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Valhalla no Ban Gohan - Volume 4 - Chapter 6

Published at 9th of April 2018 06:15:17 PM

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The Color of the Curse that Murders its Owner

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After Loki retrieved ‘Rigel’ by turning it back to its original size with his runic magic, we had arrived at a place that was at the most east of ‘Lyngvi’.

The place that we were guided to was a lonely river beach that was located at the boundary between ‘Svartálfaheimr’ which was home to the dark elves where ‘Lyngvi’ was located at and the neighbor country, ‘Niflheim’ which was home to the dwarf.

“Is this our destination? Loki. It doesn’t seem like there is anything here…”

After I was put down by Brynhildr-sama from the back of Grani-kun, I looked around the place while making sound with my hoof at the damp riverside. For some reason it seem that Loki became speechless while looking at me but he pointed toward the upstream and said this.

“Can you see the small waterfall over there? Actually, there is a hidden cave behind it. Let’s have our conversation over there. Sleipnir and Grani, both of you will need to remain here. It’s not that bad to have some time with your family right?”  

While saying that, Brynhildr-sama and I followed after Loki. Behind the waterfall, there was a wide hidden cave which was exactly as stated by Loki.

I felt like this was not an environment that a playful child would make as their hidden base… moreover, it didn’t seem like anyone lived here. The only thing here was—.

“This is… a smithy… right?”

There was a dead end at the end of the cave. The thing that can be found there was a small bellow and various size of hammer. In addition, there was also a worn out anvil. It exactly as what Brynhildr-sama stated just now, it seemed like this was someone’s smithy.

I wondered how long had it been abandon… it felt like it hadn’t been use for a few hundred year again but it also had the feeling that it was used recently. This unpleasant lifestyle was… if I had to say it, it as if ‘a corpse had lived here’— it fitted nicely if you thought in that manner.

“…this place… is a hidden home for a certain Dwarf. Can you see the drop of scrap rolling over there? Previously, it seems that a large amount of gold was accumulated around that area.”

After listening to Loki explanation, I examined the pile of scrap carefully which was located at the back.

“Aren’t… this all a ring? Moreover, all of them have the same design. I wonder why there is a large amount of the same ring being pile up at this place.”

“I am pretty sure that the ring was created by the one who has hidden in this cave. Actually all of them are not the same at all, since it was created in the progress to create the ‘perfect’ ring.”

That meant… all of the ring here were not the prefect product. The result of the numerous trial and error was this mountain of failures…

I wondered what type of ring this dwarf was yearning for even though he had experienced these much failures. In my own opinion, I believed that all the ring that was abandoned here were quite well made.

“? Huh… a gold… ring? This ring… where had I seen it before…”

I wondered what it was. I have a feeling that I had seen this ring before. Moreover, I feel like I had seen it recently…

“Hey, Sei. You still… can’t remember anything at all?”

“Eh? Remember… you mean about the ring?”

“That’s is one of the matter but it’s not the only matter. I am referring to this hidden cave behind the waterfall and this smithy also.”

Loki spread out both his hand to indicate this place. ‘Everything’. That meant… that everything here was somehow related to me?

After Loki pointed that out, I looked at my surrounding again.

The dim cave. The sooty smithy. The mountain of ring. …all of this… should be my first time seeing it. So, this shouldn’t be a factor for me to remember anything—

“Argh! It hurts…!”

All of the sudden, there was a sharp pain running in the inner side of my brain as if I was pierce by an ice pick. As if I was on the point of pulling the string of the hidden memory.

Why…? Even though I had no knowledge about this place. Moreover, I didn’t see such a smithy before.

But why… am I getting the feeling of ‘nostalgic’ from this place?

“Loki-sama, I am unable to keep up with this conversation at all…. Shouldn’t Sei-san be a boar that was adopted in the forest of Ida weld in ‘Asgard’? Thus, how is Sei-san related to this cave?”

“Ya. In fact, other than that, what else can you understand from this conversation? “

After replying to the suspicion raised by Brynhildr-sama in an impolite manner, Loki assemble words together as if he was able to see through me.

“You should had known this quite well. The name of the dwarf that was hiding here is – ‘Andvari’. Hey Sei. You had heard of that name before right? It should be quite familiar to you right? This place.”

Heard…? I didn’t understand what exactly was Loki talking about?

I had no collection of such a remote cave at all. I also didn’t know any dwarf that went by the name of Andvari at all. Why was Loki saying all of these as if it was quite obvious to me…

“Sei, it seems like you are playing dumb as always. It’s fine. If you can’t understand, then listen to what I’m going to say obediently. About the thing that I came across… after we had gone our separate way in ‘Helheim’.”

Then, Loki told his story in a calm manner.

The truth about me –Saehrimnir…


“For god’s sake… it’s here. The rumor grotto that Regin is hiding in.”

It was really was quite troublesome, how many day do you think it took for me to reach here.

Well, it was fine. With this, I’d finally be able to have a talk with him. The joy that he was feeling now somehow help him to overcome the fatigue after roaming around ‘Helheim’ for a few days.

“Hey, Regin!! I know you are here so come out now!”

I shouted out while knocking on the door loudly. But there was no response as expected. I see, please free feel to come in is it. Then, it’d be my pleasure to do that.


“I will be intruding, Regin!”

“What!? This… this is impossible! To think the strong door that I made to protect myself from any ambush was destroyed!? You, who the heck are you? A servant from Hel? Or are you an assassins that was hired by Sigurd…”

“Hey, you are Regin for sure right?”

“If… if that was the case, then do you plan to kill me? Who had been running away from the baptism for the deceased?”

“Please relax, you tiny father. I am not your enemy nor am I servant to anyone.”

“Is… is that true…?”

Inside the small house that was located in the corner of the grotto, the middle-aged dwarf squatted down. After I appealed that I was unarmed in front of the abnormal skinny Regin, he finally acknowledged that I was not his enemy.

Well it couldn’t be helped since I put too much force when I kicked the door.

“Actually I have a request for you. The magic sword ‘Rigel’ that was able to pierce a dragon heart… can I ask you to made that once again?”

“Oh, ‘Rigel’ is it… that is quite a nostalgic name. What do you plan to do with it by asking for it now?”

“It’s none of your concern at all. So, can I request you to do that?”

“Hm… I won’t make it for a customer with such attitude.”

“Huh? Who is the customer? Then, I hope you mind if I go and tell Hel or Sigurd about your hideout.”

“! You are not a customer? Then, who the heck are you?”

“Loki. “The god of Trickster, Loki.” I am pretty sure that this is a face and name that you will never forget. Isn’t that right, the third son of Hreidmar?”

While I was in the middle of stating that, Regin opened his eye wide and froze in place. This, this was the reaction I expected.

I’d also never forget about this since I was one of the three member of the God Tribe that demanded compensation from.

…No, I actually forget about this until recently.

“Oh, I had remember, you are the Aesir God from back then! …I actually don’t want to involve with someone like you but… I am more scared if I made you into my enemy.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, then let’s settle it right away?”

