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Chapter 20

Xu Fu basically explained some of the information he knew about this game . It was probably that in this game, only the killer would not die . Even if he tried to kill himself, he would automatically resurrect in a short time .  However, most of what Xu Fu said was not as detailed as what Zhou Yue told Mu Qin, so Mu Qin just listened absently .  

After listening to it, Mu Qin did his best to perform a surprised act about the possibility that the body might be resurrected . He told himself to make a dubious attitude in front of Xu Fu . He lowered his posture and said that he already had a part . He believed what Xu Fu said, because the traces of the scene and the disappearing body were indeed facts .  

“But how can I fully believe it? In case you secretly dragged the body away, then deliberately said that the body was resurrected in front of me, and the name of the killer was crowned on a corpse head, with such ridiculous remarks . To shirk responsibility, make me lower my guard?” Mu Qin raised this most important question .  

“If I was really the killer, I would have already rushed at you now . ” Xu Fu said that as he stared at Mu Qin for a while . “I said that the killer has the same skills as speed regeneration . His recovery speed is very good . Fast, if he is injured, he can heal quickly in a short time . This is what the old player told me . He said that every devil is like this… but now you look at my legs, the chandelier won . It’s really awkward . I can’t walk now . Is there any sign of healing?” 

Mu Qin glanced at Xu Fu’s leg and just wanted to say something again .  Suddenly, the two people heard some sounds from the apartment building .  

That sound was very loud, it seemed to be something that hit the ground .  

After hearing this voice, Xu Fu looked up and looked at the second or third floor of the park building . He saw that some rooms on the second and third floors were lit with lights, and they flashed .  Then Xu Fu thought of something, frowned and looked at Mu Qin: “Didn’t you say that you went upstairs to search it? Should there be no one other than you upstairs?”

Mu Qin also looked upstairs and then looked down at Xu Fu . He was very calm and lied: “You are joking, I don’t have much time to search the entire apartment building . I only went to the third floor to check it out . That floor did not have anyone . As for the higher fourth floor and the fifth floor, if there are no other people, I am not sure . ” 

Xu Fu suddenly frowned and said: “This place is not safe, we should leave here as soon as possible . ” 

Mu Qin, saw Xu Fu was now the face of the attitude softened a lot, but he continued to express his distrust of each other’s position: “I think you are less safe . ” 

Xu Fu did not care and made a plan: “With you, what do you think, if you don’t want to be with me, you can stay here . ” 

At this point, Mu Qin turned his head and looked at the apartment building behind him . He turned back to Xu Fu and said: “Well, I am willing to believe you . Once, we can go together, but where to go, I will decide . ” 

“Yes . ” Xu Fu did not mind this . “Where are we going next?” 

Mu Qin touched the antipyretic in his pocket and said: “Han Li burned, I have to give her medicine . ” 

Xu Fu expressed some shock: “In this case? Did you still find medicine for others?” 

“She can live . ” Mu Qin glanced at the antipyretic and put it back in his pocket, “But if there is no way, you can only listen to your fate . ” 

“Well, then where is Han Li?” Xu Fu inadvertently asked Mu Qin, Mu Qin did not answer, but took Xu Fu with him directly . Going in the direction of the office building, at least they should first meet with Qiu Zijia and the others .  

The two men walked away from the boss for a while, and Mu Qin suddenly looked back and looked at Xu Fu . Then Mu Qin thought of something . He said to Xu Fu: “I thought before that you killed Han Li . ” 

“Because I had guessed that she is the murderer who killed my sister, even if she is not, she may be an accomplice . I have a mentality that I would rather regret the mistake . ” Xu Fu was also ashamed of his evil self . “So I really wanted to kill her at the time, but the real murderer suddenly burst out . ”

“I believe in your remarks,” Mu Qin said indifferently . “But I still hope that you are far away from us . I will meet other people later . Please don’t get too close . ” 

Xu Fu was already impatient . “Listen . I just want to hurry to find the door key and go out… By the way, your fool’s cards are very useful . ” 

Mu Qin already knew the effect of the fool’s card, and he didn’t listen to Xu Fu’s nonsense . Directly and quickly toward the office building, he saw two rooms on the first floor of the office building lit up, speculating that Qiu Zijia should be waiting for him .  

At this time, Mu Qin already knew who was the real murderer, and what he had to do was entirely dependent on Mu Qin’s choice, even though Zhou Yue said that he would not let Mu Qin sell out his teammates because he wanted to help him . But even Zhou Yue said, Mu Qin may still be unable to suppress and want to help Zhou Yue and take some extreme actions .  

So, what should he do? 

