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Published at 5th of October 2018 09:01:47 PM

Chapter 173
The place where the Zantalin Magical Kingdom was located hundreds of years ago - the Rohm Continent - had most of its landmass flooded, and it has become one of the many nameless islands in the vast ocean .

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The damaged earth that was stretching far beyond the visible horizon, was being gradually, under Yu's hand, turned into a beautiful one full of green and vitality .

Atop the mountain in the middle of the island, a tree so huge that it could be seen even from far away was growing .

At first, there was only one mountain, and then there appeared several mountains continuing to form mountain ranges, as if to protect that one mountain .

Surprisingly still expanding at the hands of Yu, Russ and Hisui, it soon turned into a mountain range, forming a natural fortress .

Yu was advancing the country creation around this very mountain, and on the east shore, in the direction in which the Rohm continent was located at, he began building a port using his Undead, which can operate 24 hours a day .

In the vicinity of the mountains that Yu created in the west, he plans on releasing Corner Rabbits, Houdon Deer and some demon birds to hunt them, since green has already grown there in abundance thanks to Hisui .

In the south, an orchard spreads out, and Shiro is developing the earth there, happily engaging in farming every day .

Only the north remained relatively untouched, only rocky mountains spreading there .

Unknowingly for the countries of the Rohm continent, the country creation was steadily progressing, but this day all of the inhabitants have gathered in the plaza, from beastmen, fallen dwarves, magic dwarves, and demi-humans, from children to adults .

This open space was created by Yu to be used as a place for consultation and entertainment .

It was about five square kilometers wide, with grass native to Moberu Kingdom planted on the ground .

The lawn had abundant heat and humidity, making it very easy to manage .

"Russ-dono, everyone has gathered . "

Long-bearded Bjorn from the fallen dwarf clan reported to Russ .

Russ directed his gaze to those who were lined up behind the fallen dwarves .

The adults were aligned, but the children were playing around indulgently .

There were some that plopped down on each other or on the lawn, and others were running around comfortably .

Parents were trying to make them stop and wanted them to be attentive, but it was an impossible matter to stop children’s playfulness in this cheerful weather and on pleasant grass .

Our eyes can’t help but droop sloppily while watching over the innocent children’s figures .

Several months ago, even during our best days, it was impossible for children to run around so energetically .

Russ’ robe was pulled to direct the cold line of his sight towards us .

"Ne, ne, what are we gonna do today?"

The one that had pulled his robe was Inpika of the dog family (hybrid) .

Inside the white fluffy hair, which is this little girl’s characteristic, is a personality that does not have a word for shyness .

To Russ, this little girl was his big weak point .

Far from fearing his self as an undead, she was rather positively dispositioned .

"Ne, what, tell me . "

And Inpika wrapped Russ’ robe around her body, and started rotating round and round .

"Ahaha, round and round . . . "

"This, this! Inpika, stop!”

Admonished Russ, but Inpika climbed onto Russ’ body instead .

"I know! you are telling me to come down!"

Russ showed her a small iron plate, with a chain attached to it . It looked like two peas in a pod, with a dog tag, like the ones used for identification of soldiers in the military .

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"This, not cute?"

Inpika murmured those words .

Whether it was a gap between reality and expectation, she got off from Russ’ shoulder disappointedly, and ran towards her parents .

She was scolded by her mother, but didn’t seem to mind it at all, and immediately after mixed in with the other children and started playing around .

"Gu . . . this . You guys also know what status cards are?"

Russ, who was slightly damaged by little Inpika, recollected himself and started talking to everyone .

"This is a status card equivalent - no, it’s a much better substitute . ”

"Hoo? How is it better?”

Asked Mauno, who was the chief of demon kids, representing everybody’s doubts .

“By dripping blood onto the status card, the information about the user is registered .

It is made in such a way that even if a person does not have the [Analysis] skill, just putting in some magic power will allow one to confirm their own status, it has such a feature . ”

“However, I heard from the chief that information is sent to the guild every time we check the status?”

“This identification tag is equipped with a status card and has equivalent functions as you know them as well”

Here Russ set a space, but the beast people and demon relatives did not understand, they did not seem interested so much, and to them it was an identification card . Only the fallen tribe, who handled decorations etc, was staring eagerly at the identification tag in Russ’ hands .

