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Chapter 30

Chen Nian went home, bathed, washed her hair, and changed into a clean skirt . She found the Oxford Dictionary, turned the pages, and the dried flower earrings drifted out and fell on the table .

A thin layer, light pink, transparent, with fine lines on it .

She took out the wooden foil bookmark she bought, brushed a very thin layer of paste, pasted the two flowers gently, and put them into a transparent bookmark bag for sealing .

The next morning, she returned to school, bought the best tea cup in the boutique and sent it to Zheng Yi at the post office .

She went to the gatekeeper .

At 11:50 in the morning, the bell rang after class, and the students of grade one and grade two poured out of the school .

But for a few days later, she will separated from their lives .

She took a look at the position on the opposite side of the street, walked down the steps, and headed home . It was her usual speed . When she came to the corner of the courtyard wall, she habitually looked back .

Green trees and flowers, young people in school uniforms are laughing, their youth is soaring .

Green light, red light; she walked through the street, walked to the weeds of the wasteland, waited for a while, continued to walk, into the open and quiet garden, walked to the broken house with rolling doors .

Mulberry trees are lush and a swing is hanging in there .

From then on, clean shades only belongs to memory . How many sunsets and moons have passed by, a tree and a house are the home of their youth, and in the future, maybe they have their own endings in this world?

She walked up the stairs and opened the shutter with her key . She propped the door up by herself, and with a rustle of dust, she walked in and closed it gently .

It’s been a long time since she lived in this house . The damp wood in the house smells even worse . But she likes it .

She lay on the table for a while, stroking his guitar, thinking about the look in his eyes when she was thrown into the interrogation room .

She took out a knife and slowly and forcefully carved a line on the desk where they sat for countless hours:

“Xiao Bei Ge, when I grow up, I will come back to protect you . ”

With a light blow, the sawdust flew .

She climbed out of the window and walked around the fire ladder to the top of the building, looking at the city and the railroad tracks .

The blue sky is outstanding; she is holding herself on the roof .

When the bell rang, the train rushes past and the smell of golden toasts floated up .

She came down from the top of the building, stood on the high wall, her feet trembled, took a deep breath and jumped .

Pain runs all over the body from the bottom of the foot, straight to the top of her head .

She swayed to her feet, walked slowly to the bakery and bought two newly baked coconut breads .

She sat alone at the door and ate slowly .

Finally, she stood in the sun, looked up at the window of the young man house, looked enough for a lifetime .

Finally, she hung her head and walked slowly, lifting the back of her hand and rubbing her eyes, but she did not cry .

There is nothing to cry about .

At the trial, Zheng Yi was shocked .

A few hours later, Chen Niang had her hair cut short and her ears were exposed .

Almost immediately, he looked at Bei Ye at the other end of the court . His hair was cut short because of his detention .

However, it is strange that there is no eye contact since they appear in the same space . It’s like they are strangers .

Chen Nian sat in the middle of the court to take questions .

“When was the first time you met?”

At the entrance of the alley, they were forced to kiss each other before they could see each other’s faces . At that time, she was disgusted and ashamed . At that time, who would know that their fate would be tied up for a lifetime .

Who will know that when she sees the bullying, she doesn’t ignore it . When she picks up her mobile phone and dials the police number, she will be rewarded by a teenager who is willing to give her his life, return her love and give protection for life .

“On my way home, I saw a group of people in front of the road…”

Chen Nian spoke in a very slow voice, but she didn’t stumble . It seemed that every word came from the bottom of her heart .

Her voice was unexpectedly soft and pleasant .

She proved that Bei Ye didn’t want to force her . He wasn’t the raincoat man nor he raped her . She proved that Bei Ye drank wine that night .

At this time, Zheng Yi found that the red rope wrapped around her wrist was gone . Instead, a red rope was hung around her neck, and a key was worn, hanging over her heart .

Chen Nian is particularly beautiful today . The short haircut, with a new light green hairpin behind the ear, revealing white ears and cheeks, like a crooked white moon .

The moon is facing the place where Bei Ye is located .

In court, she was wearing a school uniform and skirt, which was clean and beautiful . There was a small pocket on the left chest of her clothes, where two newly picked flower earrings and a small purple trumpet flower were placed, which were blooming brilliantly .

On her ear, there were two small flowers in the place where there should have been her ears .


She doesn’t look like a victim or a witness . She’s like a lover coming to an appointment . Pretty face, gentle words .

Once again, Zheng Yi realized that there was a pattern between Bei Ye and her that outsiders could never understand .

Bei Ye never looked at her, neither did she .

They are like two parallel lines, each one sad and joyous, not related to each other .

Bei Ye’s lawyers tried to defend him, while Bei Ye himself was calm .

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All kinds of characters testify and report, the facts of the crime are established, and in the face of various charges and evidence chains, young Bei Ye nodded lightly, admitted, and answered again and again: “Yes . ” “It’s me . ”

Chen Nian returned to the seat and looked ahead, like a transparent dessert .

Finally, the trial ended smoothly .

The judge pronounced: “All stand up!”

“Shua” sound .

Bei Ye stands, Chen Nian stands, everyone stands .

The scene was very quiet: “… Killing Lai Qing, the evidence is solid, confessed,… A good attitude of confession, active confession… To provide clues for the police to solve the raincoat case, and to admit the mistake positively… Minors…

Sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment . “

Drop hammer .

Scattered court .

The voice of the people, the noise continues . The police are going to take the boy away .

The figures are interlaced . Chen Nian suddenly looks at Bei Ye . Bei Ye is also looking at Chen Nian for a moment .

Only God knows how much I love you .

Yes, I can’t hide it . Close your mouth and your eyes will say it .

The moment when the eyes collide, they are glued . It’s a farewell, but not an eternal farewell . The eyes of the two youths are can’t bear to part and entwined . They are intimate that hand in hand, hug or even kiss can’t reach . They are an utmost tragic existence .

They identify each other in the chaotic figure, through the dim tears, the eyes are so attached, so sad, yet so grateful .

She held the key to her chest; he was pulled by the police, retreating slowly, his lips wriggling gently, and said a word silently: study .

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Looking down at the heart was present; age does not move .

Once upon a time, who wrote down a name with a branch in the bright summer sunshine, telling the youth, today’s heart;

Once, who lured her to recite a name with her eyes and handed a sweet and sour sugar with the tip of her tongue?

Once, who was holding her in the waste plant area to see the magic lighting the lights of thousands of homes;

Once, who is running along the steps of the open-air stage in the rain, young hands in the air;

Then, who is awake from the memory, found himself sitting in the window of a slow-moving train;

Who is in the booth filled with instant noodles, looking out the window through countless wilderness and big egg yolk, thinking of Darwin, thinking about biological problems, thinking of clownfish, anemones and lichens;

Thinking about it,

A symbiotic relationship means that two organisms live together in a mutually beneficial way, and if they are missing each other, life will be greatly affected or even die .

In June, the grass is overgrown .

Chen Nian watched the roof of Bei Ye’s house outside the train window disappear rapidly, and two lines of tears fell like a rain .

That day,

They sat on the high roof, and she asked:

——What do you want most, Bei Ye?

——I like a person, and I want to give her a good ending .

That’s it .

(The End)