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Valhalla no Ban Gohan - Volume 1 - Chapter 5

Published at 31st of August 2016 10:39:04 AM

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Color of The Mysterious Gullveig

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Time sure flies, it’s been a week since we came back from ‘Midgard’. Nothing much happened after that, the world is at peace again. My body almost got used to the daily routine of dying and reviving too.

Now I’m just waiting to see whether Loki will bring any interesting news but I heard nothing from him these few days. Although this is a bit too much to wish for but a life where nothing happens like this is boring.

For your information, it’s not I dislike this type of peaceful life. After I get to know about Heimdallr-sama and his gullible personality, I felt that it’s a miracle that we can have this type of boring and peaceful time.

At this moment, there is a problem that I’m facing. This is the problem that happened after we came back and it’s the only one that I haven’t solved yet.

“*sniff sniff*…… I still couldn’t talk to Brynhildr-sama……”

That’s right, this is the problem. This is a life and death issue literally because Brynhildr-sama is my only reason to come here to die every night. Ah~, who would have thought that the price I have to pay to get closer to Hilde-sama is the relationship between me and Brynhildr-sama ……..

No, I can still solve it. The proof is that Brynhildr-sama sometime walked toward me after that incident and I also did the same thing. Due to the time constraint, we only passed by each other only.

“No, this cannot go on forever. Today, I must talk it out with Brynhildr-sama and resolve the misunderstanding caused by Hilde-sama! Maybe I will also propose to her and discuss on our future plan together!”

I’m not sure if it is due to this misunderstanding, my brain is filled with perverted family plan. The lines for propose is:

“Why don’t we jump in the pot together?” Good, this is perfect!

This is not the time for my morning jogging! I have to go to ‘Vingólf’ and find Brynhildr-sama immediately! After I stomped my hoof to begin my war, I rush out of my room immediately.

The moment when I was going to turn in the corridor after leaving my room, there was an unknown voice coming from behind me:

“Ah, Sei-kun! What a coincidence, there’s something I want to discuss with you actually.”

“I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry now. Can we talk later?”

“Ah… is that so, it’s my bad since I come to find you without making an appointment. I am sorry…. I see you later then…”

After I kindly declined so that I could proceed with my trip, Brynhildr-sama lower her head and run away with a sad face. Even though it’s pitiful but there is no choice now. Now I will become a demon and cut down everything that blocks my path, I have to hurry up and find Brynhildr-sama. This is my mission!

Ah, I wonder where Brynhildr-sama is right now. Somehow I thought I heard her voice just now, don’t tell me she came to ‘Valhalla’?

……A… Ah, wait a moment. What did I say just now? Just now…. What did I do after I heard Brynhildr-sama voice? Eh, wait, you got to be kidding me? Did….Did I just drive away Brynhildr-sama….?

“Please wait for me, Brynhildr-sama!!!”

…She’s already gone, I tried to hurry back but looks like it’s pointless. Brynhildr-sama is gone now, I cannot even smell her fragment in the corridor anymore.

“AH!!!!!!!! What stupid thing have I done just now! Stupid Sei! Go die a billion times already!!”

I voiced out the anger at myself, and I kept slamming my head on the wall like a woodpecker. Even though you[1] are not at fault but please forgive me until I could release all my anger!

“What! Hey, Sei, is your brain malfunctioning already? What are you doing so early in the morning?”

Just at this moment, Loki came out of nowhere and grabbed hold of me.

“Oh, Loki, long time no seen. But please don’t stop me now, I have to go squat ten billion times as punishment.”

“Why are you doing this? You better calm down now! Now, tell me what happen?”

I had no choice since Loki was trying his best to calm me down, I took a deep breath first. After calming down, I told Loki the whole matter in details.

“Oh, so the relationship between you and Brynhildr….. I see now, something likes this happen after that day.

Loki sit with his leg cross after that. With his finger below his chin and nodding his head, he also looked at me who was on top of this lap frequently.

“Oi, Sei that mean your only one is Brynhildr-sama right?”

“Eh? Only one, I don’t dare….. Well, that is the case.”

“Don’t grumble, you are not a young girl. Brynhildr is not bad but I will choose the fourth sister, Waltraute instead.”

“Waltraute-sama? That is good! Her breast is the biggest among all her sisters.”

“That’s right, doesn’t it make you want to hug her? There is also Ortlinde who has an unexpected sexy body.”

“Oh, Ortlinde-sama. She is quite flirtatious and she is a bit similar to Hayes in that situation. It’s not that she’s very young but the ways she speaks give people a throb. In that case, the third sister is more frightening.”

