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Published at 17th of May 2016 11:26:05 PM

Chapter 3

Boy Number Three: The Boy Who Fought For Me

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I met Boy Number Three when he was in a fight with someone .

It was a heated brawl, and one that the director of student affairs just happened to catch . So the two parties involved were both sent down to the office . His face looked angry coming out of the office . He pounded the wall with his fist as I walked by, and we exchanged glances .

“What happened?” I asked .

“I’m getting recorded for a major demerit,” he said along with some swear words .

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“Your button’s falling off . ” I pointed to his chest, where all the buttons on his shirt were ripped off, except for two, that were barely clinging on .

“To hell with the buttons!” He swore again and pounded the wall .

I walked into the office of student affairs to talk terms with the director . Asking the director not to record him for a major demerit, and in exchange for that, I would be willing to participate in some revolting speech competition for the school .

“And if I don’t agree?” The director asked .

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“Then tomorrow during the competition, I’ll faint at the five-minute mark,” I replied .

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“I’m under a lot of pressure lately, so I always feel like fainting,” I answered .

“If you win first place tomorrow during the competition, then I’ll expunge the major demerit record,” said the director .

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“And the minor demerits as well,” I added .

“Fine, minor demerits as well . ”

On the second day, I headed off to the competition and won first place . Afterward, I returned to school to give the dreadfully hideous trophy to the office of student affairs .

Then on the third day, he came looking for me . “How did you do it?” He asked .

I shrugged .

“How did you manage to get rid of my major demerit?” He asked again, this time with some swearing .

“I just didn’t faint,” I replied .

“Yo! How do you want me to repay you?” He grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me .

“Fight for me next time,” I suggested .

After that, he fought for me more than once .

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