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Chapter 122: 122

Otomege Volume 4 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – The One Horned Monster

Part 1
In a complete reversal from before, the audience seats were engulfed in feverish cheers .

Noelle was feeling shocked by that atmosphere even while watching Leon continuing to one-sidedly beating Pierre .

Around her the audiences were returning and went to the front in order to watch Leon’s gallant figure from closer distance .

Noelle’s surrounding was filled with such audiences .

(But still, to think that no one is moving to stop this)

This was only natural when she thought just what Pierre had done until now .

No── .

(This is the feeling of the people of this country in regard to the six great nobles . )

──It didn’t just stop there . There was also their strong feeling of opposition toward the six great nobles who were ruling over them .

Someone from the six great nobles who was in possession of overwhelming power was being defeated one-sidedly by Leon who didn’t have the sacred tree’s divine protection .

The people here were feeling great excitement witnessing that scene .

Someone who possessed the divine protection of sacred tree and someone who didn’t . There was a great wall existing between these two types of people in the commonwealth .

The audiences’ discontent toward the six great nobles reached feverish excitement that enveloped them in an abnormal heat .

Noelle’s arm was suddenly grabbed while she was watching Leon .


Noelle found Lelia there when she turned around .

She was pushing through the audiences in order to reach Lelia . The dense crowd caused her hair and clothes to become ruffled .

「Big sis, come with me for a bit!」

「The duel is still not over . 」

「This isn’t the time to say something like that!」

Noelle was pulled away from that place by Lelia who was looking really flustered .

Lelia told Noelle about the current situation .

「There is war occurring outside!」

Now that she mentioned it, Noelle recalled Clement saying something like that just now . She turned her gaze toward Narcisse and found him talking with some people .

Narcisse was looking toward the duel arena with a confused expression .

Lelia herself was looking very impatient .

「The plans are all messed up because of their fault . If we don’t do something──」

Noelle shook off Lelia’s arm while she was saying that .

「──Big sis?」

Lelia looked at Noelle in confusion .

「I’ll stay and watch Leon’s duel here . 」

Noelle walked to watch the result of Leon’s duel . Then she heard Lelia’s voice from behind her .

「Big sis! Don’t get involved with them! They are──!」


Part 2
「Haa~, I’m tired . 」

I backed away from Pierre tiredly from punching too many times .

「You, it’s amazing that you never got bored from doing this kind of thing . Is it that fun beating up people?」

When I kicked Pierre’s head with my toes while asking him, he muttered something unintelligible from his mouth .

「I can’t hear what you’re saying . Well, I guess it doesn’t matter . 」

I cackled after saying that . It was then Mr . Narcisse declared the end of the duel .

「Winner, Leon Fou Bartfalt! ──Call the doctor here quickly!」

The a doctor wearing a white robe and a nurse entered the arena .

They immediately examined Pierre’s condition .

「This is horrible . 」

「We’ll begin the treatment . 」

They efficiently started applying healing magic and first aid treatment to the suffering Pierre .

It seemed the doctor was a skilled one . Pierre’s face was gradually going back to normal .

Armed weapon were gathering around us and began to surround Pierre .

Pierre seemed to think of them as his ally who came to help him . His cocksure attitude came back .

──This guy is really easy to understand .

Mr . Narcisse and Louise-san also came down from the audience seats and walked toward us . Then Pierre started protesting to them .

「Narcisse! It’s this guy! This guy is a cheating bastard! He set me up in order to win!」

Mr . Narcisse didn’t pay attention to that claim from Pierre .

「Pierre, stop with the unsightly act . There is something that we want to ask you . 」

It was important to pay attention to your daily behavior .

Mr . Narcisse was looking unusually angry while questioning Pierre .

「Why are you attacking your own family? Even the combined fleet of Alzer has been dispatched now . 」


Pierre made a face like a pigeon that just got shot by a peashooter .

Even Louise-san was looking angry .

「There is also all the unfairness that you have committed in this duel . There are too many problems with your actions . I wish that we can immediately investigate everything that you have done, but before that order your ship──the ship that you stole from Leon-kun to stop . 」

Pierre was showing the expression of someone who didn’t understand what he was told .

「Y-you must be misunderstanding . I know nothing about what are you saying . Nothing! It’s him! He is setting me up!」

I looked at Pierre who was pointing at me and grinned .

「Ee~, you are the ship’s current owner right? On that note, how about you fulfill your promise already . 」

Mr . Narcisse spoke to me so that I didn’t disturb the discussion .