“That’s right, our conversation will end here. Since I am unable to craft ‘Rigel’ for a second time.”

“…What did you say just now?”

What did he mean by that? We wouldn’t be able to have a decent talk if he was hanging his head. I grabbed on Regin head and lifted it up forcefully, then I asked for the reason for that. Regin answered me in a simplicity manner while shivering.

“I don’t have the required material. It’s not available anywhere in this world. Well it’s expected, since it’s a one of a kind magic sword.”


I see, I was able to acknowledge it if it was because of that. Since it was not that easy to create a magic sword class of weapon after all.

Tch… it seemed that I was the one who had completely wasted my time.  Guess I had no choice but to depend on Sei for ‘Rigel’ as he was at the top (God realm)…

Nevertheless, it was not like I’d leave immediately as if I came here for that only. I actually had edtons of other matters that I want to talk to Regin about since I had managed to found him.

That was because this fellow Regin was actually an important person as he had involved with tons of people. Since he was the son of the blackmailer Hreidmar and at the same time, he was also the younger brother of Fafnir who was a Dwarf and the legendary magic dragon. He actually had one more older brother, the beaver Otr… wrong, it should be Otr who transform into a beaver. On top of that, he was also the foster father of the dragon killer, the person that the Parus Major mentioned on the assignation attempt, I was him and he was me…. huh, ahh!!! Damn it, I am confused now!

“Hey Regin! I want you to help me to sort out some information!”

“Huh, why so sudden? And what type of information?”

“Huh? Um… that’s right, I want you to tell me your relationship with the person that you were involved with. Let’s take this time to compare and adjust everything from the start. Else, it will pointless if I heard your explanation.”

I said that in a forcibly manner and Regin shrugged his shoulder as if he had no choice after reading between the line.

“Can I skip with how the family of Hreidmar encounter with you?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I hope you can begin from there instead. Since it happened around three hundred year ago.”

“It seems that we had certainly become quite old if put it that way…”

Regin let out a sigh full with emotion but I was not sure whether he was giving his agreement or sympathy. Once you said that, I also get the feeling that I had become quite old immediately.

After that, Regin sit down quietly on a chair as if he had determined to begin his talk.

“Okay. Then let’s start right away.  Our encounter with your family— that’s right, it was when we went on a journey to ‘Niðavellir’.”

“…right. Then everything happened in just a moment. My family who lived our life merely as a blacksmith, got swallowed in a vortex called fate.”

What was with that since he was talking in an extreme manner? Did you expect me to play along with you?

Putting that aside, that time—the Chief God of the Aesir Tribe, Odin, the Chief God of Vanir Tribe, Hoenir and me travel from place to place for the purpose of ‘observing the world’ and we finally arrived at the Dwarf kingdom ‘Niðavellir’. It was not like we were on a sightseeing trip okay? It was for the sake to grasp the strength of all the different races. Along the way, we also bought their famous product.

Then, that day, the three of us happened to knock on the door that the Hreidmar family lived in as we had failed to find a place to stay.

In that house, Hreidmar was the main man and he had three son. The elder son, Fafnir, the second son, Otr and the youngest, Regin. All of them were skilled blacksmith since they helped us to repair our equipment over the night since it was wore out during the journey.

“To be honest, I was quite nervous that time. Since both the Chief of Aesir and Vanir tribe came to my house together. But… my father had the opposite feeling of mine from the beginning. Since he thought that we would be rewarded if we did our best to entertain you— so it was something like an opportunity for us to demand gratitude from you.”

I see, so that was the case. That explained why they tried their utmost best to look after us that night. Because of that we were fooled by their scheme but…

“But the next day, that accident occur. The second son, Otr… was killed by all of you.”

Regin said that in a manner as if he was blaming us and I began to fluster which was unlike me at all. That was without a doubt the truth but… I didn’t want to acknowledge that at all. I was referring to the existence of that sin.

“…Hey, that’s true if you look based on the fact but we did explain ourselves that time right? We just wanted to exterminate the trouble-maker beaver that was causing trouble to the resident of the same village only. We didn’t even know that that beaver was Otr who transformed into a beaver with the rune of ‘mannaz’ at all.”

“That’s right. That’s why I didn’t hate you because of that. But it was different for my father. He tried to make use of the death of the mischievous second son to grasp the weakness of the God. When I saw my father dancing in joy after his own son was killed, I become scared from the bottom of my heart.”

Of course… I understood how you felt. Since Hreidmar was quite a cunning person after all. Since he blackmailed us for the compensation with a smile instead of sadness or anger.

We were really in a bind since we didn’t have enough gold to pay for the compensation that time. But we thought of this at that time. That there was a super wealthy Dwarf who lived nearby the village.

That was why Odin ordered me to go and borrowed gold from him. Of course, we do intend to clear the debt but… damn, we had forgotten to return the gold to him. There was no helping it, I’d go and return him the gold later. Since Dwarf had a long lifespan, so I bet he was still living if nothing had happened to him.

“So, after we paid the compensation, we were release without any punishment. Then, we plan to continue with our journey. But based on what I heard from the old man Witige – ‘The Black Sword Saint’, is it true that Fafnir run away with the gold? Is it true that… after we left, Fafnir started on a massacre for the treasure?”

“Ah… that is correct. I conspired with my brother to assassinate my father. But even after that, the one who obtained the gold is my brother only.”

Regin looked downward and let out a parched smile as if he was laughing at himself. As expected… I was not sure the detailed circumstance for it but it seemed like it was exactly as my thought.

“By the way, Loki, did you mentioned ‘The Black Sword Saint’ just now? Did the brat of Wayland inform you about me?”

“Huh? Ah, he did for a bit… huh, brat? Are you telling me that you were also an acquaintance with Wayland?”

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“Hm, that fellow is actually my ex-disciple.”

“What? …Ah, that’s right! The old man did told me that there is a period that his father (Wayland) became your disciple.”

“That’s right. I am Wayland master. Moreover, our relationship only last for a few year because my foster son, Sigurd always teased him… but to think that youngster managed to forge the sword that would be the key to control ‘Ragnarok’. I am quite proud of him even though we are not related.”

While looking afar, Regin muttered ‘He really did done something amazing.’

… I see. As expected Regin was not your average Joe after all. To think that the creator of the ‘Victory Sword’ that was owned by the God of War, Frey was actually his disciple…

Well, I had no choice but to believe him it if became more complicated after this. I’d ask him more about Wayland next time.

“We had side tracked a bit but I will summarize the relationship between your family and us. Your father, Hreidmar make used of the death of the second son, Otr to threaten us. Because of that we ended up borrowing from the wealthy Dwarf. After that, the eldest son, Fafnir and the youngest son, Regin killed their father and snatched away that compensation gold.

“… Then, Fafnir transformed into the magic dragon and escaped with the gold. I raised Sigurd to become a dragon slayer but in the end I was beaten by my own game, so… this is the result of that.”

Okay… this was great. I could grasp the correct detail after talking with him now. It ws without a doubt that Regin was the Dwarf that started the legend of the dragon slayer.

