Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 79

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:45:36 PM
Chapter 79

Da Tian Ting carried the box to Feng Kai Ze’s car . On the way home, she thought about what happened when she was sixteen .

That year, Da Tian Ting remembered on a stormy afternoon, she rushed home to see her father and her mother who she thought loved her .

Da Tian Ting pictured that day clearly . Outside her family home, there was a man holding an umbrella, and opening the door of flashy car for her mother and her father ran to the car .

‘Xin Yu, I’m begging you not to leave me,’ Da Zheng Li said .

Da Tian Ting’s mother sat in the man’s flashy car, and left her father kneeling and crying in the rain . Since that day she never saw her mother again .

Later Da Tian Ting found out her mother betrayed her father with another man . She hated and resented her mother because of her mother’s betrayal and for abandoning her father and her . In her eyes, her mother was dead to her that day .

Feng Kai Ze was willing to wait for Da Tian Ting to confide in him about her past .

‘Stop thinking about the painful past,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘You should focus on living a happy life in the future . ’

‘I’m tired,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘I only want to go home and sleep . ’

Da Tian Ting had buried her mother in the past . The box in her hands reopened the wound caused by her mother’s abandonment .

When Da Tian Ting and Feng Kai Ze left her uncle’s home, they didn’t notice they drove past Shang Duan Hua’s car . But Da Ming Sheng thought she saw a beautiful version of Da Tian Ting sitting in a Bugatti . Da Ming Sheng shook her head, it was her paranoia about Da Tian Ting stealing Shang Dua Hua from her that made her see things .

Shang Duan Hua and Da Ming Sheng returned to her family home, and they saw her parents fight .

‘Dad, mum, why are you two fighting?’ Da Ming Sheng asked .

Da Qing Feng and Ning Kan heard Da Ming Sheng’s voice, and they stopped fighting .


‘Duan Hua, you’re here,’ Ning Kan said .

‘Hello aunty Ning, uncle Da,’ Shang Duan Hua greeted . ‘I wanted to make sure Ming Sheng return home safely . ’

Shang Duan Hua was shocked to see Da Ming Sheng’s home turned into a pig sty since his last visit a few days ago .

‘I’ll go get a glass of water,’ Shang Duan Hua said politely .

Shang Duan Hua walked to the kitchen, and pretended he didn’t care about the messy apartment .

Shang Duan Hua opened the fridge, there were no food or drinks inside the fridge and no water came out of the fridge dispenser .

Shang Duan Hua walked back to the messy living room .

‘Is the fridge broken?’ Shang Duan Hua asked . ‘No water came out of the fridge dispenser . How come there are no food or drinks in the fridge?’

‘Because Tian Ting doesn’t live here anymore,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Tian Ting, always buy the groceries including bottled water . Since she moved out, the people living here don’t know how to buy groceries and pay the water bill for themselves . ’

Da Qing Feng picked up a newspaper, and ignored the foolish Shang Duan Hua . Shang Duan Hua took Da Tian Ting for granted . He knew Shang Duan Hua would regret marrying Da Ming Sheng who was self-centered like Shang Duan Hua .

Ning Kan and Da Ming Sheng gave Da Qing Feng daggers .

‘Stop saying nonsense,’ Ning Kan said .

‘I’ve only said the truth,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘In the past Da Tian Ting did everything for this family . Now that she’s gone, this home is falling apart . ’

‘Shut up!’ Ning Kan said .

‘Duan Hua, I’m sorry,’ Da Ming Sheng said . ‘I’ve been busy with the wedding, and forgot to buy groceries . Tomorrow I’ll buy groceries . ’

‘Dua Hua, stay for dinner,’ Ning Kan said . ‘I’ll go bring the dinner dishes out . ’

Ning Kan ran to the kitchen so Shang Duan Hua couldn’t decline her dinner invitation .

‘People who take another person for granted will regret after that person is gone,’ Da Qing Feng said .

‘Dad, don’t say something to make Duan Hua laugh at us,’ Da Ming Sheng said .

‘You and he are the embarrassments,’ Da Qing Feng said .

‘Dad!’ Da Ming Sheng said .

‘Ming Sheng, Tian Ting came here earlier,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Do you know what your mum said?’

‘Why did big sister come here?’ Da Ming Sheng asked .

Da Ming Sheng didn’t want to believe the beautiful woman in the Bugatti was Da Tian Ting .

‘Uncle, why did Tian Ting come here?’ Shang Duan Hua asked .

