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Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Rush to the Sky! (3)

Chapter 228 – Rush to the Sky! (3)


“This is wonderful!”

Inside Japan’s Special Events Research Institute, the institute’s director walked about excitedly while chattering nonstop to his assistant, “Although Transdimensional Review’s Sky City has created a lot of garbage and trouble for us this time, it is a great blessing for us to obtain the castle!”

“Director, I don’t quite understand . ” Puzzled, the male assistant asked, “Just like that Type-K Beast Armor, even if the castle remains in our country, we will still have to share it with the various countries for research . Moreover, the three-kilometer-long delivery box has occupied a lot of arable land and space . It won’t be easy to take care of it . Moreover, we’ve already secured samples of the castle for research . How can this be considered a blessing?”

“You’re still too young . You need to consider things from multiple perspectives . ” Putting his hands behind his hand, the director proudly said, “Firstly, we are the closest to the floating castle . Needless to say, this will greatly lower our research costs .

“Secondly, unlike the beast armor, the floating castle is in the air . Transporting equipment and supplies onto it will be a troublesome task . While our country can deliver our supplies using large transport planes, the other countries don’t have such a convenience . With the airspace restriction in place, unless we remove the restriction, they will have to rent our transport planes to deliver their own supplies . ”

“I see!” Realization dawned on the assistant .

“Whether it is opening up the airspace or renting out transport planes, either option will bring a lot of economic and political benefits to our country,” the director said, sneering . He then continued, “Thirdly, as Transdimensional’s review products become more advanced, it wouldn’t be long before the channel’s fame spreads across the entire globe! With the floating castle’s uniqueness, it will definitely stimulate the development of the local tourism and cultural industries! It might even become a signature for Japan!”

“Yes! That’s it!” The assistant threw his fists into the air vigorously .

“Hehe . Fourthly, as Transdimensional’s UP reviews more advanced products, he wouldn’t pay much attention to the floating castle . In that case, while the castle’s ownership would still be in the other party’s hands, in reality, the rights we have over the castle will also—”

“Director! The floating castle is flying away!”

Just as the director was speaking energetically, a female assistant who was keeping watch over the big screen suddenly snapped out of her daze and interrupted the director’s speech .

In response to the interruption, the director grew extremely annoyed and berated, “You’re not even using honorifics anymore?!”

“I-I’m sorry . ” The female assistant was so scared that she hurriedly got up and bowed .

“Wait a minute . ” Snapping out of his daze, the old director stared at the female assistant and asked, “W-What did you say flew away?”

“T-The castle flew away…”

“Where is it flying to?!” The director immediately turned to look at the big screen, his voice becoming sharp and stern .

“It’s flying to China…”

Inside Hogwarts, the 2,495 participants wandered about enthusiastically as they toured the floating castle they built themselves .

However, most of the participants had gathered in the Astronomy Tower and the Central Tower, the two highest points on the castle .

The island’s current altitude had already exceeded 8,000 meters, plunging into a sea of clouds .

The clouds gathered, rolled, intersected, and separated . Some of the clouds looked like mountains, some looked like Buddha, some looked like tidal waves, and some looked like bumpy sand dunes . They looked hazy and indistinct . When these clouds merged with the floating castle, the sight of paradise was created, and everyone couldn’t help but be mesmerized by this view .

This was a beauty they would never get to experience while riding inside an airplane .

“If we can head to the tropics and find some thunderclouds or typhoons to travel through, the sight will definitely be even more spectacular,” Chen Yu said to the camera . Shrugging, “Unfortunately, the floating castle’s flying speed is too slow . We don’t have too much time to spare . ”

After saying so, Chen Yu circled around the people taking pictures in the Astronomy Tower and traveled to the other locations in Hogwarts with the camera . He made sure to visit famous places such as the Clock Tower, the Dark Tower, the library, the central courtyard, the headmaster’s office…

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The Hogwarts depicted in the movies and original novels didn’t seem very large, but in fact, it was a vast castle complex .

Chen Yu had spent over two hours just briefly touring around the castle complex .

