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Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Double Scam

Chapter 231 – Double Scam

[Transdimensional Store Recommended Products]

[1 . Feces Control Toilet 2 . 0: Produced by the Geek Alliance in 2106 . The integrated quantum chip and encoded data on the efficient use of subatomic particles give the toilet nonlinear independent thinking . The toilet can accurately control the power and direction of the liquid in the tank, ensuring that 100% of the feces will retain its original shape and not be washed away . This product fully reflects the extreme micro-manipulation ability of geeks on data and calculation .

The new 2 . 0 version has been further perfected using the data collected from the 1 . 0 version’s customers . Compared to the 1 . 0 version, additional flushing solutions such as feces geyser, feces crusher and geyser, and feces shape modifier have been added to the 2 . 0 version . These functions thoroughly exert the integrated quantum chip’s computing power . The selling price is 454 points . ]

Upon seeing the first product, Chen Yu felt that even his watch’s screen was shaking slightly .


Grabbing his pillow and slamming it to the ground, Chen Yu bellowed, “This is a scam!!”

“Mr . Chen, what happened?” Little Peach, who sat before the study table, hurriedly turned around .

“Don’t talk to me! I’m emotionally unstable right now . ”

“Oh…” Little Peach shrank back timidly .


After sitting on the bed in silence for some time, Chen Yu bent over and picked up the pillow, placing it back onto the bed . He did his best to calm his mind before browsing the second item on the Transdimensional Store .

[2 . Nuclear Fusion Incinerator: “Produced by the Bliss Bundi Company in 2376 . A necessary piece of equipment for first-class crematoriums . The incinerator has a built-in second-generation miniature controllable nuclear fusion reactor, which efficiently synthesizes the helium element . The generated heat will then be redirected to the corpse inside the incinerator, thoroughly turning the corpse into crystal ashes in 0 . 2 seconds . In addition, through the free configured plug-in, before cremating a corpse, users could choose to customize their corpse’s ashes into shapes such as apples, badges, water cups, necklaces, rings, and other items or accessories . The selling price is 1,220 points . ]


Immediately, Chen Yu grabbed his pillow and slammed it to the ground once more . He then bellowed, “Another scam?!”

For a moment, he felt that there was an invisible force targeting him…

Standing up, Chen yu walked out of his bedroom and dashed for the bathroom . He planned to wash his brain with some water like last time . However, just as he was about to open the sink faucet, he noticed a figure through the corner of his eyes . “Crap!”

Chen Sanke: “…”

“You scared me! Why didn’t you lock the door if you’re using the toilet?!”

In response, Chen Sanke, who was sitting on the toilet, scratched her head and said, “I-I’m not using the toilet . ”

“What are you sitting on the toilet for, then?”

“I can’t untie the drawstring on my pants,” Chen Sanke said as she lifted up her shirt and pointed at the rope on her trousers . She then blinked and added, “It turned into a dead knot . ”

Chen Yu: “…”

“I can’t untie it no matter what,” Chen Sanke said as she clumsily tried to untie the knot . “It’s getting tighter…and tighter . ”

“How long have you been stuck in here?”

“I came in after lunch,” Chen Sanke said as she raised her head and earnestly pondered .

“God, why didn’t you ask for help?” Chen Yu put his aching head under the faucet and washed it with cold water .

“I can still hold it in . ”

Chen Yu: “…”


After cooling his cerebral cortex for several minutes, Chen Yu felt that he had completely calmed down . He then approached Chen Sanke, reached out, and grabbed her trousers’ drawstring .

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“…Were you trying to tie or untie the knot?”

“Untie . ”

Pointing at the drawstring that resembled a ball of entangled yarn, Chen Yu said, “Is that how Mom teaches you how to untie knots?”

“Do you think you can untie it?” Chen Sanke asked as she pridefully raised her head and placed her hands on her hips .

