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Chapter 111: 111
Otomege Volume 4 Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – Alzer Commonwealth


Part 1

Einhorn is approaching Alzer Commonwealth .

The land is coming into view . But the hazy silhouette of the large  tree that can be seen from afar stood out even more than that .

It’s so big I’m wondering if perhaps there is something wrong with my eyes .

「It’s not actually something like the ground is the one that is small isn’t it?」

In respond to my words, Luxion replied coldly too today .

『It’s a large country . There’s no way that’s the case . 』

「That’s just too big . It’ll be easier to believe if I’m told it’s a mountain . 」

This is a world where grounds are floating .

I won’t get surprised by most things but, as expected I’m startled seeing how big the sacred tree is .

「Even so, we finally arrive at Alzer Commonwealth . 」

『It was a relaxing cruise . Is master alright with language learning?』

「If it’s just for daily conversation . 」

I learned it in class but, it will be a different matter to actually practice it .

I studied in the ship but, there is still a lot of part where my understanding is shoddy .

Let’s learn the part where I’m lacking at the actual place .

『Then, I will translate the lacking part . 』

「You can do that!?」

『Yes . 』

「Then say it from the start . I wasted time studying so seriously like that . 」

『The studying became a good way to kill time for a lazy person like master . 』

Certainly it became a good way to kill time during these several days before we arrive at the commonwealth .

Well, if we hurried we would be able to arrive in one day, but the  kingdom had sent notice to the commonwealth around what time I would  arrive .

It would also become a problem if we arrive too quickly .

I’m looking at the commonwealth from the deck .

「Now then, I wonder how is the situation there right now . 」

Is the main character able to get along well with the conquest targets without problem?]

Luxion looked up .

Then, Einhorn got covered with shadow .

「Is it a cloud?」

When I looked up, I can see the belly of an airship there .

「Coming from right above on an airship? What kind of idiot is riding there?」

Normally it’s a breach of manner to pass from right above like this .

Luxion informed me that they are coming this way .

『They are introducing themselves as guards from the commonwealth . They’re approaching us . Should I shot them down?』

「Stop it . Even so, that’s really rude for them approaching from above like this . 」

『──They are telling us to let them inspecting the ship with a very haughty attitude . 』

Haughty attitude?


Part 2

Marie and others were gathered in Einhorn’s dining hall .

Kyle and Cara were talking to Marie .

「Goshujin-sama, we finally arrives . 」

「The latest airship is amazing . It can arrive until the commonwealth this fast . 」

It was the airship that Luxion constructed .

Its basic capability was different from this world’s airship from the start .

「Yeah . Well, we arrived just as scheduled so there is no problem . 」

And then, if there was a problem──it was with Julius and others .

When Marie turned her gaze toward them, they were relieved that they finally arrived in the commonwealth .

「Even this rare chance to have a cruise with Marie has gone to waste . 」

「It’s really unforgivable . 」

Julius wanted to have fun in this trip . Even Jilk agreed with him .

(You guys aren’t in the position that can play around!)

They had caused problems repeatedly in the kingdom .

Because of that they were half forcibly sent to study abroad like this .

Greg stretched .

「I have enough of cleaning . It feels like I have cleaned a lifetime’s worth . 」

Marie was annoyed by his words .

(No, don’t be lazy with just cleaning! You’ve just been cleaning for several days, what do you mean by a lifetime’s worth!)

They were formerly young masters of major nobles .

Something like cleaning was beneath them .

Chris talked to Brad .

「I was unable to train sufficiently for these several days . 」

「I was also unable to practice magic . Besides, I also wished I could review my language study before entering the commonwealth . 」

They had good upbringing . Naturally they were also taught the language of the commonwealth .

Marie was envious of that .

(Even though I was desperately studying with Kyle and Cara!)

Leon did the tactful thing and only gave light work to Marie and others .

They used up all their time other than cleaning for studying the commonwealth’s language .

(I forgot it but, these guys are really the scions of noble families . )

They displayed just how different they were from her, but she wasn’t envying them because of their unfortunate personality .

Julius smiled toward Marie .

「But, we will be liberated from this poor environment now that we’ve  arrived at the commonwealth . Marie, let’s take back our time together at  the commonwealth . 」

Expression vanished from Marie’s face .

