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Chapter 3

Chapter 3


The glasses man called himself “Qiu Zijia”, aged 28, a graduate of a polytechnic university, computer engineering, he said that he was a coder . Because he worked in front of the computer all year round, his body was not very good, myopia was myopia, temperament was gloomy, commonly known as otaku .

Mu Qin felt that he was a little bit funny when he introduced himself, and he did not have a tit-for-tat when talking to Xu Fu .

Such Qiu Zijia’s time left a good impression in front of the female teacher . The teacher seemed to like such a good student . She immediately raised her mouth and smiled: “Undergraduate graduation, not bad!”

Then the female teacher introduced herself . The name was “Han Li”, and she was 39 years old . She was also a high school graduate of a normal university . After graduation, she was first introduced as a relative teacher by the relatives, because it was said that the salary of the kindergarten teacher was very high, but she did five or six . Years later, she went to some middle school teacher in the middle school .

As for the reason, Han Li did not say it .

Cheng Guoxu was silent, so Mu Qin stood up and introduced himself: “My name is Mu Qin . ”

Mu Qin was an orphan . He seemed to have been abandoned when he was still a baby . He was thrown in a trash can under a flyover . He was later discovered and sent to a nearby orphanage .

However, Mu Qin did not stay in the orphanage for a long time . He was adopted by people when he was about three or four years old . He was adopted by a couple who were old and lost . The couple had lost a son in an accidental fire . Death, the couple grieved, went to the orphanage and took Mu Qin .

The couple were very old when they adopted Mu Qin . They were in their fifties . After Mu Qin arrived, at the age of twelve, they died of illness and left Mu Qin with a considerable amount of property .

The old couple had only one relative, a bad character, and a lot of age . He took Mu Qin as a guardian and then squandered the property that should have belonged to Mu Qin, except for Mu Qin’s tuition . Every month, the cost of living was not a problem . Later, when Mu Qin finished his high school entrance examination, the old man said that his money was spent . Mu Qin had to give up university and go to the military to serve .

Because he heard that there was no charge for the soldiers, there were also allowances, and there were also veterans after the retirement .

Mu Qin served for five years . After he came out, he started to look for a job . He started doing everything at first, because most of the reasons for his service were security guards, but he felt that his salary was not high and he learned to run sales .

Mu Qin’s life was quite ordinary . He thought so, but the technical expert Qiu Zijia and the female teacher all had the meaning of looking at him differently . They all said, “You should be a soldier, are you any good?”

Mu Qin laughed . “This is a branch of the army I am in . Because the food is delicious, I had stayed longer and have no skills . ”

Just now, Qiu Zijia and Han Li, who shared another look, were disappointed . Finally, he looked at Cheng Guoxu and lost interest when he heard that the other person said that he was an ordinary factory worker .

Mu Qin followed Qiu Zijia and the others to start searching for this so-called “game map . ”

It seemed to be a large orphanage with courtyards, churches, apartment areas where children lived and connected office areas .

In the office where five people gathered together, there were many old folders stored . According to the information inside, the orphanage was called the “Iris Flower Orphanage . ”

The Iris Flower Orphanage was sponsored by several Western companies around 1982 . Therefore, in the early days of the construction of the orphanage, the buildings were also biased towards Western style, so a small church would be built in the courtyard, and even a few nuns would serve here .

At first, there was indeed a lot of orphans . This should have been a great public welfare organization that benefited the society . It was only very backward in that era . The downturn in various industries and the immaturity of the domestic adoption process led to the loss of sponsorships for the orphanage . For enterprises, it was a kind of burden . In the next ten years or so, they would withdraw the sponsorship of the orphanage, and finally the Iris Flower Orphanage would be abandoned and became the present .

The children living in the orphanage were also sent away afterwards and sent to other welfare agencies and social institutions .

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On the surface, this thing seemed to be no different . Most organizations of public welfare organizations would face decline due to lack of funds . However, Mu Qin found that there was a strange truth behind this incident .

Because Mu Qin also got a lot of newspapers from the office shelves, various newspapers from the 1980s to the 1990s, these newspapers intermittently recorded various negative face reports about the Iris Flower Orphanage .

For example, the staff of the orphanage had the suspicion of child abuse . In addition, the president of the orphanage had the suspicion of privately sponsoring the sponsorship .

These negative face reports formed a paradox for the Iris Flower Orphanage at the time, and Mu Qin estimated that this was one of the reasons why the orphanage was eventually abandoned .

However, it was not so important now why the orphanage was abandoned . The main purpose of Mu Qin and others was to find a way to leave the orphanage .