Actually the thing that I wanted to know most was the hidden truth behind the legend of the dragon slayer. The thing I really wanted to hear was–the reason why Fafnir, who was a normal dwarf, was able to transform into a dragon like Sei.

Perhaps he… might have some clue to help identify Sei true identity.

“Hey, Regin. In order for me to have a better understanding, can I ask for a more detailed information? The thing I want to ask is on the event that happened after we left. What exactly happened to your family that time…. And how did the legend of the dragon slayer begin.”

“…. Once I tell you that, will you go back obediently?”

“Yes. I swear by my name.”

Once I answered him, Regin showed a shady face immediately. But in the end, he let out a sigh and begin with his story calmly—

“As you had known, my father Hreidmar was quite a cunning person. He might be more cunning than you, who was the God of trickster. That day, all the madness began the moment he touched that.”

“What is… that?”

“Ah, that’s right. If I am not mistake, my father was not the only one who became strange. Including me, my whole family suddenly became crazy. It was about the ring… that was the compensation for the death of the second son, Otr that you paid us.”

Ring…? What was that, the one that we paid them was the treasure that was borrowed from the nearby wealthy dwarf. I guessed it was normal if a ring was mix with the treasure but… exactly which part of that was bad?

“Well, listen first. The moment when my father touched that ring, he became enthrall to the gold as if he had gone crazy. Against my father who declared that all the gold belonged to him, my older brother, Fafnir made a strong opposition… which surprised me. To think that my older brother who was an earnest worker… would devise a plan to assassinate my father.”

Regin continued while both of his hand tremble repeatedly. He was surprised that he agreed to cooperate with the plan without any doubt.

It was as if… someone had forcefully imprinted the killing intent in him—

“After we killed our father as plan, we divided the mountain of gold equal into two as promised. But… the moment Fafnir touched the ring that my father obsessed with, he also had a change of appearance. After he wore the ring, he became as greedy as my father and declared that the gold belonged to him.”

“Huh? Why do you put the blame on the ring? That might be his true intention from the beginning?”

“You won’t understand unless you were there that time. It is without a doubt that the trigger point was the ring. The proof for that…. was even myself have a change of personality. It happened the moment I tried to snatch the ring from my brother who went mad.”

Come on. In another word… those who touched the ring would definitely have a strong sense of greed is it?

“I was suddenly overflow with a strong murder intention and immediately attempted to kill Fafnir. Without a shred of doubt at all. Even though he was my blood-related brother. But at that moment… it happened at the same time when Fafnir hold the ring high up on the sky. He changed to a huge dragon with purple ominous scale.”

“! When he held the ring up…. And transformed into a dragon…?”

Huh, what was he talking about? Was that from the rune of ‘mannaz’? Instead of the rune of ‘mannaz’… Wasn’t it more like ‘the ring contains the power to transform into a dragon’…!

“After that, I lived for the purpose to obtain the ring that was taken by Fafnir. I will do whatever it take to kill him and snatch back the ring. Thus, I waited for that opportunity to come. Then… I came across with that opportunity easier than I thought.”

After saying that, Regin hit his hand as if he remembered something. Then, he brought back an old book after approaching the book shelf.

“What’s this book? ‘The Volsung Saga’…?”

“Don’t you know about this? I thought that you are aware of this since you are the step-brother of Odin. ‘Volsung’ was once the name of a great renowned human king. He had inherited the blood of a God as he is one of the descendant of Odin.”


Was that the truth…I had totally no idea of that at all. I was also not quite sure about my step-brother, what exactly was he planning from the shadow?

“The legend of the sacred sword of the living tree, Barnstokk is also quite famous among the human. The only human who was able to pull the sacred sword out of the tree is… the son of Volsung, Sigmund. After that, his son is the dragon slayer, Sigurd.”

I see… I had a feeling that I understood how a mere human was able to do such an act like killing a dragon now. In another word, Sigurd was the grandson of Odin.

“Let’s return back to our story. It really was a coincidence that I was entrusted with the child of the hero, Sigmund by his mother directly. Together with the aforementioned sacred sword. That time, even I felt thankful to the God. If I was able to raise this monster properly… he’d be able to become a dragon slayer for sure.”

Understood. From the perspective of Regin, that was the first time he met the great hero, Sigurd. The fate of a person was normally not set in stone by a God but well there were some mischievous gods.  

“Sigurd who grew up as expected allow me to advance my plan. I thought that—everything would go as planned as if I was controlling everything. But… there was a grave miscalculation in my plan.”

“Miscalculation? Ah, you are referring that you were killed when your betrayal was exposed.”

“That’s right. I was not aware of that at all. To think that the ring… possessed a dreadful power of ‘harmony’ that was able to be understood by other being.”

…huh? Hold… hold it for a moment. The ring had a harmony power?

“Hey, are you saying that the ring enable Sigurd to be able to converse with bird? Based on Sigurd, he mentioned that it was because he licked the fats that came from the heart of a dragon…”

“Huh? Why did he purposely made such a poor explanation? The liquid of a dragon don’t have such power at all. The reason why he is able to converse with bird is because the moment when he defeated the dragon, he– wore the ring which is one of the treasure.”


What… what exactly was he saying?

The power to transform the owner into a dragon and… the dreadful harmony power that was contained in that magic ring.

That power… wasn’t it the same as a power that I knew.

“Hey, Regin. Who… created that ring?”

“Who? To think that you want to hear that from me, Loki. Even after all that… you dare to ask me that!! Aren’t you the one who obtained that!! From the wealthy Dwarf that was hidden on a cave behind the waterfall—‘Andvari’!!”

That moment—I was faced by a huge hostility.

It reminded me now of the same hatred that I felt in the past.

That right… that did happen.

The one who started the curse… was me…


Loki paused for a while after his long conversation.

Everyone remained silence at the same time. Loki and I… and even Brynhildr-sama. We just remained silence and looked down toward one of the fallen ring on the ground.

“Um… what happened… next? What do you intend to tell us? Loki-sama. After hearing all that suddenly, I am still unable to conclude anything…”

Brynhildr-sama asked on behalf of me who remained silence and showed a parched smile. Then, Loki lifted up his face slowly and begin his explanation without showing any expression.

“The cave behind the waterfall was once the home of the wealthy Dwarf, Andvari. The reason why he possessed so much gold… was because he possess a certain magic ring that was created by himself.”

“A ring that will bring wealth is it…? What exactly is the magic that the ring possessed?”

“It’s a magic that once a day—during the sunset, it was able to bring back the gold that was used for that day.”

“… huh?”

The thing that Loki told us just now was something that is quite familiar to me. After realizing the meaning behind it, Brynhildr-sama finally remained silent.

“As order by my brother, I went and stole the ring from Andvari. As we believed that it would be sufficient to compensate Hreidmar. But at that time… he became mad and place a certain curse on the ring. That curse will –‘murder its owner’.

“Murder it owner…?”

Since the name seemed so sinister, I repeated it like a parrot. After Loki gave me a nod, he revealed the mystery about that.

