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Twin Sword - Chapter 1

Published at 19th of August 2016 07:00:04 AM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Register

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“WTF !!! Twin Sword . Who create that squick name? “A very disgruntled kid watching the news on TV . “Each man with two swords, who slash faster win? Why Chinese area can’t vote? “

Under the fifth floor someone is shouting . “Tang Hua, go out and join protest with me . ”

Tang Hua look down to street . It turned out his childhood friend-classmate-colleague, Sun Ming . “Protest for what?”

Sun Ming shouted: “We don’t play this stupid game, we would like to play Magic and Sword . ”

“Boring, you go alone . ”


“Little Hua(1)…”

“Mother, call me Tang Hua, otherwise people will misunderstand my gender . ”

“Ahh … Son, you have to go tomorrow, why you still so stubborn .  This time it goes out unlike before, this time likely to be … a lifetime not see each other again … this is because our ancestor, three generation is enough to pay…  . ” Tang Hua’s mother wipes het pitiful tears .

“I know, i know .  Mother, you just try to favor yourself, I do not have anything for you to worry about . “

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“Yes, I know .  Mother heard people say this game can earn the planet M’s money . So … “She pulled out a pen and begin writing:” I will teach you to play the game how to play  virtual game .  “


“I never tell you, but before pregnancy with you, your mother had a fame among hunters . Your mother loved the most is play archer . How I meet your father? In an online game… Since hundreds of years ago, Tang clan didn’t have anyone who are not game players, such as your grandfather, grandmother, and great-grandfather, great- grandmother, … which the young man had never crazy over the game .  So mom spent a night, collecting the essence of their gameplay through each stage, all the favorite from wizard, priest, assasin, solider, knight…


“As my analysis this game is called twin sword, must be focused on physical attacks, such as the skills like Wind Slash, Salvage Rush, and so on …”


“The game was soon have movement, so you can not pursue both for flexibility, but flexibility must practice good hand .  On the other hand support skills are essential, as Defense Boost , Attack Boost, Armor Break Arts, … “


A sleepless night, the whole of China have same body clock . Former-gamer parents have instilled the experience “how to play the game” for children . Party, BOSS, guild, trade item, etc…

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After the tearful adieu, people start up spacecraft . Tang Hua spacecraft numbered 18000, he is 180999990 . The numbering passengers server Tang Hua went into his own room . Private rooms are very small, no more than about four square meters, within the equipments for the game is no other items .

Tang Hua immediately know what this is so considerate . Many years before, the whole world chaos because of the risk of food, so people invented full dive simulation game, you can entering hibernation . Which was dormant, you need not eat or poop, reduced CO2 emissions, and can save resources such as food, water, etc …

In brief, all journey time is to lie down here .
Radio of Spacecraft: Currently our spacecrafts are leaving Earth, let us once again look back on our homeland, is a beautiful planet between the universe – Earth . The sky is yellow, the black ocean, there are volcanoes erupting everywhere out there … . . Also: a whole hour after the game will start, please entered the chamber . It is not built spacecraft cafeteria or toilet, if you do not want to die by hungry or die by unable to poop, it is best to do what I say . Thanks to everyone, the computer has the most intellectually honorable of him – B . O . L . T wished everyone good nights .

Time for hibernation has come, the game begin .

Accordance with the old, before you enter the game, then you have to chatter for a while with the system already .

The Tang Hua is a girl in the manga . Tang Hua knows this girl, she is the main character in the most popular manga series last year, because he did not love manga so he forgets her name, but as Tang Hua remember, she just met wicked people, before she moves out great will to one sentence: In the name of the galaxy, I’ll destroy you .

Tang Hua dislike this person, who preferred not to be delegates .

“Name . ” The beauty questions .

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“Tang Hua . ”

“Name in the game . ”

“Riverlord Dragon!(2)”

“Name related to mafia, rejected . ”

“Teddy Boy(3)”

“Biri” a thunderbolt strike Tang Hoa . The beauty blink eyelashes . “Please do not let me have to repeat the spoken word . ”

Tang Hua fists clenched, hair … erected, is due to electrocution . (TL: Not because transformed into Super Saiyan)

Current Tang Hua is located on the ground, handrails grab useful gas table helplessly said: “I want to sue you . ”

“I Want to Sue You, determine . ”

“No, no!” Tang Hua fired up, who want  call by that name .

“No No? Start the countdown twenty seconds . ”

“F*ck you … That’s not a name! I want to … I do not want my name like that, you must give me time, when my mother named me she needs to think in a whole month … ”

“Eight seconds, seven seconds …”

“Moonlight ahead of bed , Suspect mist on ground, to see moon shine, Bow to remember old country (4) … I don’t need ancient poem … I need a name”

“Time out . ”

“Ah!”Tang Hua’s face turn pale . Time runs out then? His name is what? He did not say where a? Why should she get her last sentence as the name? The last sentence is what? Seems to be: even have to think the whole month . A a! This time Tang Hua is driven to suicide .

“Not finished? Continuing the countdown twenty seconds . Twenty, nineteen … ”

Tang Hua’s face is darkening . Being teased, being considered as the monkeys to poke . Only good news that he still have time choose a name .

“You are late, be careful another thunderbolt ~~~ a” beauty’s face is also black, more forty seconds for a simple name .

Tang Hua feeling resentment, but more and more are frustrations . No way to complain, Tang Hua have to follow thousands of years of Chinese tradition, more a fuss is worse than less a fuss . Of course this can not be said that Tang Hua coward, this is only to say that he … well … smart . When your opponent so powerful that you can not even use cheat to beat him, then if you can not become his friends, do not make him your enemy .