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Chapter 502: 502

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Chapter 502: Unspeakable

Zuo Ming broke out in a cold sweat. He had been paying attention, but the Sixth Master had been too high-profile today. He had attracted a lot of paparazzi. With so many people following him in the open and in the dark, some people might have escaped!

“Thank you.” Huo Ci took the phone and took a look. That person had taken photos from the moment he’d entered the brat’s house until he had come out. “Ms. Zhen, if there’s nothing else, please leave!”

Zhen Li knew when to stop, so she smiled at him. “I’ll be taking my leave then. Be careful on the way, Senior Huo.”

Meanwhile, Xu Xi had come to see Huo Ci. The things in the villa had already been changed. The Third Master had invited him to stay over, but he had not expected to see Zhen Li get out of Huo Ci’s car not far away.

The moment Zhen Li got out of the car, she messed up her hair and undid the top button of her cheongsam, looking as though she had just experienced something unspeakable.

The corners of Xu Xi’s lips curled up in interest. Sixth Master Huo had been scammed. However, where did that woman’s confidence come from? She thought she would catch Sixth Master Huo’s eye?

The women in the entertainment circle were each one more scheming than the other one. Making use of Best Actor Huo’s fame to gain attention was not the best opportunity to rise up.

After Zhen Li left, Xu Xi walked around the big tree and stopped the car. He looked at Huo Ci respectfully. “Sixth Master, the Third Master has moved out. The house has been prepared for you. You can move in now.”

Huo Ci frowned. “I’m not staying there!”

Xu Xi smiled and tried to persuade him. “Sixth Master, this is the most convenient place. If the Third Master tries anything, you will see him immediately if you stay here, right?”

The Third Master had told him that if the Sixth Master did not agree to stay, he could not go back. Therefore, albeit apologetically, he could only resort to a small trick.

Huo Ci thought about it and agreed. He would be living next door, so even if that scumbag Old Jun wanted to do something, he would have to be wary. He nodded casually. “Zuo Ming, go over!”

Xu Xi followed the car. When Sixth Master Huo did not scold people or lose his temper, he was actually very easy to talk to, especially when it came to Ms. Ling. He cared a lot about her.

Ling Sheng had not known that there was a small conflict between them. What kind of conflict could make Director Chen Mo, who was always professional and did everything personally, be absent during filming?

She had heard that her father had gone to find Director Chen yesterday but had not seen him. He had been planning to visit the film site personally the next day. Who knew that he would hide and not come even then?

Besides Ling Sheng, no one knew that Chen Mo was hiding from Huo Ci. They only thought that, as Assistant Director James had said, he had something urgent to attend to and had asked for a day off.

Ling Sheng had just finished filming a scene with Sheng Xichen when she heard someone shout on the set, “Movie King Huo is here!”

Since this round of filming had ended, they would take a break before the next one. He knew how to pick the right time to rush over. Many of his fans ran over to meet their idol.

“Movie King Huo has provided two support trucks. One of them is a food truck, and the other one is a beverage truck. We’re in for a treat. What kind of pie in the sky has befallen us?”

Some people lamented. Oh my god. Yesterday, Ling Sheng’s big fan, Jun Lin, had provided a super luxurious food truck. Today, Best Actor Huo had gotten two more. What kind of good luck did their film crew have?

When Ling Sheng heard that Best Actor Huo had come, she did not feel much. When she heard about the two support food trucks, her mood improved and she followed everyone happily.

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