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Valhalla no Ban Gohan - Volume 3 - Chapter 6

Published at 9th of April 2018 06:13:33 PM

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The color of the Affection main dish

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“Ah~~ I’m in a bind. I’m really in a ~troublesome situation.”

The early morning when the sun rose, I felt restless and flew out from my small room and headed toward the large open space, ‘Valhalla canteen’. If I was at this spacious area, I believed that I would be able to get a wide range of idea.

“Those who believe will get saved, is it. Sigh… it would be nice if I could get saved just by believing…”

It had been two days since the day after I received the announcement that I was almost laid-off from Odin-sama.

There was only one day left before the expiry date which would decide my future from now on. I had declared impressively in front of Odin-sama that I’d prove my worth after three day but… to be honest I had run out of idea. I couldn’t think of any role that I’d be useful in.

If I couldn’t figure out my worth by today, then it was confirmed that I’d  have to return to my parent home. Thus, my position in ‘Valhalla’ would be literally gone.

“I hate that… isn’t it a given that I will hate that.”

Before this I was aware that I was going to be treated as a food ingredient but I accepted it and came to ‘Valhalla’ for the sake of having a common ground with Brynhildr-sama. If I were to leave here now, my firm resolution that time would be wasted.

In fact… since I had stayed at ‘Valhalla’ up until today, my feeling had gotten stronger than the first time I was here. Thus, it was impossible for me to erased this feeling now.

That was why at least… at least let me figure out my worth by today….

“The worth that I only had now is the worth as a chef—yup. At least I now that.”

Even an idiot like me was able to figure that out without thinking for two day. That was because it was impossible for me to reclaim my worth as a food ingredient. Since I had already aware that I was unable to win Ikusu to the point that I neglected to think about it.

If that was the case, I only had the path as a chef. The objective that was given to me by my lovely parent and the praise that I had a sense in cooking from the Chef Head that I respected. Currently those were the only thing that was supporting my worth now.

Right, that way of thinking was definitely correct. For the sake of remaining my worth as a cook… for example, how about I became the number one chef in this world for today? If I were able to win against the Chef Head, I’d be able to make my comeback as a chef.

“But… it’s impossible. That is definitely impossible unless I had a room to train that is able to extend a day worth of times to ten year worth.”

There wouldn’t be such a convenient thing here even though this was a world that was located above the sky. I had to look at it in a more realistic manner.

Nonetheless… it was cruel that I was unable to take a straight look on reality. Since I had cornered to the point that I wouldn’t be saved no matter where you looked at it.

“As expected it is pointless for me to think about this alone… even though I said that, it’s not good to constantly ask Brynhildr-sama and the others for help…. Moreover, the current matter is something caused by my selfishness.”

Yeah, that was the problem. Due to personal reason, I had reject the suggestion that was propose by Odin-sama out of good willed. Moreover, it was not a good idea for me to said out my reason for rejecting. If I had to said it, it was just because I didn’t want to be separated with the person that I liked.

Come on… to me that was an adequate important matter. It was just that the question was too simple.

“Ah~… I wonder what Brynhildr-sama is doing now…”

“Sei-san? By any chance, did you just call my name?”

“Ahh!? Brynhildr-sama, you were here!?”

In this early morning where it was still too early for everyone breakfast. I was surprise from the bottom of my heart since I couldn’t believe that Brynhildr-sama was here at this time where the canteen was supposed to empty at that time.

Brynhildr-sama said this while lowering her head down.

“I’m sorry for surprising you, I had just return from my current mission. The mission from last night was dragged until midnight…. So, I headed toward the kitchen to get a drink, then I saw Sei-san.”

I see, that was how we happened to meet. Yup~, somehow I felt that there was a lot of coincidence meting lately. Fuu, this meeting had already determined by fate. You see, weren’t I still able to hear the chime of the bell of blessing for our encounter and for starting a new life now.



What was that sound just now. The chime of the bell was an illusion but I was pretty sure that I heard something else just now. That voice just now…

It seemed that Brynhildr-sama face turned bright red up till her ear while holding her stomach. Eh, that ‘guu~’ just now was… the sound of Brynhildr-sama stomach growling!

“Brynhildr-sama, are you hungry by any chance?”

“You… You’re wrong! That is not the sound of my stomach growling!”

“Then what was the sound just now?”

“That, that is… um… my voice, guu. It’s a bad habit of mine when I let my guard down, guu.”

Argh, that was not good, Brynhildr-sama. That excuse was not so convincing, guu.

“… I’m sorry… I’m actually hungry. I didn’t ate anything after lunch yesterday…”

Ah, it seemed that the person realized that the excuse was not convincing by herself. It seemed that she had taken some damage until she had realize that but…

“Instead… instead of that, Sei-san, why are you here so early in the morning?”

Oh, Brynhildr-sama, did you just avoid the conversation in a conspicuous manner? Well, I was fine with that since I also liked the pushy Brynhildr-sama.

“I just thought of an idea. Nothing would be accomplished if I stay at my room since it almost time for me to study…”

“Ah… that’s right since it had been two day since then…”

Brynhildr-sama frowned while saying that since she was aware of the circumstance I was facing now. From that expression, it seemed that she was also pitying me.

“I’m sorry, Sei-san. My sister and I also plan to help you but we can’t just simply say anything since we are thinking what would be best for your happiness…. Based on my judgement, it seem that Sei-san will also oppose of getting fired… right?”

“Yes. I feel sorry for Odin-sama but as expected it seem that I like Bryn… ‘Valhalla’!”

That was close! I almost made a decisive action for a dynamic confession just now. I’d store this important feeling of mine until the day come where I would be a suitable man for her.

“I also… I sure my sisters also, think that Sei-san is necessary in ‘Valhalla’ even if you aren’t going to become a meal which was happening up until now. That’s why we keep thinking of a breakthrough solution up until now but I’m sorry… since we couldn’t think of anything.”

“Don’t said that! It was quite helpful that you were thinking about it secretly! It seems I keep taking advantage of you recently…”

“Come on, Sei-san. You don’t have to worry about that, didn’t I have already said that for quite some time.”

.. Guu~

Hmm? What is it? Ah~, it the growl of a hungry stomach again…

“Ah, um… if possible, could you please ignore that just now…”

“No, that is not something that I could ignore! Okay, since I thought of having breakfast now, let’s have it together then!”

Since I talked in a fast manner, I ran toward the kitchen without waiting for Brynhildr-sama reply.

First was the changing room that was next to the kitchen. After I used the rune of ‘mannaz’ to transform into my human form, I changed into the pure white chef uniform in both my body and heart.

Next, I put the Tupperware curry from yesterday into the pot and boil it.

“That’s right. Brynhildr-sama prefer it sweet.”

I put in a suitable amount of onion and also corn cream paste into the curry. … Okay, it was perfectly sweet–!

After I had served the curry filled with my love for Brynhildr-sama on a plate, I quickly return to the canteen where she was waiting hungrily.

“Here is it! Actually I also secretly made a new dish yesterday, it’s my homemade curry! Here you go, Brynhildr-sama, please have it while it’s still hot!”

“Ah, is this the curry that was made in Sei-san house the day before yesterday! Thank you very much, Sei-san, thanks for the meal!”

Brynhildr-sama took her seat as if she cannot resist the temptation from the spice of the curry. Then, she scooped a spoonful of curry and put it in her mouth without having any second thought.


“? What the matter? Brynhildr-sama.”

After Brynhildr-sama took her first bite, she somehow looked a bit doubtful. I inquired her since it made me curious but she took her second bite without answering me.


It seemed she took her time to taste it unlike her first bite. She closed her eye and chew it properly, the moment when she swallow the thing in her mouth— Brynhildr-sama opened her eye and said.

“…it’s delicious…”

It was a short and simple sentence. But it seemed that praise was filled with more emotion than all the other praise.

“I’m glad that you think it was delicious! I was nervous since I thought that it is not suitable for you.”

“This is something that is suitable for me! It was really delicious! To think that curry can be this delicious! It makes me want to have it every day!”

“Eh, is that for real!?”

“Yes! This is much more delicious than the curry that was prepared by your mother!”

“Come on. It is not that delicious since I just made it a bit sweeter.”

“No, it is delicious! Putting aside the spiciness or the sweetness, the level of this dish is quite different.”

“Is… is it really that delicious…?”

I was happy while hearing that but I started to have doubt of it since she put it that way. It was not possible that my curry can be more delicious than my mother’s.

