .

Naturally, even the pudding that is sold in the cafeteria is really extravagant .

To speak in modern Japan’s term, it’s the cafeteria’s famous sweets that is priced 1000 yen a piece .

By the way, fundamentally student can make use of the student cafeteria for free, but change of menu or ordering additional side menu will be charged with money .

I looked at Marie with exasperation .

「How can you ask for pudding just for introducing someone? What’s more you’re asking it for every day . 」

As expected even Marie seemed to think that she was asking too much . She hesitated slightly .

「Be, because, I want to eat it . I, I get it . Then, I’ll be fine with just three pudding per week . 」

The male students opened their eyes wide in shock hearing that .

「Thre, three!?」

Marie is also surprised, and then she compromised .

「The, then──once per week」

The boys formed a circle and began discussing .

「Oi, do we really only need to prepare pudding? For some reason, her demand is gradually decreasing though!?」

「Idiot! Surely it’s some kind of code . If not──the compensation is too cheap . 」

「Surely it’s a trap isn’t it? Co, could it be, there is no more girl remaining?」

From what I listened at the boys’ talk, it seems that the compensation Marie demanded is too little that they are harboring doubt .

If I have to give an example──even though they thought that they would be asked to buy expensive bag or clothes from famous brand, they were instead asked to hand over pudding from mini market . Is that what they thought?

It seems they are uneasy because the compensation is too cheap .

I understand very well from this just how much a girl will normally demand from them .

──It’s really sad to be a man .

The leader turned toward Marie .

「Marie-sama──forgive my ignorance but, is pudding some kind of secret jargon?」

Marie’s smile is twitching .

「You guys, do you think I’ll make some strange demands? I’m telling all of you to prepare pudding from the school cafeteria for me! What other meaning it can have!?」


The boys are seriously shocked .


Part 5

In the class .

It’s the second term now . My friends Daniel and Raymond who I met after so long laughed .

「They misunderstood pudding as a secret jargon? Those seniors are really stupid . 」

Daniel said that, but then Raymond chided him 「Don’t make fun of them」 .

「That’s just how desperate they are . More importantly, the freshmen this year are really lucky . We have Marie-san, so even us has the chance to encounter a girl . 」

The problem children who rarely came out from the girl dormitory .

Without Marie, we couldn’t possibly meet them .

When thinking that, Marie’s existence is important for us .

I grumbled .

「I also want to be introduced to a girl . 」

But, when I said that my surrounding’s reaction became really complicated .

「──Leon, I’ve been thinking this from some time ago but, are you an idiot?」

「It’s better for Leon to reflect on himself for real . If you don’t reflect, then you better be careful when going back at night . 」

Everyone will react like this .

「You guys, do you think that I’m going out with Marie?」

Daniel made an exasperated face .

「It’ll be stranger if you aren’t going out with her . You spent time together with Marie-san in your home during the summer vacation right? That’s already like you two are betrothed . 」

Raymond is nodding .

「You two haven’t announced it publicly, so perhaps you two are still a step short of engagement? I’m really jealous . 」

Daniel glared at Raymond who said such thing .

「Oi, Raymond . I heard that you are going out with a girl that was introduced to us before though? I don’t want to believe it but, you aren’t stealing a march on us aren’t you?」

「Daniel──I’m sorry . 」

Raymond apologized happily . Daniel grabbed his collar with his hands and lifted him up .


What a noisy bunch .

Marie came to the classroom while I’m looking at them in exasperation .

Her hand is holding a leaflet .

「Listen, listen! About the academy festival, there will be contests at the third day! I heard that we can get prize money if we get high ranking in it!」

Her eyes shined really brightly . Marie looked very happy .

Her eyes are blinded by prize money .

This girl is really loyal to her own desire .

「You’re going to participate?」

Marie shook her head when I asked her .

「Girl is no good . The athletes will be decided by social standing or influence . In the first place the number of contests that girls can participate in is few . 」

The participants in the contest will mainly be boys .

The reason? It’s for the marriage hunting .

The boys have to show their stuffs here no matter what .

The reason is──because this is an appeal time toward girls .

In that otome game, this is an event for the conquest targets to show their stuff .

Did the main character-sama also show her stuff in this event?

「──And so Leon, won’t you try participate in this?」

The leaflet that Marie showed me contained the writing about the air bike race .

「Air bike race? That’s impossible for me . 」

「Why!? The prize money for this race is amazing see!」

「The boys will fight each other for the participant seat of a contest that popular . Just like how girls got a lot of baggage like social standing and so on, we also have it hard . 」

The school caste in this world is the real deal, not like the made up school caste in the previous world .

In fact, a caste──a social class system is actually existing in this academy .

Social class doesn’t only exist between the nobles and commoners, it also existed between nobles .

The standing of one’s house also influenced how the participating athletes are decided .

It’s useless only relying on one’s skill .

Marie whispered into my ear .

「Look, it’ll be possible for you to participate and even win if you use Luxion right?」

「──You, you don’t get that guy . 」

If it’s that guy he will surely say something like 『Money? ──I can prepare something like that no matter how much you want, so?』 .

While I’m thinking that, Luxion replied in a volume that can only be heard by the two of us .

『I’ve confirmed the requirements . Participation in the contest and obtaining overall victory, is that correct? Then starting from now I’ll arrange so that the strong contenders will fall sick and the participating athletes in the day of contest will meet unfortunate accident──』

It surpassed my imagination .

Or rather, what do you mean unfortunate accident!/

It seems Marie also thought that it’ll be dangerous to rely on Luxion and she looked at the leaflet in dejection .

「Even though I thought I’ll be able to earn money here . 」

「Why do you think that you will also get a share when it’s me who’ll participate? Are you stupid?」

「I’ll at least give you some support if you participate! Forget that, please I beg you . I’m in a pinch this month! Cooperate with me」

「Ha? I gave you some allowance already though . 」

She was too pitiful, so I gave her some spending money when the summer vacation was over .

Furthermore the amount was considerable . I can’t imagine her running out of money immediately .

Marie wiped her tears .

「──It was gone because of my family’s debt . The debt collectors marched to my place when they thought I have even a little bit of money . Even though it’s not my debt, aren’t they horrible!?」


Luxion analyzed the situation .

『They must be thinking that Marie who enrolled into the academy would earn some money as adventurer, so they came to collect the debt even if only slightly . Other than that, perhaps Marie’s family also mentioned her name to the people who came to collect the debts?』

It’s too horrible I can’t find any word to say .

Marie started crying, so Daniel and Raymond who were watching glared at me .

They must be thinking that I’m making her cry .

「Anyway stop crying . That’s right! There will be betting in the contests too, I’ll earn a lot of money there . 」

My words will sound stupid for those who listened from outside, but I have Luxion so I’ll be able to win the bets easily .

But, Marie refused that with a strong will .

「That’s no good . 」


「I hate gambling! You too, if there is no need to gamble then absolutely don’t do it . 」

「Ri, right . 」

──I think life is the same with gambling but, there won’t be any meaning even if I said that so I stayed quiet .

Marie pressed her hands on her face and groaned .

「Now that it became like this I’ll earn money through the academy festival in a honest way! I have to think something that can sell . 」

This girl is actually really tough .


Part 6

The day of the school festival .

「Welcomeee!! It’s cheap, please take a look!」

Marie is working as a salesperson of a stand . She raised her voice to attract customer .

We are doing a food stand for the academy festival .

It’s selling donuts that are brightly colored with colorful toppings .

「I don’t think I’ll want to eat something like this . 」

I’m frying donuts . Beside me Daniel and Raymond are working hard .

「Leon, work properly . 」

「That’s right . This will be for Marie-san’s important living cost . 」

The two of them are pitying Marie and helped out .

And then I’m continuing to make donuts .

Marie attracted customers and sold donuts one after another .

「──That girl, she is plainly amazing . 」

Sometimes she will be forceful, sometimes with smooth talking, and then sometimes with sob story──she used every kind of method to sell a lot of donuts .

Luxion who is in hiding responded to my mutter .

『Shouldn’t master learn from her too?』

「I’m rich so I don’t want to work . 」

『The worst . 』

「I don’t hate myself even though I’m the worst like this though . 」

『Rather than that please take out the donuts from the oil . 』

「Yes, yes . 」

I took out the donuts like Luxion instructed . Certainly it seems that the donuts are cooked already .

『──Master, the second donut from the right doesn’t fulfill our product standard . Please obey the recipe properly . 』

「You are too nitpicky . I’ll eat it at my break time so there won’t be any problem right?」

Marie’s voice is reverberating to the surrounding while I’m talking with Luxion .



Part 7

Break time .

I left the stand and sat down on a bench with the failed donuts in hand .

It’s a place where there isn’t any academy festival activity, so there is few people here and I can calm down .

I came here alone in order to finish the failed donuts and also took lunch .

Marie? The donuts are popular and she can’t stop laughing . She is continuing the sales even now .

I’m impressed by that girl’s urge for manual labor .

「Donuts for lunch huh . I’ve made too many I don’t want to eat them . 」

『This is to dispose the failed products . They came from master’s blunder so this is only natural . 』

「You, you’re hating me aren’t you?」

『I don’t like master but, I also don’t hate master . 』

「What’s with that answer?」

I ate the donuts slowly .

The donuts were made based on the recipe that Luxion prepared . The quality was great for something made by students .

「Ah, it’s really delicious . 」

『That’s good . 』

I immediately finished eating the first donut and when I bit at the second──a girl passed in front of me .

That girl is walking with her gaze casted down . It looked like she is deep in her thought .

That girl suddenly pressed her hands on her stomach .

Perhaps because she smelled the donut’s sweet fragrance while passing in front of me, her stomach cried 「Kuu~」 cutely .

That girl blushed red and looked at my face .

「Di, did you hear?」

Normally a gentleman like me will say 「What?」 and pretended that I didn’t hear, but perhaps I got flustered seeing that girl and I nodded .

「Ah, yes──n, no, I didn’t hear anything!」

Even though I corrected myself in panic it was too late . That girl, Angelica Rafa Redgrave went red and started making excuse .

「I, I was really busy that I didn’t have the time to eat lunch . Be, besides──today the people who are usually with me aren’t here, so──」

I don’t understand what she wanted to say .

But, Angelica-san’s gaze caught my donut and won’t let go .

「Want some?」

When I offered her the remaining donuts, Angelica-san accepted even while looking embarrassed .

「I, is it fine?」

「Well, yes . 」

「Sorry . I will pay you later with money . 」

「Ah, those are failed products so there is no need . 」

When I said that, Angelica-san is surprised after she took a bite with her small mouth .

「I, it’s tasty . What do you mean by failure?」

「Like how the size is too big, or perhaps too small, that kind of failure . 」

「I, is that so? It’s delicious enough . 」

Angelica-san sat beside me and ate the donuts with a delighted look .

「The people who accompany me won’t let me eat something like this . It feels fresh . 」

Angelica──the noble lady with villainess role in that otome game .

But, this girl doesn’t look like a bad person .

Marie said it .

The main character who stole the fiancée of other person is far more of a bad person .

