TODAG System In TODAG - Chapter 134

Published at 23rd of August 2019 09:40:13 PM

Chapter 134

Ye Zong thought deeply about her words, as he also wanted to do something about . . .

But he was so preoccupied with other things that required more attention, that he couldn't find both the time and the resources to it . . .

Now this Kid, with his Master years of alchemy has brought them many benefits and even managed to root out a few spies from within their city . . .

He was on edges because things pointed out on the Scared Family collaborating with the Drak Guild, he wasn't an idiot, he had caught glimpses of what seemed like shady things on them but as they couldn't find anything he dropped the subject . . .

Add the messages his Master had sent with those ripped human skins to them at that time, it was obvious a Family colluded with them . . .

Yang Xin seeing that he was considering everything from every angle, she decided to take a few angles for herself and make it easier for him to decide on the matter . . .
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Yang Xin : "Lee, had said that since it would be his Territory, he would pay taxes with these pills, Monthly or Annually, at the same time since it was his turf, it would mean that all expenses of the new members of his family would fall to him . . . "

Yang Xin : "He had said he will distribute 5 Pills of Heavenly Broken Ladder and 5 Pills of Updrift Violent Current per month . . . Or 60 and 60 for a Year . . . "

Hearing this, Ye Zong opened his eyes wide as even with half of them it was way too tempting to address this seriously . . .

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The Snow Wind Family, had at least 5 important people that were on their peaks or close to 4 and 5-Star Black Gold Rank . . .

Giving them those Pills will make then reach Legend Rank at the maximum of 2-Star . . .

This would make his Family rise high enough to protect the City for years to come, not to mention the increase in their lifespan they would get although some of it will be lost . . .

Perhaps if he gives one to Ye Mo he can increase his lifespan before he could reach his heights and become the new Pillar for the city . . .

Ye Zong : "Are you sure he can pull it off??"

Yang Xin : "At the very least he had already made notable improvements . . . "

Yang Xin : "This indicates that he has a high chance on doing it as even the people that had lost their light of life started waking up and helping each other . . . "

Yang Xin : "Perhaps in due time a New Family that will be a force to look out for will be born helping us survive . . . "

Ye Zong : "Then as the City Lord i will make the announcement . . . "

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Ye Zong : "Just for the sake of shutting a few people and possible see if the one Family i have my eyes is making a move . . . "

Yang Xin : "Ah . . . About that . . . "

Yang Xin went to tell them about what happened to the Heavenly Marks Family and everything that Lee had told her of meeting them in an expedition they went . . .

About the Sacred Family desertion of them and how they returned safely although they knew most parts, not all of it, nevertheless, they listened quietly to her . . .

Yang Xin : "Also i'm not sure, but i believe Lee has his plans for the Sacred Family . . . "

Yang Xin : "I don't want to mess with him, so i didn't ask what plans . . . "

Gu Yan : "Heh . . . This lad is probably after Shen Xiu, therefore, he might be planning to destroy the Family and letting those innocent people under his banner or reduce the Sacred Family to the same rank as that kid Nie Li's one . . . "

Yang Xin : "One of the weakest twelve aristocrat families . "

Gu Yan : "The Heavenly Marks Family due to Nie Li, it will rise in time especially since you changed their rankings . . . "

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Gu Yan : "But this kid, he has that lass Lan Ruo, courts you in public with her approval and now is after her as well??

Gu Yan : "He sure has guts, i approve . . . "

Ye Zong : "Truth to be told i was also concerned about the innocent if my hypothesis was true and we truly came to daggers with each other . . . "

Ye Zong : "Seems the kid, is one step ahead of us . . . "

Gu Yan : "More like a few than just one . . . "

Ye Zong : "I will take care of the forming of the new Family however, for now, it will be called a Clan . It will also use his last name since he wants them under his banner . . . "

Ye Zong : "With his contributions, it won't be hard to rise in the ranks . . . "

Gu Yan : "From a named Clan to become one of the Major Families he will need to climb 3 times upwards . . . "

Yang Xin : "Named Clan - Aristocratic Clan - Aristocratic Families - Noble Families - Major Families . "

Yang Xin : "I believe at the end this is his problem . . . "

Ye Zong : "I have one last thing that keeps bugging my mind . . . What will he do about those that have lost either a leg or a hand or some of their senses . . . ??"

Yang Xin : "He said that he had a way to restore them, but he lacks the items needed for them, he also said that if it had happened to them recently he could restore them . . . "

Yang Xin : "But the problem lied in the fact that their bodies grew older, deformed by hunger and other elements that make him look for other herbs that will help him create other types of pills from his master collection . . . "

Yang Xin : "According to him they are pills based on their exclusive problems . . . "

Ye Zong : "Tell him that, he can come to find me and take a look at the treasury to look for those herbs, a few people that died there were brothers that we fought together . . . "

Ye Zong : "I will try and help as much as i can for their future as well . . . "

After talking for a few more things, Yang Xin left from his office and soon Gu Yan followed suit as he wanted to try and support Lee as well . . .

Later on that day, with the cooperation of the City Lord and the Alchemy Association announce to the whole city that the slums are no more and now that place will be called from this Day Forward . . .

Xiaolin Clan!!!