「Leon-kun, right now isn’t the time for that . Pierre’s subordinates are using your ship to run wild . If possible I want you to tell us the ship’s weakness . It’s causing a lot of damage even as we speak . 」

I erased my smile and narrowed my eyes .

Some of the people around me even raised their guard seeing my change in attitude .

「──Cooperate? You are telling me to cooperate with this bastard who stole my ship and did such terrible thing to my fellow countrymen? You should keep the sleep talking only when you’re asleep . In any case, I’m the victor of the duel . ──Pierre, bring Einhorn in front of me right away . 」

Veins bulged out on Pierre’s forehead and he acted in annoyance .

「That’s why, I said I don’t know──」

But Pierre seemed to come to understand the situation when he was in the middle of speaking . Color was rapidly leaving his face .

「What? You can’t bring it here? Do you forget your oath to the sacred tree?」

He trembled and begged forgiveness to me .

「──I-I’ll return it for sure . H-honest! That’s why give me time! I’ll return it for sure, I’ll even give you whatever you want . I’ll do anything, so give me just a bit more time!」

Louise-san saw Pierre’s reaction and got startled in realization . She turned her gaze toward my face .

「Don’t tell me」

──Unfortunately she is too late .

「So you are crying and begging for forgiveness . If it’s you will you forgive someone who is begging to you like that? Although──seems like the sacred tree-sama is the one who get angry first rather than me!」

Pierre lost the duel and also unable to fulfill his promise──it seemed that it angered the sacred tree .

A red magic circle formed with Pierre at the center . The people of the commonwealth all jumped out of the way in a flash and took distance from the circle .

Even Louise-san and Mr . Narcisse reacted the same .

I stayed on where I was and looked at the magic circle .

「So this is the so called sacred tree’s wrath . 」

This phenomenon was written in Marie’s note . Apparently a red magic circle would appear if the sacred tree got angered .

And speaking of what this thing would do── .

「No . NOOOOO!」

──Pierre cried and bolted away from that spot, but he tumbled when vines grew out from the magic circle and twined around Pierre’s ankle .

Then he was dragged back toward the center of the magic circle .

Pierre was crying while grasping on the ground to resist .

「Forgive me! Please forgive me! I won’t repeat this anymore! I won’t betray your expectation anymore, so I beg you please don’t take it away! ──I don’t want to lose the divine protectionnnnn!」

Louise-san watched Pierre screaming and crying before she closed her eyes and averted her face .

Mr . Narcisse seemed to hold an interest . He was watching Pierre but──he didn’t look enthralled .

Me? I’m watching the show with a smile .

「Give it up . This is because you can’t keep your promise on top of losing . 」

Vines twined around Pierre’s body and enveloped his right hand thoroughly .

Snots dripped down from Pierre’s nose when he saw that and he cried even harder .

「──Someone helpp! HELP MEEEE!」

Even Pierre who was that much of an egoist was driven to fear like this by the red magic circle .

This thing was the symbol of fear for those who possessed the crest that was the proof of the sacred tree’s divine protection .

After all──this magic circle’s function was to strip off that crest .

When everything was over, the vines withered and the magic circle vanished .

Pierre was there doing nothing except shedding tears looking like he was burned out .


I approached him and looked at the back of his right hand . There was no crest there .

I placed my hand on the shoulder of Pierre who had been reduced into this empty shell and whispered into his ear .

「Do you know why your crest is taken away?」

Pierre didn’t say anything in reply .

「──It’s because you picked a fight with me . 」

Pierre looked at my face and trembled .

「I wouldn’t go this far if you didn’t get cocky and just ignored us, but it’s too bad . Well, you were the one who started this fight . Learn from this to do better next time . Ah, there is one more thing . I have been wanting to say this to you . 」

I smiled widely and said .

「Pierre, you are a really magnificent clown . 」

The face of Pierre who got called a clown crumpled and he started crying while hanging his head down .

Louise-san approached me .

「──You’re even more of a bad child than I thought . 」

It didn’t look like she was seriously criticizing me even while she was calling me a bad child .

「And? Can Leon-kun’s ship be stopped? We won’t have any other option except destroying it if it can’t be stopped . 」

──That’ll be impossible . Luxion right now will happily turn the table on all the attempts to destroy Einhorn .

I looked toward Arroganz that had gotten decorated with spiky look .

「Well, I’ll try stopping it . 」

That guy would overdo it if I didn’t go there soon . That would be troubling .


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Part 3
At the sky of Faiviel territory .

A lot of airships were facing Einhorn there in order to stop its advance .

The airships of the commonwealth made their side that was lined up with cannons to face Einhorn, but Einhorn was attacking them one-sidedly from outside their cannon’s range .