“It’s a pity but I’m still a greenhorn. My curry can’t even enter the list of curry if I were to compare with my mother since we have our experiences is different. Putting curry aside, I can’t even compare my cooking skill with her.”

“Eh… but…”

After hearing what I said, Brynhildr-sama looked alternately between the curry and me. After Brynhildr-sama had her third bite, she said it with a decisive expression.

“As expected, I still prefer this curry over your mother curry in term of the meal.”

“Huh…? Is… that so?”

It was strange… I had tasted it before I served it but my tongue was aware that this curry was far from being a replacement for my mother curry. In spite of that, Brynhildr-sama who was in front of me said that this curry was much better as a meal after putting aside the personal preference.

I wondered what caused it to be this delicious? Was it because it was an overnight curry?

No… they did said that curry was much more delicious by doing that but if that was the case then I didn’t have to make any efforts to overtake my mother curry. It was a bit rude but I thought that Brynhildr-sama didn’t have any sense in taste.

“Hm… no sense in taste? That is…”

Yeah, I had the same feeling of this previously. If I not mistaken— Right, it was the time when I held the surprise party for Witige-san but since he declined it because it was a girl only party.

That time, Brynhildr-sama said this when she compare my vegetable quiche with the Chef Head. Which was ‘Both of them are equally delicious’.

This time she also said that my curry was definitely the best. She felt that way after she compared with my mother curry that she ate previously.

“That’s wrong… for me, the number one is without a doubt my mother curry. That curry was the best since it was filled with her love for me. For me, that taste is the best in the world but for Brynhildr-sama, my curry was the best… ah.”

Hold it. Just now… I felt like I just realize something important just now.

Both my mother curry and mine was a dish that had the same substance. Since we are using the same type of spice. But… there was a small difference between those two just now.

That difference was the effort to make the sweetness. In another word—

“The thought of…. The person who will eat it.”

Before this, it seemed my mother curry that we had at my house is not suitable for Brynhildr-sama since it was too spicy.  Even though she didn’t said it out front, even a boar knew that based on the amount of water that she drank.

That was why, I changed the spicy curry that I made yesterday into sweet curry. That was of course for the sake of Brynhildr-sama.

I rearranged the recipe …while thinking of letting her to say it was delicious this time.

Let me said this again. Both my mother curry and mine was a dish that had the same substance.

But I was pretty sure that could be found in there. I didn’t even realize it even though I was the one who make it and it was something like a trial an error for the one who would eat it.

There might be only a small difference between the two of them. But since it was there, it made a huge difference.

I called that difference by using a single word —- ‘love’.

(EN: dont try this at home)

“I understand it… So that is the reason…”

“What… what’s the matter? Sei-san.”

“I understand it now, Brynhildr-sama! The method to prepare delicious meal right away!”

The reason why I felt that my mother curry was the most delicious ws because it contained her feeling toward me. Similar to that, my curry contain my passionate feeling toward Brynhildr-sama. That was why, Brynhildr-sama said that my curry was more delicious.

I was pretty sure it was the same thing during the surprise party that was held recently. There was no mistake that the reason why Brynhildr-sama said that my quiche was superior that the Chef Head was probably because of the effect of her emotional function.

In another word… as long as I put my feeling in making it, the meal would become much more delicious in a simple manner!

“Brynhildr-sama, thank you! Thanks to you, I am now able to challenge the Chef Head!”

“Um… I can’t comprehend what had happened but I’m glad that am able to be of use.”

Without trying to inquire the reason for my gratitude, Brynhildr-sama tilted her head and gave me a smile.

I didn’t mind that she didn’t understand it. What important now was that I was able to express my gratitude to her. Okay, now if I was able to negotiate with the Chef Head to have a cooking match with me…

… Then… let’s put that aside. I thought it was still insufficient even if I did that.

That might not work if it was only that. I wouldn’t be able to win against the Chef Head with such a tiny theory only.

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“? Sei-san? Why did you look down all of a sudden? You did came up with an idea right?”

Brynhildr-sama asked me gently after she saw that I become dispirited. I started to say what I was able to think of since I was unable to hide the discouragement in my heart.

“I thought that I might be able to challenge the Chef Head if I put my intense feeling into the meal. But after I have a serious thought about it, I’m pretty sure that the Chef Head is also doing the same thing when he prepares the meal. The thought of mine that I am able to win him with my feeling is too presumption. My half-baked feeling absolutely won’t be able surpass him. Since it’s a cooking match, the judge will surely be Odin-sama and the Einherjars…. At least during the stage of the match, I definitely won’t be in a condition where I am able to put in my feeling when cooking.”

If I was able to out in the strongest feeling which was ‘love’, else…

“Sigh… if the judge is Brynhildr-sama, I might still have some chance of winning.”

“If I was the judge…? Eh, what is the connection with me being a judge have to do with Sei-chan victory?”

After hearing my mutter which was mix with my sigh, Brynhildr-sama tilted which her index finger was touching her cheek. I looked toward her who had a worried look and answered.

“For the sake of Brynhildr-sama, I am able to put in a large amount if love when cooking the meal. Furthermore, if It Brynhildr-sama, I believe… I will be surely get the highest score after scooping up the meal filled with my feeling.”

“That is correct… if the meal is filled with the feeling toward me, without a doubt I will feel that it is delicious. But aren’t you able to but the same amount of love for the judge other than me?”

“That… that’s right… it’s not possible for me to put the same amount. Let’s assume that I am able to do that, I doubt that my feeling will reach the heart of the judges. On the other hand, the Chef Head cooking skill is the most reliable in the world.  On top of losing in term of the cooking skill, I will also lose in term of the emotional portion.”

Yeah— even thought I thought using ‘feeling to tackle the emotional potion’ was an advantage of mine that would only work against the Chef Head.

In order for me to be surpass that feeling… I had to mix in this two thought which were ‘my thought to the one who eat it’ and ‘the feeling of the one who eat it’ to its maximum limit. I was afraid that I had no method to understand the essence of the second thought.

If that was the case, it was necessary for me to find a replacement for that thought—.

“It’s really it a trouble right… it would be nice if the judges like Sei-san in the same way as me.”

“Eh…Eh!? What was that just now!? Brynhildr-sama, you like me…?”

“Huh!? That… it’s not like that!? That is surely not what I meant! What I meant was that if all the people in the world like Sei-san, then everyone will think that Sei-san meat is delicious!”

“Ah… I understand it now. That is surely what you meant right, ha ha…”

You foolish boar, why were you having those strange expectation at this time. It was impossible for me to be loved by Brynhildr-sama since I was currently worthless.

“Come on~, I will be speechless in various way if I was loved by everyone just like that. Sigh, it’s not possible for me to create such miracle situation out of the blue…”

“Isn’t that right… it would be hard to make everyone in the world to love you continuously but if you were able to make the judges to love you just for a moment…no, that is something impossible too.”

“That’s the truth. Furthermore, it does not mean that everyone who said it delicious, will love me. That is because the world most delicious, ‘Gullinkambi’ is the one that is loved by everyone in the world right? …um… ah! That’s right, Gullinkambi!”

I just shouted the name of the person who appeared in the conversation without having a second thought. There was still one person left who might know how to make the dish to become more delicious in a simple manner.

Since I was not able to win against the Chef Head with my cooking skill, I still had the method to use a high quality ingredient in the match.

Since that was the case, I had to think about it again on the method to win against that pervert rooster!

It seemed I had no choice but to chase Gullinkambi at a higher speed since he was able to evade at a high speed, so that I was able to get one of his tail feather. But I was unable to run that fast nor did I have any transformation that allowed me to become that fast either.

If that was the case, then let think to change my way of approach for that idea.

For example— if I couldn’t push him then I should draw him in. Didn’t Heizu do that toward the Chef Head previously? Instead of chasing the escaping opponent, I should think on the method to attract him toward me.

Yup, I thought that it was a good idea. Then, let search for that method.

Yeah… how about we change our position first? I who was a gentleman since I was born, was unable to even imagine the pervert way of thinking of that fellow.

That did not matter at all. I’d have to imagine myself as him even if I had to do it forcefully.

If I was him and he was me… what would we do? I believed that he would, on behalf of the handsome me, do some outrageous insolence act to Brynhildr-sama as usual.

The exact manner was… ah!? That fool, were you going to do until that!? Damn it, why!  Why was I able to imagine the pervert way of think of that fellow even though I was a genuine gentleman!