“Before anyone can make use of the power of the ring to become rich, a curse was placed to grant misfortune to its owner. At that time, I make light of it since I those it was just a normal cursing but… to think that it was the real deal.”

While saying that, Loki picked up one of the ring and fiddle it with his finger. Then he continue while looking through the ring as if he could see a scenery.

“There is a lot of form for the misfortune. There is time where it mesmerize a certain Dwarf family and started a killing fest by imprinting killing intent into them… there is also the scheme of a certain royal family which cause the death of the great hero… there is also the time where it immediate annihilate the glory royal family. From one hand to another, from one darkness to another darkness. The footprint that scattered all around is the misfortune that is known as death.”

“Scatter… misfortune… death.”

After listening to Loki, my heartbeat become louder and louder.

—‘I’ve gotten bored of watching the misfortune in the world.’—Previously, there is a time where I wonder why those word appear in my mind all of a sudden.

Is this… the answer on my past?

“Well, it’s almost time for us to face our answer, Sei. Are you prepared?”

“… I am… not prepared.”

I understood well that this was something pathetic. But this was my honest answer.

“Loki…Loki-sama, about Sei-san’s true identity… do we really need to let him know it no matter what?”

Brynhildr helped me out since she was unable to just ignore this while I was not fully prepared yet. As expected, Brynhildr-sama was quite kind… I really had no idea how many time had I fallen for her up until now.

But… Loki ignored it.

“What I am going to say from now onward might seem harsh to Sei. But… unfortunately this problem will not involve him only. Hey Sei, if you really cared about Brynhildr-sama, then show us your guts now.”


Since… he told me that, I no longer had anytime to hesitate anymore. I answered Loki after I shook off the unexpected huge feeling of uneasiness.

“I understand… please tell me.”

“Oh, that’s great.”

I’d no longer run away. No matter… how harsh the truth was.

“First is your dragon transformation. Do you understand—how you were able to transform into a dragon from the start?”

“I believe… that the me before I lost my memory had encounter a dragon…”

“It’s a pity but that’s not the truth. The reason why you were able to transform into a dragon is due to the power that exist in ‘that ring’ since it was made that way. That explains why could a normal Dwarf like Fafnir be able to transform into a dragon.”

‘That ring’ that was mentioned by Loki. Yes— this was just an assumption.

That was because it did not even serve as a discussion for my true identity. If that was the answer, then there was no point for Loki to tell me to ‘face the answer’.

“Next, for some reason, you are quite proficient with the rune of ‘mannaz’ right? Have you wonder why— you were able to go against the principle of mannaz and transformed into Fenrir who is a member of the God and even Gullinkambi who possessed the nickname of ‘Gold Rooster’?”

“Isn’t that because I just so happen to be good at using the rune of ‘mannaz’ only?”

“Just so happen? That’s wrong. That is because ‘that ring’ contains a hidden ability which emphasize the ‘harmony’ that governs the rune of mannaz. The reason why Sigurd was able to converse with the bird is not because he licked the fats of the dragon heart but it was because the harmony between him with the other race got amplified through the median of the ring.”

That meant… instead of a coincidence, it was something inevitable…

“Then I will move on further. Do you know the reason why you were able to revive once the sunset?”

“… That is due to the ability of ‘Gullveig’ right?”

“That’s right. Then, do you know why you possess that ability?”

“That…I don’t know at all.”

“Then, let me tell you. ‘That ring’ possess the ability to revive the treasure that was consumed during sunset.  Even though you are a boar, you possess self-awareness thus, you treated yourself as a treasure without even realizing about it. If my assumption is correct, you were able to revive yourself because dying is the same as the treasure being consumed.”

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“Then… is it due to the influence of that ring which grants those who eat me, the same ability to revive as me..?”

“That’s right, you are correct. So, let’s continue on with this momentum.”

Loki answered me with a satisfying look and told me this in an indirect manner. ‘Don’t act like you don’t know. I know it’s hard but you had to accept it.’

But… I was really scared.

I was really interested in my true identity previously. My identity before I was adopted by my current parent. But… at some point I began losing interest in that. I thought that I was able to understand the reason that caused it…

“It seems like you had not remember about it but during the rebellion of the Einherjars, it was you who killed the mastermind, Beruze. Are you sure that you are unsure on the method you use to kill him?”

I could only shake my head horizontally toward that question. It was not a lie that I had no memory of it.

“Beruze died because he declared that you were his possession. The curse activated immediately in that moment. He died in a hideous manner. The current you who have a mind now is able to activate the curse on purpose and the owner will be assaulted by all sort of misfortune that can be found in this world.”

“…I… see. It seems that Beruze-san might have done something bad…”

… I wondered why. I understood it vaguely but it seemed that only terrible thing happened. Thus, I was still unable to believe this story was related to my true identity.

If this was the truth, then it would be better for this to remain in the dark. If it was possible, I wished he could stop this conversation.

I guessed I was really pampered… since I was thinking in that manner.

“Lastly—it’s about how you manage to deepen your relationship and trust with everyone at a fast pace. That is not because of your virtue at all. This is… something that was planned from the beginning.”

“That’s not it! Loki, I am sure that it’ss wrong! I actually li… think that Sei-san is amazing since I know am aware how hardworking Sei-san is! I don’t care whether it is due to his true identity or the curse at all! I am pretty sure that the others also have the same thought as me!”

Brynhildr-sama finally voiced her opinion against Loki as if she was unable to endure it anymore. But Loki continued on as though he was aware of that.

“I want my meat to be delicious, I want to smell nice and on top of that I want to be cute… he desire and envy more than anyone else, and his extraordinary power are all a lump of convenient feature for him. All of that is for the sake of killing after triggering their greed… which is just a portion of the curse.”

The moment Brynhildr-sama heard that, tear began rolling down her cheeks.

It pained me to see how kind Brynhildr-sama was, since she was feeling sad for the sake of other. The tear of hers caused my heart to beat faster.

“…Then… in other word… what am I?”

My eye hurt. My throat hurt. And it seemed like chest was being torn apart.

He answered me while trembling as if he was trying to hold back himself from shouting it out.

“… The brown boar, Saehrimnir. Your true identity is… the magic ring that was created by the Dwarf blacksmith, Andvari who used to live here. No… you are the blood-stained curse ring that no one dare to touch now—“

I was pretty sure that the answer given was correct.

Loki was pretty sure of his judgement since it was based on the various information that he had encountered up until now.

“—… you are ‘Andvaranaut’.”

That was the truth on my past.

Furthermore… that was also my true name.

Just like this, my past was exposed.

I always thought that I needed to know it if it was possible. For that sake, there was a short period where I surrounded myself with the ancient manuscript. I was pretty sure there are time where I dream… about my real parent.

—despite all that.

“…I am… a ring? A ring that was curse… to kill its owner…?”

The revealed truth was quite unpleasant. The reality was quite merciless.

No… I was fine even if I was a ring. For some reason the current me was a boar but I was still quite proficient with the rune of mannaz. I seemed that I was lacking of a person background from the very beginning.