──But, that girl also tried to do the same thing wasn’t she? Though she failed completely in the end .

When I looked at Angelica-san, she looked somewhat sad .

「What’s the matter?」

「──No, it’s nothing . The donuts are delicious . I’ll take my leave Bartfalt-dono . 」

Angelica-san stood up with a smile and left . She knew my name .

「I’m a famous person huh . 」

Luxion responded to my mutter .

『──Master wasn’t aware of that?』


Part 8

The second day of the festival ended .

Marie counted her earning from the stand .

「As expected from the academy where the rich people enrolled . The donuts are flying off the shelves even when we set the price of each one ridiculously high . 」

If it was counted in Japanese yen, one donut was sold around 300 until 500 yen .

Even so the donuts were sold in great number and she was able to profit a lot .

Marie was in a good mood .

「If I have this money, I won’t be worried for my living expenses tomorrow . Oops, the debt collectors will take this money away if I don’t hide it . 」

Marie stored the cash in her pocket so that they wouldn’t be taken away this time .

There a female student came with her hangers-on in tow .

The girl braided her hair and to form rings at both sides . She brought a lot of demi-human slaves that were called exclusive servants with her .

Her cosmetic was thick and the smell of her perfumed stung the nose──that female student gave off a bad vibe .

「You are Marie of Lafan House aren’t you?」

Marie was confused because someone who she usually didn’t associate with was talking to her .

「Who, who are you?」

「Your attitude toward your superior is unacceptable . Do you intend to say that you don’t know about the Count House of Offley?」

Marie recalled her game knowledge when she heard that name .

Yes──this girl’s name came out in that otome game .

(No way!? Why is she picking on me!?)

Offley House, a house that took over a noble house and rose up from formerly being a merchant .

It was a house of evil noble that was connected with air pirate in that otome game .

That air pirate would be involved with an important event at the middle stage of the game . This girl was a character who would get involved with the main character whether she wanted it or not but──she was talking to Marie for some reason .

「Do, do you have some business with me?」

Marie talked modestly . The daughter of Offley House answered her .

「Haven’t you heard anything? Your house and my house will be tied with marriage . My big brother and you are going to marry . 」


Marie was astonished hearing that .

「I’m troubled even if you tell me so suddenly . I’ve never heard of any talk about that . 」

But the girl showed an indifferent attitude .

「Your opinion doesn’t matter . Your house said that they will make you marry . Also, it seems you are associating with the destitute nobles but, stop that from now . I don’t want my reputation to also fall because of you . 」

「──What do you mean by that huh . 」

「It means exactly as it is . It looks like you are joining the group of destitute nobles and also close with that upstart Bartfalt aren’t you? I‘m telling you that’s bothersome so stop it . 」

What is this girl misunderstanding about?

Marie thought that, but the girl paid her no mind and continued talking .

「You’re going to marry my big brother . ──Too bad that you won’t be able to marry Bartfalt . 」

The young lady of Offley House sent her a ridiculing smile . Marie predicted what she was thinking .

(This girl, she is happy seeing other people’s misfortune . )

From her attitude and the conversation, Marie judged that the girl was a type who liked to pointlessly put other down .

「I, I and that guy──Leon aren’t like that . 」

Marie said that and turned her face away . The young lady of count house scoffed .

「Good then . What I want to say is that other people will also look down on me if you’re getting along with the countryside destitute nobles . Think about that properly if you’re going to marry into our house . ──I’ve warned you . 」

Marie watched the girl left and thought .

(My second life──is over . )


Part 9

The third day of the academy festival .

I listened to Marie about her family situation around the time the contests are heating up .

「Marriage with Offley House? ──You?」

I thought I’ve heard that name from somewhere and I recalled that it’s a family name that appeared in that otome game .

──It should be a house that is connected with sky pirate .

Marie smiled powerlessly .

The passionate cheering that came from the venue of the contests──even I was a little interested to it until yesterday, but right now isn’t the time for that .

「What a joke . Haha~, as expected I am really a sinful woman . Men are coming to me even without me doing anything . 」

「──You can’t refuse it?」

「You also understand right? Even like this I’m still a noble . 」

No matter how poor her livelihood is, a noble is a noble .

I too once almost got married off for the house’s sake .

「This Offley House, there wasn’t any decent end for them in that otome game . 」

However, in that otome game this name only appeared in the text . They had been dealt with in the background without appearing directly .

It’s a house that one shouldn’t get involved with .

If you considered the scenario of that otome game, one must not get involved with that house .

「Even I will run away if I can . But, it’s not like I can live by myself . 」

If she refused, it would become a problem between houses .

Lafan and Offley will search for Marie together .

Marie too would have to withdraw from the academy and live alone .

「Even though my family is in ruin but it’s still a noble house after a fashion . It’ll also affect the honor of the other house, so I will absolutely get discovered . 」

Somewhere inside her, Marie has given up .

「Aa~a, I wanted to at least go to the field trip . 」

「──You won’t be able to join the field trip?」

She will be unable to participate in an event of the second term . Does that mean she will withdraw from the academy right away?

Is there any need to hurry that much?

「The other house want the marriage to happen as quickly as possible . And then my family think that doing it right no won’t be a problem seeing that I’ll withdraw from the academy anyway . ──The notice came just now . 」

While we’re talking, a loud cheers that split the eardrum rose up from the contest venue .

Surely someone has just put on a show, but I’ve no time to think about it .


「Oops, don’t think up anything strange okay?」

Marie stopped him when he is thinking to help her using Luxion .

「Even I was thinking of asking for help . I thought of it but──I want to avoid a clash with Offley House no matter what . After all this house will be overlooked even when they do something bad, besides──they will be involved with the event . 」

Offley House is a house that will be involved with an important event at the mid stage of the game .

If we get involved with this house here, we’ll become unable to predict the development of the future events .

Even considering the matter in real life perspective, this house is troublesome with how many bad rumors it has .

Even with all the bad deeds they are doing, the matters are covered up . That means the kingdom is overlooking them .

There should be someone with influence backing them up .

It will become troublesome if I carelessly get involved with them .

If I want to save Marie even then──I will need a considerable resolve .

Marie said .

「──I had fun . 」


「I’m saying, that I had more fun than expected . The prince and other boys wouldn’t even look at me and I was unable to obtain a comfortable life with reverse harem but──I had fun living the academy life together with you . 」

Marie looked down for a bit, and then when she lifted up her face──she had a smile on .

「Bye bye . Well, I can use healing magic, so I’ll tenaciously survive when the event is over . Lend me some help at that time . 」

She is already thinking about the future .

She looked like she has given up a lot of things .

「Are you fine with that huh? Because──you said that you want to redo your student life . 」

「This is better than reaching game over . Because, we will really be in trouble if the main character doesn’t play her role . 」

「Bu, but still」

Marie turned her back toward me without pause and started walking .

「Thank you for everything . You too──do your best . 」

Her back is really small and unreliable .

That retreating figure overlapped with the figure of my little sister from the previous life .


My hand reached out, but I immediately lowered it .


Part 10

Night .

I’m lying down on my bed while still wearing uniform inside my room .

Luxion is hovering nearby, but his red lens is shining red because the room is dark .

『──Is this alright?』

「What is?」

『Master should already understand what I’m referring to . Is it alright to let Marie go like this?』

「I told you already before . There are a lot of reasons, like the game’s event for example . 」

『Master is really a good for nothing . 』

「──Shut it . 」

Then Luxion made a suggestion .

『If master give me the order, I will be able to erase Offley House right away . And that’s including everyone lurking behind them . 』

This AI is really dangerous .

──It’s pathetic that I unconsciously considered agreeing with that suggestion .

「That will be pointless if it resulted in this otome game world perishing . The last boss is troublesome, so we’re going to need the main character playing her role no matter what . 」

『An enemy that even I cannot defeat is it? ──Won’t it be fine if we sink even this land too?』

「──Rejected . Or rather, you’re always so extreme every time . 」

『Then, is it alright even if Marie is marrying into that house like this?』

「Be quiet for a bit . 」

Luxion doesn’t say anything more to me .

But, his red lens keeps looking at me .

His gaze feels like it’s condemning me .

While he’s doing that, it’s bothering me how my little sister’s figure overlapped with Marie’s back .

──It have been on my mind since some time ago .

But, there is no decisive proof .

Both me and Marie cannot remember our name in the previous life .

Even though we have memory  of that otome game and also memory of our previous world──our name is the only thing that we can’t remember .

It feels like there is something intentional about it .

But──the more I think about it, the more Marie feels similar with my little sister from the previous life .

Sometimes, I’m feeling annoyance, nostalgia──and comfort that I directed toward my little sister from her .

──Is that what Marie is to me?

Then, I── .

I lifted up my upper body and asked Luxion .

「──Luxion, can you carry out what I’m going to tell you? The conditions will be really harsh you know?」

Luxion showed confidence .

『Let’s hear it . 』


Part 11

──And then time returned to the wedding hall .

Marie recalled her big brother from the previous life .

(──Save me, Onii-chan!)

There was nothing in her big brother from the previous life that could be given perfect score even as flattery . Even so he was an existence that would save Marie when she was in a pinch .

He also had a side that would slightly go too far in his doing but, if he was alive then she felt like that he would save her even from her situation right now .

Yes, if he was alive .

(Even at my second life I kept relying on big bro . )

Behind her veil Marie was shedding tears while smiling .

Then, the large door of the hall was thrown open violently .

「Stop this marriage!」

There was a young man asking to stop the marriage like in a drama scene .

The gazes of everyone inside the hall gathered on the young man .

Marie also looked toward that figure from behind her veil but──the young man’s appearance looked like her big brother from the previous life .


No one around Marie reacted to her small voice .

She hurriedly removed her veil and checked once again with her eyes . There she saw the one who interrupted the marriage was Leon .

「Yo, you, what did you come for!?」

Leon’s appearance looked like her big brother from the previous life with the veil in the way .

Marie was shaken, even so when she saw Leon’s appearance she pointed with her finger and yelled angrily .

Just now it felt like a scene from drama but, looking carefully Leon’s appearance was boorish .

He was carrying a rifle and leading armed soldiers of Bartfalt House .

It seemed it wasn’t his intention to rush in gallantly and took Marie’s hand to escape from here .

Leon smiled thinly .

「I told you . Stop this marriage . No──cancel it . 」

The one who protested those words of Leon were the people of Offley House and Rafan House whose event was interrupted like this .

「Who are you!?」

「What is the guards doing?」

「Throw out that man!」

The guests started making an uproar to throw out Leon right away .

But, Leon didn’t move .

He showed several documents to them .

「Uh oh, don’t move you all . I have the permission from the palace with me here . Justice is on my side no matter how much you guys are kicking up a fuss! That’s how it is . 」

It seemed Leon barged into the hall using the documents from the palace as his shield .

The people from both families are also surprised .

The man who would become Marie’s husband──the bridegroom frowned .

「The palace you say? That’s a downright lie . 」

Leon gave a rebuttal with composure .

「It’s not a lie . You can check it yourself . 」

The people from both families were bewildered──even Marie was surprised .

「Palace? Eh, what have you done!?」

Leon started talking smoothly .