“Don’t you understand it well too? Did you know about this? Let me share a secret with you… Ah, damn, I suddenly forgot what the name of that boar, that, the golden one with Frey.”

Golden… Ah! I can’t believe that that fellow name is forgotten by Loki! Even though he is one the six greatest creations by the dwarf but his existence is quite weak.

Well… Even I can’t make Loki to memorize my full name…..

“Perhaps you are referring to Gullinbursti?”

“Yes, that one! From what I know that fellow called Gullinbursti is quite dedicate to the ninth sister, Rossweisse.”

“OH! Where did you get that from?”

“Ho, I cannot reveal my source, but it’s quite reliable.”

“Hm… So Loki information network is quite impressive. That means that fellow is a lolicon. Well, I do understand his feeling too but if he were really a lolicon, he would choose Helmwige-sama instead. I think he was attracted by the pure and honest side of her… if that’s the case, there’s a possibility that he might also be interested in the fifth sister, Schwertleite-sama. The fact that she doesn’t know the filthy part of the world is something worth to adapt with.”

“Adapt? Looks like your interest is also quite special. But she is quite scary when she gets angry. Helmwige is also quite similar…. No, she is the scariest once she takes off her mask.”

“You mean the eighth sister, Helmwige-sama? Actually, Loki, there is something I’m quite interested in, why is she keep wearing the mask? What would happen once she took it off?”

“Her attitude will change and it’s a 180° change. Well, there is a chance for you to see it once if you’re still staying at ‘Valhalla Kitchen’…….. Who else other than those two that we haven’t mention?”

“Hm….Ah, Siegrune-sama.”

“For her, everything is good.”

“I think so too.”

“Wait! This is weird! Why are you treating me so weird, what do you mean by that!”

“Whoa! Siegrune-sama! Why are you here?”

“Ah, I forgot, I’m the one who called for her.”

Loki raised his hand while showing a mischievous smile. It’s not cute even if you showed this type of expression! Wait, I should hurry up and explain to Siegrune-sama instead!

“Siegrune-sama is very cute.”[2]

“Are you making fun of me? I never heard of such effortless praise in my life. I can’t believe I’m being look down on by a boar.”

Looks like the plan of explaining nicely to her backfired. Siegrune-sama’s anger has changed to confusion and she let out a deep sigh at the same time. It’s so weird, I actually said that from the bottom of my heart but for some reason it changed to monotone.

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A…. I still don’t understand how it became like this.

“I’m not looking down on you or anything! I really think that Siegrune-sama is cute from the bottom of my heart.”

“Hee, you are quite cunning but it’s obvious you’re lying!”

“Please believe me, I’m not lying! I swear to god!”

“Is that so? Then why did you say that everything is good just now?”

“This is because Siegrune-sama reaction is the cutest when she’s being made fun of.”

“Make fun? As I expected that something is weird from the start! What is the reason for you to make fun of me! Also….Yeah! That, I am always the cutest, so there is no reason for you to make fun of me right.”

“Actually there is a reason? You just didn’t realize that the reaction you make is quite cute and together with the self-satisfied face, it makes you super cute.”

“Ha! How is that possible! There is no way for me to show a cute response!”

“This reaction is actually considered cute…..”

“This also works? Ah, hey, wait, stupid! Don’t look this way!”

Siegrune-sama, who felt embarrassing after being called cute continuously, used her pride golden twin tails to cover her face and squatted down.

Ah, this is it, this, this is the reason why people wants to make fun of her. It seems like I need to stop this since I don’t want her to hate me.

“So Loki, why did you come here so early? And you even called for Siegrune-sama also.”

I decided to change the topic to end the previous one. After the sudden conversation just now, Loki remained calm and snapped his finger said:

“Ah, that, Sei, can you please die for me?”

“Can you not say that politely?”

“Hehehehe…. Then go DIE!”

“Even if you put on a special face but no is no! Please start with a good explaination!”

“Ah, yes, actually it likes this. About your revive ability that you called ‘Gullveig’? Loki-sama actually plans to investigate it in detail about the activation conditions.”

Siegrune-sama with her face still covered, stood up and gave an explanation to replace Loki joke. Is that so, then I understand now but it’s a pity, I won’t die voluntary after knowing the reason. Everything from worm, cricket and Daphnia also wish to live, even if a boar that can revive from death also won’t choose to die without any reasons.

