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Published at 28th of December 2018 09:37:04 AM

Chapter -2

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In a common high school in the US, Eldrid entered as a freshmen, hoping to start off the first year of high school well . He was dressed in black shorts and an orange T-shirt, as he entered he bumped into a student of the same height, with an adolescent face with red hair, and blue eyes .

"Sorry . " Eldrid said .

"No biggie . " Replied the stranger .

The bell rang and both proceeded to go to the school orientation .

Eldrid zoned out . It's a school orientation, it's boring as hell .

After the orientation, all students shambled to their first period classes .

***First period class***

After arriving the students noticed a seating chart and proceeded to find their seats .

As Eldrid took his seat, he noticed that the kid he had bumped into was right next to him .

"Hi, I'm Eldrid, what's your name?" Eldrid said full of freshmen enthusiasm .

"Adrian . "

"Hey mind if we compare schedules?"

Adrian proceeds to hand Eldrid his schedule sheet . After seeing the sheet, his face is full of surprise .

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"You have the exact same schedule as me!"

Adrian stares at him in surprise .

---3 months later---

***Fencing club meeting***

Two figures were embroiled in an intense fight in the middle of a crowd of people; each person decked out in well worn fencing gear .

The two in the center were going back-and-forth . Eldrid was parrying each strike from the fighter on the right . Suddenly, Eldrid made a lunge, striking the figure on the right .

"Point! 1-2 . "

The two figures began to fight again . Eldrid was forced into defending himself from an onslaught of jabs and lunges . He parried each strike at the last second . The fighter on the right suddenly stopped, causing Eldrid to expose an opening . The fighter on the right lunged into the opening .

"Point! Adrian wins!"

"HAHA! Eldrid you need to work on your offense . "

"Adrian, I've told you I'd rather be learning how to use a broadsword or bastard sword . I'm more apt at slashing than stabbing . "

"Any excuse am I right?"

"Yeah yeah . Keep telling yourself that Adrian . "

"Sucks that Devan couldn't make it . You're still making excuses . "

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"I wish Devan was here too, I wonder what kept him from coming . Anyways I would kick your ass with a normal sword . "

The two continued to argue while taking off their gear, both unable to continue as their gear had been soaked through with sweat .

---2 years later---

Three figures were gathered around a graphed white board .

The sound of dice rolling on a hardwood table was heard as they moved their paper figures . Two of the figures were laid on their sides, representing the fact they were dead . The man behind the game master's cover moved the giant figure of a tarrasque . The other two figures were on each side of the tarrasque .

"Roll a dexterity check" -DM

"19" -Eldrid

"17" -Adrian

"You both managed to dodge the tarrasque's attack . What will you do now?" -DM

"I attack, the same as before . " -Eldrid

"You have 2 more turns for Unstoppable Blade, and you want to use 2 lightning type Elemental Sword to raise your accuracy, 3 ice type Elemental Sword to lower it's Armor Class, 2 fire type Elemental Sword for extra 2 damage, since you're using your 7 sword style correct?" -DM

"Yes . " -Eldrid

"Roll to see if you hit . " -DM

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"18, 19, 19, 10, 15, 16, 7, plus proficiency . "

"Since you've severely slowed it down, and damaged its hide, all of them hit, hmm . . . just roll one dice for damage this time to make it faster . " -DM

"20 . " -Eldrid

"You have successfully killed the tarrasque . We'll continue next week, I still have homework to do . See ya next week guys" -DM

Adrian and Eldrid said goodbye to their friend as they left .

***Local park***

"I told you the blade-master was strong! The attacks are even enough to take down a tarrasque!"

"Dude, if I had luckier rolls than you tonight, I would have done all the damage . "

"Maybe . Usually you have better rolls than me . It's like I stole your luck tonight . "

"You wish . "

At this comment Eldrid sighed, as Adrian usually had amazing luck . Adrian had the hottest girl in school crush on him, though he doesn't even know . Also, even if he didn't know the answer to a test question, he'd usually guess right .

"You're right . I wish I had your luck . You always have things so easy . It's like you struck the jackpot of the lottery of life . "

As Adrian and Eldrid were talking, a dog started running towards them . Its mouth foamed as it barred its teeth . As the dog was about to bite Eldrid, Adrian threw himself in front of the dog . He managed to punch the dog and stop it from biting Eldrid .

However, the dog managed to scratch his face . It left a glaring gash from the middle of Adrian's forehead down to the middle of his cheek, blinding him in his right eye .


As Adrian fell, Eldrid froze . His mind raced as the adrenaline started pumping . Eldrid lunged at Adrian, catching him . The dog charged towards him . His mind in overdrive, Eldrid managed to kick it square in the jaw . Then he sprinted towards his house .

Eldrid burst through the door, running toward the living room . He laid Adrian on the couch . Then he ran into the bathroom to grab a towel . Upon returning to the living room, he took the towel and pressed it against Adrian's wound .

While he did this, he screamed "Hey Google . Call 911!!!" . He spent several minutes listening to the beating drum of his own heart as it thundered in his ears . Then he heard the wailing sounds of sirens resounding throughout the neighborhood .

When the paramedics arrived, they found two teenagers . One in shock . The other had a gash stretching from the middle of his forehead all the way down to the middle of his cheek . The paramedics tried to treat each of them for their respective ailments before arriving at the emergency room .

While all this was going on, the last 2 years flashed before Eldrid's eyes . The first day of school . Their first day of fencing club . The first time they played D&D with a group of acquaintances . When they got jobs to buy blacksmithing equipment Their first attempt at forging a sword . Reading books on Webnovel together . Arguing over whether one true love is better or harems . He recalled countless memories of both good and bad .

As he woke up from his state of shock, he realized he was in a hospital room, next to his friend Adrian . His friend was still in bad shape, but his wound had been cleaned up . Upon realizing his friend was safe, he began looking around .

They were in a plain hospital room, with a window overlooking the local lake . The room was pretty modern . The sounds of machines beeping and droning calmed him . A few minutes later, a nurse entered . Upon noticing Eldrid looking around, she exclaimed, "Oh, you're finally out of that daze . Let me get the doctor for you . "

A few minutes later, the nurse walked in followed by a female doctor, both of which looked around 30 . They were both tall for women but shorter than Eldrid and Adrian . The doctor had tan skin and a figure that would put models to shame . The nurse had less lustrous curves, but her chest made Mt . Everest look like a hill .

'Good grief . Even his luck extends to getting a hot doctor and nurse' Eldrid thought .

"What happened for both of you to end up like this?" the doctor inquired .

Eldrid explained, while trying to keep his focus on her face . "We were walking home when a rabid dog attacked us out of nowhere . The dog tried to bite me, but Adrian saved me . I carried him to his home and tried to stop the bleeding . Then I called 911 and waited for the ambulance to arrive . "

"Quite an adventure you had . I hate to have to tell you this, but your friend will never be able to use his right eye again . We could try to take it out and replace it with a glass eye, but the damage done is so severe, the process could be life threatening . "

---1 year later---

"Hmm . . . I need someone to take care of my unfinished business when I ascend . '