「Actually when I took a bit of time to exterminate a sky pirate, those guys mentioned the name of noble they have connection with . When I investigated, the name of Offley House actually came out . I informed the palace thinking that this cannot go on . 」

The people of Offley House reacted when the word air pirate came out .

「──The palace wouldn’t move just with that」

Leon narrowed his eyes .

「There were those who tried to crush this information when I notified the palace . It became a bit of dispute but, the talk was settled without any problem . ──I never thought that your backer would actually be Marquis Frampton though . 」

The people of Offley House were clearly flustered hearing that .

Because not only there was the matter of air pirate, even the name of Marquis Frampton who was their backer also came out here .

The face of Count Offley paled .

Leon raised his rifle and his expression turned serious . His air changed from just now .

The atmosphere wasn’t one where joke could be made .

「Count Offley, I ask you to come with us . I ask for Viscount Lafan to come along too . 」

Viscount Lafan──Marie’s father was surprised .

「Me, me too!?」

Leon showed a proof .

「You have a secret agreement with Count Offley aren’t you? There is the writing that you will cooperate with the matter of air pirate in exchange of having your debts taken care of . It seems you were planning to make a killing by working together with air pirate here . 」

Marie looked at her father .

Then, her father fell down on his seat powerlessly . It seemed that the secret agreement was a fact .

The family members other than Marie were flustered . Perhaps they knew about it .

「──No way . To think all of you are this rotten」

Marie’s father lifted up his face hearing those words .

「I see . You went this far to take back this girl──the, then, I’ll allow you to marry this girl . That’s why, overlook us in this matter」

It seemed he thought that Leon barged into this place was in order to take back Marie .

That meant, he knew about Marie and Leon’s relationship but decided to separate them even then .

Marie felt irritated inside even while thinking that there was also misunderstanding there .

(What’s with this guy? He is planning to get away from this by himself using me even after ruining my happiness?)

Seeing her pathetic father, Marie took a step forward to punch him . But then the bridegroom put his arm around Marie’s neck .

「Do, don’t move! If you move I won’t guarantee what’s going to happen to this woman! Take even a step and I’ll break her neck!」

「What the hell are you doing you bastard!」

Even though Marie struggled, he was a man with bigger physique than her .

She couldn’t get away even with her struggle .

The soldiers of Bartfalt House raised their rifles, but the bridegroom used Marie as shield and started negotiating with Leon .

「You’ve worked hard just to take back this woman . It’s not like I’m interested with her . I’ll give her if you want her . But──that’s only if you let me go . 」

It seemed the bridegroom though that there was no way to escape and so he treated Marie like a negotiation material .

Leon looked at that bridegroom──and the captured Marie . He looked slightly irritated .

「My bad but, I’m ordered to capture everyone . Also, what are you doing is unforgivable, threatening a girl like that . I wonder what the boys in the academy will say if they learn this?」

He was replying indifferently but, he looked angry .

Marie recalled her brother from the previous life seeing Leon being quietly angry like that .

Leon and her brother from the previous life looked like the same person .

(No way!? Don’t tell me Leon is really──)

The moment she thought that .

A thin light pierced the bridegroom’s shoulder from the ceiling .


The bridegroom’s arm let go of Marie . He pressed his hand on his shoulder with a pained look .

「I, it hurts . So, someone help!」

Marie got away from the bridegroom who crouched and cried in pain . She ran toward Leon .


Leon lowered his rifle’s muzzle .

And then Marie was making an expression of exasperation that was also mixed with joy somewhere in it .

「You look happy that your marriage is wrecked like this . As expected, you couldn’t accept it huh . 」

「So, sorry . 」

Luxion descended from the ceiling .

『Master, I moved the operation to the next stage . 』

Leon put the rifle on his shoulder .

「Yosh, then we’ll move quickly . We got to take over the territory of Offley House within today after all . 」

Marie didn’t understand what Leon was saying .

「Wait a second? Why is Offley House’s territory is mentioned here?」

Leon showed a smile .

「No, from my negotiation with the palace, it’s decided that Offley House and Lafan House will be crushed . Your house is in the main land so that will be the palace’s share . But, the count’s territory is on a floating island so the palace said that they don’t need it . 」

Just what is this guy talking about?

Marie tilted her head in confusion . Luxion then explained to her .

『The talk was settled by offering to take away the fortune that Offley House has amassed to be presented to the kingdom in exchange of receiving their territory . Currently master’s father and big brother are attacking Offley House’s territory . 』

Leon explained further to her .

「By the way, the members of the poor nobles also lend a hand after I contacted them . They said it’s because they are indebted to you . Aren’t you glad?」

「U, uh huh . Huh?」

She was happy that they were helping but, Marie didn’t understand what they were helping with and she could only tilt her head .

Luxion explained in detail .

『The boys in the group that master belonged to requested for help from their house . There are also other nobles who give their help too after we provided them with information . Well, around 200 airships are gathered as the result . 』

A fleet that big attacked the territory of Offley House and Lafan House .

Count Offley and Viscount Lafan fainted while foaming in their mouth hearing that .


Part 12

The next day .

I talked with father, big bro──and the sleepy looking Collin in the office .

The talk is about the war yesterday .

Or rather than war, it was just sending airships toward Offley House and Lafan House .

There was skirmish but, things were taken care safely somehow .

After all, we had overwhelming number in our side .

As the result, the territory of Lafan House was erased from the map of Hohlfahrt Kingdom .

It became a territory under the direct control of the palace, while the floating island that was the possession of Offley House became owned by Bartfalt House .

I was hesitating whether to let Offley House remaining or not in consideration of the future but──I got the feeling they’ll only become trouble later, so I had them exit the stage here .

It was the result of deciding that getting involved only halfway would be the most dangerous thing to do .

But──my house that obtained the territory of the count house became slightly troubled .

「Why do I have to get independent and become an count! This is strange!」

It’s not me who is making a ruckus .

It’s the second son Nix .

Father is persuading him desperately .

「Stop protesting and accept it . This isn’t the scale of having a branch house anymore but, dad too will be happy if you can go independent . 」

The talk of the second son Nix inheriting the territory of former Offley House and becoming an count is progressing .

Shouldn’t it be father who became the count?

I had such question and asked the reason . Father then answered「It’s impossible for me to manage the territory of a count house . Also, I want to hand it over to Nix and make him independent before Zola and Ludward arrive」 .

As a father, he must wish to make his dear second son to become independent splendidly .

If he is the one who become the count, he won’t be able to let big bro become the one to inherit the title later .

If father is the one who become the count, Zola will see it as a good chance and tell father to give the title to Ludward──the first son .

When I asked about letting big bro to be the one who inherit this baron house, father replied 「──In that case Zola and Ludward will become the main house of Bartfalt House . They’re going to make all of you work like their slave」 .

It will be a bother if the troublesome Zola and her children inherit the count status after we had gone through all the troubles to destroy the troublesome Offley House .

That’s why, I too accepted big bro being the one to become the count .

It’s not like I’m the one who become the count, which means there will be fewer trouble for me . I agree wholeheartedly .

However big bro won’t agree .

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「This is strange! Besides, is the position of count is something that you can receive just like that? Is it alright for me to be the one inheriting it!? Of course it’s not alright!!」

Father made a smiling face saying that there’s no problem .

「If it’s about that, actually there is someone who is interested with you . 」


「A letter from Count Roseblade came──it said, I’m pleased with your guts to knock down Offley House that I don’t like, so I’ll give you my daughter . 」

──It was me who settled the talk behind the scene though .

I heard that Roseblade House, a noted count house hated Offley House .

There were various reasons for that, like their differing faction .

Collin who is listening to our talk looked at big bro with an idolizing gaze .

「So Nix-niichan is going to become a count . Amazing!」

Big bro put both his hands on Collin’s shoulders and shook him .

「I’m troubled if I’m suddenly told to become a count! Tha, that’s right! Leon . You can just make Leon to be the count instead! Leon was the one who arranged everything this time!」

Even though this is his chance to achieve success in life, he wanted to concede it to his little brother instead . What a model big brother .

I wish that a great big brother like Nix can become happy .

That’s why I told him with a smile .

「No way~ . I think it’ll be better if big bro is the one to receive the title along with all the troubles that come with it . Also, I’ve predicted big bro will complain so I brought the girl in question here . You two, I’ll leave him to you!」

I called two women to come into the room . Even Deirdre-senpai also came . It seems she came as an escort for her big sister .

Deirdre-senpai is a third year student in the academy .

「Oh, the one who defeated that villain Offley is a timid gentleman it seems . 」

Big bro was in a different class from Deirdre-senpai, but they were in the same grade .

It seems they knew each other’s face .

「Deirdre-san? Could it be, the other party is Roseblade!」

That Deirdre-senpai is a young lady with blonde hair that is styled in ringlet curls .

Her big sister Dorothea-san──has a straight and long blonde hair . She is wearing a dress that showed her glamorous body style clearly .

She has a really beautiful form that contained coldness inside .

She has a queenly personality that surpassed even Deirdre-senpai!

Her age is twenty years old .

A beauty who’ll look really fitting with a whip in hand .

I’m jealous with big bro .

「She is Dorothea-san . Big bro’s marriage partner candidate . 」

Big bro pointed at my face when I introduced her .

「Why are you laughing!」

I also felt envious when learning that this woman with big breasts will become big bro’s wife, but I became able to sympathize when I learned about her personality .

Well, she is someone harsh just like her appearance suggested .

「You looks like you’re having a lot of fun there while ignoring your wife . 」

When Dorothea-san said that, big bro screamed「Hii」 and backed away .

She already called herself his wife?

Well, the introduction today is actually a formal marriage interview though . The marriage is already 80% decided .

I have arranged it until that far .

Their father Count Roseblade was also eager .

「What’s with that behavior even though you’re going to become the husband of this me? Even though I’ve been looking forward to this after I heard that you defeated that villain Offley──this is a disappointment . 」

Deirdre-senpai is also looking disappointed .

「Indeed . Father too, I can’t understand why he is looking forward to this marriage . 」

──I asked Luxion to investigate . It seems that two’s father, Count Roseblade is worried whether Dorothea-san will be able to marry properly .

It seems he want to marry her off if there is a proper candidate .

Dorothea-san is looking down at big bro .

「Even though your little brother Leon raised an achievement as adventurer──it doesn’t look like that you, his big brother has done anything . Are you two really sharing the same blood?」

She is speaking as she pleases .

Collin is hiding behind father .

Father too is muttering something horrible like 「Leon is the mutation in our family while Nix is the normal one」 .

Then──the trembling big bro lifted his face .

「Yeah, that’s right! I’m an elder brother who is inferior to my little brother . So what!」

It seems he has something in mind and acted belligerently toward Dorothea-san .

Is this guy sane?

After thinking that, I realized big bro’s plan .

「Big bro, don’t tell me!」

「Shut up!」

It seems big bro is picking a fight with Dorothea-san in order to cancel this talk of marriage .

Apparently he is harboring a shallow thought that things will work out somehow if he can make Dorothea-san leave in anger .