But… it was a different story if we are talking about the curse.

If I were to admit that, I’d go back to the time when I was Andvaranaut and scattered the misfortune in the form of death.

“Haha… to think that…. I also thought that I am a bit weird. Since I was quite skilled at evading inconvenient matter.”

Ah, that right. I was pretty sure that I was aware of this somewhere in my heart. That my true identity was Andvaranaut.

In the midst of this long time, I was sure that I had cursed and killed a large amount of people. I was the curse ring that exposed and increased the ugly side of the world and the cause of death, destruction and despair. At the end of that blood stained journey—I simply evaded all of those matter.

“Sei-san… I am not sure how would I be able to comfort you. But please… don’t feel that disappointed.”

Brynhildr-sama who was behind of me, said those kind words toward me.

“The sins that was committed when Sei-san was a ring is just a matter in the past now. There is no need for the current Sei-san to bear the burden for that.”

“Is… that so…”

I would like to do that if I was able to do away with my past. Since I would like to do that also. But… can I really be forgiven? Is it okay for me to forget about the crime that I committed when I was Andvaranaut?

“It’s just like what Brynhildr said just no, Sei. I didn’t expose your past in order to torment you at all. I did it so that are able to understand your past well. Didn’t I always say this? That you need to comprehend the details of your power. If you are able to do that, then you won’t make a mistake when the time come.”

I see… Loki did all that for the sake of that.

No matter how dangerous my power was, the one that was having control over it was me. Moreover, this power would be able to affect my surrounding depending on the situation. This was not a power that should be handled without understanding it.

“But… will I be able to do it? To have control over my curse.”

As long as I was able to do that… I’d be able to remain who I was now.

“It’s not about whether you are able to do it or not, you must do it.”

“I am pretty sure you are able to do it since you are Sei-san after all! Furthermore, isn’t it true that nothing had happened up until now?”

That… that right. Both of them are correct. Since I had done it up until now, I was pretty sure that I was able to do it from now onward. Together with everyone, no matter what—

“It’s impossible… for you.”

…eh? What was… that voice just now?

“It’s impossible for you. That is because you are… still under the curse.”

The voice came out the moment when I had determined to— accept the truth and prepare to face it positively.

That was a resentment that seep out from the darkness in the world. That was a resentment that crawl up from the bottom of hell.

That black sediment that negate all life… was negating my determination with those cursed word.

“!? …Who are you!!”

Loki shout echoed inside the cave that became dim for a moment. Then the thing that suddenly appeared in front of us is the ruined ring that was pile up in the cave.

Are you telling me… that these ring were speaking to us…?

“! Stay back!”

In the same moment when Loki shouted toward us after sensing something, the black darkness ooze out from the mountain of rings. That darkness that appeared swallowed all of the ring without leaving any behind and it form changed into a lump of the ominous miasma.

“Isn’t this… the same miasma as that time!?”

“What… what do you mean by that, Sei?”

“When Loki was still in ‘Helheim’, I went to ‘Midgard’ together with the Valkyrie! And this is the same miasma that I saw that time…! That’s right, the ring!”

I remembered it! No wonder… this pile of rings looked so familiar, still it was the same ring from that time! It was the same as ‘Gnitaheid’ and the ruin of the Gjúki Family… that ring could be found in those place where the miasma appear.

I finally got it now. The true identity of that miasma was the ring!

“Hold… hold it for a moment. If the miasma that time was cause by this ring… then how did the ring scatter throughout the world?”

I thought for a while after listening to the Brynhildr-sama question but… there was only two answers for that. ‘Someone took the ring out of here.’ Or perhaps…

“I’m so glad that you remember, Sei. I wonder is there a reason for you to purposely come here to meet us.”

The outline of the miasma flicker like a fire and turn to solid immediately. At the same time, the eerie voice that seemed to be a mixture of multiple voice combined into a voice of a young man.

The condense miasma form the shape of a single person and… it change into a surprising appearance.

“That… it’s another… Sei-san!?”

Brynhildr-sama became astonished and shouted out while covering her mouth.

I also felt the same way. That was because… the one that was standing there… was without a doubt myself. It was my human form after I activated the rune of mannaz.

“Who… who are you…?”

I immediately asked the other me who appear out of a sudden. Then, he glared at me and answered with an emotionless expression.

“I am you, Saehrimnir.”

“What… what did you just said…”

I became speechless after I voiced out my immediate denial.

The fallen ring that could be found in the cave of a waterfall become him. Moreover, I was originally a ring also. If that ring was an imitation of me then that meant that he was me…?

“Don’t be fool, Sei. He is completely different from you. Didn’t I said this, the rings here are failure product since it different from you.”

While saying that, Loki took out a mistletoe branch from his pocket and prepare himself for battle.

“I also had the same thought. There is no way that he is the same as Sei-san since he is the culprit of that sinister miasma!”

Beside of him, Brynhildr-sama stand up and unsheathe her beloved sword, then she took her position by standing in front of me.

“…it’s true that I was a failure product. I can’t say that I am completely the same as Saehrimnir at all. Despite that, I am still you. Andvari said that I am a Falsch. In another word… doesn’t that mean I am you but my name is Falsch instead?”

Falsch— the fake Saehrimnir, was what he called himself.

After the Chief God, Odin snatched away the ring, Andvari tried to recreate the same ring again. As a result of that, the spirit of the failure product… was born.

“I see. Does that mean the ‘thing’ that I saw in ‘Helheim’ is something else… despite that I can’t be at ease at all. Hey, Falsch is it? Why do you appear now? If you said that you appear because I exposed Sei identity, then I will be hurt.”

“…Sorry, Loki. I don’t have any free will since I am Falsch. The one who I had business with is— that ‘perfect product’ only.”

After saying that, Falsch walked slowly toward me. He didn’t pay any attention to the two who entered a battle stance to protect me. He walked toward me… casually.

His right hand was holding the black lump full of killing intent.

“Tch… it looks like you are looking down on us, do you intend to die!”

Loki threw the mistletoe branch as Falsch approach us with a distinct hostility intent. The moment the branch was threw, it changed into the thorny magic sword and chopped off Falsch right hand at the elbow.

“Ah… it’s broken. That was mean, Loki.”

Falsch stopped his movement and muttered that in an insignificant manner. Was that it…? Was that the only thing he could say after having his hand chopped off…?

I watched this madness quietly as that reaction that didn’t show any pain or fear. But… this might be a normal reaction to him. That was because his fallen right hand recovered immediately the moment he swung his hand.

“Okay, it’s back to normal now. Well, it was broken at the start anyway, I am referring to myself.”

After he said that, Falsch began walking once again. Just when I thought the right hand this was covered with miasma, was about to catch me, the next person who stopped him was Brynhildr-sama.

“Please… please stop your movement now! Else… I will not show you any mercy despite your appearance!”

Her behavior and words seemed refined from the appearance but based on the tremble sword tip, it showed that she was confused in the inside.