(Poor? Eh, wait a second . I was──really happy though . )

They got proper meals and bed just by doing a bit of work .

She was also able to secure time for studying . She was able to enjoy the cruise using their break time .

Marie was also able to have a peace of mind because Leon was here, so she didn’t feel any inconvenience .

──The problem was only these five .

「Marie-san, let’s enjoy our life in the commonwealth . 」

Jilk smiled at her . It made Marie’s cheeks convulsed .

(Where will you get the money to have fun huh!)

The kingdom only prepared the minimum budget for Marie and co who had caused problems .

They couldn’t live in luxury at their situation .

Greg also looked joyful .

「I’m looking forward to it . Come to think of it, I heard there are  also several dungeons in Alzer . It might be nice to have adventure with  everyone there . 」

Marie immediately wanted to earn money after hearing that there were dungeons .

Chris agreed with Greg’s opinion .

「I once heard that you can find a lot of magic stones in Alzer’s dungeons . I can’t wait . 」

Marie was wondering just what these five were expecting from this  study abroad, but now the stock of these two were starting to rise high  inside Marie .

(Greg, Chris──I’ve always believed in you two . Let’s earn a lot of money . )

They had no money to have fun or the like .

There would be dungeons, so she wanted to give her all to earn money .

But, Brad’s next words made her remembered one thing .

「I wonder? The academy is it? I heard that they aren’t teaching about  being adventurer there . I was told that they are treating adventurer  like a mere laborer in Alzer . 」

(Now that he mentioned it, it was like that in the game . But, we have  no money so I want to make a killing in a dungeon at least once and put  them into saving . )

The origin of Alzer Commonwealth was different from the kingdom .

Because of that, the adventurer job was looked down here .

Adventurer was laborer that brought out magic stones . That kind of perception was strong here .

Einhorn slightly shook while they were talking in the dining hall .

Kyle looked outside .

「What was that? This is the first time this ship shook like that . 」

Cara was at Marie’s side .

「Marie-sama, perhaps there is an accident?」

But, Marie who knew about Luxion’s capability approached the window calmly .

「There is no way something like that happened . Besides, it was just a little shake──ohm an airship is approaching here . 」

An airship was coming alongside Einhorn .

Julius stood beside Marie to look outside the window too .

「──This is the commonwealth’s baptism . 」


「It’s a famous story . Alzer is getting large profit from exporting  magic stones . At the same time they are boasting matchless strength in  defensive battle . They continued to win and become haughty from that . 」

The soldiers of Alzer were entering the ship one after another .


Part 3

Einhorn’s hangar .

A captain in his middle age wearing military uniform came into there .

He is wearing medals in excessive amount on his chest .

But, there isn’t any dignity from him .

His stomach is really big and round . His military uniform looks like it’s going to burst anytime .

He is walking while smoking cigarette . The ashes are falling on the floor .

「It’s not permitted to smoke here you know?」

I warned him gently, but the captain sent me a ridiculing smile .

「Are you saying that I might cause fire here? Good grief, don’t compare an officer of Alzer like me with you guys . 」

They called it an inspection but they boarded Einhorn and did nothing but quibbling .

They strutted around acting like they are far superior .

The subordinate walking behind the captain talked to me with a humble attitude .

「I’m sorry . It will end soon so please bear with it . 」

「──Bear with it eh . 」

He looked kind at first, but he looked the same with the captain with how he is forcing me to bear with this .

He doesn’t look like he has any intention to correct this attitude .

And then, when they arrived in front of Arroganz──the captain extinguished the cigarette by pressing it on its frame .


The subordinate talked soothingly when I yelled .

「It will end soon . 」

It’s irritating .

He is acting humble, but his smile is flippant like he is making fun of us .

The captain is speaking ill while looking at Arroganz .

「What a misshapen armor . It has no sense . Is the kingdom making this  kind of armor? They’re putting a lot trouble for this kind of inferior  good huh . 」

──Rather than me, I’m more worried with Luxion . Won’t he get angry hearing this kind of conversation?

Even though that guy looked calm, he is someone who will quickly say『Extermination for the new mankind!』 .