“What are you acting smug for?! Do you think this is something to be proud of?!” Chen Yu immediately moved his head forward and bit down hard on the drawstring with his teeth .


The drawing snapped on the spot .

“Ng…” Lowering her head, Chen Sanke dazedly touched the mark that the drawing left behind on her chubby belly . “It broke . ”

“Your belly’s going to snap if I didn’t break the string . ”

Picking up a towel and wiping off his hair, Chen Yu shrugged and said, “Get Mom to buy you a new drawstring . With how you entangled it, untying it is impossible . ”

“Mhm . ” Chen Sanke nodded . She then hopped off the toilet and wobbled her way out of the bathroom .

“Get back here,” Chen Yu said as he dragged his little sister back to him .

“Ng?” Chen Sanke put on a puzzled look?”

“Weren’t you trying to use the toilet?”

“Oh!” Chen Sanke clapped her hands in realization . Hurriedly, she took off her trousers and sat on the toilet . She then stared at Chen Yu and said, “Mommy said I shouldn’t let other people use the toilet with me . ”

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“…Shouldn’t you at least give me time to go out?”


After closing the bathroom door, Chen Yu massaged his face and returned to his room .

Sitting on the bed, he calmed his emotions and browsed the Transdimensional Store’s third product .

[3 . 5-TCV Injection: Produced by the Pain Endurance Pharmaceutical Company in 2276 . A drug developed based on the unihemispheric slow-wave sleep mode of bottlenose dolphins . Upon injection, the 5-TCV drug will cause the user’s left and right brains to sleep in turns, maintaining the brain’s working efficiency for 244 hours . However, long-term use can cause irreversible damage to the brain . It is recommended to only use the drug again one month after its efficacy disappears . The selling price is 252 points . ]

“Finally, something normal…”

Chen Yu nearly burst into tears of joy . Immediately, he tapped on the screen and purchased one unit of the 5-TCV Injection . He could certainly use this item for his future plans .

[270 points expended (product + tax) . Remaining points: 1,409]

“Only death and taxes are unavoidable in this world…”

Subsequently, a small space-time wormhole appeared and dropped a white delivery box in his room .

After looking at the gigantic delivery box from this morning, Chen Yu actually felt a little strange looking at this pocket-sized box .

“Mr . Chen, here you go!”

Little Peach attentively picked up the box and handed it to Chen Yu .

“Good girl . Set it aside . I won’t be using it for the time being . And get back to coding . ”

“Yes, sir!”

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Laying flat on his bed, Chen Yu continued browsing the Transdimensional Store .

According to his experience, once the first “normal” product appeared, the following products offered would also be “normal . ”

[4 . Linrui Security Camouflage Robot: Produced by the Linrui Technology Company in 2219 . Comes in a set of four . The robots are driven by weak artificial intelligence software, and they can accurately complete their designated tasks . They have a certain degree of linear thinking ability . They are equipped with a pulse stun gun, and they can conceal themselves through optical camouflage . The set comes with a free charging cable for DG sockets and a transformer ball . The robots can also be charged slowly using solar energy . The selling price is 220 points . ]

“This is good!”

Chen Yu moved the screen closer to himself and earnestly re-read the product introduction . He then decisively clicked on the purchase option . “The brainwave recognition function is finally doing its job…”

[223 points expended (product + tax) . Remaining points: 1,175]

As this line of text flashed by, another wormhole appeared in the room .

Just as Little Peach was about to get out of her seat, she noticed the stern look Chen Yu was giving her . Immediately, she obediently returned her focus to her laptop .


The next moment, a two-and-a-half-meter-long delivery box fell heavily, smashing a big hole into the floor .

Chen Yu: “…”

After a moment of silence, Chen Yu turned to look at Little Peach and asked, “Why didn’t you go pick it up this time?”

“D-Didn’t you tell me not to move with your eyes…”

“I was telling you to move quickly!”

“Oh! I’ll move now…”

“It’s too late! Don’t move . The box already came out . ”