Ultimate Scheming System - Chapter 940

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Chapter 940: 940

At 9 o'clock at night, a science education program, which should be serious, ended in such a funny way .

All the audiences around Huaxia gave favorable comments to this program, for this live broadcast was even funnier than variety shows . Countless audiences were amused by the combination of Xu Que and Buttface . This combination became so popular in Huaxia overnight . This program also became a hot topic .

Many airline companies had agreed to issue VIP cards to Buttface and even arrange first-class passage for him . However, he changed his mind when he arrived at the airport . He drove away with an empty plane and flew it directly to Huaxia from the R Nation .

A lot of people were scared by his actions . Before people could work out a solution, Buttface had driven the plane to Capital City in Huaxia and crashed in the interview booth where Xu Que was . At the end of the program, Buttface was lying on the ground unconscious with his tongue out of his mouth . When Xu Que dragged his tail, everyone was amused . Buttface's expression became the source material of various Emoji packages .

Luckily, Xu Que chose to keep a low profile for several days after this . The world also calmed down .

One day, Xu Que, who was staying in a hotel, couldn't help but smile as he looked at the interface of the System . His Acting Tough Points had been rocketing up since his return to Earth . He was quite smart to mute the System, or he would be driven mad by the System's warning tone .

Generally speaking, he had really earned a lot at this time .

Before this, he only had around 1 million Acting Tough Points . Now, the value had exceeded 2 . 3 million .

In other words, he had earned altogether 1 . 3 million Acting Tough Points in less than 20 days on Earth!

Unfortunately, the three times award effect of the Mutant Counterfeit Cigarettes was only available in the World of Cultivators and ceased to be in effect on Earth . Otherwise, he could have earned nearly 4 million Acting Tough Points this time .

It was quite strange that the rate of growth of his Acting Tough Points slowed down when the total value reached 2 . 3 million . The growth had almost stopped today . It seemed he had encountered a bottleneck .

"System, are you going to force me to upgrade again? Why is the growth of my Acting Tough Points stopped suddenly?" Xu Que asked the System in the hotel .

The System replied briefly that the Acting Tough Points he could earn on Earth had reached their upper limit .

After all, this was a world of ordinary people . What he could do to act tough was quite limited . Because of the well-developed network, he would become famous whenever he made a big noise . Therefore, his Acting Tough Points increased rapidly . But the value had reached its upper limit .

After pondering for a while, Xu Que said, changing his expression, "Does this mean the Acting Tough Points I could earn in each world are limited? And I couldn't get more when the upper limit is reached, right?"

The System replied, "Theoretically, yes! However, when new lives in this world have developed their cognition abilities, the Acting Tough Points will still be awarded to the Host accordingly!"


Xu Que didn't know how to describe his current feeling .

According to the reply of the System, when the newly born infants on Earth grew up, he could earn more Acting Tough Points .

I really have no time for that!

"Forget it! Since I can earn no more Acting Tough Points, I should prepare to go back to the World of Cultivators after solving the remaining issues!" Xu Que made up his mind immediately . Anyway, it was quite boring to be invincible on Earth . The entire world knew he was powerful . Therefore, nobody would be startled if he made any big noise again . Maybe this was the reason the System determined his Acting Tough Points had reached their upper limit .


Xu Que waved his hand on the couch . Xu Feifei's laptop appeared in his hand the next moment . Then he opened the world map .

He started to prepare the following plan and schedule . He would go to the rest of the Spell Cores to get the heritage . Then he would go to all places of historic interest and scenic beauty to check whether he could get any windfalls .

"Wait! Right! I almost forgot I still have some ants to wipe out . I won't let you go easily!"

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Xu Que, who sat up on the couch with a smile immediately .

He took out his phone and made a phone call .

. . .

That night, the M Nation took action and banished all members of the Xia Family and forbade them to go back to the M Nation again in future . The Xia Family was in terror and despair . Actually, when they knew the three powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe were killed by Xu Que, they realized their family was doomed .

In these days, the M Nation kept wiping out the rest of the branches of the Rothschild Family . The Xia Family thought a big shot like Xu Que had forgotten them . They never expected they would be banished by the M Nation . All members of this family were sent back to Huaxia .