‘Tian Ting’s father prepared a wedding gift for her before he died,’ Da Qing Fang said . ‘Since you and Ming Sheng betrayed Tian Ting, I gave Tian Ting’s wedding gift to her . I’m happy Tian Ting brought her boyfriend here . Tian Ting has turned into a beautiful woman, and her boyfriend loves her . Her boyfriend is caring, handsome and a better man than you . Ming Sheng’s mum shamelessly scold Tian Ting . Lucky Tian Ting has a good boyfriend, and protected her . Good men are rare these days . ’

‘Dad, stop talking!’ Da Ming Sheng said .

‘Duan Hua, thank you for leaving Tian Ting,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Tian Ting is living a happy life with her loving boyfriend . ’

Shang Duan Hua was angry a vicious woman like Da Tian Ting found a boyfriend .

‘Duan Hua, my dad is only saying nonsense because he’s angry that we wronged big sister,’ Da Ming Sheng said .

‘Ming Sheng, I understand,’ Shang Duan Hua said . ‘Uncle, you shouldn’t trust a two faced person like Tian Ting . Tian Ting assaulted Ming Sheng . First Tian Ting poured hot water onto Ming Sheng’s arm at my parents’ home . Then she threw hot coffee onto Ming Sheng’s body at a restaurant . ’

‘I’ll never believe Tian Ting would do something to hurt another person,’ Da Qing Feng said .

‘Uncle, how can you believe another person’s daughter over your own daughter?’ Shang Duan Hua asked . ‘Uncle, don’t you care about Ming Sheng?’

Da Qing Feng didn’t say anything, because he knew one day the truth would come out .

Da Ming Sheng was happy Shang Duan Hua believed her lies . It meant their wedding day would happen as scheduled .

‘Duan Hua, my dad will accept our marriage soon,’ Da Ming Sheng assured .

Da Qing Feng was ashamed he had a two faced daughter . But he couldn’t change the truth, Da Ming Sheng was his daughter .

‘Uncle, it’s late,’ Shang Duan Hua said . ‘I’m going home . Bye uncle . ’

Shang Duan Hua stood, and left the apartment because he didn’t want to listen to Da Qing Feng’s insults .

‘Dad, I know big sister is a good person,’ Da Ming Sheng said . ‘But I’m your daughter . I’m asking you not to destroy my happiness . ’

‘Ming Sheng, listen to me,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Don’t marry Shang Duan Hua . If you marry him then you’ll be making a mistake, and live an unhappy life . ’

‘Dad!’ Da Ming Sheng said . ‘I know you don’t want me to marry Duan Hua so big sister can marry Duan Hua . Dad, I’m telling you now, I’m marrying Duan Hua!’

‘You’re going to regret marrying him,’ Da Qing Feng said .

‘I’ll regret if I don’t marry Duan Hua!’ Da Ming Sheng said .

Da Ming Sheng stood, stomped to her bedroom and tripped over a garbage bag .

‘Don’t people know how to throw out the garbage in this home?’ Da Ming Sheng asked . ‘Look how messy this home is . Why didn’t anyone clean this home?’

‘Your big sister used to do the housework here,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Now that she’s gone, if you don’t want to live in a messy home then move your arms and legs to clean! And your monthly allowance is used to pay bills . If you’re hungry, go beg for food on the streets . ’

‘Dad, why did you use my monthly allowance to pay bills?’ Da Ming Sheng asked . ‘Dad, am I your daughter or is big sister your daughter?’

‘You’ve graduated for three years and still living off me,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Aren’t you embarrassed? I only make enough money each month to support the family . Now that your big sister is gone, there is no one to share the financial burden with me . So you can forget about getting a monthly allowance from me to pamper yourself . ’

‘Dad, how can you mistreat me like this?’ Da Ming Sheng asked .

‘Tian Ting, sacrificed half of her monthly pay each month for this family,’ Da Qing Feng said . ‘Tian Ting worked to help support this family, and did the housework . How did you and your mum repay Tian Ting? You stole Tian Ting’s fiance . Then you and your mum ganged up on Tian Ting . ’

Da Ming Sheng thought she owed Da Tian Ting nothing . After she married Shang Duan Hua, she didn’t need to live off her dad or worry about money .

‘Dad, I don’t want to listen to you nag,’ Da Ming Sheng said . ‘I’m going to my room . ’

Da Qing Feng felt that he had a bad daughter like Da Ming Sheng, because he broke his promise to Da Zheng Li and didn’t take good care of Da Tian Ting .