Behind the commonwealth’s fleet there was a very big castle .

It was Faiviel House’s castle .

The fleet was desperately trying to protect the castle .

Inside Einhorn’s bridge, Luxion was aiming at the fleet’s gaps and bombarded the castle from afar .

『It’s difficult to land the cannonball at the places where there is no living reaction . 』

Faiviel House’s personal fleet took flight in order to protect Faiviel House’s territory .

In addition the combined fleet that gathered airships from the whole commonwealth also lent their strength in order to sink Einhorn .

Luxion was tapping their communication channel .

『Our cannon cannot reach!』

『For an airship of the kingdom to be this strong──does it has an orb loaded inside?』

『That stupid second son of Faiviel House, just what the hell he is doing!』

From their communication Luxion learned that the enemies were still mistaking Einhorn as the belonging of Faiviel House .

It was fine like that for now .

Luxion observed the situation in the castle using its distance viewing capability . There the head of Faiviel House was unsightly running around .

Luxion bombarded a nearby spot to threaten him, but it was blocked using the crest’s power .

『So that’s the sacred tree’s crest . How very interesting . ──Oh?』

The enemy fleet showed a movement .

An airship with remarkable size was charging toward Einhorn .

『So the flagship is launching an assault? That’s not an efficient method but, are they thinking that only their flagship can possible stop Einhorn? ──Well, it doesn’t matter whatever it is they are thinking . 』

The flagship was extremely big with a size that reached a kilometer .

The commander on board of the flagship was yelling .

『Sink it no matter what! We can’t let Alzer’s fleet be defeated just by a single ship of the kingdom!』

Alzer’s legend of invincibility .

Luxion had been investigating various aspects of the commonwealth’s army that knew no defeat as long as it was a defensive battle .

『All their airships are installed with a different device that the kingdom is not using . It must be a device that is using the energy from the sacred tree . I see──those airships can freely use energy with no cost . 』

The airships of this world were normally using magic stones as energy to move their engine .

But, the commonwealth’s airships were able to use a lot of energy without needing to load a lot of magic stones inside .

With the space for storing magic stones freed up, the amount of weapons and ammunitions they could carry increased and they could also use a lot of energy for their shield .

The airships of the commonwealth were very powerful when they were fighting in their own country .

But, when it came to invading other country, the energy from the sacred tree wouldn’t be able to reach them and the airships became nothing but normal airships .

The same applied to their armors .

The drones kept shooting down the armors that flew from the enemy fleet, but their specs were better than the kingdom’s armors .

『They are only at this level when the lid is actually opened . 』

Luxion lost interest and──charged toward the flagship that was heading its way .


Einhorn’s prow was designed like a unicorn’s horn, but it wasn’t just a decoration .

The crews in the enemy flagship were escaping their ship one after another .

Several moments later Einhorn’s horn clashed with the enemy flagship’s prow──the flagship’s prow was easily sliced apart .

『Don’t think of Einhorn as a normal airship . ──To begin with the likes of Alzer’s airship cannot even begin to compare . 』

Luxion had been feeling unhappy since the commonwealth’s inspection of Einhorn . Now it was venting its anger to the enemy .

Einhorn kept advancing while penetrating the enemy flagship that was five times as big as its own size without pausing . At the end the flagship was bisected into two parts . It was reduced into an atrocious state and sunk down . The crews that were evacuating the flagship using boats could only watch that happening .

There were explosions from the flagship . When Einhorn showed up unharmed from inside the flame and smoke, voices of despair broke out from the enemies .

『It’s unharmed!』

『All ships, charge!』

『Stop it no matter what! The opponent is just Hohlfahrt’s ship!』

The commonwealth’s fleet threw all caution to the wind and attacked, but Luxion got its interest drawn to something else .

The escort drones had just retrieved a green orb that was releasing a faint radiance .

It was the orb that was loaded inside the flagship .

『──This will be a good souvenir for master . 』

Luxion retrieved a souvenir for Leon .


Part 4
The commander of the fleet watched the flagship sinking from an emergency boat .

He was watching Einhorn with a look of despair .

「──That kingdom’s airship is a monster . 」

The reason why he was extremely dispirited was because the commonwealth’s fleet that was undefeated in defensive battle until now had just gotten defeated .

He would be able to swallow it if the opponent was a fellow commonwealth force, but the opponent was an airship that was constructed in the kingdom .

He lamented that Alzer’s legend of invincibility was ended in his time as fleet commander .

The fleet commander muttered with his eyes fixed on Einhorn .

