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Published at 7th of May 2019 04:43:58 PM

Chapter 13

The dim light flashed and the light hit the slightly pale face of Mu Qin . He looked at the instructions in the palm of his hand against the dim light . The font on the bottle was too small and the light was too dark . Mu Qin had to squint his eyes and concentrate on it so as not to miss any effective message .

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Just after Mu Qin eliminated these drugs one by one, he finally found the antipyretic drug he wanted, which made Mu Qin happy . He clenched the hard-won medicine bottle and stuffed it into his pocket . When Mu Qin then prepared to put the other drugs in his hands back into the cupboard, Mu Qin suddenly heard footsteps coming from outside the infirmary .

The sound of the stepping on the marble floor of the hallway outside the door .

Mu Qin was now very nervous, and the tension built to where a little bit of noise made him feel spooked . First, he was worried that Xu Fu might come back at any time . If Xu Fu was injured, there was a good chance that he would come to the infirmary to find medicine . Therefore, the gauze bandage taken away in the medicine cabinet was the possibility of Xu Fu’s actions . Mu Qin knew this was the highest possibility, but he still came . He came to the infirmary not only to find Han Li’s antipyretics, but also to confirm Xu Fu’s position and injury .

It was best to test whether Mu Qin had the opportunity to subdue or trap the other side under the condition that Xu Fu’s leg and foot were injured .

Mu Qin believed that at his own pace, it was impossible to lose to a blind man .

But even with this self-confidence, Mu Qin still couldn’t relax . He was very sensitive to footsteps . Because of the rigorous training he had, Mu Qin would instinctively remember the footsteps of others, as long as he had been in contact with them . The way these people walk, their physique, the size and weight of their steps, Mu Qin would have a general impression, so he remembered Qiu Zijia, Han Li, Cheng Guoxu and Xu Fu’s footsteps .

However, the sound of the footsteps that suddenly sounded outside, Mu Qin’s shocked discovery… he did not recognize them!

Mu Qin’s first reaction was to think: not Xu Fu… who was the person outside!?

The second reaction was to hide, avoiding was the best way to deal with unexpected problems .

Mu Qin’s body was faster than thinking and he started to act . He quickly found that there was not much room in the infirmary where he could hide… There was a curtain in the infirmary to separate the beds . The white curtain that protected the patient’s privacy, but most of the curtains were very worn, worn out of the original white, the fabric was yellow and stained with black smudges, some curtains were half-hanging on the shelf, half-hanging on the ground .

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Although the hidden part behind the curtain was easy to see, but at least Mu Qin could delay some time, and Mu Qin could also use this curtain to block the other side… such as covering the enemy’s head with curtains if the other party was hostile .

So Mu Qin acted, and all the medicine bottles in his hands were put back into the medicine cabinet, and he walked gently behind the curtain of the infirmary without any sound .

Then Mu Qin found that the curtain was not completely draped, and there was a hollow under the curtain, which could not cover Mu Qin’s foot . Mu Qin could not help it, but he tried to retreat and shrink in the corner . The lamp in the infirmary was very dim . The back of the curtain was covered with dark shadows, and Mu Qin wanted to use this darkness to hide himself .

Just after Mu Qin took a deep breath and made a covert retreat, Mu Qin heard the footsteps closer to himself . The other person stood in the corridor of the first floor of the apartment building, just outside the infirmary . Mu Qin realized that this strange footstep was only one wall away from him .

This was the first time that Mu Qin had felt nervous and unusual panic after leaving the army for several years . Even if he was facing the pursuit of Xu Fu, Mu Qin did not feel such panic .

Although he never showed this panic on his face .

Mu Qin was very puzzled . Who was that person outside?

According to Xu Fu, there should be only six people in this closed orphanage map, one killer, five players, and now two dead… Although Mu Qin did not see the death of Cheng Guoxu, Mu Qin was sure that he was dead .

Now, according to Mu Qin’s instructions, Qiu Zijia was carrying Han Li slowly along the wall at the edge of the courtyard . As for Xu Fu, Mu Qin was not sure where the other party was, but Mu Qin listened to the footsteps outside, completely unlike Xu Fu .

Xu Fu’s footsteps were a bit heavier, because Xu Fu was very tall, he was a big man of nearly one meter eighty/ninety centimeters, strong muscles and a strong body, which made Xu Fu very heavy, his weight was very compound . Therefore, when he walked, his footsteps would be heavy . He would make a big sound . He did not seem to be used to controlling the strength of his footsteps .

In particular, his leg was injured, so he must be limping when he walked . The sound of this person was very easy to distinguish, even ordinary people could easily recognize it .

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But now, Mu Qin listened to the outside person’s footsteps who were normal, not limping, it was at the pace of normal people, and felt that these footsteps were very light, the other party seemed to be deliberately controlling themselves to walk slowly .

Who was it!?

Mu Qin had been wandering through countless possibilities . He didn’t think that the outside person would be any one of Xu Fu, Qiu Zijia or Han Li… Couldn’t it be, was there a seventh person in this orphanage? Or…

Mu Qin remembered the dead body on the stairwell next door .

Could a dead person die and resurrect?

If it had happened before, Mu Qin would not believe it . Of course he had seen death, seen others die, and changed from a living life to a pile of rotten meat . He was deeply convinced that the process of death was irreversible . Once a person died, they would never resurrect .

