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Chapter 1365: 1365
Chapter 1365: I Will Definitely Support You!

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Gu Xijiu decided to stop talking . She began to consider every possibility and the outcomes as well . Di Fuyi did not disturb her but wrapped his arms around her .

. . .

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When the announcement was made, chaos arose! Almost everyone was stunned, and then mayhem erupted!

At the moment, Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi were standing at the center of the meeting hall . They were patiently waiting to interpret and accept the messages . After the noise subsided, Gu Xijiu continued, "I can bring seven of you out of here, but all seven of you must achieve a spiritual power of at least level nine . Besides, you guys will also be judged based on the quality of your personalities . I will not bring you out if you have a bad personality, even if you manage to achieve a spiritual power of level ten! Within this period, you guys can practice with each other through competitions . You may compete, but only in the correct manner . I will not allow any backstabbing and evil actions . If I find out that any of you is involved in these wrongdoings, I will stop you from getting out of here and banish you elsewhere . Celestial Master Zuo, my witness, will be here . "

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It was quiet in the meeting hall . Those who initially had any bad ideas immediately surrendered . After all, Celestial Master Zuo was an almighty person, and no one had the guts to play any tricks under his nose . They would die of grief if they tried anything!

Di Fuyi glanced over at Gu Xijiu and sent her a directed audio, which he covered with a sigh . "You don't have to restrict them from competing illegally; you should just allow them to showcase their full talents . "

"Why?" Gu Xijiu asked . Did he want to watch these people fight?

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"They have been living in their comfort zone for too long; they might not be able to handle the infighting situation out there, even if they were to make it out from this place . " The world outside the Dark Forest is unpredictable; the people there are even more cunning than those in here . Even after they have achieved a spiritual power of level nine, it would not be easy to excel even with a very high level spiritual power . Spiritual power is only a supportive tool, and they must not solely rely on that . They needed emotional intelligence to excel .

Intelligence and artifice can only form through a series of intense fighting and psychological battles . Compared to the Dark Forest, this place is a wonderland, everyone is living a routine with zero surprises . Perhaps, the most significant event in their lives is to fight with the animals, but even still, they live too harmoniously among themselves .

It was reasonable for Di Fuyi to have such worries, and Gu Xijiu understood his concerns . However, she had plans of her own . "I'd prefer them to undergo natural growth . They would learn their lessons when they encounter the difficulties out there . Besides that, based on their Kung Fu ability, they will become the outstanding elites when they get out of here . Hence, there are not many who can teach them a lesson . If we were to allow them to fight illegally in here, there would be a big mess, and their daily lives would be affected . In these years, if everyone does not unite like sand in the desert, they would be killed by the beasts even before they could achieve a spiritual power of level nine . Most of the elites out there are untamable, and they like to work alone . However, these people have gone through so much together; they will be an indestructible force when they get out . A group of united people with the same goal could make the impossible possible; they might not be the ones losing the games . "

Di Fuyi looked at her with his gaze down . In fact, what she said made sense . Although the concept of their interpersonal skills was different, their goals were similar .

He smiled . "Great, go ahead with your plan, I will support you!"

Although Gu Xijiu has shared her advice, everyone was still anxious and in shock . Although they may look calm and harmonious, a hidden turbulence had already formed in the dark .