“…oh. In fact, I would like to see it. Please show it to me.”

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Falsch purposely faced the sword with his left chest. Brynhildr-sama was surprised and started to tremble.

! This was bad—she was unable to kill Falsch! It seemed that Brynhildr-sama was really a kind person since I had always watch her from the side.

It was not just based on my sight alone. Previously Brynhildr-sama personally told me about this.

In the past, in order to fulfill the wish of Sigurd’s mother who was a friend to Brynhildr-sama, she went against the order of Odin-sama.

Even though she was doing fine with her Valkyrie missions now, her kindness was the only thing that would never change. Moreover, her opponent this time was none other than me. It completely different from being a stranger. Since she said that I was her… ‘friend’!

Brynhildr-sama understood well that was not me but it was hard to lie to her own feeling. I was pretty sure that it’d left a scar in her heart if she were to kill Falsch who was exactly like me.

“Come on… it’s here. What will you do now? Brynhildr-sama.”


At the moment—Falsch purposely took a step forward to let the sword plunge his left chest. The large amount of blood that splattered out from the wound and Brynhildr-sama body was dyed red.

“Nooo!! It’s a lie… I… Sei-san… with this hand!”

“Calm yourself down, Brynhildr-sama! That is not me, it Falsch! Look, aren’t I standing here right now!”

After letting go of the sword, Brynhildr-sama fell to her knee. In order to make her feel at ease, I immediately changed into my human form and hug her.

“Sei… san… I’m sorry… I…”

Her face become pale from the blood and those teary eyes looked like they were dead. The hand that grabbed back at me was surprisingly cold and her sadness caused her to tremble gradually.

On the other hand, Falsch took out the sword that was pierce through his heart as if it was normal and throw it in front of her. As if he was doing it on purpose to torment her by using her the conscious of her guilt.

“That was quite bad of you… on top of being a fake, you possess the ability to revive?”

“That’s wrong, Loki. I don’t have such ability at all. You saw my original identity before I become this right? I am the combination of the thousands ring. As long as I am here, my life and hatred is endless. That’s why, I choose to appear now.”

While answering, Falsch walked passed Loki who was grinding his teeth and stood next to me.

“So, Sei. Let us have a talk while ignoring all these outsider. Wait, words are not necessary at all. The thing that I desire from you is—”

In that moment, a fire was lit in the cloudy eyes of Falsch.

Only the outline of the iris was giving off a glow. It was as if a cursed ring that appeared from the darkness and pierced through me under the name known as madness.

“—a killing fest.”

The moment when I realized it— the world had already turned into reddish-black.

It was only Falsch and me who were inside this world which was swallowed by the miasma. There was no exit but… oddly I was not scared at all.

Loki and Brynhildr-sama would not get involved any further if we were here. That was just my assumption only.

“Falsch. Do you hate me? What did I did to you?”

“Actually, nothing. So be at ease since you haven’t done anything. But as long as you are alive, just for that reason only… cause me to hate you so much that I want to kill you.”

“That doesn’t answer anything! There is no point for me to have a killing fest with you at all!”

“I’m sure you can do it. Since the reason is quite simple… you have to kill in order to avoid being killed!”

The sharp hand blade that was covered with the miasma was approaching my throat as if he was letting me experience his serious intention to kill. On the contrary, my killing intent that was forcefully drawn out my instinct of not dying actually helped me live longer.

“Hee, as expected of the original. To think you were able to avoid my attack as long as you get cornered.”

“Hold… hold it! You are the only one who desires this killing fest only! I actually wanted to have a talk with you! If you were made after me, then that means you were made after me, in another word, you are my little brother right!? I don’t intent to fight my little brother at all!”

I tried to convince him desperately while avoiding those continuously hand blade at the last minute. But Falsch didn’t stop his assault. In fact, the more I tried to convince, his assault get faster and faster as he was hunting for me.

“How many time do I have to say it till you understand! I am not your little brother, I am just a fake! I am just an incomplete you! It’s just one… it’s just one difference that caused me to become a fake! I am actually much better than you!!”

Falsch screamed that out while brandishing all his strength into his right hand. It was alright, since I was able to avoid all the attack up until now. I jumped a step backward at the last minute to avoid it.


In the next moment, I was blown backward after I got hit by a powerful shockwave.

I fell flat down after rolling a few time on the reddish black ground. How did it happen? Why didn’t I manage to avoid it? Did I misjudge the timing? When I was trying to figure that out with my muddiness consciousness—the thing that I saw in my blurry vision was Falsch appearance that had changed.

“Ahem… only his right hand… undergone the dragon transformation…?”

The ability that Falsch revealed, after he commented that he was better than me, was something unknown to me. It was the ability of ‘position transformation’ since he was able to transform a part of his body to something else.

“Hahaha! How was that, I bet you aren’t able to do something like this right? But I am able to do it. Of course, it’s normal that the one that was made latter are superior! The only thing that I am lacking is ‘Gullveig’ only. That is why… I will snatch that from you now!!”

After Falsch grab my head since I was unable to move, he pour the miasma from his dragon form right hand into me.

“This… is bad…!”

The feeling of it consuming from the inside. The feeling of it taking away my consciousness. I was being assaulted by the violence that was destroying my mind from the inside.

“I will become Saehrimnir! I will become the real deal! You belong to me now! This time… it’s your time to be the fake!!”

The darkness that invaded the inside of my mind removed my ego from me. I couldn’t sense anything now. My thought had come to an end. Is this… the end for me?

[Let me grant you.]

…That was wrong. This was not the end yet. That was because… Falsch couldn’t become me.

[Let me grant you. The foolish fake—]

That was because my inside had… already completely filled with the darkness.

“Argh!? What is this!? My arm… is melting!!”

When my vision return to normal after a momentarily darkness—he screamed out in front of me. What I saw was Falsch who was staggering. The right hand that he was holding was no longer a dragon nor a human anymore. Since it became stained by the black sediment.

“I shouldn’t be feeling any pain… nor any fear! Since I don’t have those function at all! Saehrimnir, what the heck did you do to me!”

“That was just my kindness. Didn’t you said you wanted to become me? Accept it since that is a part of me.”

The black sediment that swallowed everything. The mud that cursed one to death. That was me… Andvaranaut.

I thought he would understand it since he declared that he was me in an indirect manner.

“I see… that means you finally have interest in this killing fest! Original!”

“…‘killing fest’? What the heck are you saying?”

After I took a step forward, the world change starting from the spot that I stepped. The reddish black world turn black. It was pure black which would not be dyed by any other color.

“Do you serious think that I will become your opponent, fake? Since this is just purely ‘killing’ only.”

A step after another, the world was slowly being dyed by me. When this swallowed world had split into two, I stood in front of Falsch who faced become stiff from the fear.

“Admit it… that I am the superior one! I am just lacking of ‘Gullveig’ only. Other than that, I am much superior than you!”

“Then let have a competition then. Let have a benchmark test. Try you best and show me your potential.”

Okay, let’s see what the conceited fake can do.

The method for this battle—was determined from the moment we met each other.

