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Published at 18th of March 2018 10:08:50 PM

Chapter 148

"Smart!" Gu Xijiu slowly combed her hair and praised it .

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"It was too risky! If the Frost Ray had really killed you, then, what's next?"

"No, it will not kill me . It looked aggressive but lacks the killer instinct . If I were to guess, Han Guang would usually be just testing me . " Gu Xijiu answered with a tone of mockery .

"Who would be silly enough to do that?"

Gu Xijiu did not answer . She was thinking about this question herself .

Whoever could send out such an expert was definitely of high status . It was probably even a sign of authority .

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The emperor? He should have suspected her a little . It was possible that he would send someone out to test her, and revealed how much she knew kung fu . After all, when one was in danger, they would take their best shot to escape .

It was also possible that Rong Yan had started cursing her in jail…

Gu Tianchao? Impossible! His kung fu was not as proficient!

Moreover, if it was his doing, he would have done it with the killer instinct . It was even possible that he had the intention of killing her!

Long Siye? He did have the capability, but what was the point of testing her?

Gu Xijiu suddenly recalled another likely suspect - that mysterious man!

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It was an elusive person that bore grudges against her! Was that another attempt of revenge from him?

The pair of eyes that spied on her had finally disappeared . That man had probably left . Only then did Gu Xijiu feel relieved .

God damn it! I did not like how my enemy was spying on me! She had to think of a way to lure that stalker out to the light!

There was indeed someone spying on her . That man was dressed in a white robe; his elegance and stunning good looks emanated mild apathy . He was Long Siye, that appeared in front of Gu Xijiu's bed some time back . He was hidden in a tree outside, staring at her with a blank face, as if he was looking for something familiar from her behavior .

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In the end, he was disappointed . He turned around and left .

The wind blew past the tree branches and rustled up the leaves .

Right behind Long Siye, was a man dressed in white . He was standing on a tree branch not thicker than half a thumb . The branch was waving in the wind, but he stood lazily still . His robe was all windswept, making him look like a floating immortal .

Apparently, he had activated invisibility spell . The patrolling guards had already moved past the tree several times, but they could not notice him standing so far out . Of course, Long Siye did not notice him too .

Although he was wearing a terrifying ghost mask, he exuded elegance, like a shiny object . Once he revealed himself, he would definitely be the most prominent figure, and everybody else would become nothing but a backdrop .

After Long Siye had left, his eyes winked behind the mask . His perfectly curved lips raised a little, like a smile mixed with indifference, and a touch of casualness .

He shot a glance at the house - something had caught his interest .

It was getting amusing---

"Who is there?" Gu Xijiu suddenly shouted out loud, when a blackish object flew towards the man in the white robe!

That man winked a little . Naturally, he would not hit her . He waved his sleeve, and that blackish object stopped and suspended in midair . But its content spilled over…


The man raised his sleeve, and he spilled ink flowed down as if it hit a screen .

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