He might get angry and sink the commonwealth .

──Let’s warn him later .

「This airship has nice appearance but it’s actually not a big deal .  In addition the crews got cold feet facing the commonwealth’s inspection  and won’t come out . Pathetic . It seems the kingdom is coward . 」

Annoying bunch .

But, I bear with it because I can’t just say that this ship don’t need any crew .

I muttered in my heart, I can turn the like of you into ash anytime . Let’s calm down with that .

That’s right, as someone who possess a cheat like Luxion, I cannot use that power recklessly .

After all I’m an adult who is capable of patience .

The captain left while I’m thinking that .

「A worthless ship . We’re leaving . 」

「Yes sir! ──Ah, please don’t mind it . Alzer Commonwealth is warmly welcoming all of you foreign students . 」

The subordinate said that before following behind the captain .

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Shameless fellow .

I looked at Arroganz inside the hangar .

Arroganz was broken from the battle against Fanoss House .

Partner was also the same .

But, the armor here is a replica, and Partner is also in the middle of repair right now . Or that’s the pretense .

「──If I have to say my impression of Alzer, to put it mildly they’re the worst . 」

He don’t want to come to this kind of country if it’s not the stage of the second game .

Luxion descended from the ceiling .

『Master, permission to attack?』

「Attacking the ship that came for inspection? I also want to attack but no . 」

『No, it’ll be enough if master order me to sink down the commonwealth . 』

「What do you mean by enough huh . Stop it . Absolutely stop it . I’m serious here . 」

──See, as I thought he is thinking horrible thing .

Even though here I’m only thinking of grasping the weakness of that  captain and his subordinate to threaten them as my payback at best .

「Even so, the commonwealth is a really horrible country . 」

『They’re taking advantage of the sacred tree’s blessing . Although,  there is no doubt that their national strength is above the kingdom . 』

「──Marie has mentioned that . 」

『But, it’s really unnatural . 』

「If I’m allowed to speak my mind, this world is already full of  unnatural things from the start . Grounds are floating, then there is a  tree that is bigger than mountain, all of them are strange already . 」

I complained . Then Luxion said『Indeed . Well, I will investigate it from here on』 and cut the talk there .

「Good grief──to decide the fate of the world with romance between man and woman or with love, what an absurd world . 」

I earnestly prayed that the study abroad this time will end without any problems .


Part 4

The port of Alzer Commonwealth .

It was built at the edge of the land .

To make a comparison with my previous life, it’s like a port that is constructed at the coast .

But, because the land in this world is floating in the sky, there is no boundary between land and sea here .

Many airships are coming and going from the airport all the time .

「It took a long time even after we entered the commonwealth . 」

I complained while going down the ramp . I ascertained the sensation of ground under my feet after so long .

Marie is holding her travel bag with both hands . She is going down the ramp while running out of breath .

「We were flying between lands to reach here . That felt strange somehow . Aa~, I’m tired . 」

One land acted like a cornerstone that connected six lands .

This land was once the territory of the great noble that produced the  sacred tree’s priestess, the Lespinasse House . Now it is under the  management of the assembly of the six great nobles that were previously  seven great nobles .

We flew between two floating islands to finally arrive at this center of Alzer Commonwealth .

Kyle and Cara also got down bringing their luggage .

「The count’s luggage is really few . 」

「I’m jealous how male don’t need so much luggage . 」

My luggage is only a single bag .

The two are jealous seeing that .

「My luggage? No, Luxion will carry it for me, so I’m only bringing the minimum necessity with me . 」

I’m bringing with me daily necessities and various other things, but most of my luggage consisted of tea set .

I told Luxion to carry it with care .

Marie put down her luggage and complained at Luxion .

「Say that from the start!」

『I wasn’t asked, so I didn’t answer . That’s all . 』

「You aren’t thoughtful at all . 」

『Perhaps so . And, what about it?』

「Eh, no──it’s nothing . 」

Marie was bewildered by Luxion’s response .

But even his treatment toward Marie that’s like this is still in the category of kind for him .

Because if it’s Julius or others who is complaining to him, he will show a blatant dislike toward them .

The five idiots got down from Einhorn bringing large bags with them .