“I—Saehrimnir belong to the Falsch Saehrimnir.”

“I—Falsch Saehrimnir belong to Saehrimnir.”

The confrontation between the two Saehrimnir. The two Andvaranaut.

After the both of them made that declaration, the curse to kill its owner within them activated.

The black sediment that come out from the depth of their body. It crawled up to the right hand in a helix manner and gather itself in front of the index finger.

The black sediment get in position in my right hand and Falsch left hand. The moment when the two extend our curse tip to touch each other forehead… they said this at the same time.


There is no need to offer any flower. Since the destination that the fake, who was broken from the start, was going to a place that exceeded death—which was ‘nothing’.

The battle had already concluded— when I regained back my conscious.

The both of us were dealt with the deathly curse. As a result of the same curse overlapping each other, it ended—as my victory.

My complete curse overwhelm Falsch fake curse which caused him to lose his life.

“Am I going to… die… and disappear?”

After getting destroy by the curse of death, Falsch body became frail immediately and fell backward. In the end, he was unable to maintain his transformation and return back to a ring before slowly disintegrate into sand.

“I’m sorry… Falsch. What have I done…”

The moment the duel was decided, I was able to accept myself when I became Andvaranaut. Or did I lose my consciousness again like last time, then that meant that this was the second time…

At least I was able to feel one great change in me. That I was able to acknowledge my own ability. Somehow, it seemed I was able to remember most of my memory when I was Andvaranaut.

“Forgive me, Sei. That is how you request for forgiveness. But I will never forgive you.”

“Haha… it seemed that I got hated. In the end, it seem that your wish was fulfilled.”

“…. I hated you from the start but… I am unable to hate you on this which is you had beaten me with your ability. Since I had aware that the real deed is much more superior, I am able to accept myself as Falsch now.”

The bottom half of Falsch was slowly disappearing as he gave out a sad smile.

At the same time as that, the outline of this world that was created by Falsch started to distort. And the world is slowly returning back to its original color. In the midst of that, Falsch extend his leftover left hand toward me.

“Sei, my hand.”


After he said that, I extended my hand naturally. Then, Falsch became astonished halfway through his smile.

“Shouldn’t you be more alert, since we did battle each other just now?”

“Ah, that’s right, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t mind but…. For god’s sake, you are too friendly. All of us will be going now.”

Falsch grabbed my hand while he shrugged his shoulder. He put a small amount of strength into his hand and told me this.

“Sei, you should had recovered your memory when you were Andvaranaut during the battle with me.”

“! How did you…”

“Our meeting is not by fate since it was planned. It was all planned by our father… Andvari.”

What…. Then, were you telling me Andvari was the one that caused us to have this killing fest?

“In the end, he used me as a failure product. That’s why, I wanted to tell you this as revenge. The thing… that I want to tell you is Andvari scheme.”

The moment Falsch told me that, I was overflowed with light that came from his hand. As if we were resonating with each other, I was filled with the light which was his memories. And his only proof of living.

I was able to understand everything as he had passed all his memory to me. The reason why Falsch appeared in front of me. And also the reason why we fought each other.

Furthermore— it also contained the reason on why I became a boar and was sent to ‘Asgard’.

“This is… how could this be!? Is… all of this the answer to all my question!?”

I didn’t believe this! If the information that I received is the truth… then I shouldn’t be near to Odin-sama at all!

“Calm down, Sei. You had recovered all your memory right? As long as you don’t get too close to others, your curse will do no harm at all. You won’t hurt others as long as you are alone.”

“If that is the case, then I will never be…”

“You should give up on that. Listen carefully, I did told you that it would be better if you keep quiet about this right? Unless, you want the important person of you to fight against each other.”

What was left in this collapsing world was Falsch whom existence was getting weaker. Falsch continued before his existence was completely gone.

“But… there is no need for you to be despair at all. I’m sure that you have one since I also had one.”

“Have one… what is that? Wait… wait for a moment! At least tell me what you mean by that!”

I could no longer see Falsch. What was left now was his faint presence in which I asked him desperately.


Was that the voice that I heard or was it just my imagination?

The small voice that couldn’t be heard by anymore, secretly appeared in my heart.

[I started at the worst point but… unexpectedly I felt like I was rescued for my demise. Even though it was a battle, you did become my owner. The owner of me who no one even dare to bother with up until now. This is the salvation that you gave me.]

Normally you wouldn’t said that you were saved…. Since this world was actually filled with kindness that you were not aware of…

[Never forget about this, Sei. I am Falsch and Saehrimnir also. Since I am the same as you… so I’m… sure…]

In the end, he stopped halfway and his presence was gone as well. The another me… Falsch had completely disappear from this world.

He hated me and I also didn’t like to meet with people that I dislike. But… it was without a doubt that he is also me. Poor Saehrimnir, to think you had fallen to the dark side all because of a small mistake.

Just when I realized about that again, tears… flowed down my cheek.

Without waiting for a long time, the created world had completely disappeared.

The voices that belonged to two person immediately called out to me from my back when I was absentminded.

“Sei, so you are fine! Come one, where did you went since you disappear all of a sudden!”

“Sei-san! Ah, that’s great since you’re fine! I was worry since you disappear suddenly!”

The moment after I returned, I was greeted by Loki and Brynhildr-sama who had recovered from her depression. That was great… since I was not sure what I should do if she remained in that state.

I immediately wiped off my tear and turned toward them, then I replied them after I gave a bow.

“I’m sorry Loki. I would like to apologize for making you worry about me, Brynhildr-sama. I just went to settle the score with Falsch only.”

“Settle… settle the score… since you were able to return safety, does that mean that you had defeated Falsch?”

“Ya, kind of. It was a close call…”

The moment they heard my answer, both of them gave out a sigh of relief. They also gave me their best blessing for my victory at the same time.

“So? What happened to that fellow in the end?”

“Okay… let’s me explain that. Since I had inherit everything about him from himself.”

In the end, he entrusted me with this memory after I was have a bit reconciliation with him. After I sorted out my feeling, I told both of them everything I knew.

“Falsch is actually a superior ring than me. But Andvari treated him as a fake since he was not able to activate ‘Gullveig’. He… actually was quite unsatisfied ever since then. That’s why he had wished for the day where he will be able to fight me.”

Then… the moment when his wish was granted was today.

“He comes out because I had exposed your identity… that is not the reason right?”

“Yes, that’s wrong. The reason why he appear is because this is a place where he had the most advantage. Despite that, I am sure that he will still appear in front of me someday even if we didn’t came to this cave. Moreover, our first meeting was at ‘Gnitaheid’.”

That was because I saw a shadow that was similar to me that time. I thought I was just hallucinating but it seemed that Falsch had actually went there. After that, he changed to his miasma form and attack me was just a greeting to me only.

“Andvari had prohibited Falsch to meet with me. But… when Andvari thought that I had reached the most convenient position, that prohibition was lifted.”

“The most convenient position… is? What does that mean…?”

