Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 30

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:29:55 PM
Chapter 30

Da Tian Ting believed Feng Kai Ze did want to take her to the hospital after he parked his friend’s car in the hospital’s parking lot .

Feng Kai Ze unbuckled Da Tian Ting’s seatbelt, and got out of the car .

‘Come out,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘Mr Feng, are you sure you don’t have an appointment at the hospital?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

‘I’m sure you’re getting a thorough body examination,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘My body is in good condition,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘I don’t need to go to the hospital . ’

‘Are you sure your knees are in good condition?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

Feng Kai Ze talking to Da Tian Ting in the car distracted her from the pain in her knees .

‘Mr Feng, no one will accuse you of being mute if you talk less,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘My knees will be OK in another couple of days . I don’t need to go to the hospital . ’

Da Tian Ting got out of the car . She took a step toward the taxi bay, and Feng Kai Ze startled her by carrying her in his arms again .

‘What are you doing?’ Da Tian Ting asked . ‘Put me down . This is a public place . It’s embarrassing to have strangers stare . ’

‘I don’t care about strangers staring,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘You can’t change my mind once I’ve made a decision . I’m taking you to the hospital for a check-up . ’

Da Tian Ting didn’t want to cause a bigger scene with Mr Crazy . It was embarrassing enough having strangers stare at her .

Feng Kai Ze carried Da Tian Ting into the hospital .

‘Sir, do you need help?’ a nurse asked .

Feng Kai Ze put Da Tian Ting down .

‘Take her for a check-up,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘Including each strand of her hair . ’

The nurse felt like if she didn’t follow Feng Kai Ze’s instructions then her life would be over .

‘Yes sir,’ the nurse said .

‘Mr Feng, it’s up to me whether I want a body chek-up or not,’ Da Tian Ting said .

Da Tian Ting had a problem with people ordering her around .

‘I get a say about everything that involves you,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘Give me one good reason why,’ Da Tian Ting said .

‘Because I’m your man,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘You’ve said that before,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘What proof do you have that you’re my man?’

Feng Kai Ze’s arm pulled Da Tian Ting to him, and his lips kissed her untouched lips without warning .