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Chapter 8

Chapter 8


“I found something . ” Silently, Cheng Guoxu rummaged through the cabinet under the other side for a long time . Finally, he found a paper bag and took it . Then he handed the paper bag to Mu Qin, which seemed invisible . It confirmed Mu Qin’s leadership in this small group of three people .

Mu Qin took the paper bag in the hands of Cheng Guoxu and took the documents out of the bag . Then he discovered that the so-called documents were actually a few thin papers stapled together by a staple, plus a stack of cut-out newspapers . Mu Qin placed the candlestick he was holding on the tattered table on the church stage and began to flip through the documents .

Then, Mu Qin realized that these yellowed papers were recorded by the staff of the orphanage .

In fact, it was a thin resume, which read the names, gender, age, date of birth, and ID number of each employee . A one-inch ID photo was attached to the upper right corner . The following was a record of each employee’s career and family members in a mess .

All the resumes were stapled together, but Mu Qin found that one of the resumes seemed to have been torn off because the staples left behind by the tears remained on the staples .

The traces of tearing were very new, like they had just been torn off .

Mu Qin, who found this detail, looked up and saw Cheng Guoxu as a voice . Cheng Guoxu gave the document to Mu Qin and did not leave . Instead, he stood next to Mu Qin and pretended to read the documents with him . So Mu Qin did not say much, and continued to look down on these documents .

From the perspective of these employee resumes, there were more women in the orphanage, and there were only one or two males . Most of them were between the ages of 20 and 30, and the educational level did not seem to be high .

At first, Mu Qin did not think that these resumes meant anything, until he found Han Li’s resume inbetween several resumes .

Han Li’s resume was the last one . The name on the column clearly read “Han Li” . Originally, Mu Qin thought it was the same name . As a result, he saw a photo of Han Li’s one inch in the upper right corner . The photo was very small . And the yellowing Han Li in the photo was obviously much younger than the Han Li that Mu Qin now knew . It was probably the appearance of her in her twenties, but her facial features could make Mu Qin easily recognize her .

Han Li’s resume was simple and straightforward, and there was nothing special about it, but since her resume appeared in the employee’s file of the orphanage, she proved that she worked in this orphanage . Before Han Li said that she had done the work of a kindergarten teacher…

Mu Qin thought about it and thought that this was a bit embarrassing .

Since Han Li had worked in an orphanage, it seemed to work for a short time, then she was undoubtedly very familiar with this orphanage, but she did not tell Mu Qin and others about her situation, she chose to hide it, but why should she hide it?

In fact, the answer was also very good speculation, Mu Qin first thought of Han Li’s death, before Xu Fu had speculated that Han Li was poisoned by her students and then killed .

Han Li was a junior high school teacher who taught a group of students from the first to the third grade, and was about 12 to 16 years old . A teenage child knew how to kill with a drug, so what was the motivation for the child to murder his teacher?

This was also a good guess . Most of the teachers have irreversible contradictions . Generally, the child’s psychological endurance was not bad . It was not a common thing for students to be riddled by various teachers for various reasons such as not having written homework . When the teacher took a few words, he smashed his hands and killed him . Maybe Han Li used corporal punishment on a student or worse means, which caused the students’ hatred and even made the students kill .

It could be seen that Han Li’s character was not particularly good .

The next speculation was even more obvious . Han Li said that she was a kindergarten teacher and added with this employee file in the orphanage, indicating that Han Li’s so-called kindergarten teacher work was probably the nanny who took care of the orphans in this orphanage .

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Reminiscent of various negative face reports from the Iris Flower Orphanage, the accusation that the staff of the orphanage had been suspected of child abuse, and Han Li’s fear of working in an orphanage, Mu Qin felt that Han Li was afraid it was the lack of abuse of children, so she dared not admit that she had served in this orphanage in front of Mu Qin and the others .

But what about it?

Mu Qin thought about Han Li’s resume… Now they were all in this closed orphanage, surrounded by tall walls, iron gates, etc . , trapped here they couldn’t go anywhere, and a terrible killer was chasing after them .

In such a critical situation, Han Li’s past… was not important to Mu Qin . He was too lazy to care about what Han Li had done before . He just wanted to know how to leave from this place .

Xu Fu said that they were dead . After they died, they were sent to this game by a mysterious force and sent to this map .

Xu Fu’s words made Mu Qin always doubtful . Although Mu Qin did have his own memory of “death”, he remembered that a big truck rushed toward him, and he could even recall the sound of his internal organs .

But this kind of recollection was like dreaming . He was standing here intact, his body was still there, he could still hear his heartbeat and breathing . He was obviously alive, really alive, which made Mu Qin uncertain . It was a bit unclear about dreams and reality .