Before landing in Huaxia, all members of the Xia Family, including Xia Luoqing's grandpa, parents, and Xia Yunhai were quite serious .

"Grandpa, this is all my fault! Let me face Xu Que alone . No matter what he will do to me, I hope he won't vent his fury on the Xia Family! Now I know the Xia Family has done enough for me!" Xia Luoqing said in a beaten voice .

This time he didn't pretend . They had escaped to the M Nation from Huaxia and taken shelter with the Rothschild Family . Then they saw Xu Que kill the three angels with their own eyes . At last, the Rothschild Family was wiped out, and they were driven back to Huaxia . Now, he had realized he and his family were just ants for Xu Que .

He knew he would definitely be killed . Also, if he didn't step up, the entire Xia Family would also be eliminated, including his grandpa and his parents . Therefore, he couldn't believe he was willing to undertake all the responsibilities alone!

"My son, . . . " Xia Luoqing's mother cried out, "is there really nobody who could defeat Xu Que?"

His father, who was sitting beside them, said nothing as he shook his head . It seemed he had grown old overnight .

His grandpa sighed, "How wonderful if you could have understood it earlier!"

"People have to experience tribulation before knowing previous stupid things! The most serious things that happened before were just trifles when I review them now . Before this, I thought I was powerful and could do anything . Now, I know, we are nothing even without being reminded by Xu Que . It is a pity that I know all of this too late!" Xia Luoqing said with a self-deprecating smile .


Suddenly, the plane trembled abruptly . Along with a flash of lightning, a figure appeared in the cabin from nowhere .

People looked up and were shocked by what they saw immediately . They didn't expect that the one who appeared in the cabin would be Xu Que!

"Heh-heh, it is not too late for you to understand this!" Xu Que said with a faint smile as he looked at Xia Luoqing .

Xia Luoqing was as pale as a ghost . Actually, he had almost forgotten Xu Que's appearance . After watching his majestic movements on TV and the efficient killing of the angels, Xia Luoqing wouldn't forget Xu Que's appearance anymore .

"Xu Que!" Xia Luoqing said as he stood up with difficulty, "I know I did wrong to you . I don't expect I could get your forgiveness . But could you please just kill me and let the rest of my family go?"

"What? Are you still in the position to negotiate with me?" Xu Que snorted immediately .

"I am not negotiating with you . I am begging you!" After saying that, Xia Luoqing knelt down directly and looked at Xu Que sturdily .

"Alas!" Xu Que sighed as he shook his head . "In fact, now I am powerful enough and don't want to haggle with you . Also, I've sensed your sincere repentance!"

Xia Luoqing said with a wry smile, "Life is just like this . However, the precondition of repentance is the remorse . There is no regret medicine in this world . It is too late!"

"It is not too late!" Xu Que replied with a faint smile . "My question is if I let you and the Xia Family go, will you continue to do evil in future?"

His words quieted the entire cabin down . Everyone looked at Xu Que in a daze .

Xia Luoqing's grandpa stood up totteringly .

Xia Luoqing's parents looked at Xu Que in disbelief .

Xia Luoqing and Xia Yunhai also looked at Xu Que with pleasant surprise in their eyes .

"No, we won't! If you let us go, the Xia Family will never do evil in future, or all of us will be struck by lightning!" Xia Luoqing promised immediately .

"Good! To be able to correct a mistake is the greatest virtue!" Xu Que nodded his head with a smile .

Before the members of the Xia Family had time to be happy, Xu Que said with a sarcastic smile, "But it is none of my business whether you will do evil in the future or not! Do you really think I could let you go? Do you really think I am a merciful god? I don't want to be a damn good person! Tit for tat is the principle of the Exploding Heavens Faction!"

After saying that, he raised his hand abruptly . A strand of violent green flame appeared in his palm .


He waved his hand . The magnificent Molten Green Lotus gushed toward all members of the Xia Family like a serpent .

When Xu Que flew toward the horizon, the plane behind him, which was loaded with all members of the Xia Family, exploded into scraps and fell down in flames .

When the plane's captain and air hostesses landed on the ground safely, they shook all over and stared at the devil-like figure, which was flying away by stepping on lightning, in a daze .  

. . .