At this time, the floating island had also finally flown up to an altitude of 100,000 meters!

One hundred kilometers .

This was where the thermosphere was located .

The island had transcended the troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere .

If the island ascended any further, it would arrive at the exosphere, which was no different than outer space .

Walking out of the headmaster’s office, Chen Yu made his way to the eastern gate, taking a few group photos with his fans along the way .

When Chen Yu arrived before the tightly shut stone gate, he was greeted by an Auror mage who wore an indifferent expression .

“Lord Headmaster, the environment outside the enclosed area is currently extreme . I do not recommend that you go out . ”

“I refuse your recommendation . ”

Fully displaying the arrogance of someone in authority, Chen Yu pushed open the stone gate and stepped through it .

He had visited even Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter before . With the protective suit’s protection, there was almost nowhere on Earth he couldn’t visit .

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Upon exiting the castle complex, the first thing Chen Yu felt was the change in gravity . Immediately afterward, he saw a cyan aurora fluttering in the black sky . It looked as if it were the ribbon of a dancing fairy, and it looked both brilliant and mesmerizing .

“The aurora found outside the two poles is truly amazing . However, what amazes me even more is the surrounding temperature . ”

Facing the camera, Chen Yu pointed at his own helmet and said, “According to the data the suit provided me, the surrounding temperature has reached 572°C . This might be due to the thermosphere absorbing a large amount of ultraviolet light, causing its temperature to soar . ”

[And here I thought it would get colder the further away we get from Earth…]

[Ditto . ]

[Ahahaha! I’m in Dalian! I can see the island! Awesome!]

[Why can’t I see it?]

[You can see it with a high-powered telescope! Although it’s far away, the castle is simply too big to miss . ]

[I see it as well . I’m using an astronomical telescope . ]

[The island can pretend to be a UFO visiting Earth . ( ͡°͜ʖ͡°)]

[This thing isn’t durable, right? A missile should be able to blast it down easily . ]

[And who in this entire world would dare blast it down?]

[The host is incredible…]

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“Despite the high temperature, the building blocks’ integrity remains fine . ” Bending down, Chen Yu picked up a simulated stick and showed it to the camera . “If we assume the materials used to produce the vacuum maglev train and protective suit are still within our range of understanding, then this material from the 32nd century is beyond our imagination . ”

Tossing the wooden stick away, Chen Yu looked at the camera and crossed his fingers . “Today’s livestream will now come to an end . As to how this floating castle will be used, where it will be parked, and whether it will be used for research or tourism, I will privately discuss this with the various countries’ governments . Personally, I do not wish to speak about things that have nothing to do with reviewing on the livestream . Before I end the stream, though, I would like to say a few things .

“Firstly, I would like to thank the Lego Company for providing us with this product . I hope to see your company producing even more exciting toy building blocks two thousand years, three thousand years, and four thousand years into the future .

“Secondly, I would like to thank the livestream rooms’ 13 million viewers for always waiting before your screens . You are Transdimensional Review’s driving force .

“The development of humanity’s science and technology is truly fast . It is so fast that even we, the ones living in it, cannot keep up with it . Needless to say, it is even more difficult for us to keep up with the technology from a millennium later .

“Maybe, as Transdimensional Review’s program continues, more and more technologies that surpass modern human imagination would appear, making us unable to distinguish between reality and illusion . However, I’ve also mentioned in the past that this is the purpose of reviews . ”

Activating the plasma engine and flying to the Astronomy Tower’s top, Chen Yu said, “Take this episode’s Super Floating Castle for example . While it doesn’t seem to have much practical value, and is, after all, a toy, the meaning it holds is very profound . ”

Looking up at the deep, dark space, Chen Yu murmured, “That is, to never be limited by reason and knowledge . The changes and development that would happen in the future are far more exaggerated than even the wildest imagination of modern humans .

“Even a children’s toy can be fascinating…”

After saying so, Chen Yu did a two-finger salute and said loudly, “Then, today’s review ends here .

“Let us meet again in next month’s official review!”