I guess those are their own luggage, but it seems there are a lot of  it . After they put down the bags, they got into the ship again to bring  out the rest .

『Master, our reception came . 』

Hearing that I moved my gaze . There I saw the officials of Hohlfahrt Kingdom waiting for us .

The officials are wearing suit . They are the diplomats staying in Alzer Commonwealth .

They are terribly bewildered seeing Julius and others carrying down their luggage .


Part 5

The embassy is located near the port .

There are also the embassies of other countries . There are many foreigners here .

There are also restaurants offering the cooking of Hohlfahrt Kingdom around the embassy .

Foreign cultures can be felt here but, even so it felt like they are stuffing all the embassies into one crammed place .

A restaurant like a Chinese restaurant for the common mass is lined  up beside a high class restaurant that offered food like French food .

And then there are people from various foreign countries here .

How should I say it, all of them are being forcefully packed into here .

I looked outside the window from inside the carriage while talking with a diplomat .

「There are many countries placing their embassy here . 」

「That’s because Alzer Commonwealth is a country that is exporting  magic stones . Many countries are placing their embassy here . There you  can see the embassy of Rachelle Holy Kingdom . I don’t recommend you  getting too close to it . 」

Rachelle Holy Kingdom is a neighboring country of Hohlfahrt Kingdom .

At the other side of the holy kingdom is Mylene-san’s home──her  homeland . The holy kingdom is sandwiched between this country and the  kingdom .

Its territory is smaller than Hohlfahrt Kingdom, but it’s still a large country .

Mylene-san married into Hohlfahrt Kingdom as countermeasure against  the holy kingdom . She became a bridge to build friendship between the  two countries .

「There is friction even here?」

Both countries are hostile to each other .

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I wondered if a dispute happened even here, but the diplomat shrugged .

「They are annoying bunch but, it’s the commonwealth that is  troublesome for the countries that are putting embassy here . What do you  think about the guards’ attitude?」

「──It’s the worst . 」

「That’s because this is a powerful country that is never defeated in  defensive battle . They became haughty . And most importantly, they are  profiting from the magic stones export . Their nature is abundant and  they are earning money even without doing anything . They’re really  enviable . 」

From what I’ve seen from the land of the commonwealth until now, they  also have abundant nature and their agriculture is prosperous too .

They have energy resource, and in addition their lands are in good condition .

From a ruler’s perspective, this is a territory that they’ll desperately desire .

The diplomat is expressing his envy .

「Recently they’re also putting effort into their industry . They’re showing off the difference in potential to us . 」

「A country that has their hands on energy resource is powerful after all . 」

「It’s good that you understand count . Please don’t cause any conflict with such a country . No, please be really careful okay?」

The diplomat is looking somewhat uneasy . It’s really an unexpected misunderstanding so I talked to clear it up .

「Please don’t talk like I’ll pick a fight with anyone . 」

「I can’t believe those words when it came from you count who had a duel with his highness Julius . 」

「It was those guys who──」

The carriage arrived in the house where I will live just when I’m getting agitated .

I just noticed that the carriage of Marie and others isn’t anywhere near .

I got down from the carriage and looked around .

The place seems to be an affluent neighborhood .

There are small estates with gardens attached lining up .

There is no doubt that it’s a large house .

It has three floors with a small garden attached, but its distance with the surrounding estates is close .

「A single house?」

「Yes . Originally we should prepare a mansion, but this study abroad  was decided so suddenly so we didn’t have enough time for preparation . 」

From a slight distance away I can hear the bell of tram and the sound of tram running on rail .

The diplomat explained .

It seems he is thinking that I don’t know about the source of those sounds .

「The sounds just now came from an object that looks like small boat  running on ground . Airship cannot fly without permission on the sky  around here . So they prepare a strange vehicle instead . 」

「Setting that aside, where are Marie and others?」

「──That’s, starting from his highness Julius, all of them are members  of noted noble houses . A bigger mansion has been prepared for them . 」

「Eh, so I’m the only odd man out?」

If there is a big mansion prepared, they can just clear a room there for me to live . It’ll be easier that way .

While I’m thinking that, the diplomat scratched his cheek awkwardly .