“It’s Odin-sama throat, Brynhildr-sama. Because I had gain sufficient trust from the God and proven my worth as the ‘Valhalla diner’. After Falsch was aware with that, he moved on to the second phase of his plan. That is the fight between me and Falsch.”

“Hm…? I don’t understand that. What the point of having you and Falsch to fight each other?”

That was an expected question. But it would be a bit difficult to answer that question.

It might be better for me to explain everything step by step even though it a bit bothersome.

“Actually… I have no memory when I was made into a boar in the first place. If I have no memory about my past then I won’t know about my task also. If I had to explain why Andvari did that, it would be none other than ‘You must fool your friend before you can fool your enemy.’.”

That was because Andvari was actually quite a careful Dwarf. I thought that it was a good idea to remove all my memory so no one can realize about his plan. That was because I wouldn’t be able to act normally in ‘Valhalla’ if I was aware of my task.

“Um… Sei-san, even thought you had said that in a simple manner but that is actually ‘creation of life’ right? If that is the case, then it is necessary to get approval from the gods. But we were not even aware of your existence until Loki introduce us to you…”

“Hey, Brynhildr, you will only made foe if you keep on with your serious mode. Do you think that Andvari who hates gods so much until he wanted to kill them will go and get approval from the god obediently?”

Yup… it was a pity but it was exactly as what Loki said. The rule of this world was not perfect. No matter what bad deed it was, there would always be a loophole for it.

“Wanted to kill because of hatred…. Huh, wait a moment. If I am not mistaken, Sei-san was adopted by your current parent together with magic pot, Eldhrimnir right? That’s mean the creator of Eldhrimnir is Andvari.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“…After he made Sei-san who is a ring to the boar that was able to revive for a numerous time, he send you together with Eldhrimnir to ‘Asgard’ which is part of his plan— If Andvari had predicted beforehand that ‘there will be a future where the Einherjars food supply will be insufficient’ then… he is sure that you will attract Odin-sama attraction. In other word, Andvari objective is… to let Odin-sama be the owner of Sei-san…!?”

While mumbling, Brynhildr-sama managed to figure out the answer herself which caused her to start trembling in fear.

It was a pity but that was the task that was given to me. The idea of sending me as a boar (food stock) to get close to him was the most natural method for that moment.

From the beginning, my existence was… to infiltrate ‘Asgard’ and cursed Odin-sama to death as an indestructible God Slayer weapon.

“It went exactly as Andvari scheme since I was owned by Odin-sama as a food stock. I am unable to say it out loud but I believe these serve as proof that I was owned by him since he took back his dismissal of me and the selfish behaviour of him that prohibit me from letting other race to taste me. But it seems that is not enough to activate the curse. That why, Falsch was necessary.”

Loki shrugged his shoulders as we went back to our main topic. Seriously… I felt tired from all these talking too.

But, just a little more. Then I’d be able to convey everything to them.

“The curse won’t activate if I continue on without any awareness of the curse. That is where Falsch came in to serve as the switch to activate the curse.”


“Yup. I as Andvaranaut have a powerful ‘harmony’ ability. It was the same for Falsch too. After I resonate with Falsch who was aware of the curse, it cause my memory as Andvaranaut to return. But… that is a memory that I shouldn’t remember at all.”

While saying that, I put some strength into my right hand. Then, it was covered by the ominous black sediment.

“Is that… Sei-san… curse…?”

Brynhildr-sama swallowed her breath and knitted her eyebrow. Well, it couldn’t be helped if she was scared of it. Since any person that ‘owned’ me based on my thought touched this, then the person life would immediately be taken away.

“Andvari knew it from the start that Falsch is not a match for me after my curse was activated. That is the reason why he allowed Falsch to meet me. And I managed to learn about my curse… which is exactly as what he planned. Since this switch was turn on, I won’t be able to return back to usual now.”

I was different from the time that I was ignorance of this from a while ago. If I let my guard down for just a moment, the curse would burst out which would kill a person easily.

That was why…

“Brynhildr-sama… Loki. I … won’t be returning to ‘Valhalla’ anymore.”


“Are you serious, Sei-san…!”

Don’t make that face, Loki. It was the same for you, Brynhildr-sama. Since this was something inevitable.

Even if I was able to control my curse, the curse from the ring would still instill killing intent and greed to those around me. The first victim was Hreidmar, he was killed by his son because of the murder intent that was instill by the ring.

I felt unease since I might turn my neighbour to a murderer if I were to remain in ‘Valhalla’… if that were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. If… if Brynhildr-sama were to be instill with the murder intention due to me… and hurt anyone with her own hand then…. I thought that…

“Hey, don’t you look down on us, Sei.”

In that moment—Loki shouted out in front of the timid me.

“It’s true that your identity is Andvaranaut. But… you are different now!  You are now Saehrimnir and also my partner!! Since this Loki had acknowledged you as a partner… then you should do away with those miserable thought!!”


“I will not allow that either, Sei-san! You are different from when you were the ring that have no will! Since you are the boar Sei-san!! Now you have your own free will now!! I’m sure you are able to control your curse with that will of yours! I believe that… you will never lose to your curse!!”


I also had the same thought. I wanted to trust them.

But that was just a prediction on the best scenario. It’d be too late if anything were to happen. Since… I had not confidence that I was able to control the curse…


At that moment, Brynhildr-sama looked toward me with those strong will eyed.

“Please tell me one more thing. Why were you able to know about Andvari plan in such clear detail?”

“That is… because Falsch entrusted his memory to me. By using the ‘harmony’ ability.”

“In another word, he betrayed Andvari whom is his creator?”

“… that is the true but…”

“Who caused that?”


The person who caused that… was me. That mean that this was not part of Andvari plan.

Brynhildr-sama reached out to my hand. There was no feeling of hesitation anymore even though she was scared of my curse just now.

“It might be true that it had went according to Andvari plan but you had already ruined his plan now! That’s why please be more confidence in yourselves! Please believe in yourselves! That is because you… had already become a person where everyone believe in!!”

Why… did I become so timid all of a sudden? I was still myself even after I figured out my true identity. Since there wasn’t a single part of me that had become different.

“… I had understood now, Brynhildr-sama. Thank you for your support as well, Loki. I will not lose nor will I give up. I will continue to try my best from now on in—the Einherjars hall, ‘Valhalla’!”

That was right, I’d  never change. No one could change me. I’d never fall for Andvari plan.

Hey, Falsch. I’m sorry but I’d not take the path that you had suggested to me.

That was because I was not Andvaranaut’s anymore now. I was different from you who was a fake now.

Since I was the genuine ‘Valhalla Dinner’ now.

Since I  was recognized as…the brown boar, Saehrimnir—


Okay, here are some quick notes:

_The boar and the ring has nothing to do with each other in Norse Myth, and the ring was an inspiration to make Lord of The Rings

_Andvaranaut plays an insignificant role in Norse myth, the ring only killed Sieg and Brynh as two well known person in Norse myth and then was lost forever

_Falsch means False, well, google it

_Lastly, god knows what cycle of Ragnarok this is!