「Big bro, you really don’t know when to give up! Also calm down . You must not anger the other party!」

「Leon, I don’t want to hear that from you! Now listen well, you selfish woman over there!」

Big bro pointed at Dorothea-san .

Dorothea-san said 「Sel, selfish woman you said!」 in indignation with a surprised face .

「Don’t misunderstand . You aren’t the one doing me a favor to marry me, I’m the one doing you a favor to marry you! If you don’t like it then tough, go back home immediately!」

The two were both red faced in indignation .

Father said 「Nix, stop! You will cause war with Roseblade House next!」 with a face that looked like he wanted to cry .

──But .

The escort Deirdre-senpai is smiling .

「Onee-sama, I’m glad . 」


Dorothea-san whose face is flushed red smiled and licked her lips bewitchingly .

Rather than saying that she is enraged, it looks like she excited .

「Good . You’re the best . All of the men before this, every single one of them will become servile just from hearing the name Roseblade . I──have been waiting for a man like you who’ll be worth it for me to discipline . 」

Big bro is shocked .

「──Eh? Wh, why?」

Dorothea-san folded her arms and her eyes sparkled .

「No, rather both of us disciplining each other──a gentleman who will clash with me fiercely is what I prefer instead . I hate docile man . I finally──find my ideal man!」

Big bro broke into cold sweat .

Dorothea-san hugged big bro’s arm into her breasts──and dragged her out from the room .

「You’re the best . 」

Big bro is dragged out . His hand reached out toward me when he is passing the door .

「He, help──」

I waved my hand with a smile .

「I’m happy for you, big bro!」

Both father and Collin are also waving their hand at big bro who is dragged away .

「I, it’s fine like this isn’t it?」

「Nix-niichan is dragged away . 」

I managed to safely push the troublesome position of count to big bro .

I even found a marriage partner for big bro while I was at it . Is there a little brother as capable as me in this world?

When the door closed, we heard big bro’s voice .

『Leon, I won’t forget this you bastard!』

It seems he is crying in happiness .

Deirdre-senpai shrugged .

「I’m jealous with Onee-sama . I also wish to find a man with backbone . 」

──I hope you can find a man like that . That’s why please don’t stare at me appraisingly like that .

Now then, let’s take care of the remaining matters .


Part 13

Marie is crying when I returned to the academy .

「My house is gone, I’m not a noble anymore now!」

The reason she is crying is because her house is crushed and her status as noble is stripped away from her .

Now Marie lost her qualification to attend the academy .

「Would it be better if you married the heir of Offley House?」

「I, I don’t want that . 」

I confirmed with Marie .

There is one way for Marie sp she can stay as noble and attend the academy .

But, in order to do that, there is something that I need to confirm with her first no matter what .

Depending on the result, I──will have to find a partner for Marie .

「──Hey, I told you before that I had a little sister in the previous life didn’t I?」

Marie also looked like she wanted to say something . She nodded before she averted her eyes from me and looked down .

「Ye, yeah . 」

Marie too must have vaguely suspected it .

Bit by bit I talked about my little sister──the little sister from the previous life .

「I can’t recall her name but, I have two parents and a little sister . It was a family of four . 」

「──Me too . 」

I should have noticed it quicker .

I thought that it’s impossible but──I should have noticed that Marie is my little sister from the previous life quicker .

If I do that──then I wouldn’t need to have this feeling .

「She was a really egoist little sister . She got a nice look, but she was good at playing innocent that my parents believed my little sister more than me . 」

I talked to Marie about my previous life .

But, Marie who was nodding and listening tilted her head in the middle .

「──Wait a second? Your parents trusted the little sister more than the big brother?」

「That’s right . That girl was good at feigning innocence after all . 」

「Wait, that’s strange then . Because, my parents trusted my big bro more . 」


It seems there is some discrepancy .

「No, wait . Because look! You too pushed that otome game to your big bro because you couldn’t clear it right!?」

「Certainly I pushed that game to my big bro but, I requested him to do it . Also, I heard that my acquaintances also asked their male sibling for help . In the first place, I wasn’t that horrible of a little sister . 」

「My big bro was really scary when he got angered . He often went too far but he was fundamentally a type who I can easily control on the palm of my hand? How should I say it, he was a thickheaded type of person? Also, when I asked him for help he would happily do a lot of things for me . 」

「Eh, you had that kind of big brother? Or rather, even though he was scary when angry, it’s amazing that you can think of him as easily controlled . 」

「Well, he was my own big brother after all . There was this line of how much he could be angered . I know just how much I could push it before crossing that line . Looking back now, I allowed myself to get spoiled too much as his little sister . 」

──That big brother is completely different from me isn’t it!

In the first place, my little sister from the previous life forced that otome game on me .

Besides, I’m never told that I’m someone scary when I get angry .

I also never go too far . And it’s also impossible for me to be easily manipulated by my little sister .

──After all I’d properly take revenge on my little sister when she messed with me .

Also, I’m not thickheaded!

What’s with that big brother who is like a light novel main character!

Besides, I had no intention of spoiling my little sister──so there is no way it was me!

「My little sister’s personality was really horrible . You know, like someone whose face will completely change outside compared to when at home . She knew how to read the flow and did whatever she likes by hiding behind my parents’ trust . 」

「Then it wasn’t me . Or rather, to think that there is really a woman like that . Surely that little sister wasn’t a decent person . 」

「Ye, yeah . 」

Should I mention here about how my little sister had rotten hobby or how she forced those on me?

While I’m thinking that, Marie took a pose like a gravure idol in front of me .

「Also, I was a beauty in my previous life . Even though I look like this now, my style in the previous life was really amazing . 」

──My little sister had good look but was her style nice? Certainly she was slim but, her style shouldn’t be that good she could boast about it so much like this .

Too many of our information is mismatched with each other that somehow my feeling turned complicated .

I said to Marie .

「──Sorry, I thought that you might be my little sister . 」

「Stop that! Do I look like someone that horrible? Isn’t that horrible!?」

「N, no, my bad . But, you also thought that I’m your big brother from the previous life right? I’m not scary like your big brother . 」

I’m a normal man that can be found anywhere .

「I, I’m introspecting! I just thought that maybe──but that’s not the case just as I thought . 」

In the first place both big brother and little sister got reincarnated to that otome game world together won’t be funny at all .

I and Marie made a complicated expression but──we gradually got amused and started laughing .

「What . So both of us were misunderstanding . 」

「Looks like it . It’s just impossible . 」

That’s why I said to Marie .

「Aa, then there’s no problem . Marie──come to our home . 」


Marie’s mouth closed and open in surprise . I scratched my cheek to hide my embarrassment .

「Even ruined you still have noble bloodline . Besides there is a talk in progress of entrusting you under my custody . It looks like they will give the permission, so if there is no problem──like this, you can──you know . 」

I scratched my head and looked down . Drops of tears spilled down from Marie’s eyes .

「Pre, prepare the mood more if you’re going to confess . Idiooottt!」

I’m panicked that I made her cry . But then Marie nodded even while sniffing .

「──I’ll accept the confession so redo it . It’s my dream to be confessed in a place where the night view is visible and receiving a ring . 」

What a shameless woman .

However, I got the feeling that this much is fine .

Even a beauty is no good if it’s someone like Dorothea-san .

I have learned a lot from big bro’s marriage .

「I get it . I’ll tell Luxion to prepare one . 」

Luxion showed up from his hiding place when I muttered that .

『──Looks like master has finally resolved yourself . 』

「Yo, you were listening!?」

I’m shocked . On the other hand Luxion seems to be in a good mood . Apparently he is happy .

『Yes . I will immediately find a location with the best night view and also start the creation of the ring . I will finish all the preparations if you two can wait for three hours . 』

Marie complained when she heard that .

「I don’t want something slapdash like that! Plan it more seriously! Also make the ring properly! It’s fine even if it’s cheap!」

『The result won’t change even if I spend more time on it you know?』

「Even so!」

Luxion reluctantly accepted it .

『It’s troublesome . Also, please don’t worry about the ring . I’ll attach a large jewel on it . If you like, how about I prepare ring for all your fingers with different jewel for each finger?』

Marie is appalled by Luxion’s sense .

「Have you never been told that you have a bad sense?」

『──There is a data that mention how female love precious metal though?』

「It doesn’t mean that anything is fine . 」

It seems Luxion cannot understand the sense in this kind of field .

「So even you have things that you aren’t good at . 」

Luxion turned his red lens toward me when I laughed at him .

『Why is master that happy?』

「Not really~」


Part 14

They returned to their usual daily life in the academy .

But, right now Marie──was standing in front of the airship’s guest cabin while hitting the door relentlessly .


Marie was busy from the morning even though it was the field trip riding a luxury cruise ship .

Behind Marie, a petite girl hugging a book was being nervous .

「Ma, Marie-chan, the two of them won’t wake up . 」

The two girls that Marie was looking after wouldn’t come out from their room even when it was time for breakfast .

This wouldn’t be a problem if they were normal girl, but the girls that Marie was looking after had a lot of problem .

One was a lazy girl who wouldn’t come out of her room and spend her time slacking off if she was left alone .

The other girl was a girl whose hobby was painting . When she was concentrating she would forget sleeping and eating and once she even fainted without anyone noticing .

Those two didn’t wake up at the morning because they were put inside the same room .

(Why am I taking care of these girls? Even though it’s finally the long awaited field trip, I’ve been doing nothing except taking care of the problem children . )

When she was trying to open the door somehow, the girl who is hugging a book sat on the floor and started reading .

「Why are you starting to read the book?」

「Eh? Be, because, they still haven’t come out . 」

Marie felt like crying hearing that reply .

「Don’t sit on the floor reading! Also, don’t bring book when we’re going to have breakfast!」


The girl with book was making a seriously shocked expression .

(This girl’s idiosyncrasy isn’t losing to the other two too . )

She didn’t know if it was in the previous world but, in this world these girls were greatly popular among boys even with this kind of personality .

Marie started hitting the door again .


The door next to such noisy cabin opened . A sullen young elf came out from there .

He seemed to be an exclusive servant but, he was a child no matter how she looked at him .

Marie stopped hitting the door .

(This kid, could he be──)

That young boy──Kyle made a snide remark toward Marie .

「I’m envious at how energetic you are since the morning . My master isn’t feeling well, so can you be quiet?」

Marie’s gaze wandered around .

(That means, the main character Olivia is also here? Thi, this is awkward . I don’t really want to get involved, and I also want to avoid getting hated by her . )

The main character would become a saint in the future and also the queen of Hohlfahrt Kingdom .

She wasn’t someone that Marie wanted to oppose .

「I, I’m sorry! My friends won’t leave their room . 」

Kyle narrowed her eyes .

「How about borrowing a key for the room?」

「──I’ll do that . E, err, sorry again . 」

Marie took the girl who was hugging a book and left that place .


Part 15

The noisiness was gone .

Olivia was sitting on the bed . She looked at her exclusive servant Kyle who returned .

「──Did you send them away?」

Kyle spoke proudly .

「Yes, I persuaded them . It was easy . 」

Her exclusive servant Kyle was a slave that Julius purchased for her .