Stop it! I wouldn’ allow you to do that to Brynhildr-sama even if it was just an imagination!  That position belong to me only, so get away from her, you chicken bastard!

“!! This feeling… that’s right, that’s it! That’s it, Brynhildr-sama!”

“Huh? Um… did I did something…?”

That illusion that I thought of was the hope. That thought just now, it was related to my mean of survival that I discovered in this fatal situation.

It seemed that the person herself didn’t realize it but what Brynhildr-sama said just now had guided me toward the mean of survival that I thought of.

I believed she said in a casual way. But toward me, those words… were something like a divine revelation.

I believed I’d be able to win against Gullinkambi if I executed the tactic that I had in mind right now. This time I’d get my victory by obtaining the tail feather of that pervert rooster and get the secret to be delicious from him.

“Brynhildr-sama, I have two requests that I want to ask from you. Could you hear me out?”

“Request? Sure, of course I will hear you out! Do tell me anything that I am able to be of use!”

“Thank you! Let me tell you my first request right away… I want you to take me to Gullinkambi at ‘Vanaheim’ in the same way as last time.”

Yup, that was  my first request. I wanted to have my rematch with the rooster, Gullinkambi who was waiting at the top of the nine world. That was the first step of my tactic.

“Don’ tell me you are going to have a rematch with him? I understand, please leave it to me in term of the journey.”

Brynhildr-sama quickly showed her will that she was agreeing to my request. While I was showing my thanks and I continued with my second request.

“My second request is… is a request for the cooperation from the other Valkyrie. I don’t mind for those who is prioritizing their current mission though if possible the more the merrier… if possible I would be nice if Freya-sama would help me too.”

“We went there with Ortlinde, Freya-sama and me previously but… you want to go again this time with everyone?”

“Yes. I wish to go with everyone.”

“I understand… I am unable to think of your tactic but I understand. I will ask them now. Once Sei-san had finish with the preparation, please wait at the entrance of the main building.”

“Roger! I will rely on you, Brynhildr-sama!”

After listening to me with her back toward me, Brynhildr-sama dash out of the big canteen. I really feel sorry for constantly asking this kind of request. But…

“It will be fine this time. I keep suffering defeat but… I will keep winning from now on. If I am able to do that… I will have a value that surpass everything!”

My value of being an ingredient that I had gave up once. This was a tactic to retrieve that.

Just you wait, Gullinkambi, Ikusu and also the Chef Head.

By mixing the value as a chef and the value as an ingredient that I had now… I’d be able selected as the most valuable since it could only be done by me!

—A few minutes later.

A feather storm rain on top of me while I was waiting at the main entrance of ‘Valhalla’. The sky of ‘Asgard’ usually had a peaceful pattern but it was a bit different for today only.

This was exactly like the sky was clear with a chance of Valkyries.

“We had kept you waiting, Sei-san! Will this be able fulfilled your request?”

Brynhildr-sama who was the first to descend said that. She spread her arms to show me the scenery that I requested thoroughly.

“Sei is being too reserved! Even if we have our mission, we are able to finish that within ten seconds and come dashing toward you.”

Gerhi-sama sulked a bit while saying that. I just realized it recently but it seemed that being reserved had an opposite effect for her. It seemed that she would be happy if I asked her for help when it needed.

“For god’s sake. How will Sei-shi infiltrate ‘Vanaheim’ if Linde didn’t come since she prioritizes her mission? You should had said that you must come no matter what.”

Ortlinde-sama who helped us previously said that while looking at me with a bit astonished manner. It seemed that there was no need for the unreasonable reserved for her since she had a decisive personality.

“You see, onee-chan, have a lot of free time today~. That’s why onee-chan is happy that pork-chan invited me~. If you are able to make onee-chan have fun, then onee-chan will give you something nice to-nig-ht.”

Waltraute-sama who happened to be off-duty seemed to be enjoying this matter to the fullest. Whether I’d be able to have fun tonight all depend on my hard work!

“Sei-dono. I want to thank you deeply for giving me a chance to restore my honor. I, Schwerte swear on my sword that I will be of use with my live on stake!”

Schwerte-sama who seemed to lose her self-confidence recently was being lively. It was alright. From now on, let’s wipe off all our defeat together.

“Well, Sei, it seems you are bringing over some troubles. I am unable to do my mission since I am helping you. I will have you replace me for my pile up mission… Ah, forget about that, okay, I will do it on my own.”

Helmwige-sama was the same as always. Well, her scheme to use this as a reason to skip work was spoiled due to the stare from Brynhildr-sama who found out about this.

“I had heard about it, Sei. It seems that you wanted to reject Odin-sama consideration. No matter what the reason is, do you think you had become such a mighty that you can said such selfish thing? In order for me to confirm that, I will accompany you today.”

Then, I was not sure what was Siegrune’s true motive after she said that. I wanted to try to say ‘then, it’s fine.’, but it seemed that she would probably follow us anyway…

“Ah…ah…um… is there any point for me to follow you? Since I didn’t heard about the content of the tactic, so I am unable of think of anything… if it come to this, I will take off my mask!”

Please be at ease, Grimgerde-sama. As long as you were accompanying us, then there was a point to the tactic. But what would happen if you take off your mask? Yup~, if that time…come then?

“Hey, Sei-kun. Sei-kun, you try your best while risking your life when I was in trouble right? That’s why I will always help Sei-kun no matter what. To me, that is the matter that I prioritize the most!”

The devotion from the straightforward and pure Weisse, was properly transmitted to me. I didn’t wanted her to try her best to repay her debt to me but… I thought that this feeling of helping was connected to the world to be more kind.

“Sei-chan. Since you are planning to go there again, does it mean that you have a plan to capture Gullinkambi? I am anticipating to see… how you will do that!”

Freya-sama seemed to be excited from now on since she wanted to see what my tactic was. Please leave it to me, Freya-sama. I promised that I wouldn’t betray your expectation.

“Everyone… I want to thank you! Thanks to all of you who had purposely gathered here, the success rate for my tactic increased tremendously!

I was grateful that I was able to welcome the best form that I had wanted.

Then our journey began. The place of the decisive battle— the shining, ‘Vanaheim’!

A few hour after we departed from ‘Asgard’. We had reached ‘Vanaheim’ safe and sound.

We had a large number of members now when compared to the previous trip but it didn’t change what we had to do. Ortlinde-sama cast her magic so that we were able to infiltrate the territory while hiding our presence. We pressed forward toward the golden bastard under the supervision of the Vanir god tribe.

At the end of our journey, we had reached the stronghold of the world rumour most delicious rooster, Gullinkambi.

“Gullinkambi! Are you here?”

I raised my voice and after a few second. A sluggishly movement of a rooster with a short and stout black body and a golden crest appeared which was the same as the last time. It was the appearance of Gullinkambi.

“Huh~, that voice belong to the half-wit from before, doo? If you want a rematch, then the baby-chan… oh? Eh? Ooh! What do we have here!? There is a large amount of baby-chan, doo!”

Fufu, it seemed that he was pleased with this. After seeing the number of baby-chan became tripled when compared with the last time, the women-loving pervert rooster had a delightful look on his face right away.

“Hey, Gullinkambi. I’m sorry for disturbing you when you are enjoying the view but, I want to have a rematch with you. Of course, you will accept it right?”

“Huh? Ah, I’m fine with that, doo. But what exactly is happening, doo? Why do you have so many baby-chan obeying you, doo?”

“They are not obeying me at all! They are my senpais in my workplace. I unreasonably asked them to accompany me but this is for the sake of having a rematch with you.”

“Ho~? Splendid! Now With this condition, I will accept your rematch as many times as you wanted, doo, since it will help me to kill time, doo.”

“No. it’s bad of me but, the rematch is only limited to today only. That is because… I will win today.”

After hearing my confident manner of speaking, Gullinkambi eyes were carrying dim light.

“It seems that you have a considerably amount of confidence, doo. Did you forget your laughable result from last time? You half-wit who can’t even… get a single tail feather of mine, dare to said that you will win against me?”

“Yup, I came here for a rematch so that I can do that. By the way, Gullinkambi, about the amount of the tail feathers that I can pluck— you’re fine if I pluck all of it right?”


My speech that was full of composure cause the atmosphere surrounding Gullinkambi to change all of a sudden. It was obvious that the thing that was surrounding his body now was anger.

