TODAG System In TODAG - Chapter 104

Published at 4th of July 2019 02:48:13 PM

Chapter 104

Hearing that Director Yang has arrived, everyone went into a mess, overwhelmed by the news .

Nie Hai : "Hurry up and get into ceremonial formation! Meet her in the main hall!"

Nie Hai hurriedly said . Facing this kind of powerful figure, they do not dare to become negligent .

Just when everyone was in formation, a group of people quickly arrived . The one leading is the curvy and seductive Director Yang . Although she's a woman, no one in the Heavenly Marks Family had the slightest contempt for her in their hearts . She is, after all, a powerful existence .

Director Yang fastened her pace when she walked in . Her gaze swept passed everyone and fell onto Nie Li before she followed and looked at the agitated Lee making her feel relieved and somewhat confused seeing him in this state .

Her underlings have been keeping an eye on the Heavenly Marks Family's territory . Any kind of dispute within the Heavenly Marks Family cannot escape her scouts .

When she heard that Nie Li had brought Lee and had returned to the Heavenly Marks Family, Director Yang already wanted to come immediately to discuss some matters with them .

Originally, she intended to come over tomorrow to look for them, however, when she heard of the Dark Guild's sneak attack, she hurried over quickly into the late night .

She knew that with what transpired in the last month with the pills and that the Dark Guild found their way into their stock before that Senior stopped them, Director Yang could not think of another reason that they would attract the attention of the Dark Guild .

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She's worried that those people are trying to assassinate both of them, especially Lee who was the main currently, in her Alchemist Association's biggest partner, and there will be a lot more things that she can work on together with him .

She also knew that the Kid that a thing for her and she was kinda excited about that as she didn't know what to make out of it, especially since their last meeting in her office as she was naked .

Therefore, nothing must happen to them, seeing that both of them are safe, Director Yang felt relieved .

Nie Hai : "Hurry up and get a cup of tea for Director Yang!"

Yang : "No need . "

Director Yang said, waving her hand . Her objective in coming here is to guarantee the safety of them, not here to drink tea .

Her eyes met with Nie Li and then with Lee, communicating with them through their eyes .

This scene fell to the eyes of Nie Hai and everyone else including Nie Wei, and he immediately figured it out .

It seems that Nie Li and Lee truly does indeed have some connection with the Alchemist Association . They also thought that what Lee had announced earlier wasn't false either but Nie Wei was still doubtful as he could see Lee with a worried expression .

Director Yang went silent for a moment as she also noticed that and turned to Lee who had most of his clothes especially his top shredded with claw marks .

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Yang Xin : "Lee, is something off?? Did you get injured?? Your face is kinda troubling . "

Lee : "Eeehh, it's not that, i met my Fiance with pitiful clothes . . . Can there be justice to this??"

Yang Xin was stunned at first as she thought back to Lanruo but seeing everyone's faces looking at her as they seek confirmation on the matter with a few seconds of pause she pointed her finger to her . . .

Yang Xin : "You mean me??"

Lee : "Who else?? Oh wait you mean her but she is not here right now so that only leaves you looking at me . . . "

Yang Xin face started heating up as he declared so blatantly his intentions to take her for his wife and didn't know what to say . . .

Everyone watched her averting her eyes and her face lightly become rosy shocking them of the fact that Lee was right in his claim . . .

Nie Wei smile froze as he thought the little bastard was telling lies in front of them, but seeing their interaction right now, it turns out it wasn't that much of lies . . .

Yang Xin was brought in a difficult spot right now and wanted to turn the conversation in another direction . Fortunately for her, she saw Nie Hai pondering over something and found her target .

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Yang Xin : "Patriarch Nie Hai, I heard that you were under the assault of the Dark Guild . "

Nie Hai : "Indeed that's the case . Director Yang, these two are from the Dark Guild . Aside from these two, there is one that got away . "

Nie Hai pointed to the two corpses on the ground and said .

Yang Xin's gaze fell onto the two corpses . She was silent for a moment . Without a doubt, the target of these people should be Lee, therefore, they wouldn't let this off that easily .

Yang Xin : "Patriarch Nie Hai, there is a matter that I must discuss with you, is that possible?"

Nie Hai : "Please tell!"

Nie Hai said, extremely polite . His expression was very humble . As he was hearing Yang Xin explaining a bit of a few things for their security .

Meanwhile, Nie Li found himself next to Lee who was still trying to find a way to be personally nursed by someone of Yang Xin calibre and also spend time with her . . .

Lee didn't sense him at all as Nie Lee was 3 ranks higher than him and only realised he got closer when he felt a hand in his shoulders .

Nie Li : "So need help??"

Lee : "Can you make it so that i'm somewhat poisoned lightly??"

Nie Li : "Are you trying to give her a heart attack??"

Lee : "No, but as you can see from my clothes, it's obvious i got hit by multiple claw attacks so maybe just one of them was clad with poison . . . "

Nie Li : "I can somewhat achieve a light poison case from overtaxing your soul force similar to Ninger, but why should i help you??"

Lee : "Someone owes me another favour for asking me to use the Manual in his family members . . . "

Lee : "As for the first one i got it cashed for telling you about Shen Xiu . "

Nie Li : "Fine . . . Then with this, we are even . . . "

Lee felt something coursing from his shoulder down to his abdomen and immediately wanted to puke but held it in for now . . .

He needed to wait for Yang Xin to finish talking with Nie Hai and possibly establish someone else as the Patriarch . . .