“Looks like you’re showing quite a dissatisfied face, Sei. Then let me spill out the information that I gotten just now, this way you will choose death.”

“He, that is quite interesting, I’ll try to listen.”

“Just now… you “chase away Brynhildr who purposely came to see you” right?”

“Damnit! Let me go die a few times!!!”

The magic words that make me want to choose death….. to me, this is much more effective than the rune of death ‘eihwaz’.

After a while, we shift our location to the east side of ‘Asgard’ which is in the middle of ‘Vigrid’ vast plain. Our destination is on the east side of here, in the end of the horizon.

We are going there due to Loki request since ‘Asgard’ is surrounded by the branch of the world tree ‘Læraðr’ and it floats on the sky likes a bird nest. But Læraðr is situated on the west side from here, that’s why most of the important function of Gladsheim is build there.

In other words…. There is nothing to be seen on the east side and no one will bother to come to this place.

“Is it necessary to be so careful when testing the conditions for ‘Gullveig’?”

“Who knows, there are too many uncertainties. Well my motto is ‘better safe than sorry’. Maybe after we solved this uncertainty, we might change the whole world.”

His sharp eye is giving off a spark and the low pitch voice sound like he is giving off a threat. The current Loki does not seem to be joking at all……. I tried to use a humorous tone to calm thing down as it was starting to scare me:

“You are said that a million times, is that even possible?”

“Is that your real thought? That means you haven’t study enough….. Okay, let’s talk while walking, now I will say something about the secret of history. Siegrune, you should also listen, you might become better than your other sisters.”

“Ah? Is that true? I also want to hear it!”

Siegrune-sama panting was so much exaggeration than the time when I was mistaken as a pervert by Grani-kun. I wonder this for a long time already, does she has a sense of inferiority among her sisters?

Well, each of the nine sisters of the Valkyrie has their own specialty. Siegrune-sama is quite talented in rune magic that she won’t lose to anyone. It’d be much better if she can be more confidence…. Eh? Breast?[3] Ha… If I not mistaken when compare to the other sisters, Siegrune-sama chest is quite normal. Even when she is wearing her armor, it is quite small. Don’t tell me…..

“What are you doing? Where are you looking at, Sei? You’d better listen carefully to what Loki-sama is saying.”


Not good, I cannot simply make an observation without witness the real thing. This is my so-call gentleman spirit.

After I was prepared, Loki began to tell his story:

“A time long long ago— when Odin was still a little brat, the relationship between the Jotun and the god community was quite close but due to one matter that led to the continuously skirmishes to occur. That matter was … lifespan.”

“Lifespan? That lifespan? The life from the moment you were born until you die, that life span?”

“Yes, Siegrune. You all know about it right? There is no end to the lifespan of a Jotun. They were born in an adult appearance and never age which made the god community to be jealous of their unlimited life span. This is here where the problem occurs. The golden apple, which can stop aging, is the main objective of the gods which lead to the war with the Jotun and it is an inevitable fate in this world. You better remember this as this is oldest battle in the world which is known as ‘The hunt of Ymir’.

‘The hunt of Ymir’…… I saw this once when I was reading one of the ancient literatures which was damaged by bugs. This is the battle that led to the never ending war between the Aesir tribe and the Jotun, so this is the reason that started all of this….

Even though Loki said that this is fate, but is it really fate? If the Jotun gave the unwanted thing to the God community, then this war should be able to be avoided.

No….. This is proof that it is inevitable since such a simple action couldn’t be done.

“In the end, the ‘Hunt of Ymir’ concluded as the victory for the God, Odin used the remains of the Jotun King, Ymir to create ‘Midgard’. The Gods was happy as they are in possession of the golden apple but due to the world, the tree was chopped down…. Odin had already growth old while waiting for the tree to borne fruit after planting the seeds. That is the reason why Odin looks so old.”

“Hee! This story seems quite interesting!”

“Right? But, to avoid any misunderstanding, let me explain something now. Actually the golden apple does not prevent aging, it just help you to maintain young. This is because your body is still aging, if you don’t eat the apple once in a while, then you will look like your real age. Well, once you eat it again, you will revert back to the young state after a while. We called this the addicted to apple, currently in ‘Asgard’, I’m the only one who is not addicted to it.”

“Eh. What do you mean by that? Loki didn’t eat the golden apple?”

“Well, yes.”

“Hee…. Oh? Then how about Siegrune-sama?”

“Eh? Me? Of course I ate it, if not I would become a grandma already.”

“The old Siegrune-sama…..”

