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Published at 18th of October 2020 03:35:06 AM

Chapter 499: 499

499 – An Overlooked Issue; Everybody Was Troubled (10)

The very next moment, the old dean’s body shuddered a few times uncontrollably and he was stunned motionless for a long while before he was able to recollect himself .

And, just like the abbess, he did not make a decision but stood up and left . “I need a little bit of time to think it though . I will give you a response when I am ready . ” When he was done saying that, he, too, walked outside .

The remaining people exchanged looks with each other . What was going on right now?

Before Clan Master Qin and Valley Master Ji inquired, Cheng Xiao Xiao also sent her words directly to them .

The two elderlies displayed a shocked look at the same time and, after a little while, smiled bitterly and said, “We’d also need some time to think this over . Little Miss Xiao Xiao, we will get back to you . ”

Cheng Xiao Xiao shrugged nonchalantly and watched them leave . It was better if they wanted to do it voluntarily .

The remaining others hadn’t expected that from her . Basically they learned nothing about what the condition was . Elder Lin and the others felt unreconciled .

“Maiden Cheng . We are here sincerely . And we hope that you will considering giving us that opportunity as well!”

There were, naturally, martial emperors among the Top Nine Sects . They were, however, all cultivating behind closed doors . Some of them were aware of this; others didn’t .

Elder Lin and the rest were just the representatives that were sent there in the hopes of obtaining slots for their own sects . Of course, the most important point was to find out whether the Cheng’s truly has the ability to assist others in becoming martial monarch!

By now, they had stayed at the Cheng’s long enough to see living examples that two apex martial emperors had, indeed, broken through to martial monarch last night under their watchful eyes .

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“Haven’t you seen yet? If it is so difficult even for them to make the decision, then for sure it is not going to be something easy . Why don’t you wait for their answers first before we resume this discussion?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t feel that they’d be able to make any decisions . Plus, they were not martial emperor themselves . Even if they were, and that she told them the conditions, they still wouldn’t be able to make their decision .

Not to mention that she had no intention to help the others with the exception of the few old monsters for the time being, as she had accepted the resources that they had provided . It wouldn’t be a big deal to help them out; after all, her dimension had already exceeded level 100 . She didn’t have to worry too much about any backlashes of malicious intents .

“Well, that…”

They all nodded in resignation . They had no choice but to accept her requests . They had already been waiting for most of the month, what’s a little bit more time?

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What was surprising was that the old monsters left the Cheng’s that day and all returned to their own places . Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t worried . As this point in time, its up to them what they want to do next .

The two wives who had recently became martial monarch exuded authoritativeness from them . So much that a normal person wouldn’t even be able to look them in their eyes .

Cheng Xiao Xiao, on the other hand, chuckled and teased, “Shi mu and Aunty Gong, you two look to be around 17~18 . That’s what they call living backward!”

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