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Chapter 1815: 1815

Gu Xijiu only saw him smile at her and wave his hand . In a matter of seconds, she had already fallen into the Buddha Fire Land and could not be seen anymore .

. . .

The aperture gradually disappeared after Gu Xijiu went into it . Mu Feng and the others sighed in relief .

Miss Gu was who created many miracles, so maybe she could do it again! Mu Dian immediately bowed to Di Fuyi body and said, "My Lord, you are badly injured . Please go and rest . "

Mu Dian knew the severity of his injuries, but his master did not allow him to mention it, so he did not dare to tell anyone .

"Is master injured?!" Mu Feng's facial expression changed .

When Mu Dian was about to explain, Di Fuyi waved his hand and said, "It's just a small matter . I have something that needs to be attended to immediately . " He then took out a stack of books from his storage space and passed it to the four of them . "You must copy all these books in four days . It cannot be delayed!"

The four messengers were stunned when they saw the stack of books in his hands . These books were all-encompassing . There were books related to techniques, astrology, medicine refining, battle, etc . Based on the title of the books, they seemed to be the secret techniques that only The Lord could master .

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The fonts of these books were the same . Apparently, they were written by Di Fuyi personally .

Mu Feng was bold enough to ask, "My Lord, the skills written on these books should be secret skills . . . It is not appropriate for us to read them…"

Di Fuyi faintly said, "There is nothing inappropriate, you can copy it . After you finish it, please send them to my study room . Ok, the clock is ticking . Please go now . "

The four messengers looked at each other and knew that their masters had never played by the rules . Thus, they did not dare to ask anything else . They quickly took the books and left .

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Each messenger had 12 books to copy . It was indeed a big project to complete in four days . They might need to stay up late to get it done on time . When the four messengers left, Di Fuyi stood and observed the place where Gu Xijiu had disappeared . He spent an extended amount of time there .  

All of a sudden, his hair started turning white .  She did not like to see him with white hair, so even if it utilized a substantial amount of spiritual power, he still tried to maintain his black hair in front of her . However, it was unnecessary now, so he just let it be natural .

. . .

There was fire everywhere; the earth and rock under their feet were burning . Gu Xijiu could still feel the heat even though she wore the outfit made by the skin of a Kunpeng and used the fire avoidance technique .

It had been four days! She searched for it for four days and still did not see the Purple Cloud Mushroom . This forbidden place was vast . It seemed to have over 100,000 mountains .  Gu Xijiu initially thought that the pathway would be clear based on her dream . She expected that after she came in, she could easily find the sea full of Purple Cloud Mushrooms .

She did not expect that the mountains in this area would all look very similar! Every mountain she walked through looked like a mountain in her dream, but none of them gave her any hope . How could this be? Was it really just a dream? 

"Master, are we still going forward?" The mussel had been walking around with her, and it felt that the fire had burned its shell! If it did not use the technique taught by Di Fuyi, it might have been a cooked mussel by now!