I try to imagine it in my brain and immediately a face of an old grandma appears.

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“Haha, there will always be a feeling when you’re similar to others.”

“What do you mean by that! And don’t just simply imagine it! Why don’t you think about the others!”

“If you said that…..”

Ah, no! I cannot bear to imagine the old appearance of Brynhildr-sama! This is because she will always be this cute! She will be my Venus forever!

But, I won’t even change my feeling even if she is an elderly person.

“Loki, I feel that you are quite educated. You understand so many ancient histories even though you are so young.”

“Young? Me?”

Loki was shocked when he heard that. I also made the same expression seeing it.

“Eh? Is that wrong? Because if Loki hadn’t eaten the golden apple, then your young appearance right now should be the real thing. That means there isn’t much age gap between us?”

“Haha, you made a mistake there, Sei. You do know that I am the step-brother of Odin, right? I’m neither his adopted son nor his grandson. There isn’t much age gap between me and Odin.”

“Then that mean….?”

There isn’t much age gap with Lord Odin, the oldest god….. Which is to say that he is one of the God that exists since the beginning of time. But he didn’t depend on the golden apple to stay young…. Don’t tell me that he is some kind of spirit!

“He…. It is like what you think, my father is a Jotun and my mother is an Aesir God, even though I still age but it’s much slower when compare to others. In another word, I have half immunity to aging.”

“Eh——–! Loki is a mixed blood between a Jotun and a God? I really can’t see the similarity!”

“Ha! You observation skill is too poor! …*cough* Well, let put that aside. We don’t want to stray too far from our topic. What I want to said is that ‘The desire to achieve eternal life created the current history’. Your ‘Gullveig’ doesn’t cause immortality nor eternal youth, but it’s sort of something similar to that. It will be bad if some evil person witness the true power of your ability when we analyze it, if it’s something useful….. Who know you might be the second apple.”

The second apple….. If that is the case, I believe my condition will be much harsher than now. Since we don’t know who will have these kind of evil thoughts, it’s much better to let someone trustworthy to conduct this experiment secretly.

“Thank you for worrying about me, Loki. The former me is too ignorant.”

“Ho, good that you understand. Now let start our experiments.”


Now…… what are we going to do to test ‘Gullveig’? Well obviously I didn’t have any plan since I’m just following them. I think that Loki should have thought of something since he started it, let me try asking him. Loki is secretly giving hint to Siegrune-sama by using his eye. I see now, it mean that he will leave it to Siegrune-sama to handle it.

“We better determine which part we want to experiment first to find the ability true power. From what I discussed with Loki, the thing we want to experiment on is the activation condition and the structure of the ability.”

“Oh. Which is to said…… What does it mean?

“You….. Forget about it, let’s just do it step by step. Then, please die first.”

Ouch, she just said the most frightening phrase in such a straightforward attitude. Toward other people they would first think if they misheard when someone told them to die. But…. unfortunately, it’s a usual thing for me.

“Eh? Sei, did you hear what I said? You’d better listen carefully now, after I count to three, please jump down from there. If not then I will do it for you myself, okay?”

“Please wait a moment! Please let me settle down first, I want to be the one who determines my own death.”

“Then how long are you going to take? Ha, now go do it quickly. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt at all.”

That’s obviously a lie! It’s written all over your face! Even if it doesn’t hurt, I will still die from the heat, she definitely wants to make me a roasted boar!

“Ah, that’s right! If I die now, what would happen to the dinner for the Einherjars tonight? I am sorry, Loki, like what I mention previously, I definitely don’t want a life cycle which I have the die the moment where I was revive. That why let us stop this experiment now!”

“Such a pity, Sei. You thought I was idling for the past week, right? The answer is quite simple, to fulfill the condition for experiment of ‘Gullveig’, I have already discussed with all the person in charge to let you change your shift. That’s why from today onward, we have a maximum time of five days for the experiment, in the meantime, Thor will use his goat to replace you for the Einherjars dinner.”

“Woah, so amazing, I don’t have any way to run away already.”

The strong feeling of despair is starting to appear, my feet are slowly moving backward. I was forced to the most eastern end of ‘Asgard’ which means I’m standing on a cliff.[4] I will reach ‘Midgard’ without using Bifröst if I jump from here, but my spirit will separate from my body and enter the realm of death ‘Helheim’. Even though I can revive soon, but the moment of death is painful.— BUT!

“Ah, this is no difference from jumping into the pot! It’s the same as usual! Sæhrímnir, think about the anger toward yourself! For the sake of Brynhildr-sama…… GO DIE ONCE!!”