"This island is covered by a [Barrier] as far as possible, but as long as one has an identification card, they can pass through it . Having this identification card is a proof of being a citizen of our Nameless kingdom…”

Although the giant sitting at the root of the World Tree covered the boundary of the island in a [Barrier], the fact that it can be passed through by having an item crafted by a third-party, Russ, to magical dwarf race, to beastmen, to fallen dwarves and the demon race, it was a feat of such advanced technology, that neither of them was able to understand the greatness of it .

"Well, that’s convenient . But what’s with the Nameless Kingdom? Is that the name of this Kingdom?”

Russ answered to the words of Rubanov, who did not seem to understand the absolutness of it all, without hiding his irritation .

"Yes . the name of the clan created by Nina-dono is Nameless, but Master said it’s fine for the name of the country as well . ”

After hearing the name, everybody made a noise, but I was convinced that it was perfect for a country where multiple various races live .

"Um, Russ . When you activate the status card though blood, only one drop seems to be required . After all, children also : my blood ―― . "

A voice was raised by a parent and child pair from the fallen tribe .

"This is not necessary . Master made it so the activation of the status cards can also be done via using saliva . "

Russ, who was asked by Yu to allow for registration with the usage of saliva instead of blood, readily undertook that difficult task .

It took time to improve the recognition slip, and it decreased the time he could use for talking with Yu about [Alchemy], meaning that some of his fun was cut down .

If there was a person screaming in the evening, saying that they’re not willing to let the identification card collect a drop of blood, Russ would take his time to persuade that person, using some emotional preaching . However, the inhabitants of this island did not know anything about the identification tag . In other words, it was Yu who asked for it in consideration of the children .

“Are there any other questions? Once recognition slips are all distributed, drop your saliva onto them however you like, just putting it in your mouths will make them work, and make sure to hold onto them . However, remember that those recognition slips also double for identification cards . Remember that not having it is synonymous to not being able to prove being a part of the Nameless Kingdom . ”

When Russ began to distribute the recognition slips, those who received them immediately dropped their saliva on them, while beastmen and some others put them in their mouths . Since the majority of them had never seen their Statuses so far, they were pleased to have their stats and skills in a visible form, and began making a fuss about it with each other .

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"Ei! Everyone, be quiet!

Everybody that has had their registrations finished, get into a line over there . I will be distributing Jobs next . ”

People who were showcasing the numerical values of their Statuses, those who were pleased with winning, and those who felt bitter by being defeated by others, all turned quiet after Rubanov’s loud shout . Although they had heard in advance from the Chief, they were still looking forward to the Jobs everybody would get .

"Muu? Bjorn-dono, what about the children?"

Rubanov noticed that there were no children of the fallen tribe present in the row of people .

"Rubanov-dono, have you forgotten what the king told you? [People should select their own Jobs], or so said the king . Children cannot judge what is good, and therefore, we of fallen tribe, have decided that our children will only choose their Jobs after becoming twelve .

No way, wasn’t deciding what Jobs beastmen get assigned to Rubanov-dono?”

“Then . . . I know! It was to show to the children how getting a Job looks like!!!”

Screams of protest rose from the Beastmen children at Rubanov’s words .

“Eh! You told us we could get our Jobs too!”

"Oji-chan is a liar!”

“Am, am I not . . . good? Why . . . *sniffle*, uwaaaah!!!”

In the blink of an eye the Beastmen children surrounded Rubanov and started pulling on his clothes while asking “why? why?” . Inpika seemed to misunderstand that for some play and also started pulling at Rubanov’s long beard and clothes .

"Oh no, Inpika! Don’t pull on my beard!”

"Gahaha! Rubanov-dono is in trouble!”

Mauno, who is the head of the demon race, spoke as if it was somebody else’s problem .

"Mauno, what about women?"

Russ asked Mauno while looking at the row consisting only of the male members of demon race .

"Nn? Women do not need to get Jobs, do they?”

Most of the demon race were convinced of the idea that women should not be allowed to wield power, with male demons in charge .

"Wanna die?"

Magical power, along with murderous intent was overflowing from Russ . A huge amount of magical power bore onto them, and not only Mauno, but also the surrounding people tried to escape the pressure or fell to the ground .

Exactly as Master expected . Rather than saying that women from the Demon race didn’t want to get Jobs, it was more of a dogma pushed upon them by the men of the Demon race .

