When A Snail Loves - Chapter 5

Published at 14th of January 2016 12:52:50 PM

Chapter 5

However, after giving the responsibility to Xu Jun, Xu Xu naturally eliminated this matter out of her head .

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The deputy director of the criminal investigation team was Liu Zhixun . His office was on the top floor . Because of that, only Ji Bai had his own office while everyone else worked in a big office altogether . Xu Xu and Yao Meng’s desk were placed next to the door facing each other .

On the second day, everything was calm; there wasn’t any special case . Xu Xu received Ji Bai’s email as soon as she turned on her computer asking her if she can turn in her report today, his first assignment to her .


According to a normal person, it was quite harsh to expect the report to be completed in a day . However, Xu Xu really liked these harsh condition . She calculated the work and replied to him that it would be finished around 11 PM . After that, Ji Bai replied: “Good . ”

They both seemed to regard overtime as a matter of course .

Xu Xu was itching to get started on the documents while Yao Meng was sitting facing her with nothing to do . After sitting for a while, she stood up to walk up to Xu Xu’s* table: “Brother Zhao Huan, arrange some work for me to do . ”

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Yao Meng asked: “What case are you busy with?”

“Report on some past cases . ” As Zhao Han turned the report in his hands: “Home robbery at City N, a case about an injury caused by a knife left on the bench in a park at TA; also a case about an accidental wound at a car factory…I have to go to a meeting . ”

Yao Meng smiled at Xu Xu* and returned to her desk continued to read some documents .

In the afternoon, Xu Xu who had been working continuously for several hours felt quite tired . She stood up to pour a cup of coffee only to realize the empty room . The door to the meeting room was closed . Perhaps the team was having a meeting .

Because they haven’t officially participated in the case, they weren’t attending to this kind of meeting yet . Xu Xu stood in the empty room for a while only to find the door to Ji Bai’s office suddenly open to show a busy figure .

The office was very simple and organized . The shelf was organized clearly, the desk was cleaned, and had a wooden chair . At a glance, everything seems to be composed of straight lines, only white, black and gray . Neat and tidy . But after a close observation, one can see small details out of the place, like on one layer of the bookshelf, there was a model of a black Ferrari . A black jacket was placed on the chair; a painting hung on the wall, the detail was exaggerating and the colors are dark . The painting was like of a person, but perhaps a ghost, like a mountain but perhaps nothing .

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“It seems like Ji Bai is a very strict person, but he also has a distinct personality . ” Yao Meng was standing up straight next to her desk, holding a wet towel, talking and smiling with Xu Xu .

Xu Xu nodded, her judgment was the same .

Yao Meng sighed: “Our classmates envy that we can join the investigation team of the city . I wonder if Ji Bai would want to train anyone? Brother Zhao told me that Ji Bai rarely ever accepted to train any college student . ”

Xu Xu realized one thing; Ji Bai still hasn’t told anyone that he contacted her .

During their time in college, Xu Xu and Yao Meng weren’t close, but Yao Meng was very outgoing . She was still one of the few people that spoke a few words to Xu Xu . Xu Xu didn’t have any special feelings for Yao Meng . She just felt that Yao Meng was a very well rounded girl in terms of her abilities .

Xu Xu could tell that Yao Meng really wanted to follow Ji Bai . This was to be expected because she was also the same . So Xu Xu honestly revealed: “Yesterday, Ji Bai called me and arranged some work to me . I think he will train me . ”

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Yao Meng turned still; there was a trace of disappointment in her eyes . But she quickly exposed a helpless smile: “Alright, I know I cannot win against you . ”

Yao Meng being straightforward about her attitude made Xu Xu smiled . Yao Meng also smiled, while throwing the wet towel to Xu Xu: “I wanted to work hard so Ji Bai will notice me . Now then, each will serve their own master, I’m not doing it anymore!”

Xu Xu nodded, received the towel starting to wipe carefully . Yao Meng smiled looking from behind Xu Xu, while bending her back: “Xu Xu, let’s work hard . Even though we don’t have the same teacher, let’s talk to each other often . ”

“Alright,” Xu Xu nodded .

After work ended, Xu Xu was still sitting at her computer . Yao Meng didn’t help the others who were working overtime order food like before and left work on time .

Yao Meng’s parents were retired workers from the shoe factory and lived in the south factory old dormitory . When she got home, Yao Meng had no appetite . She went into her room and locked it, ignoring her parents’ words of concern .

After laying in bed for a while, she took out her phone and dialed the number that she memorized very well .

“Hello, Ji Bai . ” Yao Meng was a bit nervous and strived to maintain a sweet voice: “ I’m the intern, Yao Meng . I’m sorry to bother you . Today while trying to gather information, there was some information that I couldn’t quite understand . I’ve heard from Brother Zhao that you were specialized in this kind of thing . I was wondering if you could help me?”

One day that made her happy was that Ji Bai nice attitude . After listening to her question, he patiently explained it to her while also complimenting her for trying hard . That made her gain confidence to opened her mouth to asked: “Ji Bai, I know you rarely ever lead new intern, but I really want to have the opportunity to follow you . Could you give me an opportunity to do so?”

At the other end of the line, Ji Bai laughed: “About that, the team has already been decided . Officer Wu will lead you . He has a lot of colorful experiences in the field . When I first joined the team, I’ve learned a lot from him . ”

Yao Meng smiled: “That’s great . ”