After I made up my mind, I jumped down. I relaxed my body when I felt an indescribable feeling appeared in my lower abdomen, I tried to enjoy this moment which is similar to parachuting.

That’s right, let me tell you something, since there won’t be much time until I hit the ground. I made friend with a crane and we talked for a bit. The crane is a good listener and a good speaker.

I hope…. There won’t be any issue with that crane after he saw me die.

After that, the hellish experiments which required me to die every evening had finally come to the fifth is the last day.

“Thanks for the hard work, Sei. You were really hardworking for these past few days, I have a better opinion of you now.”

“Ah, to be praised by Siegrune-sama is a great honor! This time I have gotten a meaningful memory other than jumping into the pot. Then… How was the result of these experiments?”

When I ask this, Siegrune-sama looked at Loki and revealed a smile. That was a smile filled with the sense of accomplishment…. If that’s the case, then they’ve come up with a conclusion.

“Rest assured, we were able to understand a lot of things because of you. First is the structure of the ability… It is proven that you were not born with it, but from a rune magic. I was called to do the experiment on it, I could relax now since I had successfully finish the task.” Siegrune-sama had a very bright expression.

Oh…. During these past five days, didn’t Siegrune-sama opinion toward me change a bit? She seems to be nicer a bit ….. It’s good thing we could communicate with each other, but I am not sure whether if it’s a good thing if we improved our relationship.

After I got closer with Hilde-sama, I ended up getting more distance with Brynhildr-sama. I’m not even sure if we will get more distance in this situation. Well…. Worrying about the situation is a bit…… no, it’s quite troublesome.

“Hey, Sei, the smile you showed just now is quite disgusting. This lady is purposely talking to you, you better paid attention to me gratefully.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, please continue your topic.”

“Oh. Then, it seems there are two runes writing which are responsible for activating the runic magic to activate the revival ability. It’s just that…. I never thought that the two writing is ‘feoh’ and ‘dakaz’. I think you can understand without me explaining, the nature of the runic magic is based on the magic word ‘rune’, from numerous phenomenon and facts, which are used as a medium to activate the arcane. In another words, there would not be any result if a meaningless rune was used. Your ability is revival, the rune ‘eihwaz’ should be the correct rune to use, but in this case it is different.”

“Hee, then can I ask what is the meaning of ‘feoh’ and ‘dakaz’?”

“’feoh’ mean livestock. This can also mean extending one’s wealth. ‘dakaz’ mean one day, which is the word that govern the beginning and the end of a story and it is quite close with the ‘eihwaz’. Well, no matter what…. You are the ace of livestock, and your ability can only activate the moment the sun set. Other than nocturnal animal, then end of a day is when the sun set. That’s why I feel like it’s not necessary a mistaken for the usage of these two words.”

“Then, that, my ‘Gullveig’ activation time is definitely during the sun set right?”

I’m more excited when Siegrune-sama mentioned this. That’s because before this, Loki told me that my activation time might not be during the sunset.

“Yes, there is no way to make a full testing on it. However, based on trial and error method, the highest possibility for the time is during the sunset. Here are the things we have proven, the first thing: ‘It’s not 6pm.’ the movement of the sun is strictly handle by Sola-sama, even if there is a few seconds error, the sunset for ‘Asgard’ is not usually 6pm. We have already proven it when we purposely ask Sola-sama to delay the sunset for one minute.”

“Is, is that even possible?”

“Hehehe, this type of thing is like a child play for this great me.”

Loki said that proudly while looking at the shocked me. This God is too unpredictable, I never heard a thing like stop the sun movement before, I didn’t expect him to really do it… This person is really quite brilliant and I actually quite respect him. I also want to be a great person like him someday.

“Seriously, Loki-sama will always do these kind of surprising things…. Who knows, he might destroy the Moon and the Sun? Well, let put that aside, because the sun set was delay, Mani-sama already risen the moon to the sky before sunset. In a few moment after that, Sei, you revive at the exact moment when the sun set—-which eliminate two possibilities. The two possibilities are ‘when the moon rise’ and ‘the moment when there is no moon and sun’. Loki-sama also thought of the possibility ‘End of the day’, but it is much more difficult to conduct this experiment…. That is because as long as the sun does not set, the day won’t end right? That’s why it is another matter when we use the concept of time to distinguish it. So, the experiment will end now.”