「A, about that, it’s because Marie-dono is a famous person in the kingdom . We will be troubled in case something happen . 」

In that instant I guessed what is the diplomat worried about .

He must be worried that I might get seduced by Marie too .

I can’t explain my relationship with Marie, and I also can understand why he would feel worried .

And above all else, it would be bad for me to live together in the same mansion with her .

I’m someone with fiancée . It’ll be completely out of line for me to live together with other woman .

「Yep, I get it . It’s no good if I live in the same building with those guys . 」

「Thank you for your understanding . Also──I’m very sorry but, we are unable to arrange for any servant here . 」

Apparently the officials at the commonwealth are unable to finish the  preparation in time because the study abroad was decided out of  nowhere .

Well, this can’t be helped .

「Don’t worry about it . I was the one who decided to study abroad so suddenly . You can prioritize Julius and others over me . 」

「Thank you for your consideration . 」

The official said that tomorrow there will be a guide coming here to show me around this area before I entered into the house .

When I reached the entrance, I looked up to the house where I will be staying for a while .

「──Now then, I wonder if the main character of the second game is managing to seduce man without any problem . 」

『What a horrible wording . 』

Luxion showed up from the luggage and immediately talked to me .

Having an AI like this who doesn’t treat his master like a master as my partner, I really don’t have any luck .


Part 6

The academy that was in the middle of spring break was quiet .

The classes were divided based on the academic year . It was assumed that each classroom would be used by around thirty people .

If the academy in Hohlfahrt had an atmosphere similar to a university, the academy was closer to a high school .

Both nobles and commoners could enroll into the academy . This academy  had an atmosphere that was more open than the academy in the kingdom .

A young man and a girl wearing uniform were walking inside the academy building that was quieter than usual .

One of them was a normal looking young man .

He was a commoner and didn’t have a family name . His name was Jean .

He was a second year student with medium build . He had excellent grades and also popular .

That Jean was looking and talking at the girl with a troubled face .

「It’s troubling even if I’m suddenly told to look after the overseas  students . It seems they are nobles with really high status, won’t it  make them angry if someone like me is assigned to them?」

Jean was getting less and less confident . But the girl slapped his back and spoke with a really clear voice .

The girl tied her blonde hair into a side ponytail . That blonde  hair’s color was turning into pink color the closer it was to the tip .

She had a slender body and long arms and legs . It was like she was a model .

Her amber eyes were kind but strong . She was giving off the vibe of a tomboy .

From her tone one could sense her easygoing personality .

「Don’t be so timid . You are our representative, so be more confident .  If they’re acting high and mighty, punch them in their face . 」

「The other party is a prince you know!?」

「You should have that much backbone at least . Besides, even the other  party is shouldering their country you know? They won’t do anything  stupid . ──Unlike our side . 」

The girl’s look turned serious . Jean was troubled of how to react .

「E, err──」

The girl sensed that and laughed .

「You are a man, so be more confident and give it your all . 」

The girl said that and clapped his back repeatedly . Her name was Noel Beltre .

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She was girl from a ruined knight house──that was the background she was set up with .

Noel placed her hands inside her uniform’s pockets . She felt slightly  strange seeing the corridor that was usually noisy when it was break  time to be completely silent like this .

(Overseas students from the kingdom huh──well, I wish they’ll be more proper than our nobles . )

Noel didn’t held a good feeling toward the nobles of the commonwealth .

「Err~, Noel-san will also become their caretaker though? Don’t go wild like usual okay?」

Jean looked worried . In respond Noelle opened her eyes wide in surprise .

「Eh? You really can’t trust me that much?」

「I can’t trust you Noel, after all you won’t step back even when facing noble . It’s not good to be so belligerent . 」

Noel touched her hair to hide her embarrassment from getting warned like that because of her usual behavior .

(I know that already . But──it’s the other side that is making trouble with me . )

Jean was genuinely worried for Noel .

「This year there is also a lot of people connected with the six great  nobles . There are also a lot of people in possession of strong “divine  protection” . 」

「Yes yes, I get it . ──I won’t make any trouble . 」

Divine protection .

That was a special power that was bestowed to those who were recognized by the sacred tree .