Olivia didn’t purchase him with her own money .

But, the problem was Kyle’s living expense .

As his owner, Olivia had the duty to provide for him .

Because she had the duty to provide him with clothing, food, and shelter, the time she proactively challenged a dungeon to earn money increased just after summer vacation .

Olivia touched her forehead and checked that her fever still hadn’t receded completely .

「Everyone around us is noble, so be careful with your wording okay?」

「I understand . But, goshujin-sama can just tell his highness Julius if they do something horrible . 」

「That’s no good!」

Olivia raised her voice . Kyle was surprised by that .

「I, I’m sorry . Kyle-kun, can you bring me water?」

「──Yes . 」

Kyle was a clever and capable child .

But, his foul mouth stood out .

Perhaps because he was still a child, sometimes he would act spoiled with Olivia .

Olivia who didn’t have any leeway sometimes would hold unpleasant thought toward such Kyle .

But, he was one her few supporters in the academy .

Her feeling was eased a lot just by having someone to talk with .

However, Kyle was thinking that Olivia should make use of her standing as much as she could .

Olivia was unable to accept that .

The feverish Olivia lay down once more and closed her eyes .

「Even though I want to study」

There were textbook, notes, and other things placed on the table inside the room .

She became unable to study because she got fever . Olivia was getting impatient .

Then, she heard the door getting knocked violently .

It wasn’t Kyle .

They must be aiming for when Kyle wasn’t here .

Olivia got up . She covered her face with both hands before standing up and walking toward the door unsteadily .

「What is it?」

There the girls of the academy were standing .

They were bringing exclusive servants with them .

「Oh, you’re looking very disagreeable there . Even though we came to invite you to play . 」

「──I’m not feeling good today, so please allow me to abstain . 」

The girls forcefully dragged Olivia out of her room .

「Just come with us! This is a rare chance, so we’ll teach you about gambling . The casino here has various games after all . We will be able to play a lot . 」

The girls and the demi-human who were their exclusive servants were making a nasty smile .

Olivia couldn’t focus with her feverish head .

(I wonder what are they going to do to me this time?)


Part 16

Inside the luxury cruise ship .

I’m dumbfounded seeing the sight in front me inside the casino there .

「──You’re shitting me . 」

The main character-sama──Olivia-san is continuing to lose in a card game .

Even though she has no more money to bet with, the girls surrounding her are forcefully making her continue .

It’s not just with money .

They’re starting to gamble various things, like penalty game when returning to the academy for example .

「You’re really weak . 」


Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but Olivia-san’s complexion is also bad .

Her breathing is also disordered . Her eyes aren’t focusing .

Also── .

『Master, Olivia’s opponent is cheating . 』

──From Luxion’s report, I understand that Olivia-san is being set up .

Marie approached my side .

「Hey, what’s with this?」

Marie talked to me with a small voice . I can’t answer her .

About this fieldtrip, students from all three grades participated in it together──and they are sent to three places .

Because of some kind of bad luck, Olivia-san is boarding this luxury cruise ship where none of the conquest targets is present .

To be more accurate, Julius and Jilk should be boarding this ship too .

But, the two suddenly had business to take care and they decided to meet up at the destination .

I discussed with Marie just what happened but we found no answer .

In the end we reached the conclusion that there shouldn’t be any problem if they will meet up at the destination .

Because of that, currently──there is no one to protect Oliva-san .

「Hey, at this rate that girl will be in ruin . 」

The amount of money isn’t something she will be able to pay, in addition the content of the punishment games is horrible .

The smirking girls won’t let Oliva-san get away .

Their exclusive servants are surrounding them so that there isn’t any escape path .

──It’s the worst .

I thought for a while──and then, I heard the conversation of the girls .

「Ah, that’s right . You have no more things to bet with, so what if you bet with dropping out of school next?」


Olivia-san lifted up her face . There the girls are getting heated up .

「That sounds good . We too won’t get annoyed if you drop out on your own . 」

「That’s nice . Ah, but don’t think that you can run away from the punishment game like that . And of course you’ll need to pay your debt in full too . 」

「Pay it even if you have to borrow money . ──Do you know what’ll happen to your family and hometown if you run away?」

Among the onlookers surrounding them, some are laughing while some are sympathizing .

But, many of the boys are only watching because they can’t even make a retort to girl .

Also──it seems there are many students who think of the scholarship student as eyesore because of her closeness with the crown prince . They want her to vanish just like this .

──We’ll be troubled if that happen!

「I’ll take her place . 」


Marie grabbed my arm when I’m going to save Olivia-san .

「Wait a second . Gambling is bad . 」

「I know . Besides, from the start I won’t do something like gambling . 」

「Bu, but」

「It’s fine just watch . I’m──a man who won’t gamble, but will fight a match that I can win . 」

I pushed aside the onlookers and approached the table . There the exclusive servants of the girls glared at me .

I stood beside Olivia-san and put my hand on the table .

「Cheating isn’t fair at all . 」

Then one of the girls looked clearly flustered .

The other two are trying to hide their agitation .

「──Don’t get involved . Are you this girl’s ally?」

Olivia-san is looking down .

「That’s right . I can’t just stay quiet after being shown a gambling this horrible . 」

One of them threw insult at me .

「You upstart . Don’t get cocky . 」

Certainly I’m an upstasrt .

That’s why, I’m allowed to get cocky .

「What about it?」

「Wha, what do you say」

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Normally even I won’t act tough against a girl but──right now I have theoretically finished getting engaged with Marie .

That’s why, I’m liberated from the marriage hunting .

In other words, right now I’m invincible!

「Hey, how about making a bet with me? As for the amount──how about this much?」

I took out a bag filled with coins from my pocket and spilled its content on the table .

The coins that fell on the table are the fantasy coins with higher value than even gold coins, platinum coins .

The color of the girls’ eyes changed .

「I’ll also take over the amount that Olivia-san lost . It will also be easier that way for you girls to collect the money right?」

After I said that, Olivia-san looked at me in surprise .

「U, um──why are you helping me?」

I said 「It will be fine now」 and returned my gaze to the girls .

One of the girls grinned .

It’s the face of someone planning to defeat an upstart like me in gambling to make me lose face .

「Very well . But, don’t try to make excuse that we are cheating when you lose . 」

She talked as though they already win .

「──Of course . But, I’m not going to give any mercy if I find it out . 」

「Hah! Sit down already . 」

I exchanged place with Olivia-san and started the match .

Then Luxion told me .

『Master, the exclusive servants of the girls are giving them your card’s information . Also, they are hiding cards in their sleeve . 』

I looked back and pointed at the exclusive servants .

「And so, can you tell these guys with card hidden in their sleeve to move away? I found out already . 」

The exclusive servants do their best to not show agitation, but Marie who is behind me grabbed the arm of one of them .

Then several cards fell from his sleeve .

「Ah, this guy is hiding cards!」

I watched the three girls looking clearly panicking while grinning widely .

「I don’t have any intention to make a ruckus accusing you all as cheater so don’t worry . ──Now, let’s begin . 」

Though I can’t imagine the girls in front of me winning when I’m using Luxion to cheat .


Part 17

The casino of the luxury cruise ship .

Olivia could only feel surprised at the sight before her .

The three girls who were tormenting her just now were looking at their cards while crying .

They were apologizing many times over to Leon .

「Please forgive us . We don’t have anything else to bet . 」

Leon would see it through if they cheated . And when it came to a match the girls would lose .

The girls couldn’t even run away . In front of Leon, the amount the three lost was climbing even higher than the amount Olivia lost .

Leon was laughing .

「You said it to her just now didn’t you? Pay it even if you have to borrow money, was it? You said it yourself . You will do the same if you lose won’t you? Come on, show your cards . 」

When they showed their cards, it was Leon’s victory again .

Leon had been winning continuously since some time ago .

The surrounding were examining carefully for any proof of cheating but──no proof could be found .

In contrast, the cheating attempts of the girls were all seen through .

「It’s my win! ──Now then, what should I have you girls betting next?」

The girls stood up from their seat to run away, but Leon threatened with a low voice .

「I will collect the debt from your houses if you run away . ──I’m going to erase your houses from the map of the kingdom like Offley and Lafan . 」

Bartfalt House destroyed Offley House and Lafan House not long ago .

Leon’s threat didn’t sound like a bluff to the girls . They returned to their seat and cried with an unsightly look .

「We’re sorry . We won’t do this anymore . We apologize for the cheating too, so please forgive us . 」

The girls apologized to Leon while crying .

Even then Leon was merciless toward the girls .

「No good . We’ll continue this game until you girls understand who it is you should apologize to . I wonder how much more you will lose until you realize . 」

Hearing that, the three girls looked at Olivia beside Leon and apologized while crying .

「We’re sorry . We won’t do it anymore . 」

「Please forgive us . I’m begging you . 」

「Please forgive us already . We can’t──pay this much money . 」

Olivia was bewildered seeing the girls bowing at her .


She couldn’t understand .

Nobles were bowing to a commoner like her .

She also couldn’t understand Leon who helped her .

Leon put down his cards and stood up .

「──I’ll put your lost on hold for now . The next time you do something to the scholarship student, I’ll seriously come to collect the debt so you better resolve yourself before doing anything like that . 」

It seemed Leon had no intention to rip off the three from their money .

Olivia called out to Leon who was leaving .

「U, um, why did you help me?」

This was her first time──seeing this kind of noble .

It felt like she found a bit of light from Leon’s attitude that was different even from Julius and others .

Leon turned her back toward Olivia and scratched his head .

「──I just feel like it? If something happen again don’t be reserved and consult me . 」

Seeing Leon leaving, Olivia thought .

(So there is also noble like that . )


Part 18

The field trip destination is a Japanese style floating island .

In that otome game, this is a place where player can obtain a really important item .

At the festival that is hold in that island at night, there will be a man wearing fox mask . The items he is selling──his charms has very good ability . I want to obtain it no matter what .

That’s why, I and Marie are── .



──Chasing around the charm seller man who is wearing a fox mask and yukata .


The charm that this guy is selling had good ability in the game, on top of that it’s also important for the character’s status growth so we want to obtain it no matter what .

But, we cannot take a look at the inside of the charms that this guy is selling .

Because there are many types of charms, the possibility that the charm we are aiming for appearing is low .

If this is a game, we can just save and load repeatedly .

However, there is no save or load function in real life .

──Is there really none? Even though it’ll be great if they exist .

Now then, the rule is that one person can only buy one charm . The luck of the draw is decided with just a single chance .

In order to solve that problem, we are trying to buy up all the charms .

But, this fox masked man said 「Bu, buying all of them isn’t allowed . There are other people who are looking forward to this!」 and he won’t sell to us .

──That’s unforgivable .

「We have money here! We’ll buy it with ten times the original price! Even a hundred times is alright!」

When I said that, the fox masked man refused while running away .


Marie is also pursuing in desperation in order to buy the item .

「Then sell us one at the very least!」

The fox masked man asked in confirmation .

「It’ll really be just one per person okay? Just one!」

I yelled at the obstinate fox masked man .

「I got it, so stop running!」

The fox masked man stopped running and looked at us fearfully .