“Hey hey… you really are getting on my nerve, doo!! Do it if you can, you half-wit boar! If you can catch up with me at this speed that is, doo!”

Gullinkambi jumped up with a speed like a shooting arrow and started to move at a high speed that was able to leave after image.

This speed couldn’t even be a comparison to the previous match. The speed of Gullinkambi who was going out without holding back even cause that Gerhi-sama to ooh and aah.

“Sei, what are you planning to do now after you provoke him this much! Even I can’t catch with when he is at this tremendous speed…”

“Please be at ease, Gerhi-sama, I do have a plan after all! Please leave it to me!”

After I took a step, I glared at my target. I couldn’t no longer catch him in my sight anymore as he was jumping freely at a speed that could surpass the wind.

But that was fine as it is. It ws fine that I was unable to see him.

As long as he was — able to see us.

“Now! Everyone, please pamper me as much as you can!!”

“Eh?” x10

I understood that everyone were uniformly surprised at the signal for my tactic to begin. It was an expected reaction. But, I’d not back down from this!

“I understand that you are confused. But everyone! Please remain silent and pamper me! It’s fine even if you just pat me!”

“Please… please wait for a moment, Sei! Do you understand what you are saying!?” (Gerhi)

“Seriously, aren’t you acting like a fool!? Don’t tell me that is you tactic!?” (Siegrune)

“That’s my tactic, Siegrune-sama. Let’s me said this first, I am serious.”

“Hold it, Sei-shi, that is something bad. ‘Serious while being not serious’ is a patent that belong to Helmwige.” (Ortlinde)

“Huh?  Sei, you… are you planning to overlap with my character since you had gotten jealous of my popularity?” (Helmwige)

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“! That… That means as long as I mimic that, I will be the world first Helmwige imposer right!” (Grimgerde)

“What are you trying to do once you become that!? Grimgerde-sama, do you want to stand out or not?

“Every… everyone, please remain calm for a moment! Um… Sei-san… is that your tactic? Are… are you fine with that!? Then I will do my utmost to pat you!” (Brynhildr)

Hm? Even though she told everyone to remain calm, somehow it seemed that Brynhildr-sama was asking me to sit down by using her eye…. It was a bit scary but I couldn’t hesitate now.

“Of course, Brynhildr-sama! Come, I also wish that everyone can do it with a resolution!”

“Okay, onee-san is definitely fine with that~. Even though I look like this, I am still a technician after all.” (Waltraute)

“Hm… Even though this seem suspicious, I have no choice since this is your plan. I will abide your wish.” (Schwerte)

“Even though you said that, are you aware that you are making quite an enthusiasm expression? Schwerte-onee-chan.” (Rossweisse)

“Huh! What foolish thing are you talking about, Rossweisse! Who deliberately said that I like this type of weak stuff…!” (Schwerte)

“Okay, I understand so please be at ease and take a deep breath! For god sake, this is not the time for us girl who had gathered here to be noisy and cause an uproar-, isn’t that right. Sei-chan, we will go at you all at once okay?” (Rossweisse)

“Ye…Yes! But umm… please be gentle?”

The ten goddess that are slowly approaching toward me. Toward this scenery, I was feeling excited, on the other hand, I also felt a complicated bloodcurdling….

While ignoring both my expectation and anxiety, everyone started to pat me which is according to my plan. Of course the first one who did it first was Brynhildr-sama.

“Sei~san, aincchu a cutie ~ ooh~ good! Ah, I can’t resist this feeling… to think the day where I can do this legally came…”

Yeah! I got pampered by Brynhildr-sama! But why were you talking like a baby? And what did you mean by legally pamper…? I was more curious on the illegal pamper if there was such thing.

“Are… are you being serious, Nee-sama? If… if this is the case, I will also do it! Good~ good~ good boy, Sei is really very obedient isn’t he~” (Gerhi)

“Hm… didn’t you plan to do this right from the beginning… But there is no reason for me to reject it. I’m brushing you in a way to snap your carotid artery.” (Ortlinde)

“Ara ara~ somehow it seems the entertainment for tonight had came. Pork-chan is really an unexpected tactician. To a greedy person like you~ I will give you plenty punishment okay? Come on, do it too Schwerte-chan.” (Waltraute)

“Um… is… is int time already!? I… I had not finish with my mental preparation… but I did swear on y sword regardless of the mission though. I will be a soft person for this time! Then, please excuse me… argh, what is with this softness!” (Schwerte)

“Hoo~ To think that you have a tactic for both your greed and benefit up until now. Well, I am able to imagine what the effect that you are aiming, so let me join in also. Look~, I am getting close to your private part.” (Helmwige)

“Hold, hold it for a moment! I hope you are not joking about this tactic! I will excuse myself from this embarrassing action! …But it would be an annoyance if I am the only one who is not doing it, would it be okay if I pamper you a bit… hey, give me you back for a while.” (Siegrune)

“Um… are you fine with patting only? Are you really sure you’er fine with that only!? That’s not the case right, since this is not such a simple tactic! I am pretty sure this is an audition to find be best patter! First is the head, no, since this is the back.  Maybe… I am the one who will be patted instead?” (Grimgerde)

“Ah, haha, Grimgerde-onee-chan, there is no need for you to have such a difficult thought about it. Um… it will be fine as long as we pat Sei-kun right? I am not fully sure about this but, I will warmly welcome these type of request. There is no need for you to hesitate since I will pat you as long as you ask me?” (Rossweisse)

“Fumu fumu. I see, I am able to understand it now, so this is that type of tactic. Okay! Even from the perspective of the Goddess of Love, it seems that Sei-chan is overflowing with love! So, my love will be the finale!” (Freya)

I was patted, sometime being pulled and hugged. Anyway, I was being jostled. No, this was the side benefit. Then… this wasn’t my alternative hidden motive okay? There was a legit meaning for this tactic.

Look, you would understand if you looked at the appearance of Gullinkambi.

“You! Shouldn’t you be serious since you wanted a rematch, why are you flirting now, doo! Why don’t you come and catch my right away, doo!”

“Ha ha ha, I really want to do that but it would be a waste if I step away from such a delightful situation. This is nice, you know? Being pamper by this.”

“Of course, it is nice, doo! Even I am aware of that, doo! But I won’ forgive you since you are the only one who is being pampered, doo! I also… I also… exchange place with me, dooooooooooo!!”

Gullinkambi rushed toward us that at a speed that surpassed the desperate shout of desire of his. After I jumped off from Freya-sama chest that I settled in, as a replacement, Gullinkambi settled in and dug his face deep into her breasts.

“Fua! This feeling is the great! This a reward that is undeserving for the half-wit boar! Baby-chan, you have more fun if you play with me right, doo?”

“Hm~… but I am belong to the Vanir God tribe, instead of a rooster, I prefer the sacred beast boar instead-. Moreover, I believe that you can’t call him half-wit boar anymore though?”

“? What do you mean by that, doo?”


After listening to Freya-sama, Gullinkambi eye blinked with surprise.

There was no escape… from the fatal gap just now. I who approached the back of the target silently, I shouted with a loud voice to continue the conversation.

“— This is what she meant!!”

“It hurts!? My butt hurt! What happened, doo!?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, did it hurt? Probably… it’s because I plucked this out, right?”

Gullinkambi opened his eye in a surprising manner as he saw the thing that I was waving by using my mouth.

“! That… that is my tail feather…! What…. What happened, doo! I was had, doo!”

Yup, the thing that I was holding with my mouth was Gullinkambi’s tail feather. Even though I was able to pluck all the feather like how I declared earlier but I only plucked one only. Since it was such a splendid tail feather, it would be pitiful if I plucked out all the tail feather.

“So, Gullinkambi. I had definitely gotten your tail feather. Does this mean that I won this match?”

“Argh… such unfairness… but a win is a win and a loss is a loss, doo. This time I will obediently acknowledge my defeat against your winning tactic, doo.”

“Yeah…! Yeah, I’ve done it! I won against Gullinkambi!”

“Woah, you did it, Sei-san! Congratulation!”

After I made a victory roar, Brynhildr-sama and the others congratulate me and clap their hands.

Oh, I was glad that it went according to plan. You supposed to say that when all of this was over but this tactic was actually quite depended on the behavior of Gullinkambi.

In the beginning, the reason why I was able to think of this tactic was due to my conversation with Brynhildr-sama this morning. I suddenly thought of Gullinkambi from the flow of our conversation and I shifted my direction to win the match so that he’d tell me his secret on being delicious. Then, I tried to imagine if I was in the position of Gullinkambi to try to find the thread to victory. As a result of that… I thought of this.

