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The Youngest Defender Of Three Spheres

The Youngest Defender Of Three Spheres
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One who said, "I am bad guy!!" was speaking a lie.
One who said, "I am a good guy!!" was actually hiding the truth. 

Jen Xuan Rong is the center of attention for a few reasons, could she become what her ancestors had decided for her??
and how far she could survive in the world of stronger opponents???

Her husband should not be the one evil willed.
Would she choose one from the two? Or walk on her alone path??

Being author I myself don't know, what would be her choice? {~ ~}


What if you have no other choice than to follow the path your ancestors chosen for you and you have no option to quit.
If considered her circumstances, Jen was compelled to struggle and advance her existence because she has powerful enemies before her birth and now to compete for the expectations of her great grandfather, she had to fight her way through her existence and prove her existence meaningful or die. 
It was painful when she had to prove her capability even in front of her great grandfather but there was no other way to earn his affection.
She had no family and she did not want to lose her great grandfather too.

Jen would fight several battles to achieve her goal and then life battles to save the honor of her great grandfather.
Her enemies had crafted plans to trap her and kill her.
This is the author of this story, bringing a very decent and powerful female protagonist in your collections.

You'll get a huge surprise in the narration, writing style and many more when you would reach chapter 140, I suggest to read 150 chapters before you consider to drop this story.

Enjoy the development of this story with the author here... 

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