「We don’t have anything else that can possibly stop it──」

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Even the flagship was easily destroyed .

The commonwealth had no more method to stop Einhorn .

While he was thinking that, a small ship approached the battleship with a black armor accompanying it .


A nearby subordinate who was in charge of the communication reported to the commander .

「Commander, it’s an ally! A message under the name of Louise-sama of Rault House say that it will stop the enemy airship!」

The black armor flew toward Einhorn . The drones swarmed it when it got near .

The black armor routed them in a flash and landed on Einhorn’s armor before a young man leaped down from inside the armor .

He boarded Einhorn very easily even though they were unable to even get close no matter what they tried .

Seeing that, the commander put his hat over his head until it covered his eyes in resignation .

「It’s too late . Even if the airship is stopped now──we have already lost . 」

The number of warships that Einhorn had shot down was too many .

The commander turned his gaze toward the ground . Three were the burning wreckages of allied ships as far as his eyes could see .

「──O sacred tree, please bring down the hammer of judgment on that monster . 」

The commander prayed to the sacred tree .


Part 5
When I entered Einhorn’s bridge, Luxion was waiting for me with drones lining up at both sides .

His red lens was looking at me .

『If only I have five more minutes, I would be able to destroy Faiviel House’s castle . 』

I laughed at Luxion who was saying such thing .

「You’re still the same like usual . Setting that aside, now you are able to understand my greatness after serving under Pierre aren’t you? Be glad that you have a wonderful master like me . 」

『Certainly Pierre isn’t any good . Should I say that it was a nauseating experience? But, isn’t it master who caused me to experience such horrible thing?』

「It was you who sided with Pierre without asking . It wasn’t my fault . 」

I took a step forward and Luxion floated to my right shoulder .

『That was because it would be more efficient that way . Though I don’t think master will be able to understand such thing . Thanks to that I was able to learn many things . 』

I walked inside the ship and found the place really messy .

It seemed the robots were doing their best to clean the interior, but many ornaments had gotten stolen .

「They’re like pirate . 」

『That’s because more than half of them are actual air pirates . 』

「How appalling . 」

A drone handed me a shotgun that was loaded with non-lethal bullets while I was feeling surprised by Pierre’s circle of friends .

「And, were you able to hear anything interesting?」

『Yes . I was able to investigate about the domestic situation of the commonwealth in detail . 』

「That’s good . 」

『And, what is master’s plan now?』

I had beaten up Pierre, but that was just a side show .

The real target was the commonwealth itself .

「I’ll teach Alzer just how wide the world is . Perhaps I’ll also have them pay the tuition fee too . 」

『Master who is teaching the commonwealth about the world by using a super technology like me is no different than them though . 』

「I’m just teaching them that there will always be someone above you . With this they will know their place and become a little meeker . 」

『Is it fun throwing your weight around using my strength like this?』

「Yeah, it’s fun . Nothing beats this feeling . 」

We arrived at Einhorn’s hangar while we were making such small talks .

Pierre’s henchmen were being tied up there .

The hangar had also been messed up badly .

「Damn bastards dirtying other person’s airship as they pleased . I’ll demand extra fee for the repair expense . 」

When Pierre’s henchmen saw me, most of them were looking scared . But there were also some among them who were glaring at me .

「Oo, you guys look rebellious . 」

A cocksure man who got his arms tied with rope stood up and spoke with a threatening tone . It looked like he didn’t know about the situation outside .

「You asshole, how dare──」

I was already tired listening to the bullshit from this kind of people, so I silenced him by shooting the shotgun .

I watched the man falling and writhing in pain while talking to the others kindly .

「Don’t talk . And then rejoice . Your boss Pierre has lost against me . He was crying and yelling in disgrace when he ended up losing his divine protection . Congratulations! You guys have lost the backer who can protect you!」

Pierre’s henchmen looked at each other hearing that and talked among themselves .

「That’s why I said I don’t want to do this!」「When did you ever oppose Pierre-san huh!」「W-what now?」

They were whispering among themselves so I fired the shotgun to make them quiet .

Then a man wearing academy uniform stood up with an obsequious face .

「S-say~, I’m uninvolved with all this, so will you help me? If you help me, then I’ll give a testimony that put you in advantage . 」

I turned my gaze to Luxion and he taught me about the man .

『He is lying . That man participated in beating up Jean and Brad . He was even taking the lead in those acts . 』

The man’s expression changed completely hearing that .

「H-how dare a mere familiar like you is-!」

There was finally no one else talking after I also made that man be quiet with my shotgun .