After saying that, Siegrune-sama slowly stretched out her hand. When I thought that I can relax a bit when the topic is over, Loki further continued the topic:

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“Actually there is another thing. We also can pinpoint your revival location when your ‘Gullveig’ activate.”

“The revival location? Does that mean the place where I will be revived?”

“That’s right. Sei during these five days, the finding from the experiment where you commit suicide by jumping off the cliff in the horizon toward ‘Midgard’……. Is not like what I expected. If you are going to revive near your corpse then, you will sure revive at ‘Midgard’ then. Actually, you were revived at the same spot before you jumped off. It stirred my interest, so after you jumped off, I used my magic to create a sea of fire in this area. But the spot where you revived was the safe spot that I designated. Do you know what this mean?”

“I completely don’t get it.”

“Why don’t you use your tiny brain and think about it…. You jumped down from here and died when you hit the ground, so we could say that ‘Midgard’ killed you right? In another word, your death is caused by ‘Midgard’. Then, it’s because you hate ‘Midgard’ who caused your death and it’s impossible for you to revive in the sky, so you were revived in the place before you jump. Furthermore, if there is any danger in that place, you can avoid it and revive in that safe spot. So, do you understand what I said up until now?”

“Oh… so that means my revival location is ‘a safe place which is the closest to my corpse’.”

If I think carefully, that seems to be correct. If I were to revive in the pot which I jump into, then it is pointless. Looks like my ‘Gullveig’ had help to solve that problem.

…. Thus these are all the results from the five days experiment, Loki concluded the end of it. My ‘Gullveig’ is a rare and useful ability, but there isn’t much feature to it. Thus, tomorrow this world will be yet another peaceful day.

This is indeed a gratifying matter…. And I have yet another strange thought: I wonder what would happen if I discovered the reason why I have this ability.

As long as the condition is fulfill, the revival magic will activate automatically— if this isn’t something I was born with, that means someone out there bestowed this amazing magic on me. Maybe there is some secret behind it which is out of our imagination.

With this I feel that this is a secret I should never discover. If that secret is revealed, the chance of me becoming the second apple is quite high. There is over millions hidden secrets in this world, it won’t be bad even if the world is full of lie. This is because a world full of lie is also a world full of happiness.

“Okay then, it’s almost time for me to go now, I miss my soft and comfortable bed already.”

“Haha, well you have been camping out for five day straight. I think that Siegrune-sama also wish to take a bath right?”

“Eh? I’m not that slovenly, since I’m a girl after all.”

“Ah? Does that mean you bath every day?”

“Of course. You see…. Basically I just need to use the rune of the four elements, then most of the problem is solve. You better remember this then.”


“Ho, that mean, Siegrune-sama has been secretly taking a shower every day. Damn… when did she go to take it? Loki should be keep watching over this area with his big eyes open. How is it possible that he did not discover this? It’s obvious he will be ready to peep when the time comes……

“Well, I used the rune of ‘Peorth’ to hide myself when I bathing. Well, since I am the person who ‘everything is good’, so I’m not so serious.”

“That is no so good!”


After Loki and Siegrune-sama saw my abnormal appearance, both of them swallow their saliva at the same time.

Good, I managed to attract their attentions. The decisive moment is at hand, now I just have to begin my one man show to continue on the lie with Gods!

“That is no so good! Siegrune-sama, you just ran off without telling any one of us and you used the rune to hide your body. This is such a foolish act! What if something happened and we couldn’t contact you immediately! Please have more trust in us next time! From now on, please inform us properly if you plan to go shower. ….. Can you promise me that?”

“Sei…. I understand now, I promise. I will properly inform you all when I go shower next time.”

“You also need to inform us when you use the toilet?”

“Ah! Um… Sei, I can’t believe you can say that, then I will do so.”

Siegrune-sama promised shyly. I found Loki was looking at me with a ‘You are such a genius’ look at the edge of my view. Ah, it’s not something tha impressive.


While I was having a conversation using our eyes with Loki, Siegrune-sama crossed her arm shyly and said,

“Before we go back, that….. I’m going to go ….. pluck a flower…… so don’t follow me. I’m serious!”

Siegrune-sama with a blush face, quickly went to somewhere. I wonder where she is going. Why didn’t I thought about this, isn’t that obvious from the start!

“Let’s go, Loki. Currently she is —- defenseless.”

“I will follow you till the end of the earth, partner.”

Like this, the bond between me and Loki got deeper.

Ah— the moon tonight is so beautiful.

The next day, I can finally greet the morning of ‘Valhalla’ after five day of absence. I rushed to ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ immediately after my daily jogging.