Mu Qin continued to flip through the documents that Cheng Gouxu gave him, and then saw a stack of newspapers pressed under the employee’s resume .

This stack of newspapers, like those previously searched by Mu Qin, also reported various negative news about the iris orphanage, but there were several reports of extremely serious crimes, such as:

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“An eight-year-old girl was discovered thrown in the dead wilderness, suspected of being humiliated before death . ”

This title allowed Mu Qin to hold back the news carefully, saying that the body of an eight-year-old girl was found dead for about a few days and had begun to rot, almost a few hundred meters away from the iris orphanage . Found in the suburbs of the rice field . Forensic tests said that they were forced violently and abused before they died . This girl was an orphan registered in an orphanage . The police speculated that she was attacked by some employees in the orphanage . After a dozen nonsense, they said the police were stepping up the investigation to end .

Mu Qin turned the newspaper back again . Not only did he see the follow-up reports, but he saw more and more older orphans being murdered and humiliated and then abandoned as a corpse in the wilderness . Counting the number, the iris orphanage had about five children who were killed in succession . It seemed that this was a vicious incident of serial killing of children . However, Mu Qin turned the stack of newspapers to the end and did not see the police cracking the case .

Thinking about it, the reason was that Mu Qin believed that these victims were only orphans, no fathers and no mothers, and the social attention was very low, he was afraid that the last was not enough .

Seeing this, Mu Qin closed the documents in his hand . He looked up and saw Cheng Guoxu, but suddenly found that Cheng Guoxu was also watching Mu Qin .

Cheng Guoxu’s facial features were not very good, and the tail and mouth were always pulled, which gave a feeling of “very unhappy”, especially when he looked at you with his eyes open . The eyes seemed to reveal dark and dirty emotions .

Cheng Guoxu did not dare to look at Mu Qin for too long . Soon he lowered his head and resumed his attitude as he had been silent . Mu Qin looked at him for a long time, and finally did not say anything extra to him . He threw away the documents in his hand and went to find Qiu Zijia .

At this moment, Qiu Zijia had turned the entire chapel to the side, holding a candle and shaking his head to Mu Qin: “There is nothing in this ghost place . ”

Mu Qin looked back at the second floor of the church . The second floor of the small church was not closed . It was open, with corridor railings, presenting a “U” shape facing the stage on the first floor, that was, standing on the first floor stage, looking up to directly see the roof of the church .

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Mu Qin glanced at the collapsed staircase to the second floor and said: “There must be something important on the second floor waiting for us to explore, but now we can’t go up, it is best to find a ladder or something . It’s too time-consuming to climb up by hand . ”

“I know where there is a ladder . ” Cheng Guoxu’s cold mouth spoke .

Qiu Zijia heard strangely and asked: “How do you know where there is a ladder?”

This seemed to make a slight glimpse of Cheng Guoxu . After a delicate pause, Cheng Guoxu said: “The roof of this church is very high, and the position of the wall lamp is also very high, if they want to clean the dust on the roof or change the light bulb for the wall lamp, they would definitely use a ladder… Maybe there would be one somewhere in the nearby utility room . ”

Qiu Zijia nodded after listening: “Also, although the church is not big, but after all, the sacred land, the staff will definitely clean up every day, the ladder may be placed where they put the cleaning tools… Let’s go outside and see . ”

Mu Qin had no objections, then he nodded and went to the gate of the chapel . When he just wanted to push the door out, he heard a slight sound… heavy footsteps, the kind of feet on the stone brick stairs . The sound that came out, although it was not obvious during the rainy night of the storm, was still noticed by some of Mu Qin’s uneasy nerves .

At the time, Mu Qin stopped Qiu Zijia and Cheng Guoxu around him . He whispered: “Turn off the lights and hide . ”

After Mu Qin blew out the candles burning in the weak light, the other two also followed suit . The inside of the church was very dim, and the candle was even more dimmed, and even the fingers were not visible . Mu Qin and the others followed the darkness, the cat was waisted, and quickly moved into the gap between the rows of seats in the church, squatting down and climbing under the chair .

This was a very critical moment, because several people in the church had just hid, and the church door was pushed away from the outside . With the opening of the gate, the wind and rain outside the church followed the movement of the threshold, and the turmoil plunged into the interior of this small church . The cold and moist atmosphere rushed to the face, and Mu Qin shrank under the chair in the dark corner . Holding a candlestick that was just extinguished and hot .

Mu Qin quietly groped his fingers on the ground, and gently placed the hot candlestick on the ground, trying not to make any noise, just when he concentrated on doing so, the door opened by the fan was the sound of a woman that was arguing . The voice was small and intermittent: “I really don’t know… I left this orphanage many years ago… I have not done that kind of thing!”