I handed the money to the man .

I and Marie are breathing hard with heaving shoulders while sweating . Then we chose a charm from among the merchandises of the man .

But, the charms are put inside white paper bags so we can’t see the inside .

「Come on──ah!」

Inside the bag that I chose is a white ball with red string attached .

Marie also bought one . Then the fox masked man ran away to escape .

「Hit the jackpot . Hit──come-!」

What came out from Marie’s bag is a decoration of sword and shield that is shining silver .

We both looked at each other’s item .

Marie held out the decoration of sword and shield to me .

「I don’t need this, so give me that one . 」

「It’ll be better that way . Even so I’m tired .

「I’m sweaty . I want to take a rest . ──Ah!」

After we exchanged the item with each other, a loud sound resounded in the sky .

We looked up . Fireworks are rising to the night sky one after another and shined beautifully .

We moved our tired body to sit down in a nearby bench .

Marie stared at the firework while looking at the charm she got from me .

The white ball is about as big as a marble . If my memory is right it should be an item that heighten the holder’s magic power and raised their aptitude for healing magic .

It’s perfect for Marie .

「──Thank you . 」

Marie thanked me . I guessed she is thanking me for the charm and replied .

「I also got the charm that I wanted so it’s alright . 」

Then Marie looked at me and pointed with her finger .

Her finger pressed on my nose .

「You are really thickheaded . I’m not referring to the charm . 」

「No, how can I know that . Say it clearly with words . 」

I complained at her . Marie looked embarrassed hearing that .

She sat down on the bench with her legs dangling back and forth .

「Tha, that’s why──I mean about my family, or about Offley House──tha, thanks for a lot of things!」

「Are you trying to put all those under the bridge with just a single thank you?」

「I hadn’t said my thanks properly, so I expressed it with words, that’s all!」

「Yes, yes, I see . 」

This girl is really similar with my little sister from the previous life .

Marie herself is muttering something like 「You’re the same like my big brother from the previous life in this kind of thing」 .

We watched the firework while continuing our conversation .

Marie is worried if it’ll be alright for Offley House to leave the stage this early .

「Hey, what are we going to do about the sky pirate event?」

「You mean about the saint’s necklace? Don’t worry . I’m keeping it right now . Well, I’ll give it to the main character-sama when the time comes . 」

「You retrieved it!?」

「Obviously . 」

「Hey, show it to me . 」

「I don’t have it with me right now so I can’t . I’ll show it to you when we return to the academy . 」

「It’s a promise!」

Actually the sky pirate that worked together with Offley House possessed an important item of that otome game .

It was the saint’s necklace .

It’s an item that will display an amazing power when it’s in the main character’s possession .

「But, will it be okay? An event is gone with this . 」

「It’ll be fine . Besides I’ll also get involved if war breaks out . 」


Marie made a surprised face at the same time when an exceptionally big firework expanded in the night sky .

「Why are you shocked?」

「Be, because, you said you’re going to get involved in the war . 」

「Recall how that otome game went . The students also participated in the war . 」

「Tha, that’s true but」

She looked like she can’t accept it .

「I have Luxion so it’ll be fine . 」

「Ri, right . Leon won’t lose if you have him . 」

「That’s how it is . 」

We spent time together like that until the firework ended .


Part 19

After the field trip is over, we returned to our irreplaceable ordinary days .

I invited Marie to tea party . We are talking along with Luxion .

The topic is──regarding the saint’s necklace .

Luxion talked to Marie who is staring at the saint’s necklace .

『This is the saint’s necklace . Though in my eye it only look like a necklace . It was also considered as a symbol of authority but, it’s containing energy inside . There is no doubt that it has some kind of effect . 』

Marie tried putting it on her neck .

「That’s nice . ──How do I look like?」

Marie wore the saint’s necklace and showed it to me .

「It doesn’t suit you . 」

Marie got angry when I laughed at her .

「What’s with that! It shouldn’t be a problem even if you praise me!」

I looked at Marie while taking a sip of tea .

「And? Do you feel any strange effect?」

Marie looked at her hands .

And then, she closed her eyes . Perhaps she is trying to sense power flowing from the necklace . She stayed quiet like that for a while .

When she opened her eyes── .

「──No good . Perhaps there is a little bit of effect? Or perhaps it’s just my imagination . As I thought, perhaps it won’t show any effect unless all three items are together?」

──Looks like nothing happened .

「That’s unfortunate . But, it has a bit of an effect right?」

「I think so . Perhaps it’s better than nothing?」

Hearing that I entrusted the saint’s necklace to Marie .

「Then you hold on it . I didn’t feel any effect even when I used it . 」

「Eh!? Is that alright? What if it gets stolen!?」

Luxion reassured Marie .

『A transmitter has been installed in the necklace . Also, I’m deploying drones at Marie’s surrounding so I will immediately detect any movement around you . 』

「──So I have no privacy?」

Marie looked really conflicted knowing that she is constantly under observation .

『Marie’s privacy isn’t exposed to anyone other than me . I’m keeping it confidential even from master . On the other hand I also won’t talk about master’s secret . 』

「Wait, by that you mean you won’t tell me even if Leon cheat on me?」

『Yes . I’m going to keep master’s secret . 』

Why is this girl thinking that I’m going to cheat?

Isn’t that horrible?

「You guys, don’t speak like I’m an unfaithful person . 」

Marie sat on the chair and dangled her legs back and forth with a timid look .

「I don’t have any faith in man’s baser instinct . 」

「Is that so . Well, setting that aside, it’ll be fine even if you have that necklace with you so don’t worry . 」

Marie is still looking uneasy .

「Is it really alright?」

Then Luxion──said something unnecessary .

『Master is worried about Marie . If that thing has any effect even if only slightly, he want you to carry it . 』

Marie looked a bit surprised hearing that . She looked at me and started grinning .

「Hee~, hmm~, I see~」

This girl is getting cocky because that damn Luxion is speaking unnecessarily .

I averted my face . Then Marie ate the sweets on the table .

「Leaving that aside~, I wonder what’ll happen after this?」

I immediately guessed what she wanted to say .

She must be referring to the story of that otome game .

Both of us were playing that game a long time ago, so there are a lot of parts we can’t remember .

「There were a lot of events in the second term, but there wasn’t anything in the third term wasn’t it? More importantly, what are we going to do at the winter vacation?」

「Winter vacation? Aren’t we going to go home?」

「The madam and elder brother──ah, I mean father’s legal wife Zola and the eldest son Ludward . Those guys are being annoying . It seems they are storming in and yelling to hand over the territory of former Offley House to Ludward . 」

「Aa~, that legal wife? Leon’s family also has it hard huh . Eh? Could there be any possibility of them snatching away the territory?」

Ludward snatching away big bro’s territory?

That’s impossible .

「No problem . After all I joined hand with Roseblade House so they can act as backer for this kind of case . Count Roseblade also took a liking to big bro so there isn’t any need to worry . 」

What do you think the count said when he heard about big bro and Dorothea-san’s meeting?

Apparently big bro said 「I won’t be able to meet your expectation!」, but the count smiled and said 「You have met my expectation enough」──that was how it went .

If I have to interpret the count’s true feeling, is it something like 「I won’t let you get away by yourself」?

Big bro was the best person to be the husband of his willful daughter .

Surely the count will protect big bro’s territory because of that .

It felt like I was selling out my big brother but, it looks like my arrangement wasn’t mistaken .

Marie’s gaze toward me is cold .

「Leon-s big brother──Nix-san said 『You’re the only one I won’t forgive』 didn’t he?」

「We are siblings . He was embarrassed to speak his gratitude to me . 」

「His eyes were seriously filled with grudge you know?」

「One day he will surely understand . That it’s all thanks to his little brother . 」

From other people’s perspective, big bro is even more of a successful person than me .

He suddenly obtained the rank of count and even obtained a young lady from an influential noble as his wife .

He is a winner in life .

A~a, I’m jealous! ──Though I’m thinking that, but his marriage partner is Dorothea-san .

In addition, he got a territory of a count forced on him . I’m thinking that perhaps big bro is a little pitiful?

And so, I intended to have Luxion give him a follow up .

「The tea is delicious too today . 」

Marie said to me after I murmured that .

「One day you’re going to meet a painful experience . 」


Part 20

The night of that day .

Marie was sleeping on a bed with the blanket kicked away and her stomach exposed .

She was sleeping with a happy look .


Then, a suspicious shadow reached out toward Marie from the saint’s necklace that was on the bedside table .

It was the form of a person .

A hand reached out to Marie and spoke .

(──Found her . My blood relative──my descendant)

And then when the black shadow touched Marie, it became bewildered .

(Wha, what!? I can’t possess her?)

The black shadow’s objective was to possess Marie’s body .

(Then, I’ll interfere with her mind deeply!)

The black shadow interfered with the innermost part of Marie’s mind .

Marie was sleeping so the shadow was able to enter inside her heart easily .

When he infiltrated inside her heart, Marie was in a defenseless state .

With this the black shadow could easily possess the body, but by doing that his strength would be exhausted so he wanted to avoid it .

But, this wasn’t the time where he could be picky .

He infiltrated into Marie’s heart and found a door .

It was locked .

The black shadow forcefully opened it and entered inside .

(──What? Is this a room in foreign country?)

The room looked like a girl’s room──but it had a somewhat different atmosphere with this world .

There were a lot of things he was unfamiliar with . There were also a lot of tools inside the room that he didn’t understand how to use .

The black shadow looked at the girl sleeping on the bed inside the room .

Marie was sleeping .

(This girl, she is also sleeping in her dream!? Besides her appearance is different . Is this the form of her ideal self? Oi, wake up!)

Marie’s appearance wasn’t like her real self . It was the appearance from her previous life .

The room was the room in her home in her previous life .

「What . Don’t be noisy~」

The Marie inside her heart──her honest feeling woke up . She rubbed her eyes sleepily and looked at the black shadow .

「──Who are you?」

Marie was still half-asleep . The black shadow began his action to take over the body .

First he introduced himself .

(Me? I am──)

Marie yawned and dozed off immediately .

(Don’t sleep!)

Marie lifted her face in surprise . She wiped her mouth and said to the black shadow .

「I, I’m not sleeping . That’s a big lie to accuse me sleeping like that . 」

She was saying incomprehensible thing .

(This girl is too hopeless . Setting that aside, I have a proposal for you . Do you want my power? I’m the power that is residing in the saint’s necklace . I’ll lend you more strength if you accept me . Do you want the saint’s power?)

Marie hugged her pillow while looking at the black shadow with messy hair .

Her eyes looked doubtful . It seemed she was holding a big misgiving .

(Do, don’t you want power?)

In most case, the majority of people would wish for power when he asked them this inside their heart .

Everyone wished for power .

He had tested this many times in the past .

But, because everyone before this wasn’t the black shadow’s descendant──his blood relative, he couldn’t go as far as taking over their body .

And so, the saint’s necklace──slipped out of the temple’s management . It changed hands and got stolen by various people, searching for a body .

This was the reason why an important tool like the saint’s necklace slipped out of the temple’s management .

Marie snorted in response to the serious black shadow .

