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Chapter 33


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The people who know my skill increased and my points also increased since the person who eats my dish also increased .

It seems like the more I have someone eat my dish, the more points I can get . Since Larry-kun drank the detox water I made when I checked it, new words appeared on the liquid crystal .

"A pretty boy's first time 2000 pts"

What a faulty expression .  

Anyway, my skill is still being kept a secret so nothing has really changed with my current lifestyle but there's one huge changed that happened .  

Suddenly, Larry-kun started living in the palace . Larry-kun's room has been made right next to my room and the dining room where I always used to eat and as if it's a matter of course, it's like we've been living together .  

. . . . . . he's a little brother .  

. . . That's right it's all because he's a little brother .  

It seems like the next prime minister, Thruster-san has a certain amount of influence and pulled some strings to accommodate what his little brother, Larry-kun wanted .

 Un, you can't really match up against that .  

​That's why using that political influence, I was able to get permission to go out of the palace . Hurst-san did say that he'll take me to the marketplace but we weren't able to go since we couldn't get a permission to go . But since we told it to Thruster-san, we were immediately able to get one .  

Or more like after being stared at by Larry-kun with eyes as if it's looking at some trash and said a few words within two seconds we were able to get permission to go out .  

That's why from now on, we can go to the market place! Which is why ever since this morning I've been grinning and feeling excited . We're planning on going to the marketplace this morning, after finishing some things . Which is why I and Larry-kun are in the middle of taking care of the herb garden

And it's a little bit far but from where we are we can see the training-grounds we can see the K-Bihei Brothers and Hurst-san sparring .  

Right now the atmosphere at the training ground is different . At first, they didn't like it but now it has changed . . . . . . . .

​"It's like their eyes are sparkling . . . "

That's right . Right now they all looked lively .

​In the beginning, they're going after Hurst-san separately but now they're using something that looks like a formation to go after him . It seems like ever since the Kei-Bihei Brothers we're always being beaten to a pulp by Hurst-san, they started thinking about all sorts of things together to defeat him and it seems like that has become some sort of training for them .

" . . . . Amazing"

Hurst-san is always strong .  

But that's not all . After he has defeated them, he gives them all sorts of advice and after hearing them, the Kei Bihei brothers will once again take up the challenge while being conscious of his advice .  

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Well, that shaved blonde hair is way behind the others but it seems like he is giving out instructions .  

If that won't do, then this one . If it still won't work then this one .

Through trial and error they'll able to learn and little by little it seems like they're having fun and I've seen that sort of scene a lot of times already . . . . . .  

"It seems like a club activities"

​It really has that sort of atmosphere .  

That's what I feel like after seeing them, with the morning air and their growing liveliness .


Upon hearing my mumblings, Larry-kun who is working beside me said as his light green eyes were filled with wonder .

​Hearing his question, I smiled at him and answered .  

"Un . . . . . . It's like everyone is having fun and enjoying it"

With Hurst-san's calm voice, the shaved blonde ashime's loud voice and the Kei Bihei brothers who keep on challenging him no matter how much they fall . . . seeing them like this makes me feel moved a bit .

Hearing my words, Larry-kun stopped doing is work for a bit and looked over at the training grounds .

​" . . . . . . It seems like there's also a lot going on towards the security guards (keibihei) . Even though they're called palace knight guards there's a huge difference in strength between them and the other special knight groups and the escorts of the Saint"

"So that's how it is . . . . . . "

Even though they're both working in the palace there's a difference in the treatment . When it comes to the keibihei, they work is different . Since if nothing happens to the palace they don't have to move their bodies and can be lax as much as they want .  

(Eunie: think of it like some baseball club or basketball club . The keibihei are more like second or third strings and are mostly in charge of . . . nothing much . They can't even be called as bench warmers . Since they don't need to train as hard or play in-game like the first stringer)

Amidst those days, since now they have some sort of goal and can move their bodies they must be feeling quite happy .

"Ah . It seems like it's about to be over"

"You are right . Should we finish up here as well?"


Today I trimmed the large branches that grew a lot so that it would be easier for the bud to grow . It's what people usually call cutting parts to restore it in an ideal state . and today as well I have harvested a lot of herbs as I looked over at the basket that has been filled to the brim by a verdant lush greeneries .  

While carrying the basket over, we headed towards the training grounds .  

​"Today's another abundant harvest"

"Isarai-san . . . . you should take it easy a bit . . . "

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"Wahahahaha! Today's its weeds again!! Weeds! Wahahaha!"

Seeing me, while carrying the basket, there was a flood of voices from the Kei Bihei Brothers . Before the didn't really want to interact with me and are just doing their jobs or something but little by little they started warming up to me .  

It's just that haughty laugh that hasn't changed much .

"I heard you'll be going to the marketplace today! Could it be you plan on selling those weeds!"

"I'm just going to look for ingredients that will match well with these herbs"

"As expected it's for those weeds! Wahahahaha!"

Yup . Today is another energetic H . A .

I could feel the Hurst-san next to him is slowly getting colder but it seems like the shaved blonde ashime hasn't realised it yet . While the Kei Bihei Brothers who felt it tried to change the topic .  

"A, ah! So you'll be going to the market place?"