In my imagination, the thought that Gullinkambi who was me drawing close to Brynhildr-sama— caused me to become jealous. Even though it was just an imagination, I immediately drew closer to Gullinkambi so I was able to separate them.

Thus, the important part started here. No matter how one saw it, Gullinkambi was a pervert rooster who was a women lover. If he saw I was being pampered by a lot of goddess… it was impossible for him not to be jealous.

‘It would be hard to make everyone in the world to love you continuously but if you were able to make the judges to love you just for a moment…’

During our morning conversation, Brynhildr-sama said that.

If I was able to make the judges – whom were those specific person to love me just for a moment. in this situation the specific person were Freya-sama and the Valkyrie sisters.

It was fine if it was just temporary. It was fine even if it was an act. Even if it was a lie, I wanted to make the situation that would make any man to be envious of a reality. If I was able to do, then Gullinkambi who would definitely become envy would show a gap. After that, I just needed to take advantage of that gap and pluck of the tail feather.

This was the summary of my tactic.

“Then, Gullinkambi. Since it was my win, as promised, you will tell me the secret to be delicious as a food ingredient right?”

“Ah~. Now that you said that, I did made that promise right, doo. But it’s a pity… I do not know the secret to that.”

“Eh!? What do you mean by that!?”

Everyone and I weren’t able to remain our composure as we didn’t expect such a reply. Gullinkambi continue while ignoring our reactions.

“Please don’t get angry at me, doo. Look, you will understand if you think about it carefully right, doo? Since I am still alive, it means that no one had eaten me before, doo. That’s why I didn’t even know that I am the world most delicious, doo. Thus, it’s a given that I didn’t know the secret of being delicious, doo.”

“Eh… in another word, the reason why you challenge me is…”

“I just want to kill time, doo. Thanks to you, I enjoy it, doo.”

“Because of you, all my effort had ended up in vain!”

Ah~, I’m disappointed…. Even though I manage to win against Gullinkambi after squeezing all of my wisdom, to think I was accompany to kill time…

But thanks to him, I was able to be pampered by everyone, that itself was a lucky matter.

To be able to have this memory before I left ‘Valhalla’… was not bad at all.

“…hmm? Ah, what happened? This feeling…”

“? Sei-san, what happened?”

Brynhildr-sama heard my sudden mumble. But it seemed that everyone didn’t notice my changes. That meant… this was a feeling that only I could feel.

It was hard for me to describe this feeling that is surging inside of me. This was a feeling that I had experience numerous time before this.

The first time was when I noticed that I was able to perform my dragon transformation. Recently, I also noticed it when I was able to transform into the magic wolf, Fenrir. To experience this feeling that was assaulting me at this timing, it meant—.

(I… am able to become Gullinkambi also…?)

No. I didn’t think that this was such an ambiguous feeling. I could become one for sure. I had a confidence feeling on that.

If that was the case, then what exactly was the condition for that? I didn’t believe that this was such a convenient phenome that would occur without any solid reason.

Was it because Gullinkambi admit defeat? Or was it because I am able to satisfy Gullinkambi? I wondered what the condition for Fenrir? That time, I only pulled out the sword out of his mouth and let him feast on my meat.

! Don’t tell me the reason was me meat? No, Gullinkambi didn’t ate my meat, I was pretty sure on that. I wondered what the connection between Fenrir and Gullinkambi and also Fafnir…

—It was no good. I was still not sure what the trigger for this feeling to assault me. But there was no mistake that this was my ability. Together with the revival ability ‘Gullveig’, both of this was my merit.

“… Everyone, please hear me out. Tonight, I think that I will challenge the Chef Head in term of cooking.”

I was not sure how would this merit affect the challenge. Even though…

“However, in this match, I will once again be a meal for this last time. That’s why I hope that everyone can become my assistant an assist me with cooking. I understand that I am troubling you… but please help me with this useless resistance of mine.”

I bent my front leg and performed my best dogeza. Brynhildr-sama who saw my appearance remain silent for a moment and then said this while bending down to match our line of sight.

“Sei-san. I had said this countless of times already. We will always assist you.”

“Then, that means…”

“Yes, we will gladly help you. We will try our best to support you if you desire to remain in ‘Valhalla’ no matter what.”

While showing a smile, she extended her soft palm. I put my hoof on her palm and thanked them from the bottom of my heart on this fortune circumstance.

At the same time, I thought about this.

No matter what the outcome that was awaiting me after this— I would not regret it at all.

After that, we returned to ‘Valhalla’ and without taking a rest I headed toward the Chef Head. There was only one thing that I had to tell him.

‘Tonight, I want to have a challenge with you at the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.’

After he received the letter that I threw toward him, the Chef Head showed a fearless smile.

Let me said this first, the opponent was not the Chef Head only. This was also my final battle against my disciple, Ikusu since I had restricted that the Chef Head to only use Ikusu meat as the main dish.

Against that, the Saehrimnir team consist of me as the leader, the nine Valkyrie sisters and Freya-sama as assistant. Of course, the main dish was me.

The senior staff were steadily setting up the cooking battle venue at ‘Valhalla’. Since Ratatoskr, Grani-kun and Gullinbursti were messengers in the first place, they were spreading the news all over ‘Asgard’, it seemed that they were doing a good job at gathering the audience. Of course, the highest rank god, Odin-sama and Loki could be found among them.

Moreover, the surprising thing was the fact that Iðunn-sama was invited here as the judge. I was not sure whether it was fine that Iðunn-sama who was the caretaker of the golden apple to dawdle here, she answered me after she heard about my uneasiness.

“Are you worry? I understand, that is because the throbbing is noisy after all! But please be at ease, this break time will be brief, since my lover is waiting for me! The place for me to return will remain the same. That’s right, it’s the same no matter when it is. As long as the stars in the world can be heard clearly in my ear, my leg will also continue to jump.”

“I’m sorry, that’s enough.’

Thus, this was the circumstance. To think that she was given the role as the judge… ah, it seemed I had worried too much.

“Fuu-… it time…”

I changed into my human form with the rune of ‘mannaz’ while standby in the locker room. I tried to voice out my inner voice to control the loud throbbing of my chest but I was unable to hide my unease and nervousness.

At that time, if only Brynhildr-sama was beside me… that moment when the pathetic thought came across my mind. Suddenly, I was greeted in a loud voice from the back of me.

“Yo! Yo, Oshishou-sama! It’s almost time, to think that the time had come.”


The owner of the loud voice was Ikusu. She who was in her human mode gave me a serious gaze as if she was looking down on me, and said that as if we were close in the past.

“…Finally, it seems you had return.”

I had return? What did that mean. Since I was not made into a meal, I seemed that I always flew out of ‘Valhalla’ but… did you aware that I always came back before the sun set?

“Aah, I’m sorry for saying something weird. I didn’t mean that you had returned from somewhere… what I meant was the ‘Strongest Oshishou-sama’ that I adore had finally come back now.”

The strongest… me? So did that mean from Ikusu perspective, the me from before this was not the real me? Moreover, the current me had regain my previous glory?

“I’m sorry but even I am not aware of it myself. Since I didn’t aware that I was strong from the start, so I believe that nothing had changed. In fact, I am trembling right now. If I were to lose this time… just the thought of that frighten me.”

“Is that so, it doesn’t look like that to me. That is because the tremble that Oshishou-sama is feeling now is the trembling with excitement.”

“Eh? Is this really like that?”

“Yup! At least I believe it is like that. My heart wants to scream out since I’m sure you will win so that the others are able to see your true strength!”

While making both her hand into a fist, it seemed that Ikusu was putting strength to the side of her waist. It seemed that I didn’t realize it myself that my conflict had lightened a fire in Ikusu heart.

“If that is the case… I won’t lose tonight, Ikusu. As a man, as your Oshishou… as the ‘Valhalla Dinner’. I must win for sure.”

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“Yup! I won’t lose either! Even though I declare that, since Oshishou-sama is my opponent, it will be a disgrace if I go easy on you right? Tonight also, I will gave it my all in order to win!”

“That’s right. Wash your head… I mean was your whole body and wait for me, Ikusu.”

After I said it in a confident manner, I walked out of the locker room.

Thanks to Ikusu, I was able to clear my doubt. She definitely wanted to fight me in my best condition. There was no mistake that my heart that was rotting away due to the consecutive defeat was full of energy now.

