Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 90

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:45:36 PM
Chapter 90

Feng Kai Ze spotted Yang Fei’s car following his car so he stopped his car on the side of a quiet road .

‘Kai Ze, I’m sorry,’ Yang Fei said .

‘Yang Fei, from now on, we’re no longer friends,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘You should call me young master Feng . ’

‘Kai Ze, I was cornered,’ Yang Fei said . ‘Boss made me give your address to Miss Hong . Forgive me this time . ’

‘Then it’s better if you don’t know anything about my life that way you can’t betray me,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘In the future don’t call me, and I won’t call you . ’

‘Kai Ze, do you need to be this way?’ Yang Fei asked . ‘We’ve been friends for years . ’

‘Did you see me as your friend when you betrayed me?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘I know it’s wrong of me to disclose your whereabouts,’ Yang Fei said . ‘But I didn’t tell boss everything like you pursuing a woman named Da Tian Ting . ’

Feng Kai Ze held Yang Fei’s shirt collar .

‘You’ve been spying on me?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘I was curious about your sudden interest in a woman so I looked into Da Tian Ting’s background a little,’ Yang Fei said . ‘Boss asked me to find out why you wanted Da Tian Ting blacklisted from working in the city, and he told me to make Da Tian Ting disappear . I found out you cared about Da Tian Ting after you asked me to look for her . If I chose to listen to boss, Da Tian Ting wouldn’t be alive today . ’


‘Yang Fei, if you touch even a strand of her hair, it’ll be you who won’t be alive,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘Kai Ze, if I wanted to harm her, I would have ousted her to boss,’ Yang Fei said . ‘You know how boss operates . ’

Feng Kai Ze let go of Yang Fei’s shirt collar . He believed Yang Fei didn’t tell his father about Da Tian Ting being his girlfriend . But he didn’t forgive Yang Fei for betraying him .

‘Kai Ze, where there is smoke there is fire,’ Yang Fei said . ‘You can’t hide her from boss forever . ’

‘Stay out of my business,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

Feng Kai Ze walked to his car, and Yang Fei chased after him .

‘Kai Ze, I know you’re looking for Da Tian Ting,’ Yang Fei said . ‘Do you need my help to look for her?’

‘No,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I can find her myself . From now on, stay out of my business . I don’t need you . ’

Feng Kai Ze got into his car, and drove off .

Yang Fei didn’t follow Feng Kai Ze’s car again . He knew he lost Feng Kai Ze’s trust . But he didn’t know why Feng Jia Yong wanted Feng Kai Ze to marry Hong Shi Na .

Yang Fei returned to the Feng Mansion . Feng Jia Yong looked like he was burning the newspaper he was reading, and Dai Fang Dung walked into the living room .

‘Yang Fei, did you chase after Kai Ze before?’ Dai Fang Dung asked . ‘Is he OK?’

‘Yes mistress,’ Yang Fei said . ‘Young master Feng, is angry . He needs time to cool down . ’

‘Why must Kai Ze struggle outside instead of taking advantage of his status?’ Dai Fang Dung asked .

‘Struggle?’ Feng Jia Yong asked . ‘He has Feng’s company backing him . Every time he needs help, he finds someone from Feng’s company to help him . Tell me, how is his life a struggle?’

‘Jia Yong, ask yourself since Kai Ze understood his situation, how many times has he relied on his status in the outside world?’ Dai Fang Dun asked . ‘If you ask Yang Fei how many times Kai Ze sought him out for help, Yang Fei would give you a number less than the number of fingers a person owns . ’

‘Yang Fei, how many times?’ Feng Jia Yong asked .

‘Boss…’ Yang Fei said .

Yang Fei didn’t want to anger Feng Jia Yong, but he couldn’t lie because Dai Fang Dung knew the truth .

‘How many?’ Feng Jia Yong asked .

‘Since young master Feng was a little to now, five times,’ Yang Fei said .

‘It appears my son wants to oppose me,’ Feng Jia Yong said .

‘Jia Yong, I don’t understand why you’re forcing Kai Ze to marry Shi Na,’ Dai Fang Dung said . ‘But you should listen to me .  Your relationship with Kai Ze is already strained . Forcing him to marry Shi Na will be the final straw, and you’ll lose a son . ’

‘Kai Ze marrying Shi Na will make Feng’s company more powerful,’ Feng Jia Yong said .

‘Jia Yong, aren’t you satisfied that Feng’s company is the most powerful company in the city?’ Dai Fang Dung asked . ‘Why must you sacrifice your son pointlessly?’

‘What would you know?’ Feng Jia Yong asked .

‘I don’t need to understand the business world to understand life,’ Dai Fang Dung said . ‘It’s meaningless to be rich and powerful, if you chase away your family . You’ll end up old and alone . ’

‘Dai Fang Dung!’ Feng Jia Yong warned .

‘I’ve lived half my life but I don’t have one true friend,’ Dai Fang Dung said . ‘Walking around with the title of Mrs Feng means nothing to me . I’m tired of living a lonely life being Mrs Feng for more than twenty years . The truth is I’m envious of ordinary families who can eat dinner together, laugh and cry together . ’

‘If you’re lonely, go and find a social hobby,’ Feng Jia Yong said . ‘I don’t want to listen to your dribble . ’

‘Then listen to my advice,’ Dai Fang Dung said . ‘Kai Ze, will cut ties with you if you’re adamant about him marring Shi Na . ’

‘There’s no alternative choice,’ Feng Jia Yong said . ‘Kai Ze must marry Shi Na . ’

‘Jia Yong, tell me if you’re being coerced,’ Dai Fang Dung said . ‘I remembered you considered betrothing Jia Yong and Shi Na when they were younger . But you didn’t mention it again until now . ’

‘Boss, if you tell us why, we can help you,’ Yang Fei said .

‘Have you heard of Hao Feng Lian Ming?’ Feng Jia Yong asked .

‘The underground gang?’ Yang Fei asked . ‘Boss, they’re not a threat . Feng’s company can eliminate them . ’

‘Hao Feng Lian Ming isn’t an ordinary underground gang,’ Feng Jia Yong said . ‘They have a member named Ju Feng who is a genius . Ju Feng owns thirty percent of Feng’s company’s shares using unscrupulous methods . If he continues owning more Feng’s company shares, he’ll be the biggest shareholder and I’ll lose control of Feng’s company . ’

‘What do we do now?’ Dai Fang Dung asked . ‘Is that why you want Kai Ze to marry Shi Na? Jia Yong, I believe you can think of a different way to deal with Ju Feng without sacrificing Kai Ze . ’

‘I decide who my son marries,’ Feng Jia Yong said . ‘I’m not giving control of Feng’s company to an outsider . ’