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When A Snail Loves - Chapter 12

Published at 14th of January 2016 12:52:50 PM

Chapter 12

Everybody soon realized that this man’s eyes were on Xu Xu . That’s why there were many who turned to Xu Xu with curiosity . Xu Xu started to turn hot and coldly glanced at Ye Zi Xiao . Xu Xu hastily got off at the next stop . Of course, Ye Zi Xiao followed after her . Seeing her cold, yet lightly blush face, Ye Zi Xiao‘s mood became really good .

During the time after that, Ye Zi Xiao kept following Xu Xu like a shadow . Xu Xu walked around the park while he found a bench to rest; his eyes still following her, not letting her out of his view . Xu Xu got on the underground train; while he follows suit and used the affectionate look to stare at her in front of everyone . Xu Xu got on a cab, and he quickly threw the driver $100 and got in the front seat and continued to look at Xu Xu through the car’s rearview mirror .


At first, Xu Xu felt really uncomfortable and looked at him with killing eyes and coldly told him to go away . But Ye Zi Xiao just kept on saying repetitively: “I want to have a meal with you . ”

In the end, Xu Xu decided to completely ignore him and focused on her task of investigating the crime scene .

It was already 10 PM when she reached the 4

park . This park was already closed . Xu Xu took out her work’s card telling the manager to open the gate for her . Ye Zi Xiao was about to follow in but Xu Xu quickly told the manager: “I don’t know him . Don’t let anyone who doesn’t have the authority to come in . ”

Seeing Ye Zi Xiao’s special aura, the manager politely told him to leave . Ye Zi Xiao looked at the petite Xu Xu going in alone, and with a cold tone, he said: ”You can’t tell? She is my girlfriend . ”

While the manager is still indecisive about it, Xu Xu coldly said: “If you let him in, I will prosecute you for obstructing me working on the case . ”

That resultedResulting in Ye Zi Xiao being stopped outside the park .

Seeing that Xu Xu hasn’t come out yet after a long wait . The park’s manager curiously asked him: “Is that officer really your girlfriend?”

Ye Zi Xiao replied in an uncaring tone: “Sooner or later, she will be my girlfriend . ”

The manager laughed . Ye Zi Xiao threw him a cigarette box, the two of them talked back and forth, then Ye Zi Xiao went to find a chair to sit down while waiting at the gate .

Xu Xu walked out, and the manager winked at her . Following his eyes, Xu Xu found Ye Zi Xiao sitting a couple of steps away . He was leaning on the chair with closed eyes in place, just his chest was moving a little .

The sunlight softly shone down on him making Ye Zi Xiao look like a sleeping statue . Xu Xu just got a new clue about the case causing her to be in a good mood . That’s why she didn’t find him as annoying like she did in the evening while watching Ye Zi Xiao’s sleeping face .

“Officer, it is really easy to catch a cold while sleeping in the cold weather like this . You should hurry to wake him up,” the manager said .

Xu Xu glanced over at him once: “Good bye!” Then quickly walked to the underground train .

When Xu Xu was no longer in sight, Ye Zi Xiao quickly opened his eyes and stood up to see where she was going thinking that this girl was really strong-minded . Wasn’t she an officer? Even if they were a stranger, shouldn’t she feel some kind of sympathy seeing someone sleeping on the streets?

Not bothering about the teasing eyes from the manager, Ye Zi Xiao zipped up his jacket and stood up…thinking it’s really cold!

The next day…

Ye Zi Xiao really did get a cold . He was already sneezing first thing in the morning . His mind was blurry . His face looked really bad when he got to the company .

Seeing the “little prince‘s” heavy face, everyone knew to keep a distance . With quiescence, Ye Zi Xiao slept the whole morning in his office . Having slept until the afternoon, he woke up feeling a lot better .

Nobody in the company really grasped Ye Zi Xiao’s personality .

The Ye family had established the L corporation which contained a lot of small companies like XDLT, VTLT, DTLT . The current chairman of the company’s shareholder was Ye Lan . Ye Zi Xiao was his youngest son who just returned from studying overseas and currently held the CEO position of DTLT .

Ye Zi Xiao was really friendly and never showed off, even smiled to the cleaning staff lady . However, he was very strict when it comes to work . Anyone who didn’t meets his standards got terminated right away .

His personal assistant often told him that he could do that because this person was his brother’s high school friend and that person was the chairman of shareholders’ old assistant . Ye Zi Xiao just said: “Okay, I know . ”

However, he still didn’t change his decision no matter who pleaded . Ye Zi Lan got mad once saying that this was a family business and relations were tangled . What he was doing would affect the root . Ye Zi Xiao calmly answered: “Do you know why a large portion of family business died? Please let me do it my way since you already placed me in charge . ”

On the investment part, Ye Zi Xiao took high risks . He invested a large sum to buy techniques from oversea . There were some investments which made a lot of money and some that lost a lot too . Overall, summing up the previous years of investments, he made more than a loss, and DTLT could be said to be improving like a tornado .

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Ye Zi Xiao was not close with his older siblings because his age was quite far from his older brothers and sisters while staying overseas since he was young . However, he was really close with his older cousin Ye Zi Xi, the person who studied overseas with him for a couple of years .