Somehow I had a feeling that I had lose to Ikusu before we even started the match but… this was just the beginning. This match was the real deal where I’d show you that I had surpassed Ikusu completely!

“Ah, Sei-san! Had you prepare for the battle?”

At the pantry, the nine Valkyrie sister and Freya-sama were waiting for the appearance of the main dish.

“Yes! The preparation is complete flawlessly! Let go and show Chef Head what we can do!”

I rolled up my sleeve and clapped my hand to let the other to see my overflowing fighting spirit. Freya-sama who was showing an appearance that was contrast to that said this in a disheartening manner.

“Um… Sei-chan. It’s weird for me to said this now but I am not good at cooking…”

“Ah, if it’s about that, please be at ease, Freya-sama. For those who is bad at cooking, I leave you in charge of taking the designated ingredient out of the refrigerator or some easy task only. By the way, how skilled is the others in cooking?”

I inquiries since I was curious and Brynhildr-sama was the first one who raise her hand timidly.

“I’m not skilled in it but I had some experience with cooking… will that be fine?”

“That’s fine! There is no problem at all. How about you, Gerhi-sama? Everyone please continue after her.”

“I had confident with when it comes to instant cooking.” (Gerhilde)

“Argh. It’s a pity but… Linde’s life target is to be able to cook.” (Ortlinde)

“Yup~, Onee-san is also… quite skillful in cooking~” (Waltraute)

“Please leave it to me when it comes to handling the knife. Since my title as the sword princess is not for display.” (Schwerte)

“My specialty is tasting the food! If you’re fine with that, I’ll help you out with it no matter how time it take.” (Helmwige)

“I am not that skill at cooking… but I am quite good at making sweets. That… that’s not a lie, okay?” (Siegrune)

“I… I can’t cook at all, but I am quite knowledgeable on edible grass that can be eaten raw.”  (Grimgerde)

“Please leave it to me when it comes to cooking! It am quite good at it so I am sure that I will be of use!” (Rossweisse)

I see. I was able to comprehend it mostly. As usual Gerhi-sama focused on the speed and Linde-sama, I thought you had gotten the wrong meaning for that. I was not good when it comes to Waltraute-sama, Siegrune-sama and Helmwige were totally out of the choice. It was a pity but the survival knowledge of Grimgerde-sama was not necessary for now.

In another word… the one who I could rely on was Brynhildr-sama, Schwerte-sama and also Weisse. Especially Weisse since she was quite skill at cooking, I’d appoint her as my sub leader for this occasion.

“I had gotten a hold of our strength now. There is no problem, we will win if we work together! Then, let’s go! Somehow this is like… the ‘Ragnarok’ for us!”

“Oh!” x10

With my shout as the signal, the ten goddess raised their fists in sync.

I felt like there was a frequent happening of ‘Ragnarok’ like event but that meant that we just had be ready to deal with it when it come.

The ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ that was full of audience. The interior design was different from yesterday.

The wall that was facing the Big Canteen was torn down and it was join with the adjourned Big Canteen to form a large space for the arena coliseum. The designated seating area had already been filled with Einherjars as the audience.

“Woah… to think that they manage to do this.”

We entered toward the centre of the hall while being cheered which was on par with the cheer from Freya-sama concert. The Chef Head, Heizu and Ikusu were already at the centre since they entered from the opposite entrance. Hee… it seemed that Heizu was the assistant of the Chef Head. It’d be a pain if they used the mead.

“Chef Head… To think the day where we will battle each other would be this earlier.”

“I also had the same though. But I had definitely received your determination. Let’s battle until we run out of energy tonight.”

After I shook hand with the Chef Head, the next moment— we separated our hands as if our hand were the same as magnet polars.

The Chef Head immediately walked backward and headed toward the kitchen. I tried to imitate his action and dashed toward the kitchen, now— the largest cooking battle in the history of ‘Valhalla’ started now.

“Heizu-kun! Can you take out the potato starch at once! Ikusu-kun, I want you to dash to the backyard! I want you to get some carrot, onion and herb by using that cart!”

“I understand.”


The promptly order came from the Chef Head and it seemed that the opponent team had already began their preparation. His coordination that was back by his confidence and experience showed no hesitation at all.  As expected of the Chef Head.

“We will not lose! Brynhildr-sama, can you bring a bowl over here? It can be found near the sink! Then bring the carrot and the starch potato to the counter over there! Gerhi-sama, can I request you to do that!  Ah, I’m sorry, can you bring some grounded pepper! Let’s see~, first is… salad oil is fine but… I prefer olive oil!”

I was unable to be as skillful as the Chef Head but I’d not lose to him and gave out the order for my side.

By the way, the dish that I wanted to make was ‘Sauté’. It was hard to fail for this simple dish and it was quite delicious too. I thought I’d battle him with my homemade curry that was my first skillful dish but… once I thought about my trump card, it would be better to go with a simple seasoning dish instead.

“The Chef Head is… cooking the beef tallow covered with olive oil in the frying pan. Carrot, herb, onion, white wine… that’s not it! That is mead! Don’t tell me that is the secret bouillon!? Don’t tell me that is the sauce? Damn it, it seems I can’t let my guard down…”

The beef tallow, it seemed that he wanted to delay the first process. Normally, you would delay putting Ikusu meat first. By considering the leftover time for the cooking… he planned to do ‘Roast’ which only take a small amount of cooking time!

Against that, our preparation was at its final stage. We had already cook the several seasoning that would be use to massage the meat.

After I was made into an ingredient, I certainly wouldn’t be able to help out. I’d leave it to Weisse who was skill at cooking from now onward.

“Weisse. About the ‘secret taste’ after you massage the meat…”

“Okay, it will be fine if that is the case! Please leave the other matter to me! Sei-kun… please try your best also.”

Weisse gave me a temporarily difficult look when looking at me who would become a meal afterward. To speak the truth, she didn’t feel happy on the fact that I’d be made into a meal. But… Weisse was different from before. In order not to make me hesitate, it seemed she was trying her best to remain silence.

Then… all the preparation had completed. It was time for the appearance of the main dish.

“{…I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I ask for permission to expose the Divine Omniscience sacred matter}”

I was chanting for a miracle. In order for me to embodiment the great mystery, now… I was releasing all the magic power that was within of me.

“{Make the color change, let encounter, departure, reconcile and solitary become a reality! The twenty rune of Futhark, mannaz!}”

The condensed power was tumbling inside of me and I could feel the feeling of victory running inside my whole body.

I said it, Saehrimnir. Now, the name that would make you to be delicious!

“The crown fellow, my name is — ‘The Golden chicken’ ‘Gullinkambi’.”

My body was covered with a vortex of light. The moment when that was clear off… the appearance of the rumor of the world most delicious chicken could be seen.

My appearance changed into Gullinkambi which had a chubby black body with a golden crest.

“Sei… Sei-san, that appearance…!”

Brynhildr-sama showed a shocked expression while trembling after seeing my transformation.

“I’m sorry for shocking you. But, this appearance is exactly my first trump card. As usual, I still don’t know what the condition that allow me to perform this transformation.”

But… the problem was even if I managed to transform into him, there was no confirmation that I had become delicious. Since the news about Gullinkambi being delicious was just a rumor only.

Anyway, there was still some value in trying. If the rumor was true… it’d be my victory!

“Then, everyone! I will leave the rest to you!”

After saying that, I faced toward Schwerte-sama. Then, Schwerte-sama looked toward me silently for a few seconds and was surprised in an exaggerated manner.

“…hmm? Don’t tell me… you want me to cut you!?”

“Well, isn’t Schwerte-sama, the one who said that she will manage all the knife? This time, I won’t be jumping into the boiling water as usual so… I will depend on you to be the butcher.”

“That… no, but still, even if it a mission, to slaughter a friend is a bit hard.”

“There is no need for you to feel pity toward me. Then, just think of me as if I am Gullinkambi himself!”

“Still… even if you said that, for me…”

Argh… I gave up. Even though she was willing to slice off my arm without any hesitation previously but it seemed to be a different story when it came to taking live. Due to Schwerte’s hesitation, there was no sign that she would hold her sword at all.

“Then, Ortlinde-sama, I will depend on you. Come on, you just have to do it with your usual expressionless look.”

I quickly changed my target and requested the assassination loving, Ortlinde-sama to do it instead.  But, unexpectedly she shook her head and answered me.

