TS Reincarnated as the Sub Heroine

TS Reincarnated as the Sub Heroine
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A story about two otaku friends getting reincarnated in another world. One as a female and the other a male.

Source Summary: When a NEET dies, is when the story begins.
How will a virgin who wants to make a harem be able to live in another world?
The tone of this series is not particularly heavy.

Jokes are what makes up the main part of the work, so please read it with light feelings.

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7 Months, 3 Weeks ago

At first this series seemed like a decent, honest to goodness yuri comedy where the protagonist is side character party member, jealous of the hero. You see her lollygagging with her fellow skirt-chasing friend and getting into trouble spend all the party’s money then pulling pranks on her friends with a mischievous personality… all that comes crashing down when she’s brutally violated after being trapped alone with the hero because he took an aphrodisiac (cliche much?); this story takes a full 180 degree turn from it’s lighthearted plot of cute yuri/shoujo ai to Goblin slayer-esque violent rape which completely ruins the whole story for decent yuri fans and the like. If that wasn’t enough the MC gave the a-okay to being violated because she felt sorry for seeing him trying NOT to rape her (?) Which, mind you, seemed completely out of character with her whole selfish harem desiring nature. Plus, when she went over the pros and cons and any loophole to get out of it, she missed some vital information, like, how she could have just waited outside the abandoned cabin for him to calm down, or how she could have used an upper potion to surpass his magic defenses with sleep magic, or how she could have asked him to knock himself out with magic, or how he could have waited outside the cabin; OR SOMETHING AT ALL!? And the next morning, after being brutally raped for hours, surprise surprise, she regretted agreeing to it. This whole book was like a huge kick in the face to yuri fans, gender bender fans, freedom of choice and women in general… this, I gave it zero stars.

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