“Isn’t it better to go over the wall?” The female teacher in the team still had some instinct for this so-called killing game . She opened the door and looked into the courtyard and looked at it . “Looking for a ladder to climb the wall is good, we won’t need to find the key to the door . ”

Mu Qin said: “There are spikes and barbed wire on the walls, and the walls are visually four or five meters high, the slightest mistake could lead to death . ”

The female teacher heard the words, turned white and said: “It’s not easy . Find a wire cutter to cut the wire fence . As for the spikes, use the wooden board to hold the spikes and turn them over . We have students in the middle school . ”

Qiu Zijia said: “This method is very good, but where do you go to find ladder iron tongs and wooden boards? This place is so desolate, many equipment is abandoned or moved away . It is time-consuming and laborious to find these things . It is better to find the key to the door directly . ”

Mu Qin also agreed: “I do not know if there is really a killer to kill us, but we simply do not have time to climb the wall in such a risky move, just like the kiss of death . ”

The female teacher saw her advice was rejected, she seemed reluctant . Humming coldly, she said: “You smart mouth, then you’d do something about it!”

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Qiu Zijia, Han Li seemed to think this was called together with the woman he did not come, he could not resist and Mu Qin going closer, he said to Mu Qin: “Brother, even if you are in the army for logistics, then the basic training should still be there . If you really are against the killer, are you sure?”

Mu Qin touched his chin and thought about it . He replied: “I have been retired for many years, and my physical fitness is not as good as of that year . Therefore, depending on the situation, the physical reaction and explosiveness of the other party, assuming that the other party has weapons, a knife I can still think of a way . If it is a gun…”

This situation made Qiu Zijia feel less optimistic . He regretted it: “I shouldn’t have let the guy named Xu Fu go . ”

Mu Qin also thought: “We really shouldn’t, he looked like he knew a lot of intelligence, we have to found out more things from him at least . ”

“And, I have a question that I haven’t had time to ask him . ” Mu Qin said, taking out the fool’s tower from his pocket . “This stuff you have in your hands?”

Qiu Zijia, Han Li and Cheng Guoxu heard this, all handed Mu Qin to look, replied: “There!”

Then, three people each they took their respective tarot cards from their pockets, and interestingly, the tarot cards they held were all fools, and the four fools gathered together to make the faces of the people unclear .

“What does this card mean?” Han Li took the tarot card and looked it over .

Qiu Zijia was a senior otaku who played on a computer . He speculated: “I think this may be a prop in the game . You have played a card game, maybe it is similar to that . ”

“Card game?” Han Li probably did not play . After that, her face was a bit disdainful . “You young people only know how to play games all day long . ”

Qiu Zijia had already been unable to stand Han Li . He tried to ignore her and said: “I think this tarot card is just like the prop card in the game . Each card has a different prop effect . The back of the fool’s card we are holding can increase our luck . It is probably the effect of this prop . ”

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“Wait a minute!” When Qiu Zijia said it, next to him Han Li suddenly screamed, her voice was very loud and sharp, and Qiu Zijia and Mu Qin were all stunned . Only the silent and ignorant Cheng Gouxu had no reaction .

“What’s wrong?” Qiu Zijia licked his ear and looked at Han Li, only to find Han Li holding his tarot card with a look of dismay .

“You just said that this card is to increase the value of luck?” Han Li showed her tarot card to Qiu Zijia .

Qiu Zijia looked at her tarot card in disbelief and casually said: “Yes, the back of the card is not written…”

Halfway through, Qiu Zijia suddenly got stuck, and he looked at Han Li with strange eyes . The tarot card held in his hand did not explain it: “Weird, the image on your tarot card is upside down . ”

Mu Qin heard this and suddenly went around Qiu Zijia and said to Han Li: “Show me your card please?”

Although politely asked, Mu Qin was unceremonious, and reached out and took Han Li’s tarot card directly . He looked down and saw that the image on the tarot card was indeed backwards…

The characters that marked the fool and the pattern of the tarot frame were standing, just like the cards in Mu Qin, Qiu Zijia, and Cheng Guoxu’s hands, but the image of the fool in the center of the board was inverted .

Mu Qin looked at the inverted fool for a moment of meditation, turned the card over to see the back, and found that the lines on the back of it were also inverted, so Mu Qin flipped the card upside down, making the writing stand upright, then looked at it . He saw the words above:

The journey of adventure is over, you are in the abyss of ubiquity .

Ready for despair and pain?

PS . Curse card, this card will lower your luck .