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Chapter 516

Messenger Shangshan was responsible for the autopsy, and his results worried Gu Xijiu, "The two brothers were dead under the attack of the mussel’s shell, and there were some shell markings on their wounds . "

While the news from messenger Chenge was even worse, "My Lord, based on the vestige at the scene, the two brothers were attacked directly with just a few strokes . However, the footprints were gone due to the heavy downpour on the night . There was one mark on the ground, however, and it looked like it was a big shell…"

The people from the Tianju Hall immediately felt relieved . Especially Gu Canmo, who lifted his chest and glared at Gu Xijiu as though he was going to make her burn into ash with his glare . It was as though he was saying, "Look, you can't hide it! Even if you do not admit it, it would be revealed . " And now that The Lord’s subordinates had these results, what else is there to argue about?


Gu Canmo regretted that he did not make a counter deal with The Lord regarding the penalty Gu Xijiu and her buddies should face for trying to fool everyone including The Lord . However, it was never too late now .

Gu Canmo was very arrogant, he was not afraid of anyone when he really got mad . He dared to risk his life to prove his opinions . As long as he thought he was right, he would not give in even if he would die as a consequence .

"My Lord, the mussel seems to be the murderer based on the investigation result! Even if Gu Xijiu is not the mastermind, she should be punished as she didn't manage her majestic beast properly! My Lord, although she is your scholar, what she has done is despicable to both the humans and the fairies . She should not only be kicked out from the Tianju Hall but should also be removed as your scholar . Anyway, I'm sure My Lord would judge this incident fairly and teach her a lesson . "

Gu Canmo had a few tricks up his sleeves since he was the Principal of the Tianju Hall . His words were powerful, and no one would disagree with him . The four messengers' expressions changed behind their masks, and they looked at The Lord one by one .

They knew The Lord treated Miss Gu differently, however, how would he protect her under such a circumstance? Perhaps, The Lord would address the situation fairly?

In the mainland of these three kingdoms, whoever secretly killed the disciples of the Tianju Hall must compensate with their lives, including the emperors of the three kingdoms .

There was once that the emperor of the Haoyue Kingdom had sent an assassin to kill one of the disciples in the Tianju Hall, and the reason was that the emperor thought the disciple was the biggest threat to his throne . That emperor did it very secretly and carefully, but it was discovered by The Lord anyhow . Therefore, the emperor of the Haoyue Kingdom was publicly executed .


It was even announced nationwide, and the execution was inspected by all of the five heavenly gifted disciplines at the time . Due to that incident, no one would dare to trick any of the Tianju Hall's disciples . Every single disciple was treated equally, regardless of whether they were rich or poor . It all depended on their effort to be ranked at the top .


Of course, the training here was rigorous and intensive; quite a few disciples had passed away during their training . However, every single death would lead to a series of investigations to identify if they died naturally or were murdered . If they were murdered, then the investigation would be continued until the mastermind was found!