Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 36

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:29:55 PM
Chapter 36

Da Tian Ting carried the pot of hot water for Da Ming Sheng .

‘Ah!’ Da Ming Sheng cried out . ‘My arm!’

The assistants looked up from their cutting boards .

‘Miss Ming Sheng, what happened?’ an assistant asked .

‘Big sister, I was wrong to steal Duan Hua from you,’ Da Ming Sheng said pitifully . ‘Big sister, if pouring hot water on my arm will help soothe your anger then my pain is worth it . Big sister, I hope you can forgive me . ’


‘What are you saying?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

Da Tian Ting held the pot of hot water, and didn’t understand why Da Ming Sheng accused her of pouring hot water on Da Ming Sheng’s arm .

The assistants looked at the pot of hot water in Da Tian Ting’s hands, and they understood how Da Ming Sheng’s arm was burned .

‘Miss Ming Sheng, your arm is injured,’ an assistant said . ‘I’ll take you outside to treat your arm . ’

‘Thank you,’ Da Ming Sheng said .

Da Ming Sheng followed the assistant outside, and no one saw her smirk . She was happy in the future the Shang family wouldn’t let Da Tian Ting into their home again . She didn’t do anything wrong . She was only protecting her own happiness .

In the kitchen, Da Tian Ting held the pot of hot water and thought about why Da Ming Sheng would burn her own arm . Da Tian Ting felt like she fell into Da Ming Sheng’s trap .

‘Miss Tian Ting, give me the pot of hot water,’ an assistant said .

The assistant took the pot of hot water from Da Tian Ting’s hand, and put it on the kitchen bench .

Da Tian Ting felt like she was in the way in the kitchen so she walked back to the dining room . She didn’t understand why everyone was looking at her with hatred .

Shang Duan Hua glared at Da Tian Ting then he continued to treat Da Ming Sheng’s injured arm .

Shang Ming was disappointed in Da Tian Ting’s behavior .

‘Tian Ting, aunty was wrong about you,’ Lam Shu Pan said . ‘Aunty mistook you for a good person . How can you be this vindictive? Ming Sheng didn’t steal Duan Hua from you . Duan Hua left you because he hates you . You shouldn’t scoop this low to take revenge . ’

‘Aunty, what are you talking about?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

Da Tian Ting lost her temper in the kitchen . But she didn’t do anything to harm Da Ming Sheng . She didn’t understand why everyone was accusing her of something she didn’t do .

‘Tian Ting, uncle knows you’re hurting,’ Shang Ming said . ‘But you should admit what you did is wrong . ’

‘Uncle Shang, aunty Lam, I don’t understand what both of you are talking about,’ Da Tian Ting said .