“Good morning!”

“Oh, you’re early today, Sei-kun. What happen? Why did you come so early for work?”

The Chef Head was preparing breakfast in the backyard of the kitchen basked with the refreshing morning sun. I entered the kitchen and took a look around. Oh, it’s very clean. Looks like this place isn’t as disastrous as I thought during my absence. Everyone is so hardworking… when I was thinking about that, Chef Head said this as if he could read my mind:

“Sei-kun, the days when you’re not here, this place is a disaster.”

“Eh? But the place is so clean…”

“Well, this is the food storage. No matter how busy we are, we need to clean this place properly every day. This is not what I meant by disaster.”

Chef Head stopped with the preparation and said while wiping his sweat. Well, I wonder what it meant when he said that.

“The goats that were used to substitute you….. kept refusing to become a meal. I also understand what they felt, so I didn’t force them but we didn’t have enough time for them to decide. In the end, we relied on the forceful method of Thor-sama to solve the problem.”

“Forceful method…. What did he do exactly?”

“He used the thunder from Mjölnir to shock them to death. After that, everyone removed the skin and bones. Because there will be scars if the skin or bone is damaged, thus everyone was very careful during work. I think that Sei-kun know what happen after that right?”

“Somehow I don’t want to imagine that sight.”

It’s a bit weird coming from me but that is quite miserable. If any livestock, other than me, was to encounter that type of situation, I really don’t wish to see it honestly…. And that happened because they were used to replace me….

After seeing the depressed me, Chef Head pat my forehead softly, and use a forceful tone to say his impression toward me:

“After that, I had another thought, Sei-kun… your courage is not to be underestimated. Even though you know you can revive, but it’s not easy to overcome the fear of death. I respect you on this matter from the bottom of my heart.”

“There is nothing you need to respect. It’s just that, I gave up easily when compare to a normal person.”

“Haha, you’re still so modest. But I feel that, you who have the courage to face death give out an aura…. similar to those of Einherjars.”

“I am like….. an Einherjars?”

It appears I have already become an Einherjars in the heart of the Chef Head. I still cannot find myself to be like those barbaric and rude people. But without a doubt, when they were order to die, they will not hesitate to give up their lives like those daredevils. I believe we have this one common point… right?

“So, Sei-kun, why are you coming here so early?”

Ah, right. Since I have already settled my matter, I shouldn’t continue to disturb Chef Head anymore.

“I wanted to give my apology to the Chef Head as soon as possible because of the trouble caused in the five days that I was absent. Also, I want to give my thanks to Thor’s goats that substituted me.”

“So it likes that. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your concern Well, Thor’s goat had already left yesterday night. I don’t even know where they are now. It’s better for you to wait for the opportunity to come and thank them later.”

“Is that so…. I understand. Then I will take my leave, please take care of me for tonight too.”

After I lowered my head to show my respect toward Chef Head, he gave a small smile and sent me off. Of course, I will come back again in a while after I finished my breakfast. Then…. The problem starts now.

This is because after I was bestowed with this important task, other than the night time when I work, otherwise I am quite free. I can choose to sleep, study or play, so I can do whatever I like in the free time that I have, in fact it will make other jealous. Seriously, after I got this job, there is a lot of troublesome things that kept popping up.

“That’s right! I should use this chance and go have a proper talk with Brynhildr-sama…. Well, if only Brynhildr-sama is at her room.”

I better take this opportunity and go visit her. Lucky that I’ve already been to her room once, so I won’t have to be afraid of getting lost on my own. Then, let depart.

After an hour I finished having my breakfast and took a short break, I rushed out of the canteen toward Brynhildr-sama room. My method of going there is the same as last time, I will use the ‘Rainbow Void’ to reach there.

“HiiHooHiiHoo…. Eh? Why is it so noisy there?”

When I was humming while passing through the practice field, there was a quarrel coming from one of the corner. I went and took a peek out of curiosity, it seems like there’s something happening between some of the Einherjars

“Kakaka, so some of the Hero-sama quite hot-headed…”

Well there is nothing unusual about this, since they always do this. It’s better for me to not get involved with this situation, I better go now.

“Can’t you understand what I said just now? Is your hearing worse than this old man? Well, I will say it as many time as I want, with your standard, let not said a Jotun, I don’t even think you can kill a bobcat.”

There is a voice among the crowd that makes me to turn my head back. As I expected…. The cause of this quarrel is none other than Witige himself!