(What’s with that reaction?)

「──You’re, somewhat suspicious . That’s why, I don’t need the saint’s power . 」

(What do you mean suspicious? I’m saying that I’m going to give you power you know?)

「That’s suspicious . Saying you’ll lend me power without asking anything in return──it’s too suspicious that you must be planning something . 」

(Tha, that’s not true!)

「You’re lying . I’ll do the same thing when tricking someone if it’s me . 」


The black shadow thought .

This girl, did she just announce that she was a bad person?

But, she had seen girls of this level many times before .

(Fuh, it can’t be helped if you saw through me . Actually──)

He was going to try cajoling her next, but Marie lay down on her bed with her elbow and grinned . The black shadow was irritated by her impudent attitude .

The black shadow felt disgusted when he thought that this girl was his descendant .

「Stop lying . You have the same smell with me . 」

(Don’t lump me together with you!)

「I can sense it . Woman is sensitive to a woman’s dirty part . My woman instinct is telling me that you’re dangerous . 」

(Thi, this girl!)

The black shadow gave up cajoling Marie and leaped at her to forcefully possess her body .

Then a barrier that could be called as the wall of Marie’s heart blocked the shadow .


The black shadow desperately reached out toward Marie, but he couldn’t reach her because an unseen wall blocked him .

Marie yawned .

「It’s pointless . Deep down I don’t trust anyone . 」

(This black hearted womannnnn!)

The black shadow’s yell hurt Marie’s mood .

「Haa? What’s with that attitude after what you tried to do to me? In the first place this room is my important personal space . So to speak, it’s a space that is only for me . You’re obviously not a decent existence by the time you entered here as you pleased . 」

Annoyingly he was unable to possess Marie .

In the first place, Marie didn’t trust people .

She had no opening in her heart in a bad sense .

Because Marie was──an unpleasant woman, her heart was locked and he was unable to take her over .

(Then at the very least, I’ll deal a wound in your heart that won’t heal──)

The black shadow was going to rampage in this heart as revenge . Marie’s eyes opened wide .

Her long hair squirmed like living things .

Her eyes shined mysteriously . It became unclear which one of them was the monster here .

「You──you want to rampage in my room . I’ll never forgive you . I’ll curse you . I’LL HAUNT YOUYOU’RE YOUR DESCENDANTS FOREVERRRRR!」

(Yo, you’re saying that!? In the first place I’m your ancestor so you’re my descendant──)

Marie’s action was already the action that a monster would take .

「This place is inside my heart . I’ll summon the strongest existence to kick you out . Onii-chan, helppppp! This guy is bullying meee~」

Marie let out a voice of a spoiled child . Then the door’s room opened with a click .

Entering from there was a young man with black aura drifting from him and eyes that shined red .

His hand was holding a metal bat .

「──I’ll crush you」

The young man only muttered that before swing down the metal bat to the black shadow without asking anything .


The strongest existence that Marie created inside her heart .

It seemed that existence was her big brother .

The big brother Marie created beat up the black shadow to kick it out from her heart .

「Onii-chan, let him have it! Beat up that guy!」

Marie cheered her big brother .

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The black shadow was helpless in front of Marie’s strength of heart──this detestable strength .

(You, to materialize a big brother that you created yourself in this room──you must be a broconbrother complex!)

Marie smiled while watching the black shadow running around .

「That’s right, so? I lo~ve Onii-chan . 」

The Marie inside this place was honest .

She showed no shame at all .

「Come on, get out of this room quickly . 」

Marie lost interest toward the black shadow and yawned . She went back to sleep .

(So, someone like this is my descendaaantttt!)

The black shadow was hit by the big brother’s full swing . He was thrown out from Marie’s room .


──When he noticed, the black shadow had been chased out of Marie’s heart .

The black shadow muttered in exhaustion .

(What a horrible person)

He couldn’t steal the body of Marie who was sleeping without any care .

Even though this was his best chance, Marie’s heart was showing a defense that could be called as an iron wall . He couldn’t do a thing .

(Shit! Now what . Even though my descendant finally got her hand on the tool that is containing my thought! The long awaited chance is──there’s no way I’ll let myself get crushed by a black hearted woman like this)

The saint’s necklace was containing the thought of a certain person .

It tried to possess Marie but failed . It was vexing .

Instead the table got turned on him and he was beaten up badly .

(This, this girl, could it be my blood in her is thin? No, there is no way that’s the case . Her strength is the real deal . She also has the qualification . But, her personality──it’s the worst that I can’t take her body!)

While the black shadow was getting irritated at Marie, he noticed a sphere floating at the corner of the room .

(Wha, what’s this?)

The black shadow was watching the sphere .

He tried to escape, but at the window there were several other spheres──the spheres with single eye were floating while looking at the black shadow .

It was like they were investigating something .

(Shi, shit! Then I’ll return to the necklace──eh?)

When he turned around, the necklace where he was residing wasn’t there anymore .

The black shadow was nervous .

He looked around . There he found a slightly larger sphere floating .

The saint’s necklace was floating under it .

『Is this what you’re looking for?』

(It’s talking? So there is something like this too in this era)

Luxion spoke to the surprised black shadow .

『I was right to be wary . Even so, this is a very interesting phenomenon . Let’s capture you as a sample . 』

(The, there’s no way I can allow myself to be captured here!)

The black shadow tried to escape . But the room was already surrounded .

When he tried to slip out from the crack of the door, he got sucked in by something and captured .

(Le, let go!)

『──No . There are many things I want to ask you . 』

The black shadow looked at the red eye and shrunk in fear .

(Sto, stop . I have an objective──something that I have to accomplish!)

『I will listen to it too slowly . 』

Luxion protected Marie .

But, the person in question was sleeping happily with while drooling and exposing her stomach .

「Onii──I can’t eat anymore」

She must be having a dream of eating delicious food .

The black shadow cursed Marie .



Part 21

The next day .

I invited Marie to a tea party and checked her condition .

From Luxion’s report, it doesn’t look like there is any problem, but apparently something tried to possess her .

But── .

「This sweets is the best!」

──Marie is eating cake one after another . She look no different from usual .

It’s unthinkable that something had just tried to possess her .

The person herself is really carefree because she don’t know about it .

「──I’m jealous how you look like you don’t have a care in the world . 」

I said that while pouring tea into her cup . Then Marie protested with cream sticking on a corner of her lips .

「Even I have worry!」

「Hee~, what kind?」

I asked her with a flippant laugh . Marie’s gaze wandered around while answering .

「Li, like the next test, or the living expense──」

Luxion replied to Marie’s worry while floating in the air .

『It doesn’t look like that this academy is putting that much importance in test results though . As for living expenses, Master is taking care of them isn’t it?』

Marie put her fork into her mouth with an embarrassed look .

「──Like my height or my chest」

I burst out laughing hearing that .

「What’s that」

Marie got agitated and spoke loudly because I laughed at her .

「Shut up! Even I am concerned . What’s with this . My growth is stopping because I worked too hard, that’s just too much . Even though I had confidence in my body at my previous life──」

This girl is starting to boast about her previous life again .

「Nothing can be done about it so give up . Or perhaps, you want to ask Luxion to do something about it?」

If it’s Luxion then it feels like he can do even something like plastic surgery easily .

Marie lifted up her face and looked at Luxion with sparkling eyes .

「Luxion, give me height and breast!」

Toward such Marie, Luxion’s reply was── .

『I refuse . 』

──Refusal .


Marie’s smile convulsed .

Luxion explained the reason of his refusal doing plastic surgery .

『To begin with there is no need to tamper with your external appearance . Certainly there is lack in physical growth but, Marie is healthy enough . 』

Marie cried .

「It’s not alright! Please, just a little!」

『No . 』


I asked Marie while they are doing this childish conversation .

「Why do you want bigger breast and to be taller? Before didn’t you say that you’re fine like this because you’re a beauty already?」

Then Marie averted her gaze from me .

「──Because, you got a pervy look when you looked at Olivia」

「Ha? When did I look at Olivia-san with a pervy look!?」

I retorted back that I never do anything like that . But then Luxion displayed a projection .

It’s a scene at the field trip .

There I was looking at Olivia-san’s chest .

『Master’s gaze moved toward the chest many times . It doesn’t look like a coincidence . 』

「──It’s not what you think . You know, this is already an instinct . It’s not something that man can control . A man’s gaze will lock on to breast no matter what . 」

All men have high performance lock on device .

Marie threw her fork at me who is making excuse .

「So you really looked! Do you like breast that much, you stupid bastard!」

「I like it so it can’t be helped! Or what? Do I have to live while lying that I hate it? I’m not so clever that I can live while lying to myself!」

「Why are you looking like you have said something wise? Are you stupid? Aren’t you ashamed exposing your fetish like that?」

Marie is angrier than usual .

「I can’t lie to my──self?」

I felt a strange discomfort in my chest .

It felt like my heart is constricted . My hand naturally pressed on my chest .

Marie’s face peered on my face seeing that I’m acting strange .

「What’s wrong? You don’t look good . 」

Luxion also looked at me .

『──Master’s heart rate is going up . He is also sweating──master, please calm down a little . 』

I put my hand on the table and shook my head .

「No, I’m fine . 」

Marie is worrying for me .

「Re, really? Ah, I’m good with healing magic, so I’ll give you an examination . 」

Marie grabbed my hand .

Her hand is warm .

I also grabbed Marie’s small hand .

「──Leon, really, what’s wrong with you?」

「I don’t know . There shouldn’t be anything . 」

For a moment──I felt a really bad premonition .

Just what in the world was it?

Marie looked around inside the room . So I asked her curiously .

「What’s wrong?」

「H~m, there is this strange feeling . Do, don’t tell me, this room is haunted!? I’m sensitive to something like that!」

──I never imagined such words will come from the woman who was sleeping so soundly yesterday night when something was trying to possess her .


Part 22

Around that time, Olivia came to a dungeon alone .

The luggage on her back was stuffed with things like magic stone or metal .

It was very heavy .

But, she wouldn’t be able to live if she didn’t earn money, so Olivia was working hard .

「Heave, ho」

She challenged the dungeon until deep inside . Magic stone with high purity could be obtained from there . They would fetch good price if she could bring them back .

She had obtained an amount that would make her not worried for her living cost for a while .

「I overdid it today . 」

She was walking inside the dungeon with a wry smile . Then silhouettes rushed out from a side path .

──They were girls with exclusive servants in tow .

They stood on Olivia’s way .

「Eh, err?」

She tried to run, but the path behind her was also blocked .

「How careless of you to come to this kind of place alone . 」

The female student said that . Then she made the servants to carry Olivia on their shoulder .

「Let go! Please let go!」

The female students laughed .

「It’s your fault for getting carried away . 」

「We caught Bartfalt’s eye because of you!」

Olivia was taken to a place with a sign that said it was forbidden to enter .

There was a deep hole there .

The hole was really big . It was dark and the bottom couldn’t be seen .

It was a hole that was clearly dangerous if one fell into it .

The female students said .

「──Sometimes even student of academy die in dungeon . It happen perhaps once every few years . 」

Olivia guessed what the girls wanted to say .

