Undefeatable – League of Legends - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Published at 1st of October 2016 04:15:18 PM

Chapter 2

Undefeated - League of Legends - Book 1: Chapter 2

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Book 1: The Return of the Lost King

Chapter 2: Five Connected Seats at the Internet Cafe


There were more than ten minutes until morning study time, Yu Luocheng put down his backpack and leaned against his chair with his eyes closed .  He was still sleepy .


He couldn’t help it; he had to study and play to increase his rank at the same time .  How could he have enough time to sleep?


“Damn it .  We even lost to those jerks from room 3 last night!”  A rough, reckless voice came from behind Yu Luocheng .


He knew the voice; it belonged to his deskmate, Wang Qin .  Game ID: Animal .  He was addicted to playing LoL and self proclaimed best solo-mid at Shuilan High School .  Those who played LoL in their class all looked up to him .


“Zhao Kesong, why are you so timid when you play solo top, just kill their backliners .  If you’re gonna be so timid, we might as well call you Zhao Kesong![1]”  Wang Qin yelled .


Playing video games is just like playing basketball; if you have a bonehead among the five teammates, then you couldn’t win .

“Boss, haven’t you seen the solo top of the other side; he’s already level 27 .  I just reached level 20 .  You want me to fight against him!”  Zhao Kesong explained, with the feeling that he had been wronged .


“Then why did you use a health pot so quickly for .  Didn’t you know there were people hiding in the bushes!”  Wang Qin scolded .


Zhao Kesong was a timid person .  It really wasn’t very suitable to let him play solo top who generally has to play under tough conditions .


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“Also, what you guys at bot doing dying three times in ten minutes!”  Wang Qin turned to the other two boys sitting next to him .


“That’s not my fault .  Every time this bastard Sun Yang uses the robot to grab people and starts a fight, I’m dead . ”  A clean looking boy named Zhong Xiaoyun explained .


“I don’t know what happened yesterday either .  Every time I grab the enemy with my rocket claw and when we start fighting, the two of us keep getting killed . ”  The boy named Sun Yang said resentfully .


Sun Yang liked to use the robot .  It’s said that he could usually carry the entire team .


Yet, he lost yesterday .


Yu Luocheng was resting on his desk, listening to their discussion of the lost battle behind him .


Yu Luocheng also liked to use the “Great Steam Golem - Blitzcrank”  He was a hundred percent sure that, yesterday, Sun Yang must have caught the opposite bottom’s support that were tanky, such as “Taric”, “Alistar”, and “Leona . ”


It’s a good thing to use rocket grab to pull enemies close; but if what you caught were these champions, then you were actually sending your teammates to their graves .  It was as if there was a fierce wolf in the distance from your teammates but the robot brought the wolf over and killed those weaker teammates .


That was something one should pay attention to when playing the steam golem as a support around level 30 .  Sun Yang hadn’t really learned how to play the Blitzcrank .


Certainly, it was fine to catch some of those tanky support champions sometimes, but that would require a bit higher level of skill .


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Yu Luocheng didn’t bother to tell Sun Yang the reason why bot was crushed .  These kind of “elementary” level fights were not of concern to a god like him .


“I invited those guys from room 3 to fight another round next Saturday .  I’ve bet all of my monthly allowance on it . ”  Wang Qin said .


“Boss, don’t be so impetuous .  We can’t beat them . ”  Zhao Kesong said .


“Who said so! !”  Wang Qin raised his eyebrows .  Zhao Kesong shut up immediately .


Yu Luocheng finally opened his eyes after hearing Wang Qin and looked at Wang Qin with drowsy eyes .  “You bet all of your allowance, you really want to starve for a month . ”


Betting with money, that meant he was playing for real now .


Wang Qin, seeing that his half dead deskmate finally spoke, hurried to whisper next to his ear, “Yang Qian Qian is playing the game and she’s looking for someone to lead her .  I am fighting over it with Lin Xu from room 3 .  I didn’t expect we would lose yesterday and Yang Qian Qian was there watching too .  I couldn’t even raise my head yesterday,  shouldn’t I try to save my face?  Aiya, these dudes let me down . ”


“Yang Qian Qian, oh, that class babe from room 4 who has very long legs?”  Yu Luocheng remembered this beauty .  His friends around him would drool every time they saw her passing by .  


She was truly a work of art, especially those two slender legs .  When she walked, even the loose fitting uniform couldn’t cover up her sexiness . !


“Yu Luocheng, you also play the game, don’t you?  It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it .  You don’t even have to play anyway, just come to give us some support next Saturday!”  Said Wang Qin .

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“No, I have things to do .  You guys play . ”  Yu Luocheng shook his head .


Are you kidding me?  To let a 1900 point ranking player watch a bunch wimpy kids play a 5v5, I would rather play with my partners to try and reach an Elo of 2000 .  The weekends for a high school senior were very precious!


You don’t know what an Elo of 1900 is?


It means that if Yu Luocheng were the Monkey King (Sun Wukong 孙悟空), then Wang Qin and his teammates were the little goblins under the demon king Niu Mo Wang (牛魔王) .  There’s simply no comparison!




Do you love studying?


I dare you to say you love those strange words found in old Chinese classics, I dare you to say you love the strange tones of English, I dare you to say you love those math symbols that make you go crazy?


If you really dare to say that you love studying, then I’ll dare to say that you are a hypocrite .


Yu Luocheng hated to study these things, but he knew he had no choice .  He had to pay attention to every lesson and earnestly take good notes for his parents and his own uncertain future, from Monday to Saturday……


A week passed without anyone realizing it .  During Saturday’s last class, the homeroom teacher didn’t forget to get on the podium and pointed to the words on the blackboard, “120 days to the college entrance exam”, written in bright colors .  These words alarmed everyone, making the classroom as serious as a memorial service .


But, once the bell sounded, all the students were bursting with energy again .


“Let’s go eat .  We have to practice some more at the internet cafe tonight and formulate our strategies!”  Wang Qin shouted to his teammates .


“Wang Qin, did you really bet money with those guys from room 3?”  Yu Luocheng packed up his stuff and asked casually .


“Would I fake it?  I can lose money but not my face .  I already told Yang Qian Qian . ”  Wang Qin said seriously .


“Alright, then good luck . ”  Yu Luocheng knew that when Wang Qin was serious about something then nothing could stop him just like a bull seeing red underwear .


“You really not coming to cheer us on?”  Said Wang Qin .


“I have things to do on Saturday night .  If I have time, I may go over .  Is it going to be at Long Sheng Internet Cafe?”  Asked Yu Luocheng .


“Hey, hey .  You better come .  Watch me crucify them!”  Wang Qin said complacently .


As he was talking, Wang Qin already invited his teammates to go eat outside of school .  After dinner, they would form the legendary undefeatable alliance--------the internet cafe quintuplets who had never won!


[1]:  A play on Kesong’s name .  His name is written as 松, song with the first tone for pine tree, but his friend is using 怂, also song with the first tone, but means timid or one who becomes easily afraid .