"Yes . Since I haven't really been anywhere since coming here . "

​That's right . All this time I was only able to stay within the palace but now it's different! Now I can go outside! 

I'm just so happy and excited that I couldn't help but laugh but for some reason, the Kei Bihei Brother's averted looking at me and for some reason, the tone of their voice lowered .  

"Ah . . . . . . . Sorry"

" . . . . . . About that . . . we're truly sorry"

"We're being so thoughtless . I'm sorry"

Suddenly the kei Bihei Brothers started apologizing . It seems like it's also about their attitude when we first met . Since someone started apologising the others followed up as well . But well I know that they thought I was a fallen noble and to be honest I'm really at a loss on what to do after having so many of them apologising like this .  

Then I turned over to Larry-kun with a worried look on my face .  

"What's this? Did big brothers here did something bad to Shina-san?"

With a cute face .

And a cute expression

As expected of a pretty boy!

" . . . . . . Please tell me your social rank, name and the sin that you've done"

This is bad . The pretty boy's eyes changed into the eyes of someone who's looking at trash . . . . . .

"Ah . It's time . "

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"It really is the time"

"It's time . It's time . . . "

Since they've felt a sudden change from his expression, they immediately dispersed . But that shaved blonde ashime couldn't take the hint and he remained there .  

"The marketplace of the capital is quite advance and can not even be compared to the marketplace of the countryside .

"Haa . "

​"It's filled with a lot of people that your imaginations wouldn't be able to keep up with . "


"I'm sure it's impossible for you!"


Then shaved blonde ashime proudly looked at me and said, " So a country bumpkin like you wouldn't make trouble, while I'm on my break I shall――"

However, his words were cut off when a wooden sword was suddenly thrown and stabbed right into the stone wall .

​"We'll be with her so there's nothing to worry about"


Seeing the North Pole Hurst-san and his sharp eyes, the shaved blonde ashime rushed towards the knight's office .

A blue sky, white clouds, the wooden sword engraved right there and the shaved blonde ashime's shrieking voice .

Un . Today is another peaceful day . . . . . . .

And then after being done with the morning chores, it is now the time to go to the marketplace!

Larry-kun and I will be going there through a carriage . Since the palace is quite far from the marketplace, we'll be riding the carriage and once we're near the marketplace . We'll be dropped off and walk our way there . While Hurst-san will be riding on a horse .  

​"Shina-san you looked so happy"


"Un . Your mouth is grinning"

Upon hearing Larry-kun's words I couldn't help but tighten my lips and bit it . In order to fix the loosening corners of my mouth . But I really couldn't help but grin .

As the carriage is moving without any problems, with a sound like *gato-gato*, my heart is also getting excited . However, it wasn't that long when that happened . As the carriage slowly halted .

" . . . . . . Huh? I thought it would be a while before we reach the marketplace"

"Is that so?"

I don't really know the exact distance from the palace and the marketplace but from the looks of Larry-kun's face, it should be a while before we get there . As the both of us were wondering why we suddenly heard a knock from outside and Larry-kun hurriedly opened the window .  

"What's wrong Vol-san?"

" . . . . . . I'm having a bad premonition . "

While still riding on top of the horse, Hurst-san was staring at the skies towards the direction of the palace . . . . . . .

"Isarai-sama . I'm really sorry but can we go to the marketplace at another time?"


"Larry I'll be returning to the palace . "

It's still the same expression of Hurst-san however something dark and scary mood is going on and upon seeing that sort of Hurst-san . Larry-kun's immediately changed into a serious one .

"I understand"

"Larry I'll leave the decision making to you . Check the situation for a bit and if you think it is currently safe then hurry and return back but if it does not just go like this . "

"Yes . "

It was a different exchange compared to the usual one . " 

Normally it's like seeing a good big brother who is good in looking after towards his mischievous little brother but right now that sort of thing couldn't be seen at all . Seeing them like this and I couldn't help but braced myself as well .  

. . . . . . I don't understand anything .  

I don't understand anything, but I can see that Hurst-san is quite worried . Something is happening . There's no doubt about that . . . . . .

"If something does happened we'll be staying at the mansion near the capital . If it's also no good there we'll go to a different territory . I have some connections . "

"Ah . "

Hearing Larry-kun's words, Hurst-san nodded his head and then he looked over me and hurriedly returned back .  

Just a while ago my heart was skipping in happiness but now it's different . . . Larry-kun didn't move a bit as he stared at the direction where Hurst-san went .

With the deadly silent that befalls inside the carriage, my heart couldn't help but thump in fear .  

"What could that be?"

Looking at the direction where Larry-kun is staring I couldn't help but ask . On that direction was the palace and on top of that is the same blue skies that I saw awhile ago, however, deep inside there I could somehow see a black shadow .

. . . . . . And then that shadow suddenly got bigger and it suddenly increased . . . . . .  

A small voice leaked out from Larry-kun . . . .

" . . . . . . It's a demon beast"

Eunie here: OMFG . I seriously didn't expect that from how light hearted the first half is and with the title being like that . I guess it's like a flag was trigger mid-way when she started thinking about how they use to treat her and with the whole apologising of the knights . Aaaaaah! If only I wasn't food poisoned for more than a week we could have known about it already . Gosh . At this rate I'd have no choice but to prioritise this one . TToTT

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