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Published at 2nd of July 2019 02:50:09 AM

Chapter 2018: 2018

The sudden disappearance of the beasts caused heartbreak for their owners . Every day, they would cry in the Golden Temple and beg the Emperor Immortal to send people to look for their pets .

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Over the past two days, the Emperor Immortal had discussed with the officers about the details . Long Siye was the right arm of the emperor, so naturally, he could not be absent . He could not even take leave at this moment . He often spent his entire day in the Hall of Supreme Harmony .

Today was the first time that his meetings ended earlier; the red sun on the horizon was still visible . When he returned to his house, he did not even change his clothes but went straight to look for Gu Xijiu . His servant told him that she was still in the garden, so he rushed there .

He saw her lying on the rocking chair and went closer . It was rare that she was still awake, and she was bored while playing with the willow branches . The evening wind blew her hair, and her beauty was suffocating .

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Long Siye leaned on a big stone and looked at her for a moment; then he walked over . “Xijiu, you look much better today . ”

He walked forward to check her pulse, as per his regular routine . Her pulse was much better than before . His eyes fell on her hands that were knitting something . She was knitting a swan, and it looked very lively .

A sudden familiarity had struck him . A sentence then appeared in his mind . “How can a sparrow know the passion of a swan . Instructor Long, you are a swan; you will be successful in the future . I want to give you this as a gift . ”

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His eyes slightly widened . He had a feeling that this occurred in his past life with her . Unfortunately, she had never mentioned anything related to the past to him . She never even mentioned anything about the Lower Bound to Long Siye . Whenever he asked, she always smiled and told him that as he was now living a new life, he should start every new and not hold on to the past .

If Gu Xijiu did not want to say something, she would never tell no matter how much he asked . Therefore, Long Siye did not pester her . However, he knew that there must have been something between them . He also knew that she was the Lord in Lower Bound, and he was her subordinate .

“Xijiu, can I have this?” He asked her .

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Gu Xijiu was a generous person, so she handed it to him . “Well, you are like a swan, and it is your time to make great achievements . It is a good sign to give you this gift . ”

Long Siye looked at the knitted swan for a moment then kept it carefully . He chatted with her again and talked about the recent disappearance of fairy beasts . He was afraid that she was tired, so he did not tell in too much detail .

Gu Xijiu did not show any concern about the fair beasts; instead, she asked, “Is there any news about Nianmo?”

Long Siye was slightly bitter . After Di Fuyi left, Gu Xijiu asked about him almost every day . Apparently, she was worried about that kid .

Long Siye sighed . “Xijiu, you can rest assured . Those people are his masters, and they will not be unfavorable to him in any way . He will not be in danger . Besides, the Fengyun Valley is far away from here . It will take at least five to six days for him to go back and forth, excluding the time spent on getting the cure . It’s only been about three days; he can’t come back so quickly . ”

Long Siye preferred not to talk about that child . He looked at Gu Xijiu and spoke, “Xijiu, I think you can eat some meat today . ”

Gu Xijiu sighed with relief . “I want to eat fish!” These days, she had been eating the greens and radishes every day . She was rather sick of it now . However, her injury required her to eat light and as little as possible, so she had been eating porridge every day .

Long Siye was excited . “Alright, I am going fishing . ” He was very good at fishing, and soon, he fished a few sea basses out of the pond .

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