Because the six great nobles possessed such great power, they could rule over the commonwealth without worry .

They dared to give education to the commoners also because they  possessed the great power that was the sacred tree’s divine protection .

Even if the commoners revolted after obtaining knowledge, the six  great nobles and their relatives had nothing to fear from them .

That was just how absolute the power that the commonwealth’s noble possessed .

Noel and Jean were walking in the corridor . Then they came across some girls going down the stairs .

The central figure of the group──the leader was a third year girl . Her purple eyes turned toward Noel .

There was a smile on her lips, but it didn’t reach her eyes .

She had fluffy yellow blond hair . It grew until around her shoulder  blade . Coupled with her glamorous body, it made her overflowing with  adult charm .

Noelle too had normal sized chest but, this girl’s size was more than that .

Louise Sara Rault was behaving amiably until just now, but a cold smile formed on her face when she saw Noel .

「Oh, I never thought I will come across you even when it’s spring break . 」

The girls who seemed to be her hangers-on moved to behind Louise even while looking bewildered .

Louise folded her arms under her chest, in contrast Noel kept her hands inside her pockets while replying .

「──We are just getting called by teacher . 」


Jean was flustered by Noel’s attitude that showed no timidity even  when facing a noble . Louise ignored him and chuckled while hiding her  mouth .

「Have you perhaps done another mischief?」

「Haa? Why are you speaking like I’ve done anything bad? There will be  overseas students coming, so the teacher is asking us to show them  around . That’s all . Don’t pick a quarrel with me every single time . 」

Louise Sara Rault──she was the eldest daughter of Rault House, one of the six great nobles .

Rault House was serving as the assembly chairman after Lespinasse House fell into ruin .

Louise’s standing was like the princess of the six great nobles .

In addition, there was a fated connection between Rault House and Noel’s family .

Noel and Jean tried to leave, but Louise stood in their way . She  brought her face closer and casually grabbed Noel’s side ponytail .

「──You’re really annoying . 」

Jean couldn’t do anything in front of a member of the six great nobles .

But Noel disregarded such thing and slapped away Louise’s hand from her .

「Quit it . Don’t get too cocky just because you are a senior . 」

Louise stepped away from Noelle and shrugged . Then she left with her hangers-on in tow .

「My, how scary . ──Even though it’s you who is getting cocky . 」

After Louise left a sharp parting remark and left with her  hangers-on, Jean stroked his chest feeling like his life had been cut  short .

「Noel-san, to think that you picked a fight with the princess of the great nobles just after we had a talk about it . 」

Jean looked like he was going to cry . Noel scratched her head while apologizing .

「My bad . I’ll be careful next time . 」

「──I pray that there won’t be a next time . 」

Noel started walking again with Jean who had half given up . Then Noel  talked smilingly to Jean to sweep away the heavy atmosphere just now .

「Hey, rather than that──」

Before she could finish speaking, this time a second year young man was walking toward the two of them with large stride .

That young man had amber eyes like Noel .

His peculiar trait was his medium length pointy red hair .

It was clear he was a handsome man from a glance, but his gaze was really sharp .

The young man then addressed the two with an angry manner .

「You two, since when you became close like this?」

His body was trained . He was also tall with nice build .

But, his expression was mad with jealousy .

Jean who was being looked down by the young man was flustered and he was unable to reply well .

「Ah, no, that──」

Noel replied in Jean’s place .

「We are chosen as caretakers for the foreign students . Right now we  have just returned from the staff room after receiving the explanation  for that role . 」

The young man didn’t lessen his glare at all even after receiving that explanation .

「Is that true?」

Noel was irritated by the young man’s doubting words .

「──Why do I have to justify myself to you huh? Jean, let’s go . 」

「Noel-san!? That person is──」

「I don’t care!」

Noel led Jean away, but then the young man raised his voice toward her .

「Noel! I’m not going to give up! You are──you are my woman!」

「Don’t decide as you please!」

His name was Loic Leta Barielle──he was also someone related to the six great nobles .

Furthermore, he was the heir of Barielle House .

Noel looked back toward Loic and stuck out her tongue .

「Give up already, idi~ot」

Jean covered his face with both hands seeing Noel doing that .