“But, but since a long time ago women in our demon race…”

“Yeah, that’s right! Just like the head said, it was impossible for women to have power since a long time ago!”

“It’s a woman’s role to support a man from behind silently!

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Such voices could be heard from Mauno and demon race men .

"This here is the Nameless Kingdom! If you do not like it, get out!"

Russ refused them flatly . He was worried at first as the expressions of women from the demon race were anxious in the beginning, but they quickly turned into the ones full of relief and obedient acceptance after Yu was brought up .

"Oooh!? Bjorn-dono, how was the child called a while ago, because by all odds this child is younger than 12 . If I´m not mistaken, that child can’t speak . Talking big, Bjorn-dono didn’t change like me"”

When Rubanov found a boy lined up in the fallen tribe’s row, he looked at Bjorn triumphantly, but Bjorn was not upset in the slightest .

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Why, didn’t you do something wrong? Did you forget the words which you have just said!? Haven’t you just told us which children won’t be allowed to get Jobs?

“That’s right . Although it’s certainly not easy to talk about, he is an exception that can’t be judged properly . After all, the king said he is special . ”

“Well! The king said so?! Why was Nikki considered special?”

“I am also curious . What did the king say?”

Mauno who heard the story stared curiously at Bjorn .

“Hmm . He seems to have a unique skill [Measurement] , that’s said to posses huge abilities . And so I want him to have a Job that would make the best use of it . Of course, Nikki also consented . ”

“[Measurement], is it? What can it do?”

Rubanov twisted his face at the skill he has never heard about .

“Well, I can tell the exact distance from here to that tree over there . ”

Bjorn pointed to a forest tree visible from the square .

“Huh? Is that it?”

Mauno, who had let his imagination go wild, was expecting it to be some sort of terrifying ability, for it to be the reason for choosing a Job, lost all interest in it after learning that it was just that . Only Yu and Rass noticed the true value of the unique skill like [Measurement] .

“ . . . One more time . ”


To Lena’s request, Nina nodded with a smile covering her entire face .


Nina was bouncing up and down on the spot . After landing on the ground, Nina got sucked in by her own shadow . And-- .

“Yu~, I caught~”

 Nina emerged from Yu’s shadow, hugging him . This was the ability of the skill [Shadow Transition] learned by her . Using it would allow one to instantly move from your own shadow, to the shadow of the registered object .

“ . . . Nina, wow . ”


“ . . . Nina, cool . ”

“Is that so? Ehehe . ”

“Nina-nee, it’s awesome! Lucky you! I wonder if I could learn it too?”

“Isn’t it amazing? But wouldn’t that be too difficult for Namari?”

“Uu… me too! I also want to do it!”

When Namari turned his respectful gaze towards Nina, she stuck out her chest proudly while feeling a bit embarrassed . At that time, Marifa did not miss Nina’s bouncing breasts, and Lena rubbed her own chest from shock .

In the garden of Yu’s mansion, such a scene has repeated endlessly since a while ago .

“Nina, it’s hot . Stop hugging me .

“That’s right . Aren’t you sticking to Master a little too much?”

“Eh~, I don’t do that, though~”

Nina was clinging to Yu, while rubbing his cheeks in the confusion of the moment .

Momo who would usually make a noise was now taking a nap .

“Guu . . . Nina-san, could you stop rubbing your cheeks against Master’s?”

"No way . It feels good when I’m rubbing Yu’s cheeks . Shall we do it together with Mari-chan?"

"Eeh…to, together? I, I to master…rubbing…!?"

Leaving Marifa indulged in a wrong delusion, Nina enjoyed Yu’s touch .

“ . . . Nina, once more . ”

“Hehehe . Leave it to me!”

When Nina left Yu, the now-released Yu moved to the shade .

"Lets go . Go! Eh? Go! Go!! What? Why?"

No matter how many times Nina tried entering her shadow, [Shadow Transition] did not activate .

“ . . . because Yu is in the tree’s shade?”

“Oh~! Yu, that’s cheating!”

 Ignoring the noisy Nina, Yu sat down . Coro, as if naturally, sat down at the back . Yu started reading a book, entrusting his weight to Coro . While being patted by Yu from time to time, Coro gladly rubbed its head on Yu’s body . Being on the tree it didn’t seem fascinating at all, so Ran was watching Yu instead .

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