In the afternoon that day…

Ye Zi Xiao was eating the lunch prepared by his personal assistant . A call came from Ye Zi Xi .

“What happened yesterday when you went to stop someone on the street? What was the consequence of that?” Ye Zi Xi seemed to be smiling brightly .

Ye Zi Xiao furrowed his eyebrows: “You aren’t asking about the result, but the consequence of it . That means you already guessed that I would get rejected? Congratulations, you guessed right! She didn’t even bother to look at me once . ”

Ye Zi Xi laughed then said in a serious tone: “She is completely different than any of your past girlfriends . ”

Ye Zi Xiao agreed: “You’re right . ”

Ye Zi Xi didn’t continue on this topic any longer and was about to ask about work when she heard Ye Zi Xiao say: “You should help me think of a way . Didn’t she accept your meals everyday?”

Ye Zi Xi laughed: “That’s different because you have an ulterior motive . ”

“You are that heartless to let your savior slip the chance to find a great man like me?”

Ye Zi Xi laughed, pondered then replied: “I’ll show you another way . Xu Xu has an older brother who opened an accounting firm . You’ve met him before when he came for the company’s auction . ”

Ye Zi Xiao furrows brows: “Xu Jun?”

“Right . ”

“Has the company made the decision to work with him?”

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“Almost . ” Ye Zi Xi replied: “His company is the best company in the TN area . ”

Ye Zi Xiao suddenly smiled: “I do have a little impression of him . He was really strange; I didn’t think that his sister had the same personality too . ”

Ye Zi Xi just laughed .

After hanging up the phone, Ye Zi Xiao thought for a while, then called for his personal assistant: “I heard there was an accounting firm that was about to work with us . That firm is not bad; I want you to call to an make appointment with the CEO for a meal . And all of our company’s documents should also be organized a little bit . ”

A few days later . …

Ye Zi Xiao didn’t take the initiative to see Xu Xu . However, Xu Xu didn’t even remember his existence .

Monday morning .

There was a team meeting in order to discuss the next steps to solve the park case . All the people in the team that was placed in different areas came together for this meeting .

With a beautiful sunny weather, the sun casts its light over the small wooden desk making it sparkle the expressions on everyone’s face was very serious . The director ordered that we had to catch the criminal within five days . The discussion didn’t go anywhere after half an hour .

Someone commented that the criminal could be someone who worked at the park and was really familiar with it . But there were no suspects within the group of workers .

Another person voiced their opinion that since the case happened near the area CBD, there was a chance that the criminal has hatred toward rich people . That’s why they should investigate people who were unemployed or have low income around the area . This suggestion was like trying to find a needle in a haystack .

There were people who think that there was a message with the knives arranged in a star shape . The criminal could have copied a crime that had happened overseas . Maybe it was a prank from young adults who were obsessed with the nonfiction criminal genre .

Another thought was that CBD was a rich area that consisted of rich families with high IQ . There was a high chance that a stressed out white collar worker did it as a form of revenge to the society .

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There were many different opinions from members, which were all reasonable .

As usual, Xu Xu and Yao Meng also took part in this type of important meeting . They were sitting in two different corners that weren’t eye catching . Xu Xu lowered her head to write while Yao Meng was attentively listening .

The deputy director Liu Zhixun was an open minded person . He raised his voice to talk to the 2 young ladies: “Xu Xu and Yao Meng, you are free to speak your ideas .

Yao Meng blushed a little while said: “Deputy Director Liu Zhixun and coworkers! You all made a lot of reasonable ideas, which was really helpful information to me, this made me think of an idea . I want to add in 3 points . If by any chance it’s not right, please critic:

First, the criminal’s age shouldn’t be too old, perhaps not over 25 years old .

Second, this criminal has hatred against society . This type of person was unsuccessful in life, she/he cannot be someone of CBD . That’s why we should start to investigate people who have low income or are unemployed .

Third, the criminal hasn’t done anything for the past 3 days . I think he will start soon . Perhaps he will change the location . Because his target is the CBD people, we can analyze the location . The underground train has advanced cameras set up, therefore, there’s no chance for the criminal to do it there . The likely location is the bus or the car for the workers in the CBD area . The time running for this car is not too frequent so perhaps we might be able to catch the criminal .

After Yao Meng finished, everyone nodded in agreement . The deputy director Liu Zhixun and her mentor officer Lao Wu both smiled . Officer Wu says: “When I called officer Lu Zhixun* this morning, I also thought the chance of it . I was about to send more people today . ”

Deputy director Liu Zhixun praised: “Yao Meng’s analysis is quite good!”

Yao Meng sat down with a bright red face . Xu Xu hasn’t been outside to investigate like Yao Meng for the past few days, but Yao Meng’s analysis is quite reasonable .

“Xu Xu, do you have any idea?” Liu asked .

Everyone’s eyes directed toward Xu Xu .

Everyone paid more attention to Yao Meng when the 2 girls first came here . Their impression of Xu Xu was a petite girl who was introverted that spoke a few words .


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