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Twin Sword - Chapter 11

Published at 18th of October 2016 05:59:25 AM

Chapter 11

Translated by: Sinh Qúy Nguyễn

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Edited by: CrimsonWolf

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Chapter 11: Bribery
The system was very simple and clear: Lucky enhanced the probability of dropping items . Blessing was the possibility of triggering hidden tasks, Rootbone was the improvement of the ability of learning advanced Spells or Sword Art, and Perception was the capability of comprehending Spells or Sword Art to use with higher effectiveness .

Tang Hua selected Rootbone! This was Tang Hua’s choice after thinking about it; this he quickly decided . Princess had told everyone about this before she left, so the rest of the players had enough time to consider . As for Princess, she chose Lucky . She believed that good equipment, good flying sword or good spell, all came from having a better stat in Lucky .

Black Crystal chose Perception; in her view, these things were the same as martial arts . One straightforward punch was sometimes better than the most advanced martial arts (TL: I swear that she doesn’t talk about Onepunch Man) . A combo of simple, powerful moves were capable of disrupting more complicated fancy moves . So she believed that the most important one was Perception .

When they were about to leave the village, a blind fortune teller stopped them: “The sister there, I see your forehead is wide (EN: This was originally plump, sounded weird . ), your Perception must be high … …”

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Tang Hua interrupted him: “How do you know her forehead is plump?”

“I see it . ”

“Aren’t you blind?”

“The common man sees by eye, the blind man sees by heart . ” The blind man stretched out a hand: “Only a bill of 50 silver coins, and I can point you to a good place . ”

“50 silver …” Tang Hua roared loudly; although he also felt that the blind’s words might be useful, this was 50 silver coins, equivalent to 50 million federal currency, half the price of a small apartment……

Black Crystal was also been shocked by the amount, so she pulled on Tang Hua clothes: “Let’s go . ” They still matched the virtual currency with the federal currency . But what they did not know then, was even if you have tens thousands of gold, how much can you exchange to Planet M currency?

“49 silver coins . ” Blind man grinded his teeth, and roared out: “This is very cheap, if you don’t take this bargain, in the future you will regret it . ”

“2 silver coins!” Tang Hua glared: “You can get 2 silver coins just by saying a word, we may be newbies, but we are not fools . ”

“2 silver coins? The brother there, are you a robber? . ” The blind man cried: “What can 2 silver coins buy? 48 silver coins, I’m already making a concession, except me no one knows that hidden Sect . ”

“2 . 5 …”

“Hey!” The blind man was furious: “I went down by 1 coin each time, you went up by 0 . 5 coin each time, do you still have kindness?”

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“25 to you . ” Black Crystal did a simple calculation, obtained the blind man’s reserve price, and drew out a bill .

“Well!” The blind man was very satisfied to see a bill . Tang Hua felt like he was being fooled .

“Legend has said that near Xianyang there is a hidden Sect; although they have declined in recent years, they are still a big Sect . Your Perception is very high, and your first name is also Black, so it is perfect for you . ”

“What did he say?”

“He said your name and attributes are very suitable for a Sect near Xianyang, but the way there is worse than doing training until you are half dead . ”

“But this Sect has been recently negotiating for migration, so you must move quick, otherwise you will not be able to find them, as the mountains are covered by a dense fog . But because of its strictness in accepting disciples, the common man is stuck, so …” The blind man took out a token: “This emblem, which is essential if you want to be accepted, can be purchased with 25 silver coins . ”

Black Crystal was almost choked by her own saliva; if she didn’t spend 25 silver coins to buy this, then the previous 25 silver coins was spent for nothing .

However, she did not expect that Tang Hua, who had been stingy until now, would suddenly pull out a note and pass it into the hands of the old man, saying: “Go die a crook, you old man . ”

“This gentleman who loves money is still willing to be fair, how can I lie to you?” The blind man smiled and took the bill, and gave the token to the Black Crystal .

“Why are you doing this?” Black Crystal was very dissatisfied with Tang Hua: “This is not a problem of how much money it costs, this is blackmail . No, I want to find him to reclaim . ”

“You two f*cking brats, deceiving even a poor blind man… …” Behind Black Crystal, came the blind man’s cries of grief: “I spent my lifetime for that token; you will be punished by heaven!”

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“I gave him a bill of one copper,” he said .

“Ah?” Black Crystal surprised: “He can not see?”

“See my ass, he looked at your bill in inverted position, so I guessed……”

Black Crystal stepped back and pointed Tang Hua: “You became bad . ”

“Become bad … right … … I was not such a bully before . ” Tang Hua grasped his head, puzzled, and asked himself: “When did I become so bad? I used to not pay attention to these small details before … … Is it because I was tragically tricked by the NPCs so many times?

Speaking of this point, Tang Hua ground his teeth . When the two went to the grocery store to buy Yangchun noodles, he had asked the shopkeeper how much it was, and the shopkeeper had answered: 1 silver coin . Tang Hua bought a pack, but after looking carefully, Tang Hua was angered . He had wanted to buy the standard packaging 500g, but this guy gave him a 200g pack . The shopkeeper told him: “You did not ask me how much is Yangchun noodles 500g . ”

The second time around, Tang Hua was more careful, and he asked for two packs of Yangchun noodles, 500g . NPC shopkeeper gave him two packs . Seeing that were two 200g packs, Tang Hua wrathfully questioned him . The shopkeeper unhurriedly answered: This noodles’ brand name was “Yangchun noodles 500g” .

The third time Tang Hua went to buy noodles, he said: “A pack of Yangchun noodles, weight of 500g . The boss couldn’t lie again, and finally let Tang Hua obtain the right goods .

So from that, Tang Hua slowly degenerated from a virtuous person to … This was a very simple truth: to learn good behaviour needs 3 years, but to learn bad behaviour only takes 3 days . Moreover, Tang spent not only three days, but five days in Newbie Village .

“Penglai, Shu Mountain1, Kunlun, Emei, Qing Cheng, Great Mercy Temple, Illusion Moon Pagoda, Water Moon Palace, Holy Statue Martial Sect, Great Compassion Sect, Ghost Cave … are big Sects, each one has many branches . There were some other hidden Sects, or hidden secular experts that I also didn’t acknowledge, it depends on your Blessing . After selecting, walk to my side to enter the Magical Teleportation Circle . ”

“How to choose?” Tang Hua secretly gave a bill of 10 silver coins to the Village Chief .

The Village Chief saw no one was around, and after he accepted he whispered: “Learning sword or learning spell? Or dual sword?”

“What do you mean?” Tang Hua whispered to Village Chief’s ear .

“Learning sword must go to Penglai , learning spell must go to Emei, using dual sword must find Kunlun, but if you added to the Rootbone, I suggest you to go to Shu Mountain . ”


“Shu Mountain have good teachers . ” Village Chief looked around like a thief and answered .

“Thank you, elder . ”

“Don’t be polite . You’re always welcomed here . ”

“Goodbye elder . ”


 To avoid confusion, I use “Shu Mountain” for the Sect’s name and “Mountain Shu” for the mountain where the Sect located . Same for other Sects .