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Mu Qin really had some uncertain ideas . He fumbled for the medicine box of antipyretics in his hand, and finally gave up thinking about these damn problems . At least, he should first send the medicine to Han Li’s hand, and other things, wait for Zhou Yue to chase him . Think again .  

Mu Qin and Xu Fu hurried across the lush grass of the courtyard and finally came to the office building . Mu Qin indicated that Xu Fu should wait outside, and he went in and stood in the bright corridor, rushing to the room with several lights . He shouted: “Qiu Zijia!” 

No one responded, but Mu Qin did not worry, and opened his mouth and shouted again . This time, finally, there was a reaction . Qiu Zijia poked his head out from the corner of the room with black lights and saw Mu Qin standing in the corridor like a savior, he rushed over; “Mu Qin! You are finally here!” 

Mu Qin asked casually: “What happened?” 

“No, everything is normal… is you after going for a long time, Han Li has been unconscious, I… am restless . ” Qiu Zijia looked tired and looked like the mental state was not very good .  

“Let me hand it over . ” Mu Qin reached out and took a hold of Qiu Zijia’s shoulder . “Where is Han Li?”

“She’s in the room . ” Qiu Zijia pointed to the innermost room .  

“I brought the medicine over . ” Mu Qin said as he walked toward the room . Qiu Zijia also instinctively followed up . The two entered the dark room . After turning on the light, they found that Qiu Zijia put Han Li on the bench, he still didn’t know where to find a broken blanket to cover her . Qiu Zijia was a bit intimate .  

Mu Qin looked at Han Li in the past . The woman was still burnt and the whole face was red . Then Mu Qin asked Qiu Zijia: “Is there any water?” 

“There is water in the bathroom next door, I picked up a little in advance . ” Qiu Zijia had foresight, picking up a dilapidated cup from the side of the table, which contained some water .  

“The glorious work of feeding her is given to you . ” Mu Qin handed the pill to Qiu Zijia and patted him on the shoulder .  

Qiu Zijia seemed to be reluctant, but he still took Mu Qin’s medicine box and took the water to Han Li to get to the medicine . Mu Qin looked at his movements, and there was an inexplicable depression in his heart .  

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Although he had not been with Qiu Zijia for a long time .  

But… just watching them die? 

“The people are already dead . ” Mu Qin reluctantly said to himself .  

Qiu Zijia, who was giving medicine to Han Li over there, heard Mu Qin speak, but did not hear clearly . He turned to Mu Qin: “What are you talking about?” 

“Nothing . ” Mu Qin said perfunctorily, “Qiu Zijia, do you think we can live going down?” 

Qiu Zijia stuffed the pill into Han Li’s mouth, then poured water on her, and absent-mindedly replied: “I think you are most likely to survive . As for me… even if I survived this time, it’s hard to keep on the next one . ” 

“Do you have no confidence in yourself?” Mu Qin wanted to get some different answers from his mouth .  

After Qiu Zijia gave Han Li a good medicine, he turned to Mu Qin and said, “It is not without confidence . I have already seen the height that I can reach in my life . ”

“I killed myself . ” Qiu Zijia smiled a little ugly . “I drank a lot of alcohol, then I went to a high building and died . ” 

“On the stairs where my brother jumped from the building and committed suicide . ” 

Mu Qin said: “What about now? Do you still want to commit suicide?” 

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Qiu Zijia lowered his head: “I don’t have that courage, that kind of courage… I will do it once in a lifetime . ” 

“I said you, you have to sharpen it . ” 

“How long??” Just in the file of Mu Qin and Qiu Zijia talking, Xu Fu, who was waiting outside, suddenly came in . When he entered the door, he scared Qiu Zijia next to him and screamed at the back of Muqin . He said: ” How could this guy be here?!” 

Mu Qin frowned and looked at Xu Fu: “I told you to wait outside?” 

“I have been waiting for a long time . You think that I am struggling to act with you because what?” Xu Fu said, “Take out your fool’s card and use it to find the location of the exit key . ” 

“If we go looking for it, we won’t be able to take care of Han Li . ” Mu Qin looked back and looked at the woman sleeping on the chair .  

Xu Fu said: “What are you doing with her? You even risked your life to find her, so then she can wake up, can not escape, just look at her own . ” 

“Okay . ” Mu Qin was not paying very much attention to the lives and deaths of others, he just did what he could to do, just like Xu Fu said, he could help him, and then he depended on himself .  

After that, Mu Qin took out the fool’s card as Xu Fu wanted, and began to use this card to find the location of the exit key .  

Xu Fu thought that Mu Qin was too slow . He took the card from Mu Qin in a polite manner and began to explore himself .  

Mu Qin asked him: “How can you be sure that this card must point to the direction of the key to the door?” 

Xu Fu said: “I am not sure… but I can only gamble now . ”