「Wa, wait!」

「Bye bye」

The female students were laughing .

「It’s your fault . You get carried away even though you’re just a commoner . 」

「Approaching his highness and others without knowing your place, then acting all high and mighty . 」

「It’s your fault for letting your guard down . ──You guys, throw her there . 」

The servants threw Olivia into the hole .

Olivia’s hand reached out while she was falling .

Why did this happen to her?

Because Julius took a liking to her?

Because she was in the academy?

Olivia shed tears .

「I, I──!」

Then a huge monster approached from deep inside the hole with its mouth wide open .

When she thought that she would be eaten like this, something launched a round light toward that monster . The light pierced the monster and changed it into black smoke .

Olivia was surprised within the dispersing black smoke, then something wrapped around her left arm .

A bracelet was winding around her left arm .

The bracelet shined, then her falling speed gradually slowed down .

When she landed on the ground, she was able to land without getting wounded .

「What is, this thing?」

Was this the thing that protected her?

She thought that it was a mysterious bracelet and peered into it, but then the bracelet shined faintly .

Olivia’s eyes lost its light .

Then a female figure appeared from the bracelet .

The female had no flesh body . It looked like an apparition . She peered into Olivia’s dazed face .

『──Found you . 』

Olivia couldn’t resist .

「U, um」

『──You’re descended from my blood . You have the qualification to inherit my power──my feeling, and my will, all of them!』

That woman was really beautiful──and scary .

The woman cupped Olivia’s face with both hands──but, because she didn’t have physical body Olivia didn’t feel like she was being touched . But, she felt a very cold sensation .

『Pitiful child . You were discarded into a hole this dark . 』

「──E, err」

『And you are also──a very kind child . 』

The woman peering into her face was like a specter──a ghostly existence .

But, Olivia was unable to escape .

That female ghost said .

『You are very honest and kind──someone very easy to possess!』

Olivia’s eyes opened wide . The woman embraced her body tightly and vanished .

But, Olivia shined faintly──and then she pressed her hands on her head in pain .

「Sto, stop──」

She felt a terrible headache .

While Olivia was in pain, inside her body──she could hear the voice of her heart .

(You hate them right? Those people who dropped you into this kind of place?)


(You hate them right? Those who enrolled you into this academy──the nobles who irresponsibly left you here?)

「That’s why, stop it!」

(Hate more! Resent more! Who is responsible for your situation? ──That’s right, it’s those guys . Those men! Hate the nobles! Resent the “descendant” of those people!)

The faces of Julius and others surfaced in her mind .

Olivia held her head in pain, but the voice didn’t show any sign of stopping .

(More──hate more . Hate the nobles──this country!)

「Get out . Get out from me! Who in the world──are you!?」

She yelled for help from someone .

What came to mind──was the noble who saved her at the field trip .

Then──the voice talked about herself .

(──I am, a woman who was once called the “saint” in this country . )


(The one who all of you are worshipping as saint──is me . )

Olivia was bewildered . Her headache was gradually worsening and──she let go of her consciousness .

She collapsed for a while before she slowly stood up .

Olivia──no, the saint got on her feet and looked at her body . She laughed with eyes that lost their light .


The saint who took over Olivia’s body stretched her body and enjoyed the sensation of physical body after so long .

「It has been so long . It was really long . But, I finally obtain a physical body . With this──I can take revenge to the kingdom! I can take revenge to those trashes who took away everything from me and “Liia”! Aha, ahahaha!!」

Olivia──the saint laughed at the bottom of the dark hole . The laugh continued on .


Part 23

The next day .

Olivia was discovered unconscious in the dungeon and she got brought to hospital .

The boys starting from Julius heard that news and rushed to the hospital room .

「Olivia, I was really worried . 」

「Thank you, Julius . 」

Olivia smiled seeing Julius’s relieved face, but Kyle was confused seeing her face .

「Goshujin-sama, it feels like your atmosphere has changed . 」

Olivia gently stroked Kyle’s head .

「Many things happened . ──Many things . 」

And then Julius scolded Olivia for entering the dungeon alone .

「More importantly . Olivia, why did you do something so reckless? It’s not sane to challenge the dungeon alone . 」

The other boys also nodded .

Everyone──they were worried for Olivia from their heart .

Seeing them, Olivia──the saint was laughing inside her heart .

(Hohlfahrt, Marmoreal, Arclight, Field, and Seberg──the descendants of those guys, every last one of them are here . This is convenient . I’ll make all of you to be of use to me as much as possible . )

Olivia looked down and covered her face with both hands──and began to cry .

「──I’m sorry」

「Wha, what’s the matter Olivia!? Pe, perhaps I was saying too much, but it’s not something to cry about . 」

When Julius was panicking, Olivia was laughing behind her hands .

「The truth is I was tricked . Some female students in my grade and their exclusive servants, they──caused this to me . 」

「What did you say!?」

Olivia talked about the people who dropped her into the hole . She explained it in a way that was convenient for her .

「Even though I actually didn’t plan to go too deep, I met them in the dungeon and they dragged me . And then──they said that they don’t like seeing me getting along with Julius and everyone . 」

Julius and everyone who heard that clenched their hands . Anger was seeping out from them .

Olivia thought .

(That’s right, dance . Dance on the palm of my hand . )

Julius placed his hand on Olivia’s shoulder .

「I’m sorry . I was wrong to get angry at you without knowing that . Olivia, we will make those female students atone for this . 」

Olivia lifted up her face and wiped her tear with her finger while smiling toward Julius .

「Thank you Julius . As I thought, Julius is really reliable . 」

When she emphasized Julius’s name, the person rejoiced──while the other boys made a slightly anxious face .

With this surely they would also do their best to attract Olivia’s feeling toward them .

「Olivia, we have caused you to go through a bitter experience . But, I will immediately take care of this . 」

Julius clasped her hand .

Olivia gently wrapped that hand with both her hands .

「I believe in you, Julius . 」

(Yes, I believe in you──Julius . You will ruin yourself for me . )

Julius’s face reddened slightly . Olivia made a shy face seeing that .

The other boys were harboring jealousy seeing the two’s expression . Olivia didn’t miss that .

(That’s right . Be more jealous . Compete more in order to receive my favor . Work for my sake . )

Just as Olivia schemed, Julius and others started taking action that day .


Part 24

──Angelica was bewildered .

「His highness expulsed three female students from the academy?」

The report from one of her hangers-on mentioned that Julius forcefully expelled three female students .

The girl who reported to her was anxious .

「It’s not just his highness . His foster brother Jilk-dono and even other heirs of prestigious families are taking action . ──They are looking for students who are bullying that scholarship student . 」

Five people with influence in the academy are searching around for the culprits who bullied Olivia .

Angelica narrowed her eyes .

(His highness is too engrossed with that woman . )

Bullying wasn’t good, but Angelica was also able to understand the dissatisfaction of the other students .

Originally the other noble students also wanted to become close with Julius and others .

And yet, they only had eyes on the scholarship student . That irritated them .

From Angelica’s perspective, she wished that they would interact with a lot of students to make allies for the sake of their future .

But, right now Julius was too obsessed with Olivia that he couldn’t see around him .

It wouldn’t be strange if there was a student whose dissatisfaction exploded and caused a scene .

And then──from Angelica’s perspective, Olivia was a woman who seduced Julius .

(She should know her place)

「What had the expulsed students done?」

The girl answered .

「I haven’t asked from them directly but, apparently they tried to leave the scholarship student alone in a dungeon’s forbidden area . 」

「──Those fools」

Hohlfahrt Kingdom respected adventurer . The act of forsaking party’s comrade was scorned here .

Those who deserted their party member to die would find their life over not only as an adventurer but also as a noble .

Even Angelica would be unable to defend those girls .

The girl looked uneasy .

「Angelica-sama, his highness and others declared that they are searching for the culprits regardless of the degree of the bullying and they will punish them . ──Everyone is scared . 」

That was just how many the students who had bullied Olivia .

If they were seriously searching for the culprits, a lot of students would get punished .

The students who got scared by that──were relying on Angelica .

Angelica was Julius’s fiancée . She was the one acting as the leader among the first year .

Angelica was also the only one with the standing to admonish Julius .

(Even the foster sibling Jilk is searching for the culprits . I thought that he is a more capable man than this . )

Normally Jilk should be the one admonishing Julius in this case .

Angelica lowered her evaluation of Jilk because he was unable to do that .

(If only his highness is more──no, I should be firm here . )

The other students would be uneasy if she kept overlooking the action of Julius and others .

That wouldn’t bring any good for Julius too .

Angelica made that conclusion and decided to speak with Julius .

「I will talk with his highness . Putting aside the three who are expulsed, this is overdoing it no matter what . 」


Part 25

Olivia left the girl dormitory and made use of a house that was prepared inside the academy .

She earnestly requested Julius saying that the students around her couldn’t be trusted and he prepared this house especially for her .

Olivia was sitting with Julius on a sofa there .

Their shoulder was touching each other .

「Julius, are you busy recently?」

「Hm? Aa, it became busy from before the field trip . Bartfalt──you know, there was this young man who discovered a Lost Item right? That guy and his house went to war with other nobles of the kingdom . 」

Julius could only participate in the field trip from the middle was because of Leon .

「──My, how scary . Something like war is wrong . 」

Even though she said it was scary, Olivia didn’t think so at all in her heart .

(Is he an upstart? There is always energetic person like that no matter the era . )

She talked with Julius while collecting information of domestic and foreign situation .

Julius would happily talk incessantly if she flattered him just a little .

「He is an extreme guy . It will be dangerous to let him do as he please, but Duke Redgrave protected him . 」

「Why did the duke do such thing?」

「──Offley House that was in quarrel with Bartfalt House was also problematic, but factional strife played a bigger role . The duke is at conflict with Marquis Frampton you see . 」

Julius was saying things like 「I was told to join the meeting because it will be useful for my future . Even though I wanted to enjoy the field trip with you rather than watching the dirty strife in the palace」 .

Olivia was laughing inside her heart .

(You don’t realize the duke’s goodwill to you at all . You are really a fool . )

Based from what she heard, apparently the duke deposed dirty nobles who colluded with sky pirate while supporting nobles with power .

In other words, it was for increasing the power of Julius and his faction in the future .

It was unclear whether it was for Julius’s sake or for his own sake──but in any case, there was no doubt that it was an action that also considered Julius’s welfare .

It made it easier for Olivia to act if Julius didn’t notice that .

「So the duke is someone who will do anything unreasonable without care if it’s for the sake of his faction . 」

Julius talked to Olivia with a kind voice when she pretended to feel sad .

「Don’t worry . I won’t let the duke do as he pleases . Even if he is the father of my fiancée, I won’t let him use me to do whatever he likes . 」

Olivia looked down and grinned hearing Julius’s words .

And then she lifted her face .

「You’re really reliable, Julius . 」

「Olivia . As long as I have you」

Olivia was smiling at Julius while thinking of something different in her heart .

(Even so Marquis Frampton is it──he can be of use)

Muddy emotions whirled inside Olivia’s heart .

(──I’ll destroy this country without fail . )