“It seems that Sei-shi didn’t understand it at all. Even if I don’t have any expression, that doesn’t means that I don’t have any emotion.”

“That… does that mean that Ortlinde-sama does not want to get involve with me on this matter?”

“…. I am able to do it without any hesitation if it was the me from before.”

Ortlinde-sama faced away and made a duck face. This… this was… it was extremely weird but did she show annoying yet embarrass expression!? Argh… to think that I was able to see her first expression at this timing!

Then, this was not a situation where I should be happy. If this continued, I wouldn’t be able to become a food ingredient. In another word, the meal would be incomplete. It was not funny that this become an unearned win after coming all the way here.

But… was there really no other choice. Since everyone was so friendly, it would be weird if they were willing to take my life even if I looked like a livestock by appearance. Even if they were able to do that, it’d be something sad.

It seemed that I had made a mistake in choosing candidate this time— Yeah, this was a time for condolence.

“Se… Sei-kun! Don’t tell me that this is time where you will be troubled if you don’t die!?”

To think that Grimgerde-sama was the one who broke the long silence. Her muffled voice that came from behind of the mask sound more tremble than usual. Nervousness… it seemed a bit different than that. That was right, it as if she was scared of something…

“Grimgerde-sama? Um… well, that right… are you able to do it?”

“Oh, don’t worry! I will help you! Half, I will only able to do that.”

Half? Did that mean she would do it with one hand? Well, if it was just to slaughter me, one hand is more than enough for a Valkyrie-sama.

“! Grimgerde, don’ tell me…”

At that moment, starting from Brynhildr-sama who suspected something, all the other sisters swallowed their breath. Everyone immediately exchanged look and at the same time took a step back, instead Grimgerde-sama was the only one who took a step toward me.

“Se…Sei-kun, please. Please turn your back toward me and make sure that you will not turn around. This is not an act, you must not do that no matter what.”

“? I’m fine with that but… why?”

Grimgerde-sama didn’t answer my question. She used her left hand to covered her mask silently and gave me an order to ‘Turn behind’ with her right hand. I gave up on the answer and turned my back turn Grimgerde-sama obediently.

“I don’t want you to see this… since I think for sure that you will laugh at me.”

It seemed like she was requesting for forgiveness and said it in a sad manner.

The moment when I started to think about that— With a soft bump, the ground started to tremble.

“Hey, bird brain.”

“Yes? Argh…!?

That moment— at the same time when I heard a voice from behind of me, I felt an intensive pain on my back and collapse toward the front.

Even when I collapsed, I turned toward the back as a reflex. My instinct that I couldn’t ignore who had killed me caused me to forget on the promise that I made.


A girl that I didn’t know stood there. While looking down toward me with the ominous scythe in her hand, she showed a sinister smile.

Who… are you? No… that’s wrong. I knew who was that. With a tuft of long black hair behind of her and the same black mantle with the hood, and also the violet armor —

The thing that I couldn’t recognize was that face… since that face was cover with a white mask up until now.

“Yo. You should just be at ease and die. Since WE will take care of all the work afterward properly.”

The tone which was hesitantly as usual make a 180° change. While looking at the red as a Chinese lantern plant eyes, it seemed like I was in a situation where I was a frog that was being stared by a snake.

“See ya.”

The big scythe that drew near toward my head, took my life in an instant.

The next moment after I suffer a cruel death— unexpectedly I felt happy.

Grimgerde face was… quite cute… wasn’t it…

(EN: Please step on me!)

“…Oh. Okay, I had revived.”

The moment when the sun set, I quickly checked my surrounding to gasp the situation after I was revived as usual up until now.

The seat where the guests were seating which was the big canteen had unexpectedly become silent. The Valkyrie sisters with Freya-sama and the opponent Chef Head was lining up in front of the table in the centre where the dish was being presented.

That meant the dish was completed without any problem after that. It seemed that the judging time was starting now.

“Everyone, thank you for taking care of the after work.”

“Ah, Sei-san! It’s great that you are fine!”

“I’m not sure what you meant by that… well I am perfectly fine.”

While answering the worrying Brynhildr-sama, I looked toward the eighth sister, Grimgerde-sama. She had already put back her mask on and had firmly seal her bare face.

“Grimgerde-sama. Thank you for killing me without any hesitation just now.”

“Ah… you don’t have to be so kind! Since it’s a thing that I did on my own! Actually I didn’t did anything at all!”

Hm? What did she just say now? I was unable to understand it at all…. Then, while I was thinking about this, Brynhildr-sama answered me.

“Sei-san, Grimgerde had dual personality. When she took off her mask, she becomes a person with a violent personality that is difference than her usual behavior, so she was able to do that cruel act just now normally. Moreover, it seems the mask personality won’t be able to remember anything that happened within that time…”

“That… that’s right! Even I am afraid of that me…when I think that I had such a violent personality inside of me, I start to tremble no matter what…”

I got it now… that explain why I felt that Grimgerde-sama was always scared of something.

After the mystery of the mask was solved, once again I wanted to give my thanks to Grimgerde-sama… no. That was not it. I believed that this was not the situation for me to give my thanks.

“Grimgerde-sama. Once again… I’m sorry.”

“Sorr!? Why…. why do you have to apologize to me!? Did you just make a mistake!?”

“No. I think it’s wrong for me to give my thanks for ‘killing me’ even if it was inevitable. That’s why… I want to apologize for making you to do a role that you dislike.”

“Sei-kun… he he, I’m fine with it. Let me said this first, if I take off my mask. I believe that it is necessary to take it off… and the coward me will shoulder all the inerasable sins.”

Grimgerde-sama crouched down at that spot and patted me softly.

I was not sure what expression she was making since it was hidden by the mask. But… I think that it would be nice if it was a ‘gentle smiling’ expression.

“… It seems that everyone had gathered.”

At that moment— Odin-sama who was seated at the dining table while facing the dishes suddenly said that. At the same time, Ikusu came out slowly from Chef Head team kitchen, it seemed that she wanted to let everyone know that she had resurrected without any problem.

“If it’s about the recovery after being resurrected, Saehrimnir who is the real owner is the winner. But what will determine your value from now on… will based on this.”

While saying that, Odin-sama shifted his view toward the dishes that was in front of him. The steamy meat dish that was freshly made, the fragrance that come from it reached my nose which stired up my appetite.

“The one who will judge it will be me and Loki who won’t listen to me at all. Moreover, the keeper of the Golden apple and the wife of the gourmet, ‘Buraki’, the Goddess Iðunn. Let me said this first, I am quite a gourmet. I believe that most of you are aware of that matter.”

Yup. It was exactly as what Odin-sama said. Up until now, Odin-sama only drank the two type of alcohol that he liked. Recently, Ikusu meat was added into his favorite list.

About my meat… he only took a bite just because he want to obtained ‘Gullveig’.

“I’m the judge, Loki. I will eat anything as long as it’s delicious. Let me just said this to someone, I won’t be playing any favorite here so you shouldn’t have some weird expectation. Please don’t hate me regardless of the result.”

Did that someone perhaps refer to me?… I’d do as you wish. Moreover, I wouldn’t forgive you if you played any favorite here. Since this was a genuine serious match after all.

“When you said gourmet, I’m also one! The fragrance of life is playing a delicious song so that it will reach our hearts. Yup~ yup~ ah! I had to help them! Is it the thought that is holding the suspension bridge, please don’t hide anything? The one that is able to feel it is not the eye, nose nor the ear, it’s the chest.”

“Ah~ ah~ Ahem! The winner for this match will be determine whose dish that will stimulate my tongue the most. Thus… let’s eat before it get cold.”

That was a wise decision, Odin-sama. The dish should be taken when it was still hot. I begged of you to ignore Iðunn-sama and proceeded with the judging immediately.

“Okay. Let’s start with Chef Head’s dish.”

“Okay! The dish that we had prepared is abundant leg meat of Eikpyrnir which is ‘Roast’.  I called it… ‘The blessing of the world tree’.”

“Oh? How did the name originated?”

“The goat and the deer that mostly feed on the leaf of the world tree— this is a collaboration dish that was made with the material from both of them.”

“I see, what a profound dish. Then… !! this… this is!!”

One bite. The moment when the thick cut meat enter the mouth, Odin-sama glared while hitting the table!

“I didn’t bite it… even though I didn’t bite it, the meat disappear in my mouth! Is this really a meat!? What an amazing melt in the moth feeling! I getting addicted to it! The secret to this softness is… onion!?”

