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Published at 24th of September 2019 10:03:51 AM

Chapter 7

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She activated the first talisman

<Allies have gained 25% cold resistance and protection from cold effects>

She moved her hand to the second talisman . the floor began and ghost wolf began to freeze .

<Grand Ghost wolf has been slowed by 25% (attack speed and movement)>

Then activated the third talisman . A white light shot out and hit the ghost wolf, it seemed to be breathing heavily .

<Grand Ghost Wolf has had his abilities frozen can longer hide>

Finally, she activated the fourth one a mist formed around the cave .

<Grand Ghost Wolf's sight has been obstructed attack accuracy down by 25%>

Wow the ritual had turned I'mcold into a cc Machine . The Ghos Wolf was now to slow to be much of a threat .

With this shiny too the role of front line holding the wolf back . Raph and Nohair stayed in the back making sure not to get attacked while Nohair changed his aura to an attack one .

Lovely began to restrict its movements even more with her whip . While I'mcold dropped more a couple of more spells but she seemed exhausted after a minute or so .

Raph noticed it must be taxing on her to keep these effects going . The ghost wolf's health was somewhere around 30% . He would have to risk it and jumped in to fight the wolf .

"What are you doing Raph stay in the back it should be over in a minute or two . " Shiny said .

"I don't think we have a minute left look at I'mcold she's getting exhausted holding the ritual . We need to finish it now or else we will be in trouble . "

Shiny looked at I'mcold and frowned she did look exhausted, and to be realistic he wasn't doing much better . dodging and blocking for so long keeping up with this Ghost wolf was tiring him out too .

The ghost wolf turned on Raph, Shiny intercepted his attack and Raph used this opportunity jump off of Shiny's back . He flew to the top of the cave planted his feet on the ceiling and pushed all his legs could muster . He landed with and tonfa elbow blow to the back of the Ghost Wolf .

<Improved hit 10% Damage>

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<Your blow has cracked some bones –25% movement speed to your enemy>

He turned to attack the side of the wolf and landed two or three more punches before the wolf disappeared once again .

I'mcold lay on the ground exhausted sweating profusely . Damn times up .

"So close . That was pretty cool by the way Raph . " Lovely said . She was looking extremely focused . Then moved her whip striking the Ghost Wolf . "Now that he's slower I can see him . " Shiny hit him with a shield bash but his spear was a little too slow . He was hit by one two three attacks .

"Damn!" Shiny began to trade with the ghost wolf, blocking instead of dodging the wolf's attacks . Nohair hit the ghost wolf with a couple of blows but it turned toward him . Shiny kept getting in his way but this time he was a step behind .

The attack was about to hit Nohair but Raph deflected it then kicked the Ghost wolf . The Ghost wolf turned to bite raph but was with a talisman . I'mcold managed to pull another two floating, cold air crackled combining the two forming a spear which pierced the Ghost Wolf .

The Ghost Wolf let out a howl and fell to the Floor

<Ding you have defeated a High-Grade Core Beast +1 Fame>

<Ding you have gained a High-Grade Wolf Core Realm Stage Limit 1 . >

<Ding you have Gained 30% Experience and Made it to the next cultivation stage>

<You have Gained Spirit tonfa strike>

<Spirit Tonfa Strike> Spirit: 5

Deal 100% additional damage and slow your opponent 25% .

Raph opened his character window .

Raph Class: Weapon Master third stage- Spirit

HP:100% Spirit: 20

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Str: 18

Wis: 8

Con: 16

Dex: 15+1

Chr: 12

Int: 9

Cultivation Techniques: <Tonfa school beginners' cultivation technique>

<Tonfa hand to hand technique>

<Tonfa Dash>

<White Winds Swift Steps>

<Spirit Tonfa Strike>

Status Effect: +10% movement speed, +1 Dex

Nice a new technique .

The five of them fell to the ground exhausted .

"Hey isn't this a little too hard, this is barely the first boss and we are already half dead . " Shiny exclaimed .

"That's true usually the first instance is much easier to help new players get into the game but we get not just cloaking enemies for the first mobs we even get a boss that can do the same . Although this may be a special dungeon given that well it Is part of a quest and nobody seems to be fighting in this field . " Lovely said . She was actually the only one that didn't seem that tired . She even took out a cooking put and put in a little rabbit inside .

It must be the game . Raph thought to himself . He hadn't told his friends but this game was extremely weird that must be the reason .

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<Red Rabbit captured 8/10>

She was cooking it . . . .

"What are you doing lovely?" Nohair asked

"Cooking it, duh . Just kidding i noticed the wolf healed itself after it ate it maybe it has some healing properties . "

"Alright let's check what the drops are," Raph moved close to the wolf and touched it .

<Ghost Wolf Boots>


Def: 4

Strength+2, Dex+4

Fade: Fade into the background, become undetectable for 10 seconds . Moving will trigger a check from your opponents to see if they can detect your movements . Cooldown 1 Minute .

Sneak attack: 400% additional damage if you are not detected . <only works with basic attacks>

Move like a Ghost Wolf boss!!!

<Ghost Wolf Frozen Cloak>



Int+3, Chr+3

Spirit reserve: Increases your spirit by 5%

Cold+: Increases cold damage and effects by 5%

Somehow frozen this cloak has bestowed the power of cold .

<Razor Claw Strike>

Skill book<passive>

Use your hands a sharp weapons .

Deal 10% addition barehanded damage .

Raph divided the loot the boots going to lovely, the cloak to I'mcold and the skill book to Nohair . The group sat together to eat the potential new food . They were all low on health so they were looking forward to this .

Tasteless rabbit- recovers 5% per 10 seconds up to 50% .

No spices were used and let's face it the chef sucks . . . Have fun eating this

"Psht," Everyone burst out laughing at the description . Even lovely couldn't help but smile . They all tried it but it tasted terrible . Why did this game have to be so realistic? Lovely and I'mcold suffering almost no damage left their portion mostly not eaten . Nohair and Shiny both had a full one plus a bit of lovely's and I'mcold's . Raph crying tears had to eat two rabbits . Overall, they had to finish four rabbits . Between the five of them they had thirty . Raph and Shiny still had ten each and lovely had 6 .

"Never again," Raph swore to himself .

"Hmm it says my monster cooking went up by 10 points thats cool . " She turned to the dead wolf eyes gleaming . She took out a knife where was she hiding that and started cutting at the wolf . Gross . After five minutes she finished up . "Alright, let's go . "

"Where did you get all this stuff to cook and the knife too?" shiny asked her .

"Oh, I got a survival kit, before i met up with raph i mean, didn't you? Always be prepared . "

They all looked at each other as if they should have done the same, you know common sense is a super power . At least one of them was prepared .

The group moved to the end of the cave and found a way up . it looked a little bright

<Do you wish to go to level 2 of the dungeon>


"Yes," Raph said

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