Underdog Versus Boss - Chapter 94

Published at 17th of January 2016 05:45:36 PM
Chapter 94

Feng Kai Ze and Da Tian Ting sat on the grass with their backs against each other .

The cool breeze helped clear Da Tian Ting’s head . She reasoned Feng Kai Ze must have read her diary, and found out the truth . Even if he lied and hurt her, she liked the feeling of having someone cared about her .

‘Little monkey, who are you?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

‘I’m little monkey,’ Feng Kai Ze said evasively .

Feng Kai Ze had a mess to clean up . It wasn’t the right time for him to reveal his identity to Da Tian Ting, because he didn’t want to make her worried about him .

Da Tian Ting stood, and kept her distance from Feng Kai Ze .

‘Even now you don’t want to tell me,’ Da Tian Ting said .

Feng Kai Ze maintaining his mysterious persona made Da Tian Ting want to explode .

‘I’ll tell you everything if you marry me,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘Stop using it as an excuse to hide your real identity to me,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘I don’t care anymore . ’

Da Tian Ting walked away from Feng Kai Ze . He chased after her, and held her hand .

‘I’m having some problems at home,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I promise I’ll tell you everything after things are stable at home . ’

Feng Kai Ze only wanted to bring happiness into Da Tian Ting’s life .

‘What problems?’ Da Tian Ting asked .


‘It’s a complicated situation and involves many people,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I want you to trust me . I promise I’ll tell you everything after I find ways to deal with the problems . ’

‘If you’re a fugitive, stay away from me,’ Da Tian Ting said .

‘In your eyes, am I a fugitive?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘Who else can you be?’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘You’re only a cold pretty boy . ’

‘You shouldn’t take your one of a kind cold pretty boyfriend for granted,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

Da Tian Ting mimed throwing up .

‘You’re right,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘I’ve never seen a one of a kind specimen like you before . ’

‘Then open your eyes and take a look at what a rare specimen I am,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘Dummy,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Don’t misunderstand my insult for a praise . ’

‘If it makes you happy, I’ll be your dummy,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

Feng Kai Ze leaned his face close to Da Tian Ting’s face .

‘Hey,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Don’t invade my personal space . ’

Da Tian Ting turned her head to the side, because her face turned red .

Feng Kai Ze turned Da Tian Ting’s head to face him again .

‘Someone’s face is red,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘No one’s face is red,’ Da Tian ting denied .

Da Tian Ting covered her hot face .

‘If only you can see how bright red your face is right now,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘I don’t want to see you anymore,’ Da Tian Ting said and walked off .

Feng Kai Ze held onto Da Tian Ting’s hand .

‘Tian Ting, will you be my girlfriend?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘No,’ Da Tian Ting said .

Da Tian Ting thought a man like Feng Kai Ze wouldn’t sincerely care about her .

‘Why not?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

Feng Kai Ze had prepared himself for rejection . But hearing Da Tian Ting rejecting him was painful .

‘Take a good look at our reality,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘We met each other here when we were kids, but we’re strangers now . We don’t know anything about each other . How can I say yes to being a stranger’s girlfriend?’

‘Didn’t you get to know me during the weeks we spent together?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘I don’t know you enough,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘I saw you kissing Hong Shi Na . You have a girlfriend . I hate cheaters like you the most . ’

Da Tian Ting didn’t want to remember Feng Kai Ze kissing Hong Shi Na . Feng Kai Ze belonged with a rich beautiful heiress like Hong Shi Na .

‘I’m framed,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘It’s not what you think . ’

‘I saw you kissing her,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘How can you deny the truth?’

‘I admit Hong Shi Na is infatuated with me,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘But I hate her . She throwing herself at me has nothing to do with me . ’

‘You’re a man,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘She’s a woman . If you didn’t want her to hug and kiss you, she can’t overpower you . ’

‘If you don’t believe me, I’ll make her stand in front of you and tell you truth,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

Da Tian Ting heard Feng Kai Ze’s tone of voice sounded like her tone of voice when people misunderstood her . It made her believe she misunderstood him .

‘You don’t have to go that far to make me believe you,’ Da Tian Ting said .

‘I’ll do anything to make you believe me,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘It’ll be long a time before I’ll believe you,’ Da Tian Ting said .

Da Tian Ting let go of Feng Kai Ze’s hand, and walked away from him .

Feng Kai Ze ran in front of Da Tian Ting .

‘Tian Ting, will you be my girlfriend?’ Feng Kai Ze asked .

‘Didn’t you understand what I said?’ Da Tian Ting asked .

‘I don’t understand,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘You need to show me your sincerity,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘If you can move my heart, I’ll consider being your girlfriend . ’

Da Tian Ting thought it was time for her to truly take a gamble on love, and experience what it was like to be in a relationship with a man who did care about her .

Feng Kai Ze squatted in front of Da Tian Ting, and piggy backed her .

‘I’ll start showing how sincere I am by piggy backing you,’ Feng Kai Ze said .

‘Hey,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Put me down . It’s embarrassing if people see you piggy backing me . ’

‘There’s nothing embarrassing letting your boyfriend piggy backing you,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘If people see, they’ll only be envious of you . ’

Da Tian Ting held Feng Kai Ze’s shoulders, and told herself not to feel shy and to enjoy being pampered by a pretty boy .

‘Little monkey, tell me the truth,’ Da Tian Ting said . ‘Do you truly like me or are you playing with me? People have deceived me in the past . I don’t know how I’ll cope if you’re playing with me . If that’s the case, you should stop playing games with me . ’

‘Da Tian Ting, I told you I’m being sincere from the start,’ Feng Kai Ze said . ‘I, Feng Kai Ze can’t live without Da Tian Ting . You’ll be my wife for the rest of your life . ’

Da Tian Ting was happy to hear Feng Kai Ze’s confession .