Suddenly, the Chef Head nodded his head silently. Odin-sama took another bite of it.

“Oh… oh! The dense meat juice that spread all over in my mouth… it seems that you had used garlic as a light seasoning. But the fragrance from the herb and the olive oil, it gives me tongue a refreshing organic feeling! You had made full use of the material quite well!”

“That’s incorrect, brother, what is the decisive factor is not the meat, instead it is the sauce! The smoothness from the butter, the stimulation from the pepper and the mellow fragrance that throb my heart is … the mead! The secret bouillon that connected perfectly bring out an exquisite taste! This is amazing! This is different from the usual! As if it is a perfect taste…!”

“De~li~ci~ous~!” x2

Woah… That Odin-sama and Loki were talking as if they were experience a personality break down…

To think that the dish that was made by the serious Chef Head by using Ikusu meat as the strongest material was able to cause the God to have a personality break down.

“No, it’s quite proficient. You had done a good job, Chef Head And.”

“You are quite an amazing person, And. since you are able to create such an amazing dish maybe you are a being that surpass human.”

“I don’t deserve such praise yet I extremely delighted.”

The words that came from the bottom of the delighted heart of Odin-sama and Loki caused the Chef Head to lower his head in respect.

Okay… I was nervous but it was finally my turn.

“Hm… I feel reluctant to say this but…. I don’t believe that there is a dish that is able to rival this in this world. To be honest, I don’t want anything to rewrite my current feeling…”

Argh. Odin-sama, it seemed that you dislike it before you even tasted it. If you ate it in this worst state, I thought you would had a bad prejudice when judging though…

“Hey brother, even though I said that we won’t play favorite but you shouldn’t had said that. Since we are the judge right now.”

“Ah, I understand. But can’t we… by the way, where is Iðunn? What is going to happen since she didn’t said anything up until now?”

Hmm, that ws truth… The other judge, Iðunn-sama had remain silent for such a long time until we had forgotten her existence. It seemed that she was sitting while silently looking down in a different table from Odin-sama and Loki when we looked for her.

“Huh? Isn’t that the table where my dish could be found?”

Perhaps Iðunn-sama made a mistake and went to have my dish first? But if that was the case, what was with that reaction. To be honest, it ws quite weird for her to remain this silent.

“Don’t tell me… that my dish taste that bad!?”

I didn’t have a proper taste of my dish this time. I was unsure whether it was really delicious or not.

I begged of you… I really begged of you! Please… please be delicious!

“Iðunn. Hey Iðunn. Why are you so quiet, it’s not like the usual you at all.”



Odin-sama was so shocked that he remain silence after looking at Iðunn who lifted her face up.

Since everyone who looked at that would get shocked also. That was because Iðunn-sama was crying. Without being afraid of what other thought… big droplet of tears came flowing down. It was inevitable that anyone who looked at that cannot resist of discover the meaning behind the tears.

Odin-sama took a bite of my dish without saying anything. After he chew it in his moving mouth, he swallowed it.


It was strange. Odin-sama didn’t look shock and he just remained stationery after that. He didn’t make any comment and didn’t took another bite.

“Hey… hey, what are you two doing. If this go on, no judging would be done.”

While blaming the two for remaining silence, this time it was Loki turn to took a bite of my dish. After that, for some reason even Loki remained stationery and silence.

Wait a moment that, please tell me it was a lie…? Don’t tell the three of them close their mouth together because it taste so bad?

Suddenly… all the matter that happened up until now came flowing inside my brain. My meat that tasted bad because I did my best when it not necessary. Don’t tell me that it… also apply to my cooking skill? Did the taste of Gullinkambi meat meet our expectation?

I guessed this is not such of a convenient world where you would get reward if you work hard. But… to think that I wouldn’t be reward even with this. Was there really no way for me to be saved anymore?

— I gave up—.

In that moment when I hugged my head secretly… some one hand touched my right shoulder. Once I traced the hand back to its owner, the appearance of Brynhildr-sama who was standing while being dumbfounded entered my sight. Moreover, she used her other hand to direct me toward something.

I looked toward the direction of the hand. Once I saw Odin-sama who sat down silently, I receive an impulse that I had never experience up until now.

It seemed that something come flowing down Odin-sama right eye. Without even thinking, that was— tear.

“… delicious…. It’s nothing but delicious. To think that that is the only think that I can said… to be able to make the God of Wisdom, Odin to be speechless, this dish is…”

The appearance of his shoulder trembling while crying was not like his usual dignity at all. We weren’t able to say anything to Odin-sama at all.

“Whether it’s delicious… or not… I am unable to consolidate it in one place. What the heck is this? If this is a dish then… what was all the thing we had ate up until now…!”

“That’s wrong Loki. This is not worthy to be known as a dish, this is just a thing that is able to melt our heart. This is far from the fundamental, let’s just said that it would be better if this was not eaten at all. That is because, we won’t be able to satisfy ourselves anymore with other dishes.”

Oh… somehow it seemed that Iðunn-sama was talking in a more normal manner than usual? Did that mean that my dish also had the same effect as Chef Head dish that was able to cause a God to change their personality?

After crying for a while since he had taste it, Odin-sama wiped off the tear while saying this.

“This dish… what is it name?”

“Ah, yes. The name of this dish is ‘The golden crowned chicken sauté ~The love of the Valkyrie~’…”

“The love of the… Valkyrie. Saehrimnir, can you tell me. The origin of that name.”

Odin-sama looked toward me after he stand up all of a sudden. After I gave a deep bow, I headed closer to the table and told him.

“It’s called the golden crowned because I used the meat of the golden crest, Gullinkambi. Moreover… this dish contains a special feeling from us toward all of you.”

“A special feeling… is it?”

“Yes. Odin-sama dish contains a secret taste that focus on the fragrance since he likes dish with the smell of the fruit wine, sweet wine and the fruity fragrance. Since Loki likes his meal to be extremely spicy, his dish contain a secretly thrilling taste. I had used apple and cinnamon as the hidden ingredient for Iðunn-sama dish on my own.”

“! Sei, don’t tell me, you… prepared different secret ingredient for a single dish?”

“That’s right, Loki. The challenge for me this time is… not to create the best dish that I could think of. But it to create a dish for those who eat it to think that it’s the best dish.”

“I see… I had understood it already. If I were to say it, the true identity of this taste is… ‘love’ right.”

Odin-sama closed his eye and looked toward the sky. After he tried to savor the after taste for a few second, he announced it in a firm manner.

“After the unanimity judging, the winner is— Saehrimnir. No, Sei. You are the winner.”


…  I won…?

I had won? Me. Against the Chef Head… against… Ikusu!

I… I couldn’t believe it! Did I win this as a cook? Or did I win it as an ingredient? No… I believed it was neither of them. I believed that I had won this match as a team.

“Sei-san! We had done it! This match, you had won it!” (Brynhildr)

“I had believe that Sei will win it from the start! Congratulation, Sei!” (Gerhilde)

“You will get reward after all the hard work… is it. Fuu, it seems that is really true after all.” (Ortlinde)

“Uwaa, Onee-san is going to cry. Pork-chan, I will pass you the key, okay?”(Waltraute)

“That was amazing, Sei-dono. It seems that I had falling far short since I was not of use even at the last moment.” (Schwerte)

“Ah, can you let me eat all the leftover dish afterward? You will right?”(Helmwige)

“Since I had helped you, I’m sure you only have a 100% of winning. You’d better thank me for it.” (Siegrune)

“Since… it ended magnificently, that means that everything is good…. It also means that I was useful right!” (Grimgerde)

“Yeah!  We had done it, Sei-kun! I am happy since it ended this way!” (Rossweisse)

“Okay, Sei-chan! Aren’t you feeling great right now! This is the result of all of your hard work!” (Freya)

Everyone who had helped me gave me their congratulation one after another. I believed that this was love since it had happened for a countless of time already.


In front of me, the Chef Head walked toward me with a refreshing smile on his face.

The Chef Head didn’t said anything more than that. But, I had understood it properly on the thing that he wanted to said. I grabbed the Chef Head right hand that was extended out silently and shoo it firmly.

Something would happen as long as you didn’t give up. What an amazing word was that, even now I was reluctant to say it.

It was fine to give up. It was fine to be down. But… that was not the end of everything. As long as you continued, you’d definitely get your desired result one day.

If and only if — there was some who will support you.