TODAG System In TODAG - Chapter 61

Published at 4th of July 2019 02:48:55 PM

Chapter 61

Nie Li : "There's a bronze armour here!"

Nie Li : "There are several bottles of elixirs here! It's a pity that they have all spoilt!"

Lee : "I'm actually surprised you are yelling didn't you do the same before . . . "

Nie Li : "Heavens! This is a piece of soul stone!"

Kong Ming : "He is not listening is he??"

Nie Li : "Oh, about that, can't i at least enjoy a bit of collecting treasures . . . "

Both Lee and Kong Ming had black lines in their heads due to anger, this bitch sure takes his sweat time doing everything . . .

As he removed the soul stone from the little girl's neck . This soul stone is very delicate, tied onto a silver chain . The identity of this little girl, when she was still alive, is definitely a noble .

However, she is already dead . If this soul stone is to be given to a Gold rank expert, it might be able to assist that Gold rank expert to go even higher in his cultivation .

Nie Li more or less, had some harvest, similar to his previous life he didn't find anything new . . . A few bronze armour and weapons and a Silver rank dagger that was very well preserved, undamaged . Other than that, there were also demon crystals and many other valuable things .

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Lee kept wondering why the system didn't give him the last place to be explored, will it be the treasure room or something else entirely and what he will find there . . .

Everything now inside the hall has been collected . Together with Lee and Elder Kong Ming, the three of them of them began to walk within the deep passage . The construct here was like a maze .

Lee : "Nie Li you know where to go so lead they way i don't really want to be with you here for two days as you were with Ziyun . . . "

Nie Li : "Who would want to be with you here . . . "

Lee : "Lan Ruo actually, you are too freaking low with Ye Ziyun and Ninger . . . Should i take them??"

Nie Li released at that moment such a killing intent that behind him an image of a demon was formed baring his fangs at Lee . . .

Lee : "Yeah, yeah, you and your fart killing intent . . . "

Lee : "Don't wait till everything go down the drain in order to confess to them . "

Nie Li dissipated his intent and shut his mouth, true that in both lives he acted way too late and in the end everything got reset for him .

A few minutes earlier, within Ancient Orchid City's stone fort .

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Chen Linjian, Huyan Lanruo and Ye Ziyun and the others were gathered in the stone fort .

Chen Linjian was a little depressed . Their trip here is to explore, however, they haven't gotten anything and they had already lost so many people . If the people lost was anyone else, he'd still be okay . However, they could not find Lee and Nie Li anywhere, and this caused him to feel depressed .

Ye Ziyun and Huyan Lanruo had already told him about the entrance they fell and for these hours they were searching for the real entrance by the place they had decided . . .

Chu Yuan : "You two forget them . Those short-lived guys have probably already died . "

Lan Ruo : "Shut up!"

Chu Yuan : "Well obviously from what you told us those guys already became one with the ground and stayed there . . . "

Chu Yuan : "This is already a fact!"

Lan Ruo "Scram, If you still do not scram, don't blame me for being impolite!"

Chu Yuan opened his mouth wanting to say something, but after seeing Huyan Lanruo's and Ye Ziyun's expression . He lightly smiled, shrugged and walked to a side .

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As they kept walking both Lan Ruo and Ye Ziyun froze on their tracks, they could feel something in their bodies which caused them to look at their Altar . . .

What happened next scared both of them as a huge surge of Soul Force happened inside them, it was both good news and bad news . . .

They knew that they were alive even after so many hours and at the same time, they knew Nie Li breaked through his realm and it seems it wasn't just one Star . . .

They felt an enormous gentle pressure covering them from inside out making their bodies more relaxed, stronger and at the same time raising their cultivation . . .

Ziyun was flabbered because she became peak 5-Star Bronze demon spiritualist and kept going upwards . . . 1-star silver, 2-star silver and eventually reached the peak of 5-star silver shocking her greatly . . .

Both of them looked at each other and saw many emotions in their eyes, fear, awe, astonishment, happiness and many others . . .

In their eyes, they also had a question that it didn't need to speak to each other to know it and nodded almost at the same time . . .

At that moment they reached the military ground and Chen Linjian shouted at everyone that they arrived and they should begin searching ASAP . . .

Chen Linjian : "Two people remain here and watch out for any attacks that might happen . . . "

Chen Linjian : "All others focus on finding the entrance, those two are down there depending on us . . . "

It didn't take long before finding something that might be the entrance they were talking about with no time to spare . . .

Chen Linjian : "Dig three feet down!"

Chen Linjian's men began retrieving their tools and started digging . Unknowing to them that Nie Li and Lee had reached the treasure room . . . At that moment Lee finally heard the system again . . .

Ping!!! TODAG System : Status Quest 4 Updated!!!

The Tomb Of Emperor Kong Ming Contains Many Secrets That Are Waiting To Be Explored!!!

Condition 1 : Explore All Hidden Marks (5/5)

Condition 2 : Unravel The Mystery Of The Divine Energy And Absorb It!!! (1/2)

Rewards : Timeless Butterfly Demon!!!

Thinking in his mind Lee wanted to see how the hell is he going to absorb the energy from the scroll he had gotten and completed the 4th quest gaining his second Demon . . .

Nie Li, on the other hand, had entered inside the treasury and took his Demon and what he remembered his previous life coming here that Ye Ziyun had pick up . . .