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Published at 9th of October 2019 06:00:12 PM

Chapter 486

Huo Yunting bit his lip as he tucked his gun and led the old lady back to her room .

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After they left, Xue Yuming patted her chest and exhaled, slumping into the sofa as her eyes landed on the shattered cell phone .

Yang Yang, for the sake of your mother, you will have to bear with this accusation, Xue Yuming said to herself .

But how could you and Huo Yunting be together?

What Lu Zhaoyang did was understandable if she did not know about who Huo Chen was . Now, she knew that Huo Yunting was his stepbrother; why did she still keep the relationship?

Thinking of this, Xue Yuming suddenly felt that she had not done anything wrong .

As her daughter, Lu Zhaoyang did not even care about her situation .

So, Lu Zhaoyang must not blame her for this .

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After sending the old lady back to the room, Huo Yunting left the Huo family with his heart filled with rage .

He wanted to go back to the city right away and settle the account with Lu Zhaoyang .

Xue Yuming went into the old lady’s room and stood reverently at the bedside as soon as Huo Yunting left .

The old lady leaned on the headboard, looking at Xue Yuming’s pale face . “You have put up a good show while I have saved your life; we are even now . I believe that you had no prior knowledge about the relationship between Lu Zhaoyang and Yunting . No one should mention it from now on!”

“Don’t worry, mother . I will not say a word about it . ”

Had the old lady not promised to not let Huo Yunting hurt her, she would not have been so cooperative . But Yang Yang might have to suffer from it .

She just hoped that Huo Yunting would spare Yang Yang’s life .

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The old lady took a sip of water to calm herself down . Her grandson’s murderous look had scared her out of her wits just now .

“I will change all the maids in the Huo family with my own men . If you do not want to die, I suggest that you stay home and be what you should be as a rich wife . When Yunting comes home, you only need to act like you are bullied . ”

“Yes, mother . ”

Xue Yuming was willing to be a canary in a beautiful cage rather than reliving the hard life of yesteryears .

“Leave me . I need a good rest . ”

The old lady waved her away . She disgusted Xue Yuming, even more, knowing that she married her son for money .

Xue Yuming left the room quickly; she, for one did not want to stay for even a second .

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The old lady leaned on the headboard and fell into deep thought .

Her purpose was simple; it was not so much about not letting his grandson have blood on his hands but more of wanting him to stay away from Lu Zhaoyang .

In the eye of the law, they were brother and sister; how could they be together?

Even if Xue Yuming was out of the Huo family, she and her daughter should perish the thought of shamelessly plotting a comeback using whatever identity .

Not when she was still alive .

Meanwhile, in the peaceful city, Lu Zhaoyang had just finished work and was about to leave when Xiang Jinxi asked her for a piece of information, which she would have to compile and get ready by the next day .

Instead of going back to the villa, she would have to go back to her apartment since the documents she needed was there .

At Serena Apartment, Lu Zhaoyang parked her car, grabbed her handbag, and walked toward the entrance .

The weather was good, and she was in a good mood and hoping the same for Huo Yunting .

Lu Zhaoyang thought whether to make him a dinner tonight while she walked with a faint smile on her lips .

Just then, a white van was approaching in the opposite direction at high speed .

Was the driver a rookie? The speed of the vehicle was too fast in this residential area .

Lu Zhaoyang moved aside, but the van also changed its direction and drove toward her in what seemed to be a deliberate maneuver .


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