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Chapter 1229: 1229

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The next morning, Mo Zixi woke up from the sofa to find a bowl of hangover soup on the dining table . He picked it up and drank it in one gulp .

He then looked around the house . It seemed, Yao Anqi heated the soup up for him before she left for work .

Mo Zixi promised that he was picking Xingzhe up from Hyatt Regency that day, so after having a bath, he immediately drove back to the family home .

But, when Mo Ziyan heard that Mo Zixi was taking Xingzhe away, she was extremely unhappy .

"Why don't you give him to me? You and Yao Jie can have another child . Little Xingxing​ can be mine . "

Mo Ziyan truly liked Xingzhe because he was so well behaved and adorable . . .

"No, I must take Xingzhe today . "

"Bro, I'm doing this for your own good, OK? If you take Xingzhe home, Yao Jie will only have eyes for her son . Who would look at an old man like you? I am helping you create an opportunity . "

"Only you would use lame reasoning like that . If you stay at home all day to look after Xingzhe, who's going to manage Hai Rui? I'd be surprised if Dad can tolerate you . "

Mo Zixi finally grabbed on to the right point . Although Mo Ting had never mentioned it, the three siblings had indeed caused a lot of stress for Tangning . Just based on this point, Mo Ziyan knew she couldn't act recklessly .

"Fine, I'll give your son back to you . But you need to bring him back often, OK?"

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Xingzhe was quite attached to Mo Ziyan as well . Although it had only been a few days, Mo Ziyan cared for this little nephew down to the finest detail .

"Bro, you don't even have a child's seat installed in your car . How could I leave Xingzhe with you? I'll drive you there and head straight for Hai Rui after . "

The main issue was that Xingzhe kept calling, "Auntie, auntie . " Because of this, Mo Ziyan couldn't bear to part with him .

Seeing that Mo Ziyan liked his child so much, Mo Zixi couldn't help but say, "Since you like him so much, you should have one of your own . "

"I don't like kids, I just like Little Xingxing . This is fate!"

Afterwards, the brother and sister took the child to Mo Zixi's new home . Mo Ziyan scanned the place and noticed a blanket on the sofa that hadn't been tidied up . She immediately laughed, "Don't tell me you're still sleeping on the sofa . "

"What other option do I have?" Mo Zixi shrugged .

"I must say that you deserve it, Bro! I hope Yao Jie tortures you well . It will make me really happy . . . " Mo Ziyan said before she kissed little Xingzhe a few times and left, leaving Mo Zixi and his son on their own .

To make his son like him, Mo Zixi patiently tried to talk to the little boy . But, men were naturally awkward when it came to taking care of children . So, Mo Zixi did not understand what Xingzhe liked, nor could he comprehend his actions . In the end, he had to call Yao Anqi for help .

Yao Anqi had just finished a surgery at that time . When she saw that it was a phone call from Mo Zixi, she immediately​ picked it up, "What's wrong? Still not comfortable?"

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"That's not it . I want know how Xingzhe acts when he's hungry or sleepy . I can't quite figure it out!"

As a first-time father, it was hard for Mo Zixi to get used to this job .

Everything was so strange . The little creature had the same blood flowing through his body as him; it was such an intriguing thing .

"When he's hungry, he will stare at his bottle . When he's sleepy, he will close his eyes and fall asleep . "

"I see . . . I understand now . I'll wait for you to come home and save me . "

When Yao Anqi heard this, she couldn't help but smile . This surprised her assisting nurse, "Are you smiling, Dr . Yao?"

"Me? Did I?"

The nurse nodded her head, "I saw it with my own eyes . Did something good happen at home recently?"

"Not really . "

"You should smile more often . You look good when you smile . "

Yao Anqi nodded before she returned to looking serious . But, whenever she thought about Mo Zixi and Xingzhe's interaction on their own, she could imagine that it would be really amusing .

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For some reason, being a part of this family of three, made Yao Anqi feel warm . But, when she remembered that they had many hidden dangers, she turned cold again .

After all, she did not trust Mo Zixi enough yet!

. . .

Meanwhile, Chen Jingrong was still in the process of finding the woman she saw in the surveillance footage . But, after searching and asking around for quite some time, she still did not get any leads .

Chen Jingrong knew that Mo Zixi's close colleague/friends knew what was going on and she could tell that they were deliberately keeping it a secret from her .

Because of this, Chen Jingrong found one of the men and questioned him about Mo Zixi's situation .

"Jingrong, it's not that I don't want to tell you, but Zixi's already made things clear . Clinging on like this isn't good for either of you . "

Chen Jingrong couldn't help but sneer at this response, "He made things clear? He never told me that he cheated and found another woman . He simply kicked me aside . Do you call that being clear?"

"Things aren't the way you imagine," the colleague explained . "Must you make yourself look bad with the truth before you give up?"

"How does it make me look bad?" Chen Jingrong stubbornly latched on . "Mo Zixi broke up with me to be with another woman . Could I be worse than him?"

"Four years ago, you didn't just hurt Zixi . Think about it, weren't your actions unfair to another woman? You selfishly took claim on Zixi and left a mother and child with no one to care for . You were the one that did something wrong, so you have no right to chase after Zixi and not let go . "

"What other woman? What mother and child? Explain it clearly," Chen Jingrong asked forcibly .

"Stop asking . Asking will only make you feel worse," the man said before he pushed her out and closed the door in her face .

Chen Jingrong refused to give up, so she went to look for another colleague . But this time, she was smart .

As soon as the colleague opened his door, she said, "I know that I treated another woman unfairly . I want to find Zixi so I can personally apologize to him . "

"Jingrong, it's good that you think this way, but I'm sure Zixi doesn't want you to bother the mother and son because of this reason . "

"Are you saying that the woman that slept Mo Zixi four years ago, ended up giving birth to his son?"

"Is that what happened? Am I right?"

"No comment . "

If that was the case, then the situation was easy to deal with .

Four years ago, on the night of the gathering, there were only a small number of people present . All she had to do was ask around and see who had a child and she'd be able to figure out the woman's identity .

Chen Jingrong never imagined that she was exposed because this woman came looking for Mo Zixi and snatched him away!

But, no . . . he couldn't be snatched away . If Zixi was actually leaving her because the woman had his child, then she was confident that she could win him back!

After all, she thought she understood Mo Zixi!