“You stinky old man…. Don’t think that you can be so proud with your obsolete technique. The great me was called as the hundred man killer before I reincarnated, what do you mean when you said that I cannot even kill a bobcat?”

“You are still quite a fool if you use the number of people you killed to brag. If you are a knight then you should be more proud on the number of people you saved instead.”

“Those type of nice words mean nothing! Do you really think that you are much stronger than the great me who is the commander of the 6th squad commanding eight hundred soldiers? Then, why don’t we prove it with your extravagant sword!”

“6th squad eight hundred people….. Ha, you are just a group of kindergarten playing knight… I see that you are so proud until you cannot see the different, you stinky fool… well then.”

Witige gave a sigh fill with sadness and waved his head. I figured out this is the most foolish mistake when I feel the moment that his thin and small body is getting smaller.

(This is! It’s quite similar during the fight with Hilde-sama…. No, the aura is stronger)

That aura which can melt the atmosphere gave a great pressure to the hero pride. So this is the sign telling that the legendary black sword saint is serious.

The sword saint Witige unsheathed a long and big sword from its black scabbard. The shiny silver sword is so sharp that a person can get cut just by looking at it.

“‘The beloved sword Mimung’ is a legendary sword which history mentions that it had defeated countless number of foes, and the one who can use it power properly as told in history is none other than me.”

Mi…Mimung! Impossible, isn’t that the beloved sword that Hilde-sama mentioned? During the Valkyries selection, he didn’t even use his beloved sword yet Witige are you going to use it here!


Witige stabilizing his breath, calming down his heart and put the sword sideway. The sword held at his waist height as if he is ready to split the horizon and the aura from the sword separates the sound and the air in the world.

“Even though my body is old, I will let you have a proper experience with —– the power of the Volsunga sword technique. Hidden technique….. God Slash of the dragon slayer! Haaaaaaaaa!!”

With a big step and a fast slash. Like an illusion, Witige remained still after releasing the hidden technique. What… What a godly technique! Even though we are so close, I cannot even grasp any of his movement at all… Ah… looks like….. he did not move at all?

“Ah…. My….. waist….”


Not good, seems like his hurt his waist! He shouldn’t use that much force given his age!”

“Hey…. Are you okay old man? Let put the sword down first, okay?”

The youngster who is quarrelling with him extended his hand in a hurry. After Witige heard that, he placed his sword on the ground. Right at this moment, he who cannot even stand properly collapsed beside his sword.


“Ah! He collapsed! The old man collapsed!”

“Ah, Witige! Witige!!!!!!”

— During the dusk of the same day—–

The practice field that the commotion happened just now had become a funeral.

The strongest Einherjars, the black sword saint Witige…. The hidden technique that he use which even the eastern people are unable to imitate it, ended his second life.

“Sob sob…. Old man, please forgive me ….it’s all my fault….. I actually respect you a lot old man…. But it was because you reminded me of my father which I can never surpass, that why….. who would have thought this is the result …. Sob sob…. How can I even apologize….”

That youngster crying non-stop, and his fist, his tears and grief fallen to the ground at the same time. I also saw that there is a lot of Einherjars who is crying. In just a short while when Witige arrived in ‘Valhalla’, he managed to win the hearts of so many people.


In a slightly distant place, I saw Hilde-sama crying. This is of course, because they are like comrade since it took quite some time for her to persuade Witige.

Freya-sama who is hugging Hilde-sama is also crying, the other sisters also…. Of course, I also cried out.

The ceremony held until sunset where Lord Odin personally used the rune of ‘kenaz’ to begin the cremation for the body.

“Please forgive my intrusion. May I know who pass away that required such a grand ceremony?”

A voice of an old man suddenly appeared beside me, I wipe my nose and reply:

“Sob…. Oh… he is a very talented person. Did you just come back? There is still time to offer the flower, UAaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Wi….Witige!”

After hearing my crazy-like big shout, everyone in the surrounding look toward me. In front of me where everyone is looking at, should be the person who have turn to ash but still energetic, Witige.

“What happen? Didn’t you just pass away, since your hit your head?”

“Ah….? I still remember about my waist problem, but is there anything wrong with my head….. Ah, my waist is fine now.”

Witige thought for a while and touch his waist. So it’s like that, don’t tell me he is immortal? Wait, there’s no doubt that he died. Don’t tell me……

While I was stuck in my confusion, Lord Odin put out the fire immediately to confirm the situation. There is a corpse there and it’s still burning. In other words…. Revive. A new body….. during sunset….. just like me.