However, now, Mu Qin couldn’t continue to be assured and confident . Because he knew that he was dead, he still had memories of death in his mind . He was killed by a truck . The truck carrying the tons of weight goods directly crashed into him and crushed him into meatloaf . But now he was alive, not only well alive, he was still standing in this strange orphanage, chased by a strange killer .

Such bizarre and terrible things had happened . So, what was so strange about the resurrection of a dead person?

The key was why he could be resurrected?

Mu Qin subconsciously reached into his pocket, and he still had the fool’s tarot in his pocket . He remembered that the Tarot was divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, and the Major Arcana had a total of 22 cards . 0 to 21, from No . 0 Fool to the last No . 21 World . Minor Arcana had four groups, the scepter, the holy grail, the sword and the coin, each group consisting of 14 cards, and the four groups added up to a total of 56 cards .

In this killing game, the effect of the tarot card was the same as that of some games . Since it was a game, then a resurrection card was normal!

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Unfortunately, Mu Qin didn’t think of this before because he didn’t know much about the specific rules of the killing game and the actual effect of the tarot card, but the only one who knew it was identified as a killer by Mu Qin .

It was only now that he realized that it was too already late . Mu Qin heard the footsteps outside walk into the infirmary . This proved that the other person was standing in the infirmary, and maybe standing in front of the curtain covering Mu Qin . He couldn’t help but hold his breath . He didn’t dare to sneak out his head to snoop, and he could only listen to it silently .

The sound disappeared for a while, and the unidentified person who entered the infirmary did not seem to be doing anything, perhaps just standing there quietly .

Mu Qin did not move . He held his mouth and nose and waited patiently . At the same time, he stared closely at the curtain in front of him . His body was tight and ready to attack . He had to rush the moment when the other party might want to pull the opening curtain . The curtain would cover the other’s head, so that the other party would be temporarily confused for a second or two because of the loss of vision . One or two seconds was enough for Mu Qin to escape .

However, after waiting for a long time, the other party did not part the opening curtain as Mu Qin expected, but went to the medicine cabinet of the infirmary . It seemed that they were looking for some medicines and the like . Mu Qin heard the noise from the other party when he turned things over .

He did not seem to find a big living person hiding behind the curtain next to him .

Mu Qin hid behind the curtain and thought that although he did not dare to peak, he still waited nervously and anxiously .

While waiting, Mu Qin also kept telling himself in his heart: don’t be impulsive, continue to wait, wait for the best time .

In the process of Mu Qin waiting, the other party turned over the medicine cabinet, he still did not come to Mu Qin’s curtain, but left the infirmary with light steps . Mu Qin heard the sound of his footsteps drifting away .

Realizing that the other party might have gone out, Mu Qin couldn’t help but breathe a sigh, silently sighing, but still dared not leave the curtain . He decided to continue hiding here for a while, because he guessed that the other party may not have gone far .

Then there was a long waiting time . Mu Qin waited for almost ten minutes . He still didn’t hear a sound outside . Mu Qin finally determined that the other person had left, so he slowly relaxed himself and tightened himself from a stiff body . Gently grabbed the corner of the opening curtain and glanced outside .

The infirmary still looked empty, the unidentified guy did not close the cabinet after turning over the medicine cabinet, and some medicines were scattered on the ground .

The door of the infirmary was greatly open, and the lights on the outside corridor were unknown when they were extinguished .

When he saw no one else in the room, Mu Qin’s came out from behind the curtain, and after confirming that there was no abnormality, he felt relieved and took the antipyretic medicine in his pocket and went outside . Unexpectedly, when Mu Qin just lifted his foot and stepped out of the door of the infirmary, he felt that there was a strong wind coming from the side . It was too sudden that Mu Qin could not react too much . He could only instinctively raise his arms to protect his own vitality .

Then there was a sharp pain . Someone forced a fist to Mu Qin’s stomach . This force was not small . Mu Qin’s feeling was like a dumbbell on his stomach, which made him feel his stomach intestines . Stomach acid should be spit out .

This time, Mu Qin was beaten . He was surprised to realize that the enemy was standing at the door of the infirmary . He waited for Mu Qin to come out and ambush him, and the other party kept silent for ten minutes, just like guarding . The hunter of the trap was as patient .

Mu Qin, who was stunned, did not lose his ability to move . He hardly supported the retreat and opened the distance with the enemy . However, the other party did not rush to rush again . This time, he did not throw his fist, but kicked his foot in Mu Qin’s left leg . On the knee, the joints were damaged and Mu Qin could not continue to stand . In a single moment, he could only kneel on one knee .

Then the man bullied and went to Mu Qin’s stomach and Mu Qin was kicked back to the ground by the other side, but Mu Qin struggled to turn over and went to get up .

Soon, Mu Qin realized that his situation was very passive . The enemy obviously had strong fighting skills . He used all the tricks, and went to the joints of the human body and the most painful parts . This kind of play could make people feel severe pain and quickly lose their resistance . They became the fish on the cutting board .

At this time, Mu Qin had to get out of the opponent’s attack range as soon as possible, and restore the coordination and fighting power of his body . Otherwise, he would definitely be killed here .

Fortunately, the other side seemed to have no weapons like a blade, otherwise it would not be a fist but a knife .