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Published at 24th of September 2019 10:03:06 AM

Chapter 53

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Rekiller had returned from scouting up ahead it seemed like three hundred of the stronger members of the Emerald Sword sect were waiting for them at the exit .

"It won't be easy then . . . " Robert's father said . "Newman(Wayslick) they will probably get some backup once we strike . Alright we are going to have to give everyone one of these scrolls . We will act as bait for the Emerald guys over there, Rob you are going to have to sneak over to the other side and try to get to Papier's grandfather . Alazin can you go with him make sure he gets out alright . "

Rob nodded then turned to see Alazin step up next to him, a short middle eastern woman she was around fourty years old with streaks of light gray she had been once called the VR combat mistress of doom . After the first few years new VR games came out, she developed her own type of VR martial art . Unlike the old martial arts, she had blended Kalaripayattu one the ancient martial arts of India into the VR games . She had been Queen of the arena in many games during her youth and was verse in multiple weapons which she had honed into incredible levels . She wore a scimitar on her waist and had small shield tied to her back . The style she came up with was eventually called "Emperor's fist" which was considered to be invincible .

She moved next to Rob placing a hand on his shoulder smiling at his father . "Do not worry, I will protect him because you know I am the best . " Just as she said that the whole guild turned around and looked at her almost saying with their stare you sure you want to test that . Alazin just laughed and said . "Remember no fighting just yet but once I get back, we shall see who comes out on top . "

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All the sect members were professionals so they wouldn't fight well not just yet anyways . Rob's father, Newman and five other members began to make plans . It soon became clear that they all had different ways to finish these newbie's off . Eventually they all took a group of people of about five or six saying they were going to see whose plan worked out the best .

"Dad, don't forget that last time I fought them they had some people in the second realm already they might have one or two people at that level guarding the exit . " Rob's father nodded .

Rob just looked at Alazin, "Will it be alright?"

Alazin just smiled . "Just be ready to move out alright . "

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The seven groups moved out running directly towards large group of people from the Emerald sect . Just as the group of cultivators saw them the seven groups broke away from each other . As abilities and different weapons flew through the air the Emerald Sword Sect was pushed back within seconds . They had already lost ten people in such a short amount of time .

"Alright let's move out . " Alazin pulled rob along as they made their way towards the exit .


Luara saw her son reach the exit with Zin "good luck" She thought a she shot another arrow . These Green guys were a bother they were much stronger than the ones she had fought last time . She had only managed to take out five of them by herself up to now . As she dodged spells and weapons, she used her <Double Shot> Striking another member in the head right through both eyes . Just as she was about to ready another shot, she felt a powerful killing intent . Then jumped out of the way .

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A giant mace crushed the ground next to her then followed her movements swinging towards her . She used <Strafe shot> narrowly avoiding the blow coming after her then fired at the expert aiming for the center of his body . The shot sliced the side of the expert's arm as he moved much faster than her shot . His reactions were much faster than she had predicted .

"Ah it seems this is as far as you go . Too bad you have some talent to actually draw blood from me,but you are only of the first realm so it shouldn't be too hard to take you out . Also, those friends of yours wont fare much better there are eight of us here to see your guild off . " The expert of the second stage said smiling . The expert had gray skin with sharp yellow eyes with tusks and nose like that of a boar .

The expert swung his two handed mace this time in a precise pattern, Rekiller activated <Archer's field steps> Giving a her a boost to her evasion . She made small movements dodging the mace just barely before it hit her . Then used <Paralyzing Flechette> throwing a small arrow at almost point-blank range . It hit the expert causing the attacks to stop the paralyzing effect worked for two seconds giving Laura enough time to use <Vaulting Shot> jumping backwards firing another arrow . Before the arrow could reach its target, the expert broke out of paralyzing effect dodging the shot . Jumping towards Laura and smashing his fist into her side .

Luara went flying smashing into a rock . . . .

<You have lost 20% of your health>

"What a weakling . " The expert said with a smile . "I guess that's all someone of the first stage can do . "

Laura moved through the rumble getting back on her feet . Was she being played with?!? Well that does it she put away her bow . Then pulled out an ivory bow with golden trim, it was time to get serious . . . .

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