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「Say your excuses to the big shots of Alzer . 」

『──Master, an airship of the commonwealth is approaching . It’s kicking up a fuss to be allowed to board the ship . 』

「Just threaten to sink them down . 」

I kindly talked to Pierre’s trembling henchmen .

「Now then, I guess I’ll beat up you guys until an inch away from death . You guys got no complain right? You have been obeying Pierre and did whatever you liked until now after all . 」

I loaded bullets into my shotgun, pump it to chamber the bullets, and aimed the muzzle at Pierre’s henchmen .

「──You guys even beat up our Brad and Jean . Allow me to give you guys plenty of thanks . 」

I mercilessly pulled the trigger at the bunch who screamed for mercy .


Part 6
The heads of the six great nobles were urgently gathered to have a meeting in the sacred tree shrine .

The topic was about the one horned monster──EInhorn .

「Unbelievable . 」

「Our fleet lost against a Hohlfhart’s ship!?」

「We should investigate that airship right away!」

The commonwealth never knew defeat in defensive battle, but just now it was dealt an enormous blow by only a single ship . Although the battle didn’t continue until its conclusion where they were clearly declared the loser──calling the result as defeat wouldn’t be wrong .

The expression of the chairman Albergue was also tenser than usual .

「──Lord Lambert, can you explain just what is the meaning of this?」

Lambert previously only reported that Pierre obtained an airship from the kingdom .

But no one ever imagined in their wildest dream that the airship would actually become this grave of a threat .

Lambert threw a tantrum and shouted like a kid .

「We have to protest to the kingdom! Do you know how great the damage to Faiviel House from this!? It’s not just the harbor . Our airships and military facilities were also destroyed! We should send a protest from all the six great nobles!」

Fernand sent his gaze toward Albergue after seeing Lambert’s reaction .

「──He can’t be talked with . Acting chairman, how is the progress of the negotiation with the airship’s owner?」

That was also a problem .

「It’s not going well . 」

The owner of Einhorn, Leon was claiming「The owner at that time was Pierre, so it wasn’t related to me . Rather I’m the victim here . I’m expecting compensations for all these troubles!」 to the commonwealth .

Leon was exclaiming that the responsibility lay on the commonwealth . Albergue found it hard to understand why his daughter was lending that man her help .

(──Louise, just what are you thinking?)

Lambert yelled「I didn’t do anything wrong!」 . The other five heads were only looking at him in disgust while the meeting was continuing .


Part 7
At Marie’s mansion .

I returned there after the duel and watched Noelle-chan lying on the baby bed .

「──She can’t eat anything now . 」

It was great that one big problem had been resolved, but now it was Noelle-chan that was nearing its limit .

Luxion was looking at Noelle-chan .

『She is living longer than even my prediction . It’s surprising . 』

I wasn’t the only one watching Noelle-chan . Noelle was also there looking worried .

「Will Jean make it in time?」

Noelle-chan had become unable to move, so I sent Marie to head to the hospital .

「He will make it . Even though Marie looks like that, she is actually a skilled healer . 」

I had sent her many times to Jean who was in coma and seriously injured, but she said that he still hadn’t waken up .

But then the entrance became noisy .

The room’s door was opened and rushing inside was Jean who was wearing hospital gown and wrapped in bandages .


「Jean! Look, Noelle-chan, Jean is here!」

Noelle smiled to Jean and hurried him to look at Noelle-chan .

When Jean’s hand reached out, Noelle-chan’s tongue licked it several times . Jean stroked her head gently while apologizing with tears trickling from his eyes .

「I’m sorry . I’m sorry , Noelle . 」

Luxion talked to me while I was watching them .

『Her eyes and nose shouldn’t be working anymore right now . 』

「It’s love . Love . Watching something like this make your heart hurts . 」

I guess I should be happy that Jean made it in time, but I felt slightly responsible .

Jean’s face was messy with tears .

「──Noelle, thank you for everything until now . 」

Jean’s words made my chest felt painful .

There were too many things I could do with Luxion at my side that it made me felt responsible for all sorts of things that didn’t go well .

──This isn’t good .

I was just a mediocre person . I couldn’t take responsibility for everything . I also must not become so arrogant that I would try to shoulder all responsibility .

Luxion followed me when I moved toward the door to leave the room . So this guy can also act considerately, when I thought that, Noelle also moved to follow me out .

「You aren’t staying here Noelle? Luxion and I are going out you know?」

「I know . I want to let Jean have time alone with Noelle-chan . This is their family problem after all . 」

「──Well, okay . 」

I thought that it would be fine even